ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi

February 28, 2013 by Ali

Aldi 101: What To Buy At Aldi |

This is the third and final post in our ALDI 101 series. But I have to be honest — I kind of don’t want this series to end!

I have been having so much fun reading your comments over email, tweets, Facebook, Instagram, and in the comment section below about Aldi! From those of you who have been longtime fans and have shared your great tips and favorite items, to those of you who may have never set foot in an Aldi but are considering giving it a try, it has been so cool to hear about each person’s unique experience with the store. I have to admit that a reader totally made my day when she shared that she ventured into an Aldi for the first time this week, and loved it. That is so cool!!!! :-)

Well after our first two posts — Why I Shop At Aldi and How To Shop At Aldi — today is the post that gets down to specifics on what to buy at Aldi. I feel like I should probably give a huge disclaimer that this post is based 100% on personal opinion. I have all of my own quirks and preferences, and as you will see below, there is a large section of the store (cereals, many non-organic meats, pet food, makeup, etc.) that I have not tried because those areas do not fall in my normal grocery shopping. And I’m sure there are plenty of items where our opinions may just simply differ! The pina colada popsicles that I adore just may not be your thing.

So please feel free to take this post with a a big grain of Aldi’s sea salt. ;) My hope is to offer a few starting points, and then hopefully you can try some new items and form your own opinions. To organize this post, I have included a few brief thoughts about each section of the store, and then a brief “to buy” and “not to buy” list of specifics. As always, I would love to have you share your thoughts on what you like to buy in the comments below.

This concludes our Aldi series! Thanks so much for joining in the conversation, and I look forward to resuming regular recipe posting with you tomorrow!

ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi |

Pantry Items

The pantry items are where I recommend people start at Aldi. Almost everything I’ve ever tried in this section is high-quality and consistently way cheaper than anyplace else. Granted, again, there is only one of most items to choose from. So you do not get the option of white whole wheat flour, unbleached or barley flour — there is usually bleached all-purpose flour, and that’s it. But this is an awesome section to stock your pantry, and even try a few of their specialty pantry items in the process.

What To Buy:

  • baking essentials (flour, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder, basic spices, condensed milk, etc.)
  • real vanilla extract
  • chocolate chips (semi-sweet, butterscotch,
  • nuts for baking (pecan halves, walnuts, almonds, etc.)
  • garlic vinagrette (with the garlic floating on the bottom!)
  • Fit & Active light balsamic vinaigrette
  • natural peanut butter
  • clover honey
  • breadcrumbs
  • whole wheat pasta
  • potato gnocchi
  • strawberry light & crispy cereal bars
  • granola
  • oatmeal (any kind — there are lots of options!)
  • rice
  • dried beans

What Not To Buy:

The only iffy pantry item I have tried at Aldi is their chili powder, but I’m a bit of a spice snob. I think that you get what you pay for anytime you buy $1 spices at a grocery store. I’m also not a big cereal connoisseur, but I do know that their version of Cheerio’s does not taste exactly like the original. Just like at any grocery store, many of the cereals or granola bars are made with extra sugar, so be sure to check out the labels if you’re going for healthy.

ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi |

Snacks and Sweets

There is actually a really wide variety of snacks and sweets to choose from at Aldi! I don’t usually let myself buy potato chips at the grocery store, but when most all of their chips are under $2, I have to admit that I have now sampled quite a few. And they are pretty much awesome. :)

What To Buy:

  • dry-roasted almonds
  • waffle bowls
  • tortilla chips (restaurant-style, blue and multigrain varieties)
  • sweet potato chips
  • kettle chips (sea salt & vinegar and jalapeno are my favs)
  • moser roth chili chocolate bars
  • anise pizzelle cookies
  • Haribo cola candy
  • chocolate-covered coffee beans

What Not To Buy:

I don’t have any no-buys in this section. I will just mention that occasionally the lower prices equal lower serving sizes in some products. Again, to use chips as an example, often their bags are only about half full. So plan accordingly. (Or just use it as an excuse for portion control!) ;)

ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi |

Dairy & Refrigerated Items

This is one category where it is “to each his own”. The majority of Aldi’s dairy products are not organic, although more and more organic options (and alternatives like almond milk!) are starting to pop up. The refrigerated section also seems to have a lot of variety and turnover, so while there may be marscapone and brie some months, they might not be there year-round. Still, my cart is always filled with lots of items from this section each time I go! And I always stock up on butter each time I’m there. It tastes great, and it is always so cheap!

What To Buy:

  • fresh mozzarella balls
  • hummus (roasted red pepper, garlic and cayenne are my three favorites)
  • fresh salsas (I love the medium)
  • marscapone
  • soft cheeses (gorgonzola, blue, goat and feta are usually available)
  • cream cheese (regular and reduced-fat)
  • greek yogurt (often they have the Fage brand, and I also like their black cherry)
  • original organic soymilk
  • natural almond milk
  • skim milk, 2% milk, whole milk, half and half, heavy cream (none are organic, but they are pretty good!)
  • eggs
  • cinnamon rolls

What Not To Buy:

Obviously if you are looking for organic, anything that is not marked as such is a no. I also think that many of their block cheeses are ok, but probably about worth what you pay for.

ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi |


Ok, people, this has become my favorite section of Aldi! Trust me — there is some amazing produce to be found here at some of the best prices I’ve found. But here’s the deal…

You must be smart about choosing your produce. Just like at the normal grocery store, not every piece of produce is going to be perfectly ripe or at its peak season each time you visit. Case in point — Aldi can have incredible deals on avocadoes. (They are $0.19 each this week!) But if the avocado is wilted, or hard as a rock, it’s probably not a good day to buy it. The same goes for if you see any produce that looks super over- or under-ripe. If it looks iffy, you should probably wait until your next trip. Or you may need to eat it immediately, or wait a week for it to ripen if need be. But most of the time, I am completely impressed with their selection of ripe, affordable, delicious produce.

Most of their produce is also not organic, so just a heads-up if that is an important factor to you. Also many of their produce items (onions, zucchini, oranges, apples, kiwi, etc.) come in bags or in bulk. So there is not always the option to buy a single of some items.

Still, I always load up my cart with Aldi produce, so here are some of my favs!

What To Buy:

  • pineapple
  • lemons/limes
  • baby carrots
  • celery
  • mushrooms
  • green onions
  • sweet mini peppers
  • specialty lettuce
  • berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries)
  • zucchini and yellow squash
  • kiwi
  • pears
  • mangoes

What Not To Buy:

Again, anything that looks iffy. I find that their roma tomatoes typically are not very ripe or flavorful. And I would also offer a special note on the bananas — they are awesome, but often they are over- or under-ripe, so you need to eat them in the proper timeframe.

ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi |

Refrigerated Meats

As I said above, I prefer to buy most of my meat organic, so I haven’t tried tons of Aldi’s refrigerated meat options. But they have some killer deals on meats, especially in their weekly fresh meat special buys! Be sure to always check for those specials when they are published each Wednesday, as they tend to disappear quickly! A lot of the meat at Aldi is also seasonal, so be sure around the holidays to check out their hams and turkeys. They are amazing!

What To Buy:

  • turkey bacon
  • ground turkey
  • thick peppered bacon
  • spiral-cut ham
  • turkeys

What Not To Buy:

Just a heads up that their cheapest bacon is really thin and not very lean. I would “splurge” and go for one of the thicker cuts, since that is practically the same price as the inexpensive bacon at the regular grocery store!

ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi |

Canned/Jarred Goods

Thus far, I have had 100% positive experiences with the canned and jarred section at Aldi. They have a great selection of your basic canned fruits and veggies, and lots of canned sauces and such to choose from. And the prices are fantastic! Once again, I would caution to read the labels. Their canned peaches have a ton of sugar, as the generic canned peaches do at most stores. And some of their sauces and soups contain more processed ingredients than I prefer, as is common in many jarred sauces. But still, don’t be scared of any of the canned produce from Aldi — it’s awesome!

What To Buy:

  • canned veggies
  • canned fruits
  • canned beans
  • jarred marinara sauce

What Not To Buy:

Anything that you might be iffy about being overly-processed. (Look for some Gimme Some Oven recipes for easy alternatives to make soups homemade!) And again, keep an eye on the sugar content with canned fruits.

ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi |

Frozen Foods

To be honest, this is a section that I don’t know a ton about. I usually stick with pretty straight “ingredients” in the frozen food section — frozen fruit, fish, veggies, etc. So if any of you have insights on more of the prepared frozen foods, would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

What To Buy:

  • jumbo shrimp
  • tilapia
  • fruit popsicles (pina colada, lime and strawberry)
  • moose tracks ice cream
  • frozen berries (strawberries, blueberries, mixed berries, etc.)
  • edamame
  • asparagus

What Not To Buy:

Any of their frozen shrimp that are not “jumbo” are tiny. I have also not been super impressed with their frozen salmon. Like most salmon in that price range in any grocery stores, it seems a little lacking in flavor. Also a heads-up that most of the frozen meats are not organic.

ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi |


Gah, I wish I had more experience here! I promise you guys I’m not a super health nut, but I also pretty much stick to water, tea, juices and coffee in life. So I have hardly any experience here when it comes to beverages. But my friends tell me that most of their options (like the Aldi brand of Crystal Light, teas and flavored sparkling waters) are pretty much identical to the originals. Here are a few that I have tried.

What To Buy:

  • sparkling juice (I love all of them!)
  • refrigerated 100% orange juice (go for the nicer of the two options for better flavor)
  • Naked juice (when in stock)
  • flavored sparkling water drinks
  • iced tea

What Not To Buy:

I am definitely a big of a snob when it comes to my coffee. So I shy away from any of the bulk or super inexpensive coffee options, but I am sure they are comparable to their counterparts in the regular grocery store. I was also unimpressed by the cheap refrigerated orange juice — seemed to concentrate-y for me.

ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi |

Alcoholic Drinks

First of all, it’s important to point out that wine and liquors are not available in all Aldi’s. I live in KC, and our Kansas stores are not allowed to carry alcoholic beverages, but most of the Missouri locations do. So this will depend on your state.

A reminder to all who are iffy about the cheap wine at Aldi — this store is owned by the same company that is the home of 2-buck-chuck, Trader Joe’s! So before you immediately write off the drink section, I would recommend you try a bottle or two. In my experience, you get what you pay for and a little bit more. The $3 wines taste maybe like a normal $5 wine. The Bailey’s knockoff isn’t precisely like Bailey’s, but it’s darn close and a great deal for a fraction of the price. But my favorite of all time is available seasonally, and I wish it was offered yearround — Aldi’s sangria! Oh man. I never knew that I would like sangria from a bottle, but this stuff is crazy good. And you get an enormous bottle for like $4. If you see it, you must try it.

What To Buy:

  • SANGRIA! (seasonal)
  • wines in the $5-10 range
  • Bailey’s

What Not To Buy:

I think you get what you pay for with the super inexpensive budget wines — they are definitely hit and miss.

ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi |

Household Items

For some reason, I held out on this section of Aldi for years, and now I have no idea why. They have some terrific household products at amazing discounts! Especially since I typically get annoyed at having to spend money on these things anyway, it’s awesome to have a more affordable option at Aldi. Two areas that I have not tried are their pet section and the makeup. Would love to have you chime in if you have experience with either of these!

What To Buy:

  • disinfectant wipes
  • plastic freezer and sandwich bags
  • trash bags (they are thin, but they do the job)
  • Crest toothpaste
  • women’s razors
  • pain relievers (ibuprofin, etc.)
  • ultra soft & strong toilet paper
  • paper towels and napkins

What Not To Buy:

You totally get what you pay for with the super cheap ($1 for 4 rolls) toilet paper. It is super thin and not very soft. But their thick TP is awesome!

ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi |

My Top 10 Favorite Items At Aldi:

10. edamame
9. roasted red pepper hummus
8. fresh mozzarella balls
7. sangria
6. sea salt pita chips
5. pina colada popsicles
4. artichoke hearts
3. almond milk
2. butter
1. pineapple

ALDI 101: A 3-Part Series On Shopping At Aldi |

Other ALDI 101 Articles:

ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi |

Thanks so much for following with the ALDI 101 series! Now it’s your turn to share — what are YOUR favorite things to buy at Aldi?

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414 thoughts on “ALDI 101: What To Buy At Aldi

  1. Aldi’s my favorite store. There are very few of their products I don’t like. One thing I didn’t see mentioned is that the majority of their items carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Wish we had more stores.

    - Judy Leftwich

  2. The fresh pizza is the BEST! My children gobble it up. I also buy their K-Cups coffee- it rivals some of the name brand coffee. I buy all of our paper products at Aldi and just about everything listed above. When they have the specialty sausage I buy that too. It has cut my grocery bill in half! Happy Aldi Shopper!

    - Krysten

  3. I just read all three post about Aldi and I could not agree more! The only one I had ever been in before adulthood was dirty and gross however when I started working across the street from a different one I hit it up to see what I could find as far as staples. I was impressed! I cook everything from scratch and can walk in there and end up getting most of my list. As I’ve shopped there and been pleased I’ve gotten more and more and continue to be very happy. My number one buy has to be Almond Mike being lactose intolerant it has been a life saver! There were a few things you reviled that even I didn’t know.

    - Laura

  4. My husband and I spent a year in Germany in the military, and we grew to love German coffee. It is available at the stateside commissaries, but it is very pricy. We discovered Aldi’s German roast coffee when we first moved back and it is the closest to the actual German brands we could get. But the bonus is that you get two the coffee at half the price! They did change the branding and look of the packaging, but we discovered that their Specially Selected Regular Roasted Coffee is the same as the Grandessa German Roast. $4.99 for a brick (500 g). In commissaries, German coffee sells for $7.99+ and the package is typically 300 g.

    - Linda

    • We spent many years in Germany and loved the coffee there. Aldi’s here in the U.S. is the best in our opinion, also. We prefer the mild roast. We were temporarily shocked when the packaging changed, but the coffee is still the same – wonderful. The price for the 500 gram brick can’t be matched elsewhere. I’m not referring to the Beaumont label, which I’m not fond of, but I’m not sure all stores are still carrying that.

      - Shirley

  5. Their squash last fall was grown 15 miles from my house, and priced at $1.19 each. Not per pound, EACH! Really, I could just leave it at that.

    But it really does feel like this store was tailored to me. It reminds me of small markets in the past. Where if I needed yellow mustard, I grabbed whatever yellow mustard they had. I really don’t care to siphon through 40 brands of yellow mustard!! The only item I’ve had trouble with are the tomatoes. Just rub a finger on them, make sure the skin doesn’t wrinkle. If it does, they’re not long for this world!

    - Scott

  6. Their frozen green beans imported from France are awesome–similar to Trader Joes. I think they have a lot of sodium in their boxed items (Hamburger Helper type) and some of the canned items. Their tomatoes always go bad — I’e learned not to buy them.

    - Betty

  7. Their 30 gallon trash bags are cheaper and just as good as Walmarts.
    I do not like their cereals. I like their instant oatmeal, graham crackers, bottled water, 2% milk, carrots, green bean (I only buy theirs), sugar, powdered sugar,wheat bread loaves if eat it fresh (does not freeze well)

    - sheryl

  8. I´m just wondering if you could give me a list of Aldi Stores near the border with Mexico, specially in the El Paso, Tx and Las Cruces, NM area. Thanks!

    - Ginna

  9. LOVED these articles!!! I am already an ALDI shopper but I learned so much more and will check out some of the items you mentioned that I did not know about. I have several friends who will not shop there and I think your articles might change their minds. Thank you so much!! Jeanne

    - Jeanne Perry

  10. I’ve been going for a few years now, I can add any of frozen breakfast items, pancakes, French toast sticks, syrup, and ice cream bars are good. Just started using their dish soap, love it, long lasting not watered down like I thought it might be.

    - Tracy

  11. Thanks for the wonderful information, Ali. I began at Aldi after my mother convinced me years ago to try their inexpensive milk. I, too, was suspicious. However, 8 years later…. Of the items we’ve purchased, there were/are only a couple things my family didn’t enjoy: sweet pot chips and the coffee (very week).

    We are a one income family with 3 continuously eating sons, so Aldi has been a blessing for us. I shop Aldi first, then Giant & Costco. Something to note…sometimes items disappear. A couple of our favorites turned into “seasonal items.” Now that I very recently saw them back on the shelf, I want to hoard them! Around the holidays, their baking items drop in price, so stock up on butter, which in 2013, lowered to 1.99 lb. I was buying and freezing up to 10 lbs at a time. I also freeze cheese when that price drops. I’ll hit up ham & turkey sales that are discounted after holidays.

    There are around 30 items I typically buy at Aldi and I am very pleased with them. To reiterate what others have said, there is no express lane and one time I even asked the one cashier on duty to call another after the 7th-8th customer got in line. So yes, plan accordingly. Waiting times really aren’t that bad, for time is saved from avoiding a larger store. I also try to be bless people trying to purchase just a few items–I’ll let them go in front of me when I have an overflowing cart. I’ve been on the receiving end of that and have been grateful:)

    - Ruth

  12. I am an experienced Aldi shopper so there are a couple things I can add :) my girls LOVE their snack cheese sticks and yogurt. I love their version of laughing cow cheese wedges and they are a lot cheaper than the originals. I love their frozen Texas toast garlic bread as well as their regular sandwich bread (esp the oat bran). They also have a frozen stir fry that is a great easy meal option when paired with some chicken breast. I like their block cheese hand shredded for recipes but not their preshredded cheese. Their canned biscuits/crescent rolls etc are great. Like you, I love their pantry and canned items. Bottled water is quite a bit cheaper there. Baby wipes are cheap and super strong! $.85 for 56 in my area and they last a lot longer. Also, I was told by several different employees that all of their dairy products are Deans and all of their refrigerated meats are Tyson. I think that’s about it. The only other thing I have to say is I love Aldi and have converted a few people myself :)

    - Jennifer K

  13. We shop at aldi constantly bc my daughter has food allergies and they have exactly what we need! Love their: almond milk, skim milk, dry roasted peanuts, canned fruits and veggies, “fresh” pizzas, sweet potato chips, veggie straws/chips, yogurts, cheeses, hummus, and cereals. Beware: their baking ingredients are often less quantity for less money so it isn’t that much cheaper than Walmart. Also, their fruit is fantastic but often goes bad quickly. Love their watermelons, lettuce, pineapples, and kiwi, but strawberries and oranges go bad quickly.

    - Lara

  14. I love Aldi’s. It is the place to get my produce. I have found through trial and error what brands/items work for me. I spend about $80 on a full cart or food. That same basket at a name store would be at least 150. One of my favorite things is the special buys. I mean the aisle where you can get a $10 garden tool set. Or a 25 lb airtight container to hold dog food for 12.99. We have 2 Aldi in town, and it’s wonderful to see the $40,000 SUV parked next to me. I think people are getting it. Why pay more than necessary. Thanks for this article

    - Sharon

  15. Our local Aldi now has organic 2% milk and it’s great! Also, their organic K-cup coffee is really good – I like the light roast! Thanks for your posts!!

    - Faith

  16. Their frozen apple pie is the best!

    - Alissa

  17. I love shopping at Aldi! Especially since I’m in my 2nd trimester & have a 1-yr old, trips to the grocery store are not exactly looked forward to around here. With Aldi’s simplicity, I always know where to find everything & there are only a few aisles to maneuver around. A bonus: once when my battery died in the parking lot, an employee helped me jump my car off & was so nice and patient.
    My favorite Aldi products are: almond milk, hummus, Clancy’s kettle bbq chips, shredded Parmesan cheese (not grated), cheese snack sticks (like string cheese but without the stringy-ness), yogurt, toilet paper & produce.

    - Rachel

  18. I love to shop at Aldi, especially at the holiday season when you have the stollen, gingerbread, Pfeffernüsse and the good chocolate.
    I do wish you get some german cheese, the Harzer Käse, and some german romane for us women to read…
    The Romane is Easy Reading for women…..there are Berg Romane, liebes Romane, Heimat Romane und Arzt Romane…….a Roman is like a paperback book….you can fold up……
    Thank you…….

    - Erta smith

  19. As a native German in the US – I love my ALDI here! You will find a good selection of ‘made in Germany’ products as well, both seasonal and all around – try bratwurst and seasoned red cabbage or sauerkraut (in jars), the chocolates, the real gingerbread (‘Lebkuchen’, seasonal before Christmas time), as well as their version of ‘Nutella’ – also made in Germany; delicious and much lower priced than its brand counterpart.

    The concept of bringing my bags and slipping a coin in my cart was not foreign to me but I think especially the bags are such a great way to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste!

    Also if you have cats: at an extremely low price, their canned cat food is not stretched with wheat and other gluten and fillers that is very, very unhealthy for cats (dries them out and leads to kidney disease) – something you usually only find with very expensive pet store brands. This cat food is a steal!

    And I’ve noticed recently that more and more gluten free items are being added to the selection, especially of the baking and snack variety.

    Almost all my weekly grocery shopping is done at Aldi; I only venture to a separate store for a few specific items. And I am consistently pleased with the quality of items and my grocery bill!

    - Nic

  20. I have been pleased with most everything I have gotten at Aldi. My kids favorite thing is the pre-made pizza. And for $5-$8 per pizza ranging from 10in -16in it is a great deal. Bakes good and has plenty of toppings for every slice!

    - Nikki

  21. Also, last week was blown away by all the produce quality and prices- seedless grapes .99/lb (haven’t seen that price anywhere in a long time!). Plums, cantaloupe, peaches…
    Stopped in for a quick milk(great price) stop mid week and The store size makes for a quick in and out . Didn’t miss the Wal Mart across the street with its usual packed parking lot and milk WAY back in the corner and huge checkout lines!

    - Eline

  22. This week they have frozen 85%burgers 3lb $8.99…. Any good? Discovered Aldi a few weeks ago and am hooked!

    - Eline

  23. Oh, I also have been really enjoying the Lovin’ 12 grain bread from Aldi’s. It makes wonderful toast or sandwiches.

    - Melody

  24. So I kept reading about how good Aldi’s was for saving on groceries and we recently got 2 stores near us, so I wanted to try them. My husband was very skeptical, about this “discount grocery store” but agreed to go when I told him I found a menu plan online that had a month’s worth of dinners for $150 if you bought the ingrediants at Aldis. We printed out our grocery list and ventured out. I forgot to bring shopping bags so we did have to pay for those, Rookie mistake. But I saved them to use next time. And there will definitely be a next time. My husband was in shock at the HUGE basket of groceries we got for $147! Including meat, chicken breasts, turkey ham, ground turkey, ground beef, salmon. My favorite find was K-cups of coffee in my 2 favorite flavors for ~ $2 cheaper than even the store brand at HEB. My husband’s favorite find was Snicker’s ice cream bars. We will probably still shop at HEB for organic milk and some produce items. But a lot of our staples will now come from Aldi’s. It should really help out budget! We made the salmon last night, I was nervous cooking frozen salmon, but wrapped it in foil with a little olive oil, and lemon slices and it was delicious after baked.

    - Melody

  25. The only thing I disagree with is purchasing seafood from Aldi, as I ALWAYS check labels at any grocery store – BEWARE OF SEAFOOD CAUGHT IN or FARM RAISED ON CHINA! Please do your research on fish farm raised in China, it will forever change the way you purchase fish (especially tilapia & salmon) I’ve found that Morey’s tilapia & salmon are safe as they are farm raised in the USA.

    - Sarah

    • Agreed 100%. I’m sure there are some decent fish farms in China, but this is the country that’s constantly adulterating food. Even my local supermarkets carry nearly 100% Chinese-sourced fish. What a joke!

      - Scott

  26. Our (very small) town has an Aldi going up right now. Currently, we have a WalMart & a tiny locally owned grocery store with very high prices. I read all 3 parts of your blog because I was very interested to see what the Aldi experience will be like, so thank you for sharing! I am REALLY looking forward to venturing outside of the Walmart option. Our closest big name grocery store is 45 minutes away. Target is an hour plus, and Whole Foods close to two, so we are really limited on options. I’m excited to try out Aldi. With the exception of coffee & cereal (like you) and Pop-Tarts (random, I know), I am not a name brand snob so I think Aldi will bring a lot to our grocery experience.

    - Ericka Caufield

  27. I am a new aldi shopper and I have seen the food light! I will never go back to doing a full shop at another store. Last week I bought 51 items for a total of $89.37. I went to another store with “great prices” and bought 9 items for a total of $38.72. Wow! What a difference. Each week I take a picture of what I got and my friend and I compete to see which one of us did better that week. I am hooked. Try the frozen Tuscan pizza. It’s delicious! And only $3.49. And we are big fans of the grilled chicken bites even though they are pricy at over $6, but, worth it if my picky eater will eat them.

    - Fran nudelman

  28. Kirkwood Southern Style Chicken Breasts (taste like Chikfila), Cinnamon French Toast Sticks (way cheaper than even Savalot and great when your son eats 10 each morning), Ceasar Salad Kit (seriously for 1.99 I can’t even finish it for lunch), Sugar-free Red thunder (knock off Red Bull), Cheddar Cheese Snack Sticks, Frozen Fine Green Beans (with garlic salt and olive oil they are like the ones at the local Chinese Buffet), refridgerated salsa (so fresh and the whole container is 150 calories – eat up), Frozen sweet corn (hubby loves it and hes an aldi skeptic), produce in general (but learn when your store restocks produce mine is Tu Th and Sa so if I go on Monday i can’t expect to find decent produce…)

    - tre

  29. I love the Broccoli stuffed chicken and stuffed chicken cordon blue, the chicken and beef broth are good buys, and my kiddos love the cheese puffs. We also like the dirty rice mix. I agree the produce is amazing if you can get it when it is fresh, the bread is also a very good deal. Thanks for the post!!!

    - Susan Hennessee

  30. My grandparents shop at Aldi almost exclusively, so I eat a lot of their brands when I visit. Everything I’ve tried is good. I like their wheat bread — it’s a smaller bag than, say, Food Lion, but the bread is sturdy and tastes great. Their coffee is okay, and I LOVE the big bags of pasta you can get for a dollar. I personally recommend their pesto and their poppy seed salad dressing — I have yet to find another brand of poppy seed dressing that I love as much!

    - Ashley

  31. Haha bcz we took our weekly Aldi trip earlier. Your list really jive with our shopping too. However, a few of the must haves for us are….. 4 cheese marinara sauce, cucumbers, red grapes, and the meat take and bake pizza!!

    - Angie

  32. I like to shop at Aldi but it seems to be hit or miss, so I am trying to figure out which products I should get at Aldi and which I should get somewhere else. I tried the coffee a few years ago and did not like it but seeing all of the positive comments makes me want to try it again. I bought a bag of frozen broccoli and it was mostly stems.
    I tried a goat cheese and spinach frozen pizza and it was absolutely delicious! Their version of nutrigrain bars are great. I like the bagged lettuce/salad.

    - Cassy

    • I buy the frozen broccoli because I prefer the stems, LOL. This is the part of shopping at Aldi that some people have a hard time with. Each of us enjoy different things. I’m not one to go looking for organics so I have more choices I think. This is where I go for shopping for basics and have been known to buy canned veggies by the case since I don’t go grocery shopping every week. FYI, most cases can slide under a bed for storage.

      I tried their version of pizza rolls and tossed them. This was the first time I have ever had to just not eat or use an item from Aldi. They had almost nothing in them which was probably a good thing since it had an “off” and smokey flavor in the filling.

      When it comes time to do my holiday baking I get almost everything I need here. I trust their walnuts, honey, sugar, cinnamon, butter, and lemon juice in my traditional baklava. :)

      - Christine

  33. We had quests from Sweden last year who had 2 small daughters who were gluten intolerant. I studied up on their problem and also investigated gluten-free products in advance of their arrival.

    When they arrived, their parents told me about the difficulty of buying many gluten free items in Sweden. When I showed them the “tons” of products available here in the U.S. they were amazed. In particular, I showed them the large selection of gluten-free cereals we had, especially the chex cereals. The girls loved the chocolate flavored cereals.

    When they went home, we sent them a couple of “care packages” with boxes of the cereals they loved so, but it was expensive to send the packages! I wrote to the General Mills Company requesting the reason that they don’t sell the chex cereals overseas, especially in Sweden. They replied that in 1999 they signed an agreement with a UK company not to sell their product over there and the UK company would do likewise here. I couldn’t believe what I was reading!

    Then, I found the Millville cereals in our local Aldi’s and they had excellent chocolate flavored cereals that I knew the girls would love (I loved them). So I sent a “care package” to Sweden and, sure enough, they loved them. However, the shipping cost was extreme.

    I have been trying to find any Aldi stores in Europe that sell the cereals because I’m sure the cost to send them to Sweden would be less. I recently returned from a trip to Holland, Sweden and Finland, but could not find the cereals in any Aldi stores in those countries. (In fact, in most of the Aldi stores, the workers did not even understand my use of the word “cereals” when inquiring about them.

    Anyway, I would like to know if the German stores sell the Millville gluten-free cereals? I’m sure I could find friends in Germany to send some to our Sweden friends if I could find the cereals. I’m going to start asking our friends in Germany for help finding out. I am writing this comment to see if any one knows and to pass on the amazing facts that people in Europe seemingly cannot obtain needed products like we can in the U.S. for their health issues. Sweden, in particular, seems to worry alot about other country companies selling non-Swedish products like simple cereals. Feel lucky if you live in the U.S. and have more freedom of choice than in many places!

    - Ron

  34. We have an aldis, but I’ve only been in it once. I had a lot of the pre conceived ideas you mentioned. After reading your article, I can’t wait to go!!! I’ve even got my husband excited about going. :). I’ll share again after we get back home. Thank you!

    - Jami

  35. My only thing about the butter is when I try to melt it, it separates into water and whatever else is in it. So I avoid that now. But I love almost everything else there.

    - Ashlee

  36. Try leaving your tomatoes in a fruit bowl rather than the fridge as the cooler temperature retards the development of flavour.

    - Meaghan

  37. The ONLY product I have been dissatisfied with is their frozen garlic bread.

    - Mary

  38. I love Aldi’s and do 90% of my grocery shopping there. Just can’t beat the prices on baking goods.

    - Donna Woodard

  39. Aldi sells some great things for the bar area. I like their Irish Cream and, though not a beer drinker, I read that they have some outstanding beer (one of which I read had won some kind of award and was only available in Holland). That being said, on winter we had stray, emaciated cats in our yard so I bought a big, cheap bag of Aldi cat food for them. My own cat had been experiencing dermatological problems for over 14 years and the vet and I had tried all kinds of food (some VERY expensive). When I ran out of her “good food” (out of laziness) I gave her the Aldi for a few days. Her skin rash of 14 years disappeared. I researched their pet food supplier and found it to be a supplier that sold organic pet food. This was some time ago, however; I was quite impressed!

    - leslie

  40. I LOVE Aldi! When my hubby and I bought our house 12 years ago, we were right down the street from one. I suggested going there and my hubby was appalled! He was not going into that “ghetto store!” I asked him to go one time and we didn’t have to go back if he didn’t want to. We loaded our cart over the top and spent about $250. This lasted us over 2 weeks and would have been about $500 at the chain grocery store. He was hooked! We get almost all of our stuff there now except for my gluten free stuff (I have celiac). They recently added a temporary gf line and the stuff is better than the other same items I buy at Meijer and obviously much cheaper! I am on a letter writing campaign now for them to keep the gf items and hope they follow in the way the did with the Fit and Active and the natural foods they are starting to carry. I love me some Aldi!!

    - Molly

    • Molly, I work for aldi and wanted to let you know we are working on getting enough producers to go full steam with our Gluten free line :)

      - jessica

      • My daughter ahs been able to get the GF foods at ALDI recently. We have been very happy with quality and price. Please encourage them to make this a line of regular products. She too needs for health reasons, not diet.

        - barbara armstrong

  41. I loooove Aldi! I started going there a little under a year ago and we have saved so much money! We probably get 90% of our grocery shopping done at Aldi and we have cut our grocery bill almost in half because of it! I love that I can go there and even get “extras” (desserts, etc.) and still have a small bill. The only things I can think of off the top of my head that we haven’t had much success with at Aldi are the ground turkey and one of the options for lunch meat. There is a container that’s a small square and there is a long, skinny container (like Oscar Mayer deli meat style) – I like the long, skinny option, but really do not like the small, square one. The only other things I don’t get at Aldi are shampoo, toilet paper (we love our Cottonelle) and bread. My neighbor introduced me to Aldi and I am so glad she did!

    - Runt

  42. I love Aldi’s. The only thing I ever found I didn’t care for was their own Pecan Sandies. All winter there produce is always cheaper then the other super markets. When they first opened I thought I’m going to have to pay for a cart and then put it back up by the store. It didn’t take long to get used to the cart situation.

    - Linda Holowacz

  43. Thanks for posting these articles. I am a HUGE fan of Aldi and at 51, have been shopping there for over 30 years. My dad introduced me to it as a teenager, and after that I became a fan. When I was first married (early 80s), my shopping budget was $25-30 a week. So Aldi was just about the only place I could go, spend my budget, fill my cart, and feed my little growing family of 4. 30 years later, I still budget and easily feed my family of 5 (sometimes 6 with the daughter’s boyfriend staying here) on my tight budget of about $400-500 a month. I do hit other stores when they are having meat sales or other sales, but I buy a majority of my items at Aldi.

    I have found very few items that I won’t buy, and surprised myself buying some things and realizing how much better than name brand they are. One thing that wasn’t mentioned is the bread/bakery products. Their Oat Bran bread is so tasty and a staple at our house. Great for sandwiches!

    You spoke about coffee. We have one of the pod coffee makers (less expensive brand of a Keurig) and I love the pod coffee at Aldi. It compares easily to the WalMart and other brands I’ve tried. I prefer mine lighter, and the Breakfast Blend is perfect.

    Not sure how many of you use Velveeta, but I’m sure you’ve seen the prices get crazy for it. We only use Aldi brand and it melts just like Velveeta and tastes great too. We make a hamburger and cheese dip (kind of like Rotel but w/o peppers – I’m allergic) or I make homemade mac and cheese. Either way, it’s perfect for it!

    This is the only store I buy my Thanksgiving turkey at. I usually pick up two! And when you can find the hams on sale, they are definitely a buy. And if you are on a budget, buy a couple of the canned hams (around 2.49 or so), chop it up into to chunks, add it to a crock post or heavy pan of pinto beans and it makes up the most fabulous tasting pot of ham and beans. My family can’t get enough of it!

    I could say a lot more, but hate to take up all your time. Aldi is a fantastic store to shop at, and today with the prices going up all the time and having to watch our budgets, this is the perfect budget-friendly store. One I can walk out of with a FULL basket (sometimes two!) and barely spend over $100. If you haven’t yet – check it out – you and your billfold will be glad you did :)

    - Penny

  44. We are loyal Aldi shoppers! There are some items that are simply wonderful but then there are a few that definitely subpar. Here is my short list for all of the Illinois shoppers out there!

    string cheese
    honey goat cheese
    Lit and Fit turkey lunchmeat
    Honey Wheat bread
    sweet potato chips
    baby wipes
    100% apple juice
    coconut shrimp
    cat litter
    vanilla almond cereal
    breakfast sausage links

    cream of mushroom soups
    mac n cheese
    bacon wrapped filet
    dishwasher soap
    Winking Owl wine (used to be on the great list but has been causing serious headaches and stained teeth!)
    bargain soda
    bargain lunchables

    As you can see, the good stuff out weighs the bad so there will always be a space in my heart for Aldi!

    - Chask

    • It’s funny what tastes different to people! WE LOVE LOVE LOVE the bacon wrapped filets and I have no complaints about the soups-although I only use them in recipes, never just eat them. I agree about the dishwasher soap-not good. I don’t particularly love the fabric softener either.

      It’s interesting that you mention the wine causing issues. Our stores don’t carry wine (MD) but my sister (MI) always bought the winking owl wine and has recently had major problems with hives/headaches after drinking it. Hmmmmm

      A few things I love at Aldi:

      Steamable veggies (broccoli florets and corn)
      Fresh mozzarella balls
      Milk chocolate chips
      Chicken tenders (fresh)
      Frozen pizzas-we haven’t tried any we didn’t like and my kids actually prefer the Aldi brand over others.
      Coconut granola cereal
      String cheese
      Bread and rolls (they are recently making a large round loaf-can’t remember exact name) and it is TO DIE FOR
      Cream cheese danish is THE BEST I’ve ever had!

      Like many others, we don’t care for the “knock off” cereals or the semi-sweet chocolate chips.

      LOVE LOVE LOVE Aldi!

      - Jen

  45. Very surprised to read the comments on here regarding Aldi’s dry cat food. My cat honestly can’t get enough of the stuff and basically won’t eat any other brand now! At $6 for a bag that would cost me $14 elsewhere, I’m not mad about it.

    - Jake Ryan

  46. “Again, to use chips as an example, often their bags are only about half full.”

    I don’t understand this line because they sell these items by WEIGHT and the air in the bags helps keep the stuff from being crushed.

    - Momof3

  47. We love ALDI! Re: the coffee — we have switched completely to ALDI Fair Trade dark roast. We had been using Gevalia or Starbucks, but it is just as good and less than half the price. And organic! We are pretty picky about coffee, too.

    One exception to our success with ALDI products — our cats totally rejected ALDI dry cat food — even the ferals we feed wouldn’t eat the stuff. They will eat the canned pet tuna, though.

    Love the butter, the lactose-free milk, the specialty cheeses, the veggies, the canned stuff, the low sodium chicken broth, and the hamburger is great. We don’t use processed foods either, so couldn’t say about those. I didn’t have a problem with the chili powder, but I beef it up with extra garlic, oregano and cumin anyhow, and have never tried it all by itself. The other herbs are just fine.

    I tried the jarred spaghetti sauce and found it a little sweet for my taste. I prefer to make my own. ALDI crushed tomatoes are fabulous for that — loaded with flavor.

    I like ALDI mushrooms. You have to know how to buy them. if they are not firm, or if they are bloomed out or the stems are slightly shrunken away from the base, don’t buy them. All mushrooms are dirty when you buy them. The ones at our ALDI are from the Monterey mushroom plant in California, and I lived a few miles from that for years. It is absolutely the best quality.

    - MaryAnn

  48. I came across your blog whilst googling Aldi baby food reviews…. I’m from Australia and soon realized you must be American by the different products you were talking about, but so many the same! I am a major Alsi advocate! We even have a bakery section at one of the local stores here, hot bread straight out of the oven YUM! I agree about the butter too, I always stock up on the unsalted butter. The Tandil dish wash is great and so is the powdered bleach in the purple container. The baby products are fantastic…. We use the wipes and baby formula which has been really good.
    We have a great meat selection here, mostly grass fed options. The diary section here is also good. Just last Christmas they started there black label selections range which is a little more pricey but so worth it, the Christmas cake in the tin is Devine!
    Anyway….thanks for the good read!

    - Claire

  49. Aldi opened a store in my town right by my house about a year ago, and I was thrilled to try it out. With very few exceptions I have been totally impressed with the quality, especially in view of the low prices.

    You asked about pet food, and that’s one of those exceptions. In spite of my most determined efforts, my cat just refuses to like their food! Ungrateful animal. Oh well, I have to go to Target or Kroger anyway for other things.

    - Sybil

  50. Does anyone know if aldi’s is still carrying the tandil regular(blue cap)laundry detergant? Here in Ocala, fl we have been to 2 stores and all they have is the tandil he type(silver cap) laundry detergant.

    - Kristin

  51. Just some more opinions, if you’re interested!!

    Aldi brand Cheetos are disgusting. But their multigrain harvest cheddar chips are very yummy!

    Did you know Aldi is a German company? The German cookies they get in are absolutely amazing. I forget what the cookie is called, as it’s in German, but it’s a yellow sandwich cookie with a chocolate layer in the middle. These are absolutely divine!

    - Kit

  52. I find there can be huge inconsistency in some Aldi products.

    I was buying fit-and-active cream cheese and got some that was bitter/sour. Over several months I had some good and bad.

    I noticed that the Sell by info on the back of the boxes was printed in 2 very different formats. One printed in larger type was always bad. The other was always good.

    Clearly they have multiple suppliers. For some items, it’s a crap shot and can vary day to day. I suspect my area receives dairy products from multiple regional off-brand suppliers.

    - Joe

  53. Is their chicken good? And by good I mean good quality/healthy? Where do they get their chicken from?

    - Erin

    • I’m not sure where they source their chicken. But they have started offering organic chicken recently in some stores, which I really like!

      - Ali

  54. Ali,
    It is my understanding that Aldi originated in Germany. LOVE THE STORE
    I especially love their butter. It has an even better taste than BRAND NAMES. Sometimes I have to make the hubby turn around to go back cuz he was in la la land and not thinking. lol Found w have saved a lot of $$$$$ shopping at Aldis

    - Becky

  55. Wow. I had always wanted to check out Aldi. The closest store is 30 miles away. I am in MA, and we have tons of grocery stores in the area. I was amazed at how cheap Aldi was. I got a cart full of groceries for $70.00. It would have cost me so much at other stores. I am going to try to get there once a month to stock up on staples.

    - Christine

  56. I can across this post as I was planning a work event. I am in my 50′s raised on a farm and my folks shopped here for items we didn’t harvet on the farm or garden. I also raised my family on the Aldies budget and they are now raising their families on the Aldies budget. I can’t begin to put a dollar amount on what I have saved in the last 30 years. I do agree with everything that the website has talked about. I do wish they had larger packages of cookie dough.

    - Karla

  57. I always buy my olive oil there. It is so much less expensive and tastes good.
    I am gonna try and find the almond butter and edamame though. Thanks for the tips on these.

    - jenn c

  58. Aldi are expanding rapidly here in the UK so we gave them a try. Obvious pros and cons – totally no frills and no nonsense, no petrol station, no café, you’re in and out before you know it. What you see is what you get. OK, most of the brands are unknown to us but if they taste good, no problem. We’ve shopped at Sainsbury’s for some years and their prices seem to just go up and up, so the bill at Aldi is quite a revelation. We do need to “top up” at Sainsbury’s for the stuff they don’t do at Aldi, (or still prefer one over the other) but the result is a terrific saving – much more holiday spending money!

    - Linda

  59. My man and I did a taste test between Aldi Peak Bar and Clif Bar and we liked them both! They are made will all the same ingredients and have the same nutritional value.

    - Kelsey

  60. I echo just about everything in this article! When I moved to an Aldi area, I remember thinking, “Aldi is ~fine~. But I don’t see it becoming the main store I’d choose to shop at.”
    HA! It is almost exclusively my go-to grocer! And my 5 year old loves to earn the 25 cents from our shopping cart (fetching and returning the cart is how he earns his allowance).
    The only item on my don’t buy list is mushrooms. I have been burned far too many times. They smell, they don’t keep, they’re filthy.
    I am a pretty big cereal eater, and their Chex fakies are SPOT ON. I love them, and their price!

    - Lori

  61. The morning blend coffee is very similar to 8 o’clock original flavor. A few dollars cheaper too.

    - Leah

  62. Thanks so much for this info.! I have recently become an Aldi shopper and I am convinced! But trying to convince others has been difficult… I will forward this to them…

    Some of their frozen specialty items are great! We recently had Spinach and Cheese Strudel,sort of like a flat spinach pie, and it said “Product of Italy”. Which brings me to my only complaint… The country of origin is not always on the items. Everything says Distributed by Aldi, and many items DO have country of origin. I am cautious about fish that come from certain countries, and I do not buy farmed fish. I tried to look it up online, but no luck. Maybe a phone call or two would get me some answers. Anyone have any info. on this?

    The eggs are terrific and the milk is Growth-hormone free.

    One item I found “iffy” is frozen vegetables… I have only tried them once, and found them sub-par, but would try again… and tea from store brand teabags was weak compared to Lipton…

    I have found the employees super-helpful if I had a question, and the check-out goes quickly. Their return-and replace policy is great.


    - Nona

    • Our favorite frozen veggies are the string green beans. I just put them in a large sauté pan with some chicken stock and cover and steam/sauté stirring after a few minutes. Soooo good! The best I have had from anywhere else.

      - Dar

      • I agree. I always stock up on the frozen, long, thin green beans! They are awesome. My favorite way to cook them is to just steam them, add a little olive oil and lemon pepper. A nice addition is some goat cheese, which makes a lemon Hollandaise-type sauce- yum!!

        - Daleen

  63. My hubs and I have had great success with their “brick” coffee. He does the shopping so I’m not sure what the label even looks like anymore but we get lots of compliments when we serve it to guests. His mom has even started purchasing from there. It’s vacuum sealed so feels very hard and is a rectangular package but once you open it just put it in an airtight container. I think it’s worth a try! http://Www.ibakeit/

    - Rachel

  64. LOVE this series on Aldi. I’m always surprised when people are shocked that I shop at Aldi’s….until I quote the prices I pay for eggs, butter, milk, cheese…the list goes on and on. Our Aldi’s is incredibly clean and no expired products. I do the majority of my shopping there. My family really does love the pre-made pizzas in the coolers. For 4.99 you can’t go wrong. But what keeps me coming back is the quality food at a low, low price. In my top 10 would be the marinaded Pork tenderloins, Black Forest ham lunch meat, Intermingle Red wine blend (5.49 people!) and Salt and Pepper kettle chips (just to name a few).

    - Denise

  65. My Aldi’s store in Ohio is very clean. I’ve bought all kinds of things from the store for years and have no complaints. Love the frozen chicken breasts and their canned goods.

    - Alana Markham

  66. So, Aldis carries a wine-based Irish cream by O’Donnells and had it in a Strawberry flavor. I would like to find some more but Aldi’s doesn’t list their phone numbers anywhere. They only list on the web their home office number. How am I supposed to find a store that has some in stock? I don’t want to drive to every Aldi store in the Kansas City area. Any suggestions?

    - Carol Brandt

    • To my knowledge most Aldi stores do not have a phone number at all. I don’t think they have enough employees in store to merit keeping a phone around since they’d probably be too busy to answer.

      - Danielle

    • Actually you can find your Aldiss Facebook page and ask about it? I did that with a certain product and they immediately Gave me an answer. Unfortunately mine would not be restocked bc it didn’t sell well.

      - Katie

  67. Wow, Some of the negative comments surprise me. Our store is super clean!
    I did want to mention something about the shopping and comparing brands…
    Lays chips v Aldi for example. Besides the price difference (1.19 v 4.29) READ the ingredients. Believe it or not MANY of Aldi’s brands have better ingredients, less trans fats etc. On your first trip read and compare.

    Our store offers so very much and allows us to donate several bags a week to our local shelter.

    Ali, it was a great 3 part article (even thought I am a year late in reading it) and you hit on everything beautifully.

    I would post my Aldi score for today if pics were allowed but can say…

    .49 for feta or gorganzola crumbles
    .74 jarred pasta/alfredo sauces
    .99 coconut milk 1/2 gal.
    .99 AMAZING German brats and hot dogs
    .99 ORGANIC baby spinach

    The list goes on and please note NONE is outdated food products!!

    Go try Aldi’s…. if anything and it isn’t your thing, that is OK, buy a bag of goods for under $10.00 and donate it to your local shelter. THEY will appreciate it and could really use it!!

    Thanks again Ali!

    - Dana

    • PS… Also do your research and check out reviews. Their laundry soap (Tandil) is compared to Tide and has some amazing reviews and lastly, The have Choceur chocolate bars (large ones) for an average of 1.99. Their white chocolate with cornflakes and coconut is to die for, great quality, made in Germany and sells out fast. So good people sell it on Ebay for $7.99!
      Oh crap, my last mention (I swear)… look up their face lotion. It is all $3.99. It has SAME ingredients as the waaay much higher end brands and if you research it, you will find thousands of woman not only love it, but it sold out and was at one time going for $50.00 and up on Ebay as well…and selling at those prices too.

      - Dana

  68. By far my favorite store to shop in. There have only been a few products that I was not happy with but lets be honest that goes for just about any store you go in to. I love the canned fruit, if you read the labels most of them are packed in water not syrup. The dairy is wonderful. And as far as the avocados you want to buy them on the hard side otherwise you need to eat them ASAP. What I have noticed about the produce the earlier you get there the better, by the end of the day it is picked over.

    - Kate

  69. We buy their donut shop k-cup coffee it is great. I agree their fresh produce mini cucumbers, baby carrots, red and yellow peppers, all good. Frozen pancakes and syrup are great. We like the Fit and Active rice cakes regular size and the different flavored minis. The Fit and Active vanilla yogart awesome. We do watch the canned items a lot are from China.

    - Karen

  70. I LOVE ALDI!
    I have shopped @ Aldi for years.
    I think their Old Fashioned Oatmeal, semi-sweet. Chocolate chips, pizzelles, and stuffed salmon (seasonal) are my go to items. Their produce is unbeatable for price and quality. Also, their people are like their products= Always the Best!

    - Debi

  71. My mom and I just shopped at ALDI today. We are regular shoppers too. We also always supplement with another grocery, but noticed ALDI is adding more products each week! This trip we tried the K-cups for our Keurig coffee machine which are fabulous! Also, the refrigerated pizza is great! It is $4.99 ! There are several varieties and the quality is great!! Produce cannot be beat!!

    - Terri Kyle

  72. I stumbled across your Aldi series and blog while searching for a recipe.

    I have to say, my wife and I have been doing the “Aldi first, then secondary grocery store afterwards” for decades now. We used to have to drive two towns over to get to an Aldi, but about eight years ago they began springing up closer to home.

    You’re right on the money, they are designed for staples and do NOT carry everything. Our closest store is very clean, the people super friendly and fast, and we’re recognized as “regulars” since we shop there so often. We hit them first before finishing up at a Meijer or Kroger. The cost savings is great, and we’ve found items there that are cheaper and taste way better than the national brands. We are customers for life.

    - David

  73. I love Aldi! All Memphis stores are clean with very efficient and friendly staff. My favorite items: Aldi brand “Triscuits”, frozen green beans, blackberries, mini peppers, avocados, specialty cheeses such as Havarti, hummus, turkey bacon, mini-croissants, nuts, women’s razors, and paper plates. I even bought my daughter’s pink glow-in-the dark soccer ball there!

    - Beth

  74. So yesterday I excitedly took my first trip to Aldis. Thanks to your posts I had my quarter, my bags and cash. The first thing I noticed was how dirty the store was. Not cluttered, but dirty. Secondly I had to search for prices. Some were above, some were below-which is great. However some were blocked with boxes and some were nonexistent. Prices were really comparable to my local Reasors. I did get cake mix for 18 cents less and chocolate chips for about a dollar less. I was looking forward to stocking up on produce. Not only were the prices not better, but the quality was awful. I reached for an eggplant and they were so over ripe that my hand sunk into mush. The avocados were 49 cents which is ten cents cheaper than Reasors, but they were tiny little rocks. Meat looked good but I had no ice chest and was honestly afraid to try it given the dirty conditions. I don’t anticipate going back.

    - Nana

    • I find that different Aldi’s have different levels of cleanliness. If I were you, I would try a different one and see if they are any better. Like you, I went into a “bad” one and wrote off Aldi’s as not for me. But last week a friend convinced me to go into a different one and it was a completely different experience. The store was clean, everything well marked, fresh produce and friendly staff. Not all locations are alike, I guess.

      - Tiffany R

      • When this is the case, please say something to the manager about the store condition. Also, follow up by writing them via Facebook or their website. Be vocal..But be polite and kind even as you are factual. Things DO turn around.

        - KB

  75. We just opened up a new Aldi here in Des Moines a couple months ago and they have an awesome produce section and a great smart and fit line. I also was hesitant to buy their milk as I’ve been an AE milk guy my whole life. I got their 1% and it really taste just like AE and I would be the first to tell you it didn’t . Great way to save a ton of money.

    - Bob Breckins

  76. I live in Denmark and Aldi seems to be WAY more popular than in the US, judging by your posts.

    I’ve never experienced an unclean Aldi store, EVER. Buying your own bag and packing it yourself? Standard practice in every single store here, Aldi or not. “Paying” for a cart? Standard practice as well. You must be very spoiled over there ;)

    I love pretty much everything from Aldi but especially their toilet paper is cheap AND awesome :D And garlic bread. And diapers!

    - Amy

    • We are pretty much spoiled for choice especially where *I* live, with a Trader Joe’s and a Wegmans closer than Aldi. I shop at a farmstand for fruits and veggies. Having said that, there are a lot of things I always buy at Aldi: butter, milk, 1/2&1/2, crackers, Choceur milk chocolate & hazelnut bars, corn flakes, frozen and bake-at-home pizza, guacamole, dish detergent, chips, canned tuna, hot dogs/sausage, and condiments. Their specials are almost always worth getting as well; their recliners are as good as name brands and at half the price!

      Having said that, there are a lot of things I would NEVER buy (again) at Aldi: seafood, bag bread, paper goods, olives, canned soups, ice cream products.

      Wegmans has better quality stuff mostly, and actually beats Aldi price-wise on (FAR superior) frozen fish and block cheese. Their bulk salsa also works out cheaper and is at least as good. Wegmans’ store-brand cereals are also better and at the same price or cheaper.

      It’s worth saying that Aldi tends not to have bulk stuff like white vinegar or bulk paper goods that wind up being cheaper AND better quality somewhere like Wegmans (or ShopRite.) And apart from the chicken tenders, I’d buy my meat elsewhere.

      - Andy

  77. Wow. That was gross. I am young but disabled and single, so I’m on a fixed income. This blog entry inspired me to go to Aldi. Big mistake. Gross gross gross. And I HAD to eat it cuz I’m on a weekly grocery budget. Subpar. Looks good from far but far from good, just yucky, like clothes from Deb. Makes me not wanna try other stuff on this blog, sorry!

    - Kristin

    • Well if he ate it, he’s not going to be returning it! But there are definitely things NOT to buy at Aldi. Having said that, I’d love to know specifically which things this guy got that were subpar?

      - Andy

    • They double your money back. Why didn’t you return your purchases?

      - KB

  78. So many awesome things to choose from … In no particular order – the string cheese (happy farms), the honey wheat pretzels, Dino’s and Shark’s fruit snacks, every single Clancy Brand chip, Savoritz cheese baked crackers – better than cheese nips or cheez-its, all Bakers Choice items, sugar free popsicles, strawberries, biscuits, bottled water, cashes, almonds, Kids Krunch tastes exactly like Cap’n Crunch!!! Fit & Active protein bars – especial double chocolate and Carmel and Choc. Fit & Active yogurts delicious too. L’Oven Fresh bread. Funny name – pretty good bread! Willow tissues. And boulder paper plates (get the better ones – still less than half the cost of name brands).

    What not to buy – Summit GT Cola! Funny label “Performance driven energy” or “For taste and fun!” Ha ha ha …
    Lunch Nate lunch meats not so good either.

    Great posts ! Very entertaining and informative ! You should spell your name Al(d)i from now on!!!

    - Dave

  79. Great post. I would like to add that Aldi’s block cheeses are, in my experience, exactly like the other grocery stores, at a steep discount. It is so expensive in other stores. I am a “block cheese” snob. I never buy bagged pre-shredded cheese (it is horrid). I always buy block, then grate it into a gallon ziploc bag, and freeze it until needed.

    Other items I save HUGE on are fruit cups for the kids’ lunches, and most recently, the applesauce squeeze pouches.

    The garlic chive pita chips are a favorite of mine. Our Aldi also recently started carrying Aldi’s label of Terra root vegetable chips.

    The one thing I have been consistently disappointed in (at all 3 of my local Aldis) and don’t buy there anymore are the bananas. I don’t know if it’s because they are bagged, but they almost always have significant brown spots inside. The other produce is fantastic though.

    - AVB

  80. Some of my Aldi favorites are:

    Fresh uncooked cheese pizzas, only $4.99 for a 16″ pie, we add our own fresh toppings…great crust, too!

    Frozen green beans, they are thin and tender, great for pan frying with olive oil and garlic

    Sourdough bread (made by Pepperidge Farms)

    Hummus, all flavors

    Low-fat ice cream sandwiches (these are made by Skinny Cow)

    Any of their chocolate, it’s all imported from Europe, and inexpensive.

    Trail mix and any of their bagged almonds.

    There are always treasures to find each week, many of them are Trader Joe brands, organic, gourmet foods!

    LOVE, LOVE this place!!

    - Cynthia

  81. They carry Bolt house drinks also, at least at my aldi’s, like 100% of the time. I LOOOVVEEE Aldi’s, it is my number 1 choice for food shopping =).

    - Linds

    • Wow – sorry you had a bad experience. We LOVE our Aldi and they are building another one nearby lol yay! :)

      - Dawn

  82. I know this article is a little old, but I just stumbled upon it on Pinterest. I just have to chime in on Aldi’s Fit and Active Frozen Entrees–I’ve been eating fewer processed foods, so I try to avoid most frozen foods (aside from fish, unseasoned vegetables, and fruits without added sugar), but when I’m counting calories, “healthier” entrees are helpful and convenient (especially with my work schedule). The Fit and Active Entrees are often reasonably priced, and keep me more full than the more expensive “Healthy Choice” entrees.

    Thanks for a great article–I hope it encourages people to keep supporting Aldi!

    - Cara S.

  83. What not to buy at Aldis-garlic. It’s imported from China. Read up on their issues related to heavy metal poisoning and you’ll be very wary of their agricultural products. Most Chinese are very scared of their own toxicity vis a vis the pollution ln their soil.

    - John c

  84. The take and bake pizza (Mrs. Cozzi’s?) is a phenomenal value. In my opinion, it beats all other frozen and take and bake pies on the market, including Home Run frozen and Costco’s take and bake. Terrific product.

    - Mike

  85. I know the post is a year old, but since there are a couple newer comments, I thought I’d chime in with a couple of my thoughts. In regards to the avocados, I always stock up when they are on sale. I specifically look for ones that are hard as a rock, because they will ripen as they sit on my kitchen counter. Once they are where I want them, I put them in the fridge to slow down the process. They now have organic spring mix salad for $2.49 all the time and it’s great. Also, on the Roma tomatoes, I agree they usually aren’t ripe enough. I like to slow roast them in the oven using Ina Garten’s recipe and they’re to die for. I’m not a fan at all of their coffee, but I do really like their hazelnut creamer. One product that I absolutely hate is their refried beans. Their bottled water tastes great and is super cheap.

    To the people who don’t like having to “pay” for the cart: Not only does it reduce the loss of carts, but they don’t have to pay employees to bring them in from the parking lot. That helps keep the prices down.

    - Allison T

  86. Aldi has their Wildberry Sorbet bars available :) I think they only carry them in winter. They are delicious! I was so excited to find them the other day. In the summertime they offer lemon sorbet in a small tub. I can’t wait til it’s back. It is the best.

    - Sue

  87. I love Aldi, and even more now that I’m unemployed. I always go to Aldi first, before going to Wegmans, our local Jumbomarket.

    I buy all my staples there…milk, eggs, butter. Love the shredded cheeses. The produce is much better than you’d expect…I buy roumaine, mini sweet peppers, onions, potatoes, avocados.

    The meats are good….love their thin sliced boneless pork chops, stew meat, ground beef. Frozen foods…their thin green beans are a delicacy, and I’ve bought cornish hens for $2.89 each…a real treat.

    As far as drug store items…I use the Lacura cleanser, and I buy their +50 multivitamins.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with an Aldi purchase. Just like anywhere, you need to inspect what you buy, choose those with the ingredients you like….

    I sure do hope they never change their strategy.

    Last but not least….not least at all….their employees are awesome! Always pleasant, always helpful, always patient and kind, especially to the older and poorer folks who really need someplace like Aldi, where they can get good, nutritious food at reasonable prices.

    - Joyce

  88. I love Aldi for its milk prices alone, it’s the only place I shop at where a gallon of skim milk is consistently well below $3. Someone mentioned that their cottage cheese is good and I must disagree, it was the runniest cottage cheese I’ve ever seen. Perhaps it was a bad batch or maybe growing up eating Anderson Erickson old fashioned cottage cheese has spoiled me for store brands, although HyVee’s is ok. Their processed parmesan cheese has improved in quality since the last time I tried it nearly 20 years ago when it was the consistency of the powdered cheese in a mac and cheese mix. At a dollar or more cheaper than Wal-Mart’s I took another chance on it and was pleasantly surprised. Our family would not be able to stretch our food budget nearly as far without Aldi. Also, I have to put in a word about their reusable fabric grocery bags. They are HUGE! Nearly twice the size of most store’s bags–I can barely carry one when completely full.

    - Liz J

  89. I like Aldi’s. I have a ‘thing’ for efficiency. I do at times wonder what their supply chain looks like. However, I will tell you this; I have observed the personnel stocking the “Roseland” store brand pork products…..out of cases stamped “Smithfield”. :-)
    Also…the chocolate, even the cheapest, is amazing! You should know that the European standards for chocolate are higher than ours, and use hazelnuts in chocolate like we use almonds…just…try…it.

    - Drew

  90. Love Aldi. My 4 yo daughter? Not so much. No princess soup or Monsters Inc. mac and cheese. Gotta love marketing to children. Anyway, you should be aware that their Orange Soda (and probably other flavored sodas) have brominated vegetable oil (BVO) which is bad … mmkay. That stuff is actually outlawed in Europe, so I was a little surprised that Aldi would carry sodas with BVO. It will soon be “outlawed” in the US. Also, their milk and half and half is typically from local, branded diary companies that are the most expensive products at other grocery stores. Love me some Aldi, especially when I get home and see all the stuff I can get for $15.

    - Chris

  91. Oh My Goodness! I just love this post about Aldi!

    I have to say I would agree almost SPOT ON with everything as you – with the exception of ONE thing….I would STRONGLY suggest you try Adli’s coffee!

    I too am a “coffee snob”. lol I have a motto though, when it comes to Aldi, “Try everything once.”

    So I did. I was amazingly surprised! Not ALL of their coffee tastes the same so you have to try it all.
    I have found that the French Arabica medium to dark roast(the purple bag)is quite tasty and more than comparable to Starbucks Verona blend.
    I also buy their Vanilla and Hazelnut flavored blends for my get-together’s just so I have variety. They come in whole beans so they keep fresh.

    - AmyColleen

  92. I love their cream facial cleanser but I have very dry skin.

    - Jessica

  93. Bremer Gyro kit from the frozen section – excellent

    Yes!!!….I swear. At just less than $7.00 added a tomato and an onion = 5 perfect gyros with plenty of meat. I am going to buy a few more to keep in the freezer for a winter go to meal.

    I started off shopping the produce section at Aldi’s and just keep expanding and am rarely disappointed. I wouldn’t think of going to my grocery without stopping at Aldi’s first.

    - jen

  94. Aldi’s customer in CT. Love saving money, recently retired. We use the basic dairy products all the time. Husband (former dairy farmer) tells everyone how good the 1% milk is. Pita chips are yummy! We use many of the more basic cereals. I cannot justify paying 2 – 3 bucks more for the name brands anymore. At Christmas, lots of name brand current toys, all cheaper than even the discount stores by 2 – 6 bucks! When they mark things down, they really slash them. I too am amused at the luxury cars in the lot and the slight discomfort that I see when I see someone I know there! Too funny! Bananas are Chiquita and the best price around. I love getting a cartload of food and having the sticker shock at the cash register being a good surprise for a change!!

    - Dona

  95. I shop at Aldi a lot. My main concern is that it does not have the moterized carts many stores have and, with a problem walking and standing being ‘not an option’ now, it’s difficult. I am finally dividing my list into two parts.

    That aside :-)

    If you like those “fancy $4 a cup” coffees, might want to try this:

    Aldi’s Beaumont (Instant, mind you lol) Classic Roast – brew a cup, add (I use) International Delight White Chocolate Mocha creamer, let it cool (or refrigerate), add ice. Now, tell me, aside from the price, what the difference is??! Add a bit of whipped topping and YUM. I kid you not!

    - Ronda

  96. Thank you so much for this post! In the past, I’ve used Aldi for a pantry stocking store since the nearest one is about 30 miles from our house. I always stocked up on pasta, rice, and canned veggies. (I refuse to pay almost $1 a can for diced tomatoes!)

    We have a baby due this spring, we have been searching for ways to save money. Menu planning and cutting our weekly grocery trips by going to Aldi every other week has helped a great deal. (And it cuts down on the amount of trips to the dreaded store beinging with W.)

    We usually eat at least one frozen dinner meal once a week when I don’t feel like cooking, and we really enjoy the Orange Chicken dinner, along with some broccoli and rice!

    - Emily

  97. I like their donut shoppe coffee and now they carry k cups
    Also good…pre cooked bacon, natural fruit snacks, all of their new organic line,
    Alfredo sauce doctored up with garlic pepper and their shredded parm in the dairy section.

    I did not like the 3 bean salad in the canned section, most things are really awesome!

    - Leigh

  98. I shopped at Aldi for years until we moved to another state and there wasn’t one. They were located across from Walmart. Now this is 10 yrs ago, but they kept Walmart’s milk prices low ($1.69 a gal).
    Aldi recently built a store in the town we live in, so naturally I looked forward to shopping and saving $ there. The only negative comment I have is they have raised their prices in the 4 months since they opened. I bought my milk at Sam’s (which is across the street along with Walmart). It used to run $2.62 a gal for skim. Aldi opened with theirs at $2.69. Now it is running $2.89 and that has caused Sam’s to raise their price to $2.82. Walmart has not raised theirs as it was always higher. Eggs have raised to. Some of my friends had asked if they would do this and I said no because the Aldi that I shopped at previous did not. I was wrong. Still like most things there.

    - Karey

  99. This store is one of the cheapest I have found organic food and that’s great! However there organic milk is more expensive then Kroger brand milk…This is in the U.S…

    - Mariet

  100. As for coffee, I am not a large coffee drinker, but recently Aldi has been stocking their version of K-Cups. I prefer the cappachino, but my mom loves all the different coffee versions they offer and has a stock-pile of them for in case they stop carrying them for any given length of time.

    - Danielle

  101. I am a huge Aldi fan. Their spiral ham is as good as Honey Baked brand!

    Another huge plus. I have done some research and found that Aldi can be a great employer. Here in Michigan cashiers make $14 per hour, compared to $7.40 minimum wage. I have also been told that they do much promoting from within. Their hours are much more family friendly than many of their competitors. There seems to be low employee turnover so I always have helpful, friendly, familiar staff on my side.

    I am proud to support a company that supports the people in my community!

    - Crystal

  102. I loved the marscapon cake that you had during the holidays. I can’t seem to find it in any of your stores. Do you know how I can find one?

    - jgb

    • I’m a Aldi’s employee and we only carried that cake for the holidays/new years. It looked soo good but I didn’t get to buy it. It was scooped up pretty fast in my store.

      - Courtney H.

  103. Surpisingly, Aldi’s baby wipes work very well! I love their goat cheese. I shop here all the time. I’m a wine lover as well. I’ll have to keep a lookout for their Sangria.

    - Amber

  104. I have been shopping at Aldis since it opened in knoxville, TN. I like most of the “Fit and Active “products. All natural “Wild Berry Crisps” were my favorite. I bought 6 packages every time I shopped. THEN I bought 6 packages and threw all away. The filling has been reduced to a mere taste. It used to be so good. I wonder if Aldi’s is award that this company has changed their product. It has been 6/8 months since i threw all away—-sooooo I decided to try it again. It is the same—mostly cookie with very little filling.

    - Ann Rochester

    • You may not be aware of this but Aldi Guarantees satisfaction on all their products. If dissatisfied just return product and receipt . They will replace product for free AND issue a full refund !

      - al

  105. Things I have found to be fabulous at Aldi: cottage cheese, peanut butter, unsalted peanuts, family-size crispy chocolate bars, stollen bites w/ marzipan., frozen french fries, and many more items. My friends feel coffee is good as Starbucks. And, I bought the best (& cheapest!) food processer and non-stick frying pan ever.

    - Belinda Kackley

  106. I love Aldi too!
    My local Aldi stocks Kleenex Cottonelle toilet paper packs of 30 for $15. No thin, rough toilet paper for us! Thanks for sharing this great series!

    - Sheridan

  107. We’ve had an Aldi’s in my community for nearly 30 years but I’ve not been shopping there that long. Guess I had a mistaken impression of what the store was about. Fortunately, now I know better! Now that just about every organization out there (including the court – when I served on a jury) gives out recyclable shopping bags for free, there’s no need to buy the Aldi bags. I keep a supply of empty bags in my car. And I use them for other shopping as well.
    My Aldi’s is about 2 miles from my house and a HyVee is a couple of blocks from there so I can do all my grocery shopping in one trip. I agree, for the basics, Aldi’s is the best. I have to agree, too, with most of your favorites, Ali. Who needs 5 choices for a staple item? I’d rather not spend a lot of time choosing. Aldi’s has chosen for me.
    I’m disappointed when an item I really liked is no longer carried by Aldi’s. For instance, Fit & Active “Fruits of the Forest” fruit spread and cotton swabs with purple sticks. The swabs matched my bathroom color :-).
    As for produce, I’ve seen worse in “high end” grocery stores. You always has to inspect to make sure you’re not getting something that’s not good – even in the high end places. Love the Aldi’s pineapples!
    I’ve taken advantage of the “double guarantee” with the pepper grinder (the twisty top cracked) and sandwich bags (the sealing strip tore away from the top of the bag). Absolutely NO trouble returning the faulty items and getting BOTH a replacement as well as my money back!
    I have to chuckle when I see the Lexuses in the parking lot of an Aldi’s in an affluent community that is about 45 minutes from where I live. I guess the rich people aren’t above saving a few bucks – maybe that’s why they’re rich!
    My Aldi’s recently changed its set-up and I’m still getting used to new locations for items I regularly buy. But it shouldn’t take me that long to find my favorites.
    At least 5 or 6 years ago I learned that Trader Joe’s and Aldi’s are sister companies (or maybe that should be “brother” companies). When I would tell this to friends and co-workers, they wouldn’t believe me at fist. I think they had the same mistaken impression of Aldi’s that I had for years.
    Not that I’m an Aldi’s ambassador, but I do share my experience and encourage people I know who have an Aldi’s in their community to check it out!

    - Jeanne Engle

  108. what is the quality of their 4 quart stand mixer? $29.99 this next week.

    - Debbie

  109. We are Aldi’s shoppers at our house, but I must say that I have been known to be a snob about some things that I won’t buy at Aldi. Thank you for the list of things that you think are good things to buy there. Some of the things that I have been hesitant about I will definitely be trying soon. I have never purchased their butter because I like the spreadable kind, but I will definitely be giving it a try. Also, thanks for the heads up on the sangria. I love sangria and have never thought of buying it at Aldi. I completely agree with their produce. You can never go wrong with the produce. You just have to know going in that you may not get what you want every time. If you use a lot of fresh garlic like we do, you can usually get it there for like 59 cants for three bulbs!! My go to!

    - Rachel

  110. Their cornbread crackers are delicious. Seem to only have them in the fall.

    - Michelle

  111. I love Aldi also because I love to save money, and you will save lots shopping here! I remember the first time we went, I thought we had spent close to $200. but it added up to only $58.00, I just about passed out…My husband retired from A&P and loves to shop with me.
    Their English peas are Lesure all the way, as good! Love all their canned goods: mixed veggies, tomatoes, green beans, corn peas, soups and jarred spaghetti sauce is good. The few things I do NOT like: their flour, it’s bad for making bread! Don’t like their diet dry drink mixes, but they returned them, no questions asked!!
    I’ve bought lots of frozen items there. My husband is a dounut freak, he loves their frozen dounuts. I bought lots of hams, turkeys also,usually a good named brand, not their named brand.
    Over all I love love love Aldi.
    Thanks for all your input!
    Hugs from Georgia,

    - joan bunge

  112. I’m also an Aldi lover. My mom always shopped there so I grew up on the tricks of the trade. ;) Most recently I have also been thrilled with their produce, the prices are just unbeatable. One of my favorite things to get at Aldi’s is their meatless Spaghetti sauce. I add my own meat, and spice it up a bit more, but it always tastes so fresh. I’m also a huge fan of their Hummus, and pita chips the prices just can’t be beat. I love being able to go there and have my cart full of fresh produce, and healthy food for half the price of what I would pay at any other grocery store. :)

    - Abby

  113. I make and can my own spaghetti sauce and I buy all my canned tomatoes at Aldi’s. Best prices by far and I think the best quality. Greek yoghurt, butter, eggs, almond milk, canned mushrooms, rice, beans You are dead on the pantry basics are the place to start. I also am a big fan of their whole pork loins. Sometimes under $2.00/lb! I take them home and cut them into a couple roasts and 4-6 boneless chops. Delicious and cheap!

    - Vanessa

  114. Thanks so much for this, I have always wanted to try Aldi but I have a bit of anxiety when I don’t know what to expect in a new place. This was perfect for me!

    - Lisa

  115. I LOVE Aldi! One of my favorite products is their frozen green beans. They’re thin like French green beans and I love to saute them in olive oil with fresh garlic, salt and pepper…sooo good!

    - Athena R

  116. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aldi! My sis and I almost exclusively shop there (and our co-op). One thing you missed – the varying ethnic foods they often feature! Their German products are legit German foodstuffs. Their Mexican selections are also spot-on. They’re just not always offered. But yes. I love Aldi. So much. Great post!

    - Christina

  117. Just came across your post on FB through South Your Mouth page. I LOVED reading your articles about ALDI!! It is my favorite store to shop at and you were so spot on about EVERYTHING from the potato chips all the way to the lightening fast cashiers! I enjoyed reading all of your post! Thanks for taking the time to share!


    - Brooke


    - Tina Keagy Jansen

    • Tina, I do the same. I have brought this to many gatherings and people adore it. OK, so I never tell them where I got it unless I am asked, but yes, it is THAT good!

      - Dana

  119. I love Aldi as well. One comment about their coffee. I love their French roast. I keep it in my freezer and it stays fresh and delicious. Over the last few visits I have noticed they are now selling free trade coffee, and I’m all about that. It tastes good as well and I know my dollars are supporting a farmer somewhere.

    Thanks for your posts. Very informative and hopefully more people will visit their local Aldi!

    - Ginger

  120. All 3 articles were great. one of my faves at Aldi is the juice. They always have a great variety and most are 100% juice. My husband is a fruit juice snob and enjoys all the ones we have tried. Thanks again for the great reads.

    - dani

  121. The first time I shopped Aldi’s I must say I did not care for it. But I made a promise to myself to continue for a month and now I love it. The produce buys are great! The Fit and Active flavored water enhancers (Mio like) are great especially the Strawberry Watermelon flavor. My husband is a saltine cracker snob so he didnt care for the Aldi brand, but I thought they were ok. I love the Fit and Active lite Balsamic Vinaigrette. Milk and eggs are good. The best buy I found was around last Thanksgiving/Christmas when they had spiral hams on sale. Bought several and froze them in serving size portions. Ate on them for months. Made the best sandwiches and used it in several recipes. Great bargain.

    - Maxey

  122. I completely agree with most of your list! Their coffee is terrible, but if you add their seasonal creamers to it (hello pumpkin), it’s drinkable. My husband and I switched to shopping there and only go to our bigger groceries when they have coupons or items that my Aldi doesn’t have. We have saved so much money! I haven’t found the Sangria, but their Malbec is pretty tasty! If you’re making sangria for a large group, their cheap wines are easy to dress up with fruit. SO GOOD!

    - Jen W

  123. I learned to shop at Aldi in Austria as an exchange student. (In Austria, the branch is called Hofer, but it’s the same store.) For a starving college student, that store was a life saver. I’m very happy they’ve opened a branch near me now. The best part is that many of the specialty items are German and Austrian products – great chocolate, excellent hard rye bread, Christmas Stollen, etc. The sausage and lunch meat is also top notch.

    - Rich

  124. We love Aldi. As a matter of fact, I just finished making the list for our trip tomorrow! I believe the quality of some items just depends on what store you visit.

    When we first started going, we were leery of getting meat and dairy. We just didn’t trust them. Hmm..we finally took the plunge years ago and have been devotees ever since. The regular “economy” bacon isn’t worth it, but we regularly get pork chops & ground beef if the prices beat any other place in town. My husband laughed a few months ago and said he didn’t rememeber the last time we got groceries from Walmart. LOL…

    The only item we’ve had “issues” with are some of the soups and packaged pepperoni. In the case of the soups, we’d gotten several cans of the italian wedding and we had really bad stomach aches after eating it. It just didn’t agree w/us for some reason. We’d gotten other chunky soup varities there before and didn’t have a problem. We strayed away for a while, but recently went back to the soups. We haven’t been sick again and those soups are really good! They are $1.29 in our area(KY). The packaged pepperoni has a good flavor, but oh my….they are SO greasy. I usually dab the extra off w/a paper towel anyway(used to get Hormel), but the ones from Aldi have a ridiculous amount of grease.

    Oh, and the Mama Cozzi “take and bake” version of pizzas that you find w/the lunchmeat & cheese are really good! We used to get those take and bakes from walmart. These are much cheaper and taste just as good! We usually make our own pizzas from scratch, but when we want to have one of the “deli pizzas” on hand to pop in quickly, we get Mama Cozzi’s. Our Aldi also carries King’s Hawaiian Rolls. Those things don’t last long bc people snap up more than 1 pkg at at time!

    As I said, “We LOVE Aldi!”

    - AJ

  125. there frozen pizzas are not good. no taste.

    - 'SHELLY

    • I get the frozen cheese pizza and dress it up with my favorite toppings… but I agree that by itself it doesn’t have a lot of flavor!

      - Hailey

  126. I just found your site today. Kristen at is an Aldi’s fan and has written some nice articles about them on her blog. She was invited to their headquarters and her experience is a fun read.

    I love Aldi and do about 50% of my shopping there. As a side note, I believe that produce varies according to location. My mother-in-law in Illinois gets fabulous produce there. I live in Michigan and while I have seen improvements, I am still careful about what I purchase. Most of their dairy is fantastic but I have had a few bad experiences with their skim milk and avoid buying it there (the manager has been working with the supplier to correct the problem, but once bitten, twice shy!).

    We have the “quarter/cart trade-off” at our store–if you are loading your groceries in your trunk and see someone approach you with an outstretched arm holding a quarter, you don’t even have to return your cart!

    - Kris

  127. We really liked their Almond Butter but we haven’t seen it lately.

    - Kathy Gross

  128. I shop Aldi all the time, I started shopping there because my Kroger is known for having short shelf life for milk and dairy. I go to Aldi and get at least 2 weeks, usually more on a gal of milk, the half and half I use in my coffee that I bought 10/2 is dated for 11/14!! I also like their brand of coffee, dried pasta is much cheaper, as are canned fruits and veggies than the regular grocery stores. I also agree that baking supplies are a huge bargain. My Aldi didn’t use to have the greatest produce section, but I have noticed in the last few months that it is getting better. My latest find is stock in a box, both chicken and beef for $1.49!! Thanks for posting about this treasure trove of goodies!

    - Jacki Watkins

  129. I love Aldi’s for their fresh fruits and vegies but I agree you have to look carefully at what you are buying. Tomatoes are usually not ripe enough for me or too ripe. And the last time I went for bananas they were all overripe. Baking supplies are another thing I get there and I like their canned soup. Like any other store you need to read labels so you know what you are getting. The one thing I never buy there is cereal. We are snobs when it comes to cereal and I prefer name brands.

    - Lisa

  130. Aldi is owned by Aldi. Trader Joe’s is privately owned. They are not the same company, by any means. I’ve been shopping at Aldi forever. My husband is a German and when we go to visit family — that’s where you shop. Aldi has been around for many, many years in Europe. Something else that you might want to consider? Many of the broths, soups and canned goods are BETTER than national brands. Also, Aldi now carries an entire line of organic foods. :)

    - Cindy

    • This is not true. Aldi and Trader Joe’s are sister companies, both privately owned by the German family of Theo Albrecht (since 1979).

      - Tricia

  131. Shop at Aldi all the time.. Sunday is our produce delivery day and it is fresh and inexpensive.

    I am not a fan of there cheetos .. taste funny.
    Loved the Salt and Garlic grinder spice
    and the Mac and Cheese is good to.

    - Leslie

  132. What a fun read! There is an Aldi’s about 5 minutes away from my house and I have been shopping there ever since they opened about 3-4 years ago. We live in the land of the Pennsylvania Dutch and now the Amish have discovered Aldi’s! They arrive by vans, not buggies! Their neighbors drive them or they use shuttle services for the Amish community. They buy in bulk. I usually avoid getting in a line behind them. LOL!

    - Carol in PA

  133. Don’t by the fresh pizza. It looks OK but it is by far the worst tasting pizza I have ever had. It was supposed to have sausage on it but it was some kind of mystery meat with no taste. We tried one slice and threw the rest out. Be careful what you buy at this place. Sav-A-Lot is a better deal.

    - Joan

    • On the contrary, their fresh (Mama Cozzi) pizzas are much better than the frozen ones available at Wegmans (in Rochester, NY). Of course, it’s a thin crust pizza, so you have to like that if you’re going to like their pizza. The Supreme is covered with more toppings than I’ve seen on any of the frozen brands, and many fresh take-out brands. I like to add some basil and some cheese, but it’s very enjoyable as is. And at $5.99 for a large pizza, it’s a bargain.

      - Joyce

  134. OOPs posted twice delete lst one, an I meant cucumbers .19 each.

    - Jan

  135. Liked your Aldi evaluation, I agree with all you had to say. An you did give me some info on items I have yet to try, thanks. Fruit and veg are different each time I go and so are the prices, but great. Got potatoes this week,5 lbs 1.49, they had a larger 7lb bag 2.99 I think. I have gotten baby carrots .49 and cucumbers .19 lb. This week Sugar Pops name brand about 1.50 cheaper than reg. groc. stores. I have bought the resturant type 5 shelf rack for about 20.00 or so, and saved on nice laundry containers with wheels and pull up handle(like luggage carrier) same brand as reg.groc. and dept. stores but 4.00 cheaper. And the 24 pak of pur water 2.29. Veg. chips are good, an my sister buys lots of their choc. products. They sometimes have large multi paks of the trail mix they sell in single paks at check out, very good. I did not like their brand of Cheerios (bland) an remember I got crackers somewhere I did not like, not sure if it was their brand..Thanks……….


    - Jan

  136. Liked your Aldi evaluation, I agree with all you had to say. An you did give me some info on items I have yet to try, thanks. Fruit and veg are different each time I go and so are the prices, but great. Got potatoes this week,5 lbs, they had a larger 7lb bag 2.99 I think. I have gotten baby carrots .49 and cucumbers .19 lb. This week Sugar Pops name brand about 1.50 cheaper than reg. groc. stores. I have bought the resturant type 5 shelf rack for about 20.00 or so, and saved on nice laundry containers with wheels and pull up handle(like luggage carrier) same brand as reg.groc. and dept. stores but 4.00 cheaper. And the 24 pak of pur water 2.29. Veg. chips are good, an my sister buys lots of their choc. products. They sometimes have large multi paks of the trail mix they sell in single paks at check out, very good. I did not like their brand of Cheerios (bland) an remember I got crackers somewhere I did not like, not sure if it was their brand..Thanks……….


    - Jan

  137. Thanks for the list! Heading there tomorrow.

    - dawn@joyfulscribblings

  138. I have to correct on your statement “this store is owned by the same company that is the home of 2-buck-chuck, Trader Joe’s!” I have always heard that once Trader Joe’s came to KC. So, I asked a friend of mine that works for TJ’s about it. They are owned by separate people, who are actually two brothers. Two brothers that do not even talk to each other. Yes, same concept that it is all direct from the manufactur, no middle man or distribution to keep the cost down low. The Aldi’s brother is very hands on in his business, while the Trader Joe’s brother is very hands off.

    - Casey

    • I have to correct your statement… Aldi split into Aldi North and Aldi South (respectively) when the brother owners disagreed on whether to sell cigarettes in the 60′s. It did not make them enemies who never spoke. Aldi North bought Trader Joe’s, and it’s concept, in the 70′s. Aldi is the parent company to Trader Joe’s. Neither brother is hands on, they retired together in the 90′s and set up foundations that manage the companies.

      - Jones

    • Actually – the article I just read on Forbes indicates that Aldi’s in general is pretty “hands-off” in it’s handling of TJ’s. Check it here:

      - Donna

  139. I enjoyed ready about Aldi store.I live in Birchwood TN. we have a aldi in Cleveland Tn. I finnaly tried it I too like the fruit when you can catch it when its good.i buy usually the spring water milk,half-and half eggs some frozen vegtables and pop-sicles too.have a very blessed life!

    - patricia thompson

  140. I agree with most everything you posted except the following:
    Their crackers are awful. I have had nearly all the crackers. The ones that are the worst are the wheat thin look-alikes and the Savoritz multi-grain crackers with sesame seeds. Just taste and texture is stale from the beginning, but really all the crackers taste less than marginal.

    Also, their fake Bailey’s called O’Donnell’s is horrible too and if you don’t refrigerate it immediately after opening it, it gets foul tasting quite quickly unlike Bailey’s although not a huge fan of Bailey’s either.

    Love their nuts selections. Extremely cheap and the 2# of cashews are an enormous bargain. I like, not love most of their processed cookies and snack cakes. Their chips are good, not great. Their pretzels are fantastic, the rods especially. Their cereal bars are good (fake Nutri grain). Yogurt is good, fake gogurt is great.

    I used to nearly extreme coupon with all but fruits and veggies (local huge farmer’s market) and find I don’t go to Kroger and Publix much at all except for the following: charmin toilet paper, viva & bounty paper towels, snack bags (for some reason they don’t carry snack bags, only sandwich size and larger), herbs/spices, cereals, crackers (still use coupons for all these and I like the taste and texture of the GM, post, Keebler, etc better).

    - cindy

  141. Love Aldi’s! Their grapes are flavorful, the produce generally better than the big stores, packaged corn so-so. Chocolates, good quality! 12 Grain Bread is some of the best and $1.69 I believe. My purchases always include milk, produce, butter, other dairy/cheeses, some of their snacks, brownie/cake mixes, seasonings, and boneless/skinless chicken breasts. Oh, their cataloupes are many times better than elsewhere and if they have their gelato in, buy it! Same thing goes for their Berry Hill caramel sauce – excellent! My only negative experience was using their brand for crescent rolls and the clerk said she was surprised because they were always so good. Haven’t tried them again. My suggestion is that you will love the savings and quality!

    - Judy

  142. I just stumbled upon this post. I am about to be a stay at home mom, and while I have always loved Aldi, I just haven’t had time to shop there recently with a baby and limited time in my schedule to hit 2 grocery stores. I am super excited that I will now have time to do the 2 grocery store thing and can once again shop at Aldi! And it will be good for our budget since we’ll be decreasing our income with me staying home!

    - Emily Gibbs

  143. Have you tried their little packs (2 servings) of southwest grilled chicken (pre-cooked)in the cheese section? So ymmy on a salad…just microwave to heat! Yummy!
    What abouth those Skinny cow ice cream sandwhich rounds….chocolate mint!!!

    - jeanette

  144. Hi,
    Could you please tell me the ingredients in
    Aldi’s vinegar. Is it made from apples or wheat or grains, I’m not able to eat wheat or grains so this is important to me.
    Thanks so much.

    - Judy Kaufman

  145. I Love AldI, But I Don’tLiveClose To OneAnymore. Now That I Am Quitting Work To Attend School, I Am Going To MakeThe Trip At Least Once Month. At Christmas Time, TheyHaveBelgianTruffles Which AreToDieFor! I LoVe Some Of Their Products Better Than Some Name BranDs.

    - Janet

  146. I love ALDI’s! I love their pure maple syrup. I started shopping there about 6 years ago. Some of the meat is iffy but overall I am very pleased with the quality. I MUST try those Popsicles. Thanks for this post!

    - Amy

  147. My dad has done some research on the cereal. General mills owns the cereal so essentially you are eating the same exact thing. Because they do not allow the general mills name in germany (where aldi is based) they package it in different boxes. So if you get fruit rounds it is exactly the same as the fruit loops general mills produces

    - Nicole

  148. As an exhausted broke grad student, grocery budgets are extremely important to me and I try to maximize quantity without reducing quality. For the first time I am living in a town that has an Aldi down the street and I’ve never shopped there before. I’ve heard bits and pieces and rumors but really no idea what to expect so THANK YOU for posting this 3-part series! I saw these posts linked in a comment on and am so appreciative, I really feel like I’m prepared to shop at Aldi and get the most out of my trip!

    - Christine

  149. What do you think about thier bread by chance. Is the loves bread a good brand. Just bought the muti grain Love Brand and now have a toothache. Do they put alot of sugar in their bread.

    BY THE WAY, did like your website. Since I shop there at ALdi’s. Gracias.

    Elizabeth Reber (Liz)

    - liz reber

    • My kids and I love the 100% whole wheat mini bagels. A bag of 12 is around $2!

      - Teresa

    • Hate their breads, but I hate all pre-package breads in all stores. In Germany at Aldi’s, you can get fresh bread. Wonder why not in the US?

      - prizepatrol

    • I have been buying their bread products for years. Their bagels, English muffins, hoagie rolls and Oat Bran Bread (the one in the clear and blue wrapper)are very good. Maybe not as good as homemade, but, I don’t bake bread so…… Occasionally I buy their already baked cinnamon rolls and heat them in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds and my kids and their friends love them. Also, love their refrigerated cinnamon rolls that you bake—the ones in the cardboard tin like Pillsbury. They are very good. Again, though, I do not make cinnamon rolls from scratch.

      - kelliinkc

    • I’m a real fan of Aldi for about 5 years. Prices are amazing and quality is as good or better than national brands.
      You asked about bread. I’ve tried their hot dog and hamburger buns for summer barbeques. They are usually super unbelieveably fresh and priced at about 79 cents for 8 rolls compared with about $2.50 for the big-store brand, or $1.99 on sale.
      I’m also very impressed with the quality and prices of their vitamins, razors, and make-up.
      I highly recommend Aldi, where you get SO much more for your grocery dollar.

      - Carol

  150. I know these posts are from April and it is now August, but our local Aldi has started stocking organic produce and packaged items. Just something to note. I also love the 99 cents pineapple!

    - Cassandra

  151. I love Aldi’s also. Used them when stationed in Germany and was super excited when they came stateside!

    About the coffee…..My husband swears by their donut shop blend. As for other products, we have been very happy with their store products. Most of them are much better than big name store brands. I would strongly encourage everyone to give them a try and decide for yourselves!

    - Sandy

  152. I have been shopping at Aldi for many years! I love many of their products but would like to share for any fellow “chocoholics” that they carry the absolute BEST chocolate around! Most of it is chocolate made in Germany and it beats the pants off most of the better chocolate in the regular grocery stores.

    - Debi

  153. I do a good portion of my shopping at Aldis. Things I will not buy are the almond milk and the hamburger. Twice I have gotten hamburger there that has smelled and tasted awful. The almond milk I just don’t care for the taste. I really like the spaghetti sauce and there version of the laughing cow cheese. The frozen Mango is yummy, I leave it frozen and eat it. Overall it is a great place to shop.

    - lorie

  154. I do a good portion of my shopping at Aldis. Things I will not buy are the almond milk and the hamburger. Twice I have gotten hamburger there that has smelled and tasted awful. The almond milk I just don’t care for the taste. I really like the spaghetti sauce and there version of the laughing cow cheese. The frozen Mango is yummy, I leave it frozen and eat it. Overall it is a great place to shop.

    - lorie

  155. You should reconsider your coffee snobbery. We’ve found Aldi’s ‘Specially Selected’ coffee in the vacuum block pack to be the best we’ve ever tasted. Many of our guests agree. We’ve made several converts after sampling our coffee. Don’t hesitate to try it. As usual with Aldi’s products, the quality is excellent.

    - Mary

  156. I first shopped at ALDI about 8 years ago when I decided to put my career on hold to stay home with my young children. My husband frowned when I came home from a grocery trip with ALDI bags because I think he thought it was a “poor people” store with low quality stuff, too. In any case I came in the house with probably 7 or 8 of the large plastic ALDI bags stuffed with items. He asked how much I spent and when I said less than $40 his jaw about dropped to the floor. Then I started unpacking the items and he couldn’t help but be impressed. Then as I prepared meals with the items over the next week, he was sold on it. I have shopped there for years. My favorite item to get at ALDI are the bags of frozen chicken breasts and chicken tenderloins. I have bought the same items at Walmart and Kroger and not only are they about $2 more per bag, they do not look near as appetizing. Walmart’s bagged frozen chicken breasts are almost greyish and I swear they look freezer burned & the ones I have gotten from Kroger at times have contained pretty small chicken breasts and are even more expensive than Walmart. The lower price and the better quality of the item at ALDI is the reason why I generally buy that item only at ALDI. Their frozen chicken looks fresh when frozen, after I thaw it out and am prepping it for cooking, it actually looks like pink healthy chicken.:0)

    - Wendy Pence

  157. I love Aldi’s, but before starting to shop there because my husband had been laid off i thought of it as the “poor people’s store” also. I had only been in there one time when my son was small. I was unaware that you had to have cash or debit card and your own bags. With a small kid in tow I was not impressed that i hauled him in and was only able to get a couple things. So i didn’t return for YEARS. (also at that time money was not really a issue in my shopping choices like it was later). At that time we started shopping there with the list then hitting Wal-Mart after. I found that it was awesome. Loved it. There are very few things that i have tried that i didn’t like. But that is the same with other store brands also. I don’t have to use coupons because Aldi’s is cheaper then brand names with the coupon and most times cheaper then the store brand items at other grocery stores. I liked this blog. Made me smile and remember my first experiences at Aldi’s. Now i am a shopping pro there. :)

    - Lesli M

  158. I LOVE Aldi’s. I usually do a huge store order about every month and a half. When my daughter was a toddler I could get almost everything there for under a $100. Now I am doing good if I keep it under $180. That is 2 adults and 2 growing children. So many people have said to me “Why do you shop there? They don’t have store brands.” With the price of things you can buy one and try it. If you don’t like it give it away or throw it away. There is very few things I don’t or won’t buy from them. My husband is a bit of a cracker snob so he insists on the real Ritz crackers. My kids will eat Aldi’s brand. All there other crackers are great. We had some funky special bread and it tasted raw but if you read the packaging it was a special multi multi grain bread. My Husband wants me to get the oatmeal packs there because he says they are better than the name brands. And if you are really lucky you get deals like my steam mop for $40 or the maple tree I got for $.99. I recommend you try it. Thank goodness they have the large carts because I fill it to over flowing.

    - Heather

  159. Thoughts on red meat quality?

    - Lauren

    • I have bought their boneless pork ribs to make in the slow cooker. They were fabulous! I have also bought their pot roast (when they have it, it comes with all the vegetables and is much cheaper than the same item at Walmart). That was great also.

      - Wendy Pence

  160. For me, Aldi is the store that I compare all the other grocery stores against when my weekly ads come out. That is my standard. Thankfully in the town I live in, all of my grocery stores are in a small geographical area, so if I choose to get a few things that are on sale from a competitor, I don’t have to spend the money I am saving on gas just to get there.
    I also make it a personal challenge to find a way to make from scratch as many packaged and processed foods as I can. From chicken nuggets to mac and cheese, my frozen veggies are either from our garden or bought when they are on a GREAT sale and processed at home my me and my girls.
    90% of the bread products eaten in our home are made at home. We shop local and resource local. Sometimes our menu is dictated by what is in season and what is available, but for us this is a welcome challenge. We cruise through websites to find new, old, obscure and yummy-sounding recipes to use what is available around us.
    Aldi is an life-saving resource for things we use daily. Even though some offerings may need some extra attention, it is worth it to know that while saving our family money we are providing the most wholesome foods we can create.
    Bon Appetite fellow mommies, and good luck finding the good food deals!

    - Malia

  161. I drop a comment each time I especially enjoy a
    article on a website or I have something to valuable to contribute to
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    - Nydia

  162. Their fish is farm raised and from China, not good. Most of what you say is accurate from my point of view.

    - Irish

  163. I <3 Aldi. When someone is sick or experiences a death in the family, my "go to" recipe is Shredded Chicken Tortilla Soup. I can run down Aisle 1, 2, 4 and hit the rear of the store. Quick and easy, all the ingredients needed. Tortilla chips, sour cream, shredded cheese, 2 cans tomato w/green chilis, 1 pkg taco seasoning, 1 box chicken broth, 1 can each, whole corn, black beans, white beans, seasoned chili beans, and 1 pkg boneless chicken breasts. Put chicken in crockpot. Add contents of all the cans, the chicken broth and the taco seasoning. Stir lightly. Cook 6 hours on low. Remove chicken, shred, and add back to soup. Serve with sour cream, cheese and chips. Everyone loves it and asks for the recipe.

    - Darlene

  164. This is a great list and thank you for sharing! Just a heads up on the Aldi Produce. Aldi sprays their produce with pesticides IN THE STORE before putting it out on the floor, which means they have a fresh coat of stuff you don’t want to ingest. Therefore, it is imperative that you thoroughly clean all of the produce before eating it. I only purchase produce there that can have the skin removed prior to eating.

    - Christy

    • Worked at various Aldi’s as management for 14 years. The only pesticide used is an aerosol fly spray. Produce is displayed as received. It is handled piece by piece for defects. Our policy was “Picture Perfect Produce.” All stores receive their produce from central processing warehouses. Produce is packaged per buyers specs. The only difference is in how the produce is handled when it gets to the store. At Aldi, produce was to be sold from truck to truck for a majority of the items. Aldi voluntarily tags their produce as it’s received in the Aldi warehouse with self imposed expiry dates before shipping to the stores. Most items carry a 5 day expiry minus one day warehouse turnaround.

      Busy Aldis receive produce 3-5 times a week. The best time to shop produce is usually early in the morning when displays are at there freshest and not yet picked over.

      One last, Aldi started a new program 8-10 years ago. They choose several produce items each week to feature at a 50% discount off of their normally low prices. These items are usually in a set location each week, then move back to their normal location the next week. At the time I worked with Aldi they were taking a 5% markup on produce. It is pretty much a lost leader for them as much as they throw away to keep it looking good. If your experience with produce hasn’t been good at your local Aldi, then there is the presence of poor management.-)


      - Rob

    • There is no way any pesticide is sprayed on produce in a store backroom. This is not even close to true!
      OSHA and other agencies (health department, etc) would be ALL Over ALDI, and this has not happened.

      This post has to be a post from a competitive grocer’s employee, etc.

      - k

    • Where did you get the idea that Aldi sprays their produce with pesticide in the store? That’s absolutely ludicrous. What reason would they possibly have to do that? Pesticides are used on crops in the field to keep insects from destroying them.

      - DJ

    • ACK! Thanks for sharing that!

      - Lisa@CheapThrillsInOmaha

  165. I am hesitant to post this as this is a “secret insider” Aldi whisper at our store…(we don’t want it to sell out). if you like Chick Filet chicken, Aldi carries an identical product. Southern Chicken (in the frozen section)…it is real chicken breast, no fillers…actual chicken breast…the number varies according to bag depending on the size of the chicken is breaded, seasoned and just cooks in the oven for 20-25 minutes (or you can fry but I like to bake it). You can serve as chick filet sandwiches on their awesome buns and cheese or you can serve as part of an Italian meal with their tortellini and sauce or whatever. The packaging is nothing that I would HAVE NEVER purchased but I was turned on by an employee (i’m a food snob). It really is awesome. Cook a piece for a great lunch with salad, cook for an entire dinner, cover with Sweet Baby Rays buffalo chicken sauce for an awesome salad with their blue cheese. I’m finishing a glass of wine right now and am feeling generous so I am going to post and hopefully you can enjoy before I become very protective of this ingredient and keep for our secret consumption!

    - Mariann

    • Thanks for the suggestion regarding chicken breasts. I probably would never try them.

      - Carol

    • Good to know! My husband and I have quit going there due to the company’s stance on equal rights, but doing the recipe from scratch is so time intensive that sometimes I want to just phone it in…this will be on the next shopping trip!

      - Laura

  166. I love the bread, ill buy 4-5 loaves and freeze it. It stayed better than any high dollar bread I’ve seen! Milk, eggs and produce are also favorites.

    - Linda

  167. Buy plants at Aldi. Annuals and holiday plants a week before a holidays!!!

    - Emilia

  168. I once saw on the news that Aldi’s allows 30% worms and maggots in their canned mushrooms as they said it was a natural occurrence and could not be prevented. The same goes for their canned vegees but I did not hear what the bug was that was allowed in their canned vegees as I just had come in from the outside and turned on the news. Needless to say, what other allowances does Aldi’s allow that we know nothing about? I don’t shop their anymore! I now only eat fresh or frozen vegees however I still buy canned pumpkin for my dogs but not from Aldi’s.

    - DENISE K

    • Actually, I just found a NY Times article from 2009 that said the FDA itself allows some maggots in canned mushrooms (20 maggots per 100 g mushrooms)and allows some bugs,worms, etc. in some other canned foods, so Aldi probably isn’t worse or better than any other store.

      - Sarah Berkner

    • Proviide a source or STFU. “I once heard on the news..” should be treated as “I am making this up as I go”.

      - Matt McCann

    • I wish I could find that news report as I have never found maggots or worms in any of the canned goods I have purchased from Aldi’s. I highly doubt the authenticity of such a report, especially since it is the FDA that sets the allowable limits of insect parts in foods in the U.S., and not the store itself. So, if you are worried about bugs and worms in canned or processed foods, you most likely shouldn’t eat anything canned or processed, as the government sets that limit and all stores would allow it.

      - MK

    • You know that this is the case for every food supplier in the US, right?

      - Sheryl

  169. I always shop at Aldi first. Whatever I have left on my list that I can’t find at Aldi, I buy somewhere else. If I am not satisfied with the look/feel of the produce at our local Aldi, I take their circular to Walmart and price match.

    - Lore

  170. Biasini Lambusco is good stuff! So is the Chianti.
    My kids love tacos so i always stock up on tortillas. Not always perfectly shaped but about 1/3 what I pay elsewhere.
    The produce is usually nice, but I have never seen a ripe banana, always green! I even have a toaster from Aldi that I have had a couple years and it’s great! Oh my boys love Ramen and Aldi is by far the cheapest. I sometimes forget the gluten laden stuff! I make them Ramen poured over a bowl of fresh spinach tomato and onion.

    - Mikalyn

  171. Aldi is actually part of the company that owns Trader Joe’s. If you are familiar with both stores, you will see overlap in many of their products. The only difference is packaging. Of course Trader Joe’s has nearly all organic and “natural” products, but our local Aldi is starting to carry them now too.

    - LH

  172. Aldi carries tons do GLUTEN FREE items and they have been a life saver for me. What a deal…healthy food at a great savings. All the other charge me double for gluten free food. Thank you ALDI.

    - Ann

  173. We love there cereals!!

    - Lisa

  174. I have been super impressed with Aldi baby wipes and diapers! I bought some when I didn’t want to make an extra trip to Wal-Mart and was pleasantly surprised! They work as well as Luvs (my fave brand) and no leaks! And wipes are 99 cents and diapers are $4.99. Can’t beat that! Also, the Chaza Moscato is yummy. :)

    - Aunna

  175. I shopped at the newest Aldi’s near me for the first time today. Boneless,skinless chicken breasts were on sale for a great price. And hopefully, I bought the sangria that you are talkig about. The brand name is Sangriana from Spain. It was $6.99 which isn’t bad. I’m also trying the natural peanut butter which tastes really good. Next time I’ll be a little more adventurous!

    - Marilyn

  176. I absolutely love Aldi! My son has a milk allergy and instead of constantly checking the labels at WalMart or Kroger, at Aldi I can look for the “lactose free” label that is clearly marked. The fresh mozzarella balls is delicious and we use them on pizza but with my son’s allergy he couldn’t have pizza. Aldi has a solution for us! They have sliced lactose free mozzarella and now he can have a real pizza with real mozzarella! Who wants a pizza with cheddar cheese? Not this woman. Not only do they have lactose free labels but they clearly label things as gluten free in which my Aunt has celiac disease. Going on a gluten free diet can be insanely expensive but Aldi has CHEAP gluten free products which is nice! I do love that they import different foods from different countries as it was a German store. In my area we have mostly Latin or Oriental foods instead of German, Greek, English, Scottish, etc etc and it is nice to explore. Obviously I could keep going on and on about Aldi and the foods but I’d be here all day doing it!

    - Brynn

  177. One thing you should try for snack are their version of “Gushers” in my opinion they are waaay better than normal ones, and they have less sugar. Also there three pack peppers are always a good bet and their refrigerated crescent rolls taste better and are better for you.

    - Brittany

  178. I love, love, love ALDI! I stock up on real vanilla extract and butter there! I also really adore the produce section!

    - Angie | Big Bear's Wife

  179. Love this post! Stumbled upon it on pinterest and read it to validate my own love for Aldi.
    I would like to add that they have 100% juice juice boxes that I stock up on for my boys. It seems that they only carry apple juice and they used to have a 100% juice Fruit Punch option that I miss.
    I have not read the other comments or the earlier posts, but I have to add that the new stores that are popping up have an uneven number of aisles and I end up having to fight the flow of traffic which is a No-No in to Aldi regulars. So newbies, follow the flow and try not to back track with your cart if possible!

    - Becky

  180. I have been shopping Aldi’s for years. I am always surprised by those who’ve never been, but I am always willing to help an Aldi newbie.

    I have to say Aldi has really bumped up the quality on a lot of their products and I purchase more now than I ever did before. I introduced my husband to them. He would just buy everything from one store!

    I do wish Aldi would start carrying a few things … like bread flour! I buy all my baking supplies there and watch when they clear out special holiday buys and stock up. But I do read labels when shopping so they have things I just won’t buy and then things I buy even though I’m not happy with the label.

    Olive oil, real Maple syrup, pure vanilla extract, reasonable prices on honey, goat cheese, brie, and butter. Love the cheddar brats, beer brats and special German ones they get seasonally.

    We don’t eat a lot of buns for hamburgers or hot dogs, but if I don’t buy Aldi’s I end up with ones from the bakery. Their holiday selection of chocolates and sweets is amazing. And, their Chinese New Year with Asian products is something I wish they carried more of all year long.

    I do not purchase their soy sauce as it is not a true brewed product, nor do I purchase their coffee (just don’t like it’s flavor). I also don’t purchase syrups as they usually have HFC as does their ketchup. And, I still remember when their pasta tasted like soggy cardboard, it’s a refreshing change with their newer Italian line of products (loving the artichokes).

    I find the produce at my Aldi’s actually in better condition and price than either Wal-mart or Hyvee for the most part, but I still have to purchase Kale and Parsley somewhere else. It would be great to see a little more produce like Kale. But prices for their fruits “in season” are just unbeatable when you’ve got hungry teenagers (I don’t buy most of the sweets, I’ve just handed my kids cookbooks when they ask for cookies), but their chips are priced right and taste as good if not better than name brands or store brands. My husband was surprised with some chips. He always buys name brand, but I purchased some Aldi chips and put them on the shelf. He seemed surprised that they were good!!

    - Laura

  181. The baby wipes are great too! I never used them on bottoms for my kids, but wipes for messy faces and hands. The veggie straws are great too in the chip section. Also, the knock-off Nutella (hazelnut spread) is great and has 1gram less of sugar than the Nutella brand! I agree with the hummus. One of the only items I would never buy there again is the mayo (thought I’d get a comparable Hellmann’s- no dice!). Oh, and last one I love is the Papa Charlies Italian beef in the plastic tubs (frozen section)!

    - Rachel

  182. I LOVE Aldi’s!! But, I hate their bananas!! They sell them in a bag and they are always green and wet and smelly
    !! I find they spoil a LOT faster than from other stores. Also, I wish they would NOT sell China made pet products!! I will NOT buy and feed my pets those!! Overall I have been VERY pleased with their products!! Love the spaghetti sauce, too! Shop there every week. If you haven’t tried Aldi’s you are really missing out as their prices are terrific and I always buy their produce. But, just like
    everywhere else you have to watch to see that they are not overly ripe or under ripe. I love that they carry “other” items!! I have bought toys, water toys, garden items, flowers, electrical drop cords, skillet and the list goes on!! It’s fun each week to see what the “other” items they have. Good shopping to All!!!

    - Laurie

    • I agree that Aldi’s bananas can spoil quickly, but I have found that I can either peel, slice, and freeze them right away for AMAZING bananas to use in banana bread or banana pancakes, or once home I take them right out of the bag, break the bunch apart and put them on the table for an hour or so to dry, then put them into a brown paper bag to speed up the ripening process and then slice them up and put them into my dehydrator to make the most wonderful banana chips you will ever eat! A little bit of work can salvage those nanners’!

      - Malia

  183. I did buy try the big can of coffee from Aldi. I will buy it again.

    - Tracy

  184. I LOVE shopping at ALDI and totally agree with your post! I have a bit more experience with the frozen foods section. Stay away from the TV dinners, hot pockets, breakfast burritos and cheap frozen pizza – I was definitely NOT impressed. Our favorites from the freezer are the chicken taquitos, french toast sticks, chicken nuggets, and frozen apple juice concentrate. The frozen veggies and tater tots are similar to other generic brands. When I buy bacon there, I always get the center cut bacon.
    I moving to Utah in a few weeks and am really bummed that they don’t have an Aldi there :(

    - Shawn

  185. I absolutely love aldis. 98% of my shopping is done at aldis. From groceries to household items to garden/outdoors and toy items. I don’t know what some of your aldis carry. Mines carry majority of 100% natural items and some organic. Yes there fruit and vegetables are mostly locally grown by farmers. That usually means natural/organic,no pesticides or chemicals. Their chicken,seafood and beef that I buy is all natural. Like I said majority of what I buy is natural and delicious. That’s why I have made aldis my #1 grocery store within the last 2 yrs. Their cereal taste better than name brand cereal. My whole family agrees. Believe me we know because I use to only buy name brand. Their household and other items are way cheaper. Daughter bought her son step 2 wagon for $49, regular price $99. Also bought a little tyke play and slide for $69, reg price $110. I can’t even count the items I have purchase. I sing aldis praises to everyone. Like I always say, doesn’t matter how much you spend on name brand food over cheaper food. If you can’t cook, it want make a difference anyway,lol.

    - janet

  186. Fun post! My mom turned me on to their canned crushed tomatoes. I seriously make a trip there just for that sometimes! They taste fresh and are nice for a pasta sauce base, mexican food, or even spicy garbanzo beans or stew. Anything really.

    - Rebekah

  187. On awesome thing I have noticed at Aldi is that they have plenty of gluten free products! Being GF has taken it’s toll when it comes to finding some good food, but Aldi’s has so many options!
    Rice Krispy Treats
    Cereal usually two options
    Canned Chicken and Tuna
    Potato chips
    Corn chips

    There are many more options and it changes from week to week but well worth it!

    - Nikki

  188. We love the canned pretzels. They are a close to auntie Ann’s pretzels. They come in regular and a cinnamon sugar. I also like getting whole chickens there. 89 cents a pound can’t be beat and they are very good. I like the donut shop coffee, very similar to a certain donut shops coffee. I like the diet cola too. We feed a family of 5 on $125 a week average. I do 90% of my shopping there. We buy most of our meat at a local grocery store with the exception of chicken.

    - Erica

  189. i love aldi. i do all my grocery shopping between aldi and a farmers market near my apt. i do not like their razors, though, i have very sensitive skin. paper products, canned goods, dairy, pantry stock, and cereal are what i usually go for. the getbalance and fit and active cereals are my favorites, and their hot cereal selection cant be beat. the only pet product ive ever used was their cat litter, its very very dusty and drove my allergies insane, so i would not recommend it.

    - hollymolly

  190. I really like their grated Parmesan cheese–way cheaper than anywhere else and really good.

    - Monica the Garden Faerie

  191. Diapers! I made my first trip to Aldi for diapers, after my cousin told me she’d been given some and loved them. We’ve used Pampers, Huggies and Luv’s – we like these better than any and they keep my tummy sleeping 1 year old boy dry overnight. They come in small packs (30 for $5) you can try them first before committing to a huge quantity.

    - Karissa

  192. I love aldis for quite a few things:
    they have laughing cow inspired soft cheese spread that is over half the price and just as good as laughing cow.
    apple juice is cheaper there

    if you eat clean, they have steel cut oats, and 100 pure maple syrup there.

    tortillas, tuna, beans, refried beans, ranch packets to use in cooking or making ranch dip

    milk is always 1.99 at our store
    cereal bars (my kids’ favorite snack) are like 50 cents cheaper than even the dillons store brand.

    waffles/french toast for my kids is cheaper there, as well as bread (you get what you pay for) but if you need hamburger/hotdog buns for a grill out etc its a good place to stock up!

    I don’t buy all my groceries there, i don’t do cheese, meat, frozen foods, or any of that but i do think it is worth the trip to shop there!

    - megan corral

  193. I am also a lover of Aldi. Like you, my parents never really took me there as a kid and I always thought it was weird when my friends had generic brands at their house. Now that I am older and living on my own, I would gladly pay less for something that tastes just as good! Like you say, you aren’t going to find everything you need here. Some of the most simple things I need to make a recipe they often do not have (ex: dry ranch or italian seasoning). But what you WILL find will surprise you. Aldi produce is usually AMAZING. I find the fruit can be iff-y (ex: really dry, tasteless oranges) but I’ve never had a problem with veggies.

    The only thing I disagree on that you have said is that their cashiers are lightning fast. At the few stores I have shopped in my area in Wisconsin, there has never been more than 2 cashiers working at a time. 90% of the time when I go to Aldi, there is only one cashier actually ‘checking out’ customers. This makes for really long lines. And maybe after waiting in line for so long, I don’t even realize that the cashiers, in fact, really are quick.

    I always make the mistake of spontaneously going to Aldi without any bags on me, and without a quarter! It seems everytime I go to Aldi I somehow cannot dig up a quarter from my purse or car. Then I end up grabbing a box when I walk in and hauling it uncomfortably around the store as I always end up getting way more than I went in for. :P So now I try to always have a quarter in my car for spur of the moment Aldi trips.

    I would say the things I will ALWAYS buy from Aldi are:
    sour cream
    yogurt – plain vanilla yogurt for smoothies, always cheaper at Aldi
    granola and some other cereals
    pasta noodles
    tortilla chips- usually less than $2 a bag! regular price!

    - mallory

    • I have found dry ranch and Italian dressing packets at Aldi by the other salad dressings. They may be seasonal for the summer months, though.

      - Teresa

  194. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aldi’s! I always buy my produce and essentials there. They also have the best German chocolate there especially at the holidays like Christmas and Easter.

    - Dori

  195. Hi! I loved this series. I too live in KC, and was wondering which Aldi you shop at. Because the two that I go to don’t seem to have some of the things that you are talking about…

    - Kate P

  196. I just wanted to say that this is a great article! I am an avid Aldi shopper! :) Also, in regards to the “charging for a cart” comment, that is most likely due to the fact that if people invest a small amount of money to use the cart, they will return it to retrieve that quarter that was spent. A lot of grocery stores lose carts because people take them from the property & don’t return them. I think the quarter idea is genius.

    - Marci

  197. I LOVE Aldi shopping! I used to clip coupons & was very good at it. I save way more $$at Aldi without all the time & research to keep an updated coupon binder. A lot of their foods come from other countries, which means they aren’t GMO…..much healthier. Their coffee that is from Germany & freezer packed is delicious! Try that one. Also, I buy their cases of water bottles. I am a “health nut” so I like their Greek yogurt and Almond Milk. A lot of their foods do not have HFCS….JUICE in particular. Great post you have

    - Mona

  198. At Aldi’s prices you can try something easily to determine if it fits your tastes. I would love to say our Aldi’s is as friendly as what some have described and I’m sure that is management driven at each location. Overall a great price for products. Our store’s produce isn’t consistent and we often have to shop at an additional store to complete shopping but it offers most of everything else. CARTS: bless someone in the parking lot walking in…that will make their day and cost you a quarter. ;)

    - Kim

  199. I started shopping at Aldi a few years ago after I had kids. I am now a huge fan. Every time I go I am amazed by how much money you can save there. Some of my favorites are the cereal bars (these make a great breakfast for toddlers), the tortilla chips, and the paper plates. The bread is amazing! I prefer it to any of the bread you can get in the regular grocery stores. If you are a fan of Italian beef try the Turano brand rolls for buns. I have also had pretty good luck with their produce. The only thing we have tried and not liked is the granola bars.

    - Lisa

  200. I have been shopping at Aldi for a few years and I love it!! I started shopping there after times got tough financially. Without Aldi, there were times my family probably would have gone without meals. I continue to shop there now, even though things are better financially, just because the savings is so great. I buy nearly everything I can there…for the stuff I need that they don’t carry, I go to Wal-Mart or Target. I rarely step foot into a regular grocery store (Jewel, Dominick’s) anymore. I do buy my expensive meat (steaks, port chops, etc) from the regular grocery store. When I see people with shopping carts full of stuff at the grocery store, I wonder how much they could save by buying the same stuff at Aldi!

    Over the years, I have found only a handful of things that my family doesn’t like from Aldi. My kids don’t like their version of Cheez-Its, for example.

    I buy all of their snacks there…cookies, chips, granola bars, mini muffins, mini brownies, etc. All of their breakfast items are great (cereal, english muffins, bagels, oatmeal, etc.)

    All the condiments are the same…mayo, ketchup, mustard, syrup, etc. Their juice boxes are good, their version of Gatorade tastes just like the name brand stuff. The list goes on and on…..we love their waffles, french toast sticks, ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, pizza rolls (my daughter will only eat pizza rolls from Aldi, she says they are better than the name brand ones), chicken nuggets, etc.

    As you can see, our list of “likes” is way longer than our list of “dislikes”. I definitely recommend giving Aldi a try!!

    - Lisa

  201. Great article(s)!
    I can’t get by without Aldi. My husband thinks I’m crazy until he sees all of the delicious snacks and main staples I come home with at a fraction of the cost of Publix. I shop at Aldi, SAMs club, fresh market and the local farmers market or fruit stand. That is it!

    Clancy’s crackers, sweet potato chips, kettle chips and pita chips are unreal. So reasonable and so fresh. Their specialty cheeses, Brie, blue cheese and feta cheese are steals as well, and they are small portions, so they stay fresher longer than sams clubs’s huge portions These items save me hundreds each month. The nuts, marshmallows, trail mix and chocolate covered pretzels are wonderful snacks and main staples in our house too. Around the holidays look for their pumpkin bread mix. Throw a handful of yellow raisins into the batter and guests will be singing your praises! They are delicious!

    I’m glad I am not the only ‘crazy’ person out there! ;)

    - Jenn

  202. We LOVE Aldi’s. we do majority of our grocery shopping there. We really like their Fit and Active Strawberry cereal, Raisin Bran Crunch, frozen Mama Cizi’s pizza, Fit and Active Yogurt, cottage cheese, their hit pockets are good but generally only have 3 kinds to choose from, also their frozen fit and active meals are not bad either. We also love their version of cheddarwursts. They are more like polska kielbasa with hedsar in it. Delicious. We buy our kitty litter there. You cant tell we have a cat using it and it is super easy to clean inexpensive. I could go on an on about good food from Aldi’s. I shop there so often I have typed up an Aldi’s shopping list that I use. If any of you would like me to email it to you, I gladly will. My email address is

    - Christie

  203. We LOVE Aldi’s. we do majority of our grocery shopping there. We really like their Fit and Active Strawberry cereal, Raisin Bran Crunch, frozen Mama Cizi’s pizza, Fit and Active Yogurt, cottage cheese, their hit pockets are good but generally only have 3 kinds to choose from, also their frozen fit and active meals are not bad either. I could go on an on about good food from Aldi’s. I shop there so often I have typed up an Aldi’s shopping list that I use. If any of you would like me to email it to you, I gladly will. My email address is

    - Christie

  204. Aldi’s, Trader Joes and Costco are my favorite stores. There are quite a few identical items at Aldi’s & TJoes. I bought TJs cranberries at aldi’s this year , funny. My first experience there was many years ago using donated money to buy food for thanksgiving bags we were giving away. Heard a dollar went farther there so I loaded 2 carts full with my 2, then toddlers in tow. What a shock when i found out they only took cash at that time. but they left my carts full while i ran to the bank so all was well. Been a fan ever since. Definately check labels as they use alot of HFCS and MSG. Also, alot of the seafood is from China. But more of their items are getting “healthier” and there’s always surprises! Like imported cheeses from Ireland in December! Awesome deals and really good quality. Decent wines, LOVE their version of Bailey’s especially the Chocolate Mint. GREAT butter and non-hydrogentaed spread! Breads are much better than before and often they have “name brand” special products. WISH THEY WOULD BRING BACK THE MANGO AND PINEAPPLE PEACH SALSA!! LOVE the baked chips and all the snack foods.

    I feel the need to go there now! i need frozen fruit bars and baked bbq chips. well..not really NEED but want them badly! hehe

    - Julie

  205. Our family loves Aldi also. A few of the items that I would highly recommend are the blue box of Mac & Cheese (we had a taste test and the kids chose Aldi over Kraft brand), the frozen crispy chicken strips, frozen french fries, ice cream sandwiches & toffee bars, and the dry onion soup mix (box with 2 packages). Oh, and milk chocolate chips and strawberries for my youngest son’s favorite chocolate covered strawberries. I could go on and on with our faves – these are just the “biggies”.

    - Krissy

    • Their cheap mac and cheese is great! It is often priced down to 3/$1. Once I made a box of Kraft and a box of Aldi brand together. When I dumped in the cheese packets, I could not get over how disgustingly bright orange the Kraft cheese powder was compared to the light orange of the Aldi packet. I know neither is “real food” but I felt like I was giving my family a lot less artificial color with the Aldi brand.

      - Teresa

  206. Cant even breathe I love ALDI so much. The cashiers just brighten my day – the place is always hopping and so friendly. The produce price and selection has completely changed our family’s diet. I credit ALDI with lowering lowering financial stress and improving our quality of life a HUGE amount. We have two teenage boys who have lots of teenage friends who love to eat. There is always enough food at our house, and the kids know it. Thank you, ALDI, for being green, going more organic and being so affordable. We Love you!

    - Elizabeth

  207. Just a FYI, Aldi’s milk actually says it does not have that rHbt hormone chemical but that they don’t claim it organic. (Not sure on the hormone spelling). Keep in mind that it costs companies a lot of money to have the organic stamp, so most just ask farmers to “pledge” not to use antibiotics and such. Thanks for the tips.

    - Kimberly

  208. I definitely do NOT recommend the Aldi version of Velveeta. I’m also not a fan of their salsa. Oh, and their hair spray smells bad in my opinion. Having said that, we LOVE shopping at Aldi. In addition to many of the things you mentioned, I highly recommend their shredded cheeses, canned biscuits, lactose-free milk (way cheaper than Lactaid and even tastes better in my opinion! This was a wonderful alternative to regular milk when I was nursing my lactose intolerant son), frozen cans of juice concentrate, cool whip, ice cream, gravy mixes, Texas toast garlic bread and even baby diapers.

    - Holly

  209. I LOVE Aldi, and here are things that I swear by in amazement:

    1) Lume hair tonic-identical to Matrix Biolage at a 10 X cheaper price. Its 2.50, or something funny like that. Smells identical to the salon Matrix stuff, and leaves your hair incredible. A hidden treasure.

    2) Goat cheeses at a low price. I am a HUGE goat cheese fan, but it is so expensive everywhere. EXCEPT Aldi’s, and I love it! Try the Cranberry cinnamon log…I have seriously starved myself all day so I could eat the whole thing in the evening, lol.

    3) Frozen goat cheese (!!!) pizza for $3.50 (!!!!). Not only does it have goat cheese (read above), but generous chunks of it all over, plus fresh cherry tomatoes. It also looks deliciously fresh when taken out of the oven-not only my favorite frozen pizza, but a fave among ALL pizzas in general.

    4) Fat free Raspberry and Mango sorbets…taste incredible, esp for being only $3 or something like that.

    5) Belgian creme puffs…yeah, I can eat the whole box easily, while in total deliciousness trance, which is followed by “omg, what have I done???” realization.

    6) Cuties mandarines. Those lil suckers are like 7-8 bux elsewhere, I get them for $3 at Aldis! Recently they got generic non-Cuties, which taste the same.

    7) Fage yogurt-awesome!!!!

    - Natalia

  210. I have shopped at Aldi since they opened here….at least 20 years ago in Indiana! Their quality has greatly improved over the years, and their gourmet offerings have increased.

    I spent $100-$200 a week at Aldi, usually 3-4 times/week (we live only 2 minutes away, and shop with a menu every 3-4 days with three teenagers and hosting friends twice a week). I LOVE THIS STORE!

    I’ll share something interesting I learned about Aldi and then what I DO NOT buy (Short list) an DO BUY & why :-) . Really, I’m a rabid Aldi fan!

    First: interesting bit. The chicken and pork are Tyson. They come in Tyson boxes, the manager told me. The sodas are Pepsi..they come in Pepsi crates. Just relabeled. The ketchup used to be Brooks, which was produced locally.I think it’s Heinz now. Every single product they sell–except special buys or Europe-based labels—are simply major brand names re-packaged and distributed by Aldi. Check your will list Aldi as the distributor.

    Okay, What I DO NOT buy:

    *Most produce. I grow in our garden or buy only organic tomatoes, cucumbers, melons,spinach, apples, lettuce, salads, potatoes, peppers, grapes, broccoli from Kroger. Their produce that IS good is: bananas, lemons, limes, grapefruit oranges. Onions and potatoes have been mostly rotten and moldy. All the mushrooms I have tried recently have had mold or weblike fungus growing it the bottom of them. Won’t try these items every again, tried them enough and they are consistently bad.

    *Most meat. We do buy the chub packages of ground turkey (85/15) for $1.69. I know it’s probably gross turkey stuff, but since we eat nose-to-tail, that doesn’t bother me one bit ;-) The fresh chicken breast family pack is Tyson, which I will boycott most of the year (see Food Inc) except in rare cases I know, not much of a boycotter huh). The meat is mostly packaged from Mexico and labeled “beef”. Check your labels there, and be leary. Chicken products and pork both have “up to a 15 % percent solution”…I stay away from anything “in a solution” which usually includes sodium phosphates and nitrates.

    *H & B, cleaning. I make our soap, shampoo, laundry detergent and dishwashing soap, plus all our cleaning supplies, but I DO use the Aldi vinegar and baking soda in my recipes! :-) I make washing soda from the baking’s very cheap there!

    *PEANUT BUTTER–yuck! I quit buying their peanut butter when they quit carrying their TRULY natural peanut butter. Ingredients were peanuts, salt and I think it was Smucker’s. They carry the red lid processed peanut butter (not real pb of course) and a chunky version. i was so excited when they began carrying a new “natural” formula, but the pb isn’t natural at all: it contains palm oil and sugar ,and it really tastes horrible. Back to buying natural ph for $2.50 or less at Kroger. We eat lots of pb here as we are mostly gluten-free (well, me mostly). Skip their pb!

    *Cereal. Okay, to be fair, most of their cererals are excellent. I do regularly buy their gluten-free rice chex (but I boycott most corn products now). I remember these from pre-gluten-free days. Their Cheerios do not taste like Cheerios, however. Everything else seems on-par with their major-brand cereals. I am quite sure by taste that SOME of the cereals ARE simply relabeled major brands. Blueberry Frosted Wheats is an example. My kids love it. However, I don’t buy much cereal anymore for the kids b/c they like sweet cereals ultimately.

    *Their coffee, whole-bean, USED to have a great regional offering. They did away with that, too. I actually roast my own coffee about 6 months out of the year (I buy raw organic green beans from Sweet Marias online and roast at home), but the rest of the time, I now buy my organic whole bean from Kroger’s. The whole bean they carry here is a Breakfast Blend and a Donut Store blend. Both are dirt cheap whole bean. The Donut Store blend is weak and flavorless….no better than Folger’s and probably worse. The Morning Roast we quit drinking as it completely lacks any flavor profile or body. Go for Kroger’s organic whole bean. I can’t drink pre-ground coffee, so I’ve never tried their ground coffee, except for one when I tried a “German roast” there, and it was bitter and awful! So, I would suggest avoiding Aldi coffee if you truly want a good coffee experience. And I don’t mean go to Starbucks, either! Their beans are burned completely. If you are starting to appreciate coffee, give the Morning Roast whole bean a try–I would say this is the best Aldi now has to offer, now that they’ve given up carrying the good beans they used to. Then, move on to a store brand organic whole bean, then move up to roasting your own from Sweet Marias (I pay around $3/pound for my organic coffee once I roast it). Anyway, sorry about the long coffee entry. Very disappointed Aldi quit carrying quality coffee beans like they used to.


    1)Wine! Best malbec for $4.99. Had a lovely white for $2.49. Prosecco–many bottles, and it’s $8.99. Hubby likes their cerveza (Monterray?) better than Corona!
    2)All their baking staples….brown sugar. Not their white sugar though, which I realized is beet sugar (yuck, just like all the major stores now. Cane sugar will be labeled as such). Realized it was beet sugar when I opened a package over a year ago and the air was filled with a “stinky feet” smell. Seriously. Beet sugar smells awful when first opened!
    3)Chocolate chips
    4)Pistachios in shell–I am addicted to these
    5)Raw almonds–I make my own almond flour
    6)Plain almond milk
    7)All their milk….hormone-free and use to drink (kids) and make my homemade yogurt
    8)Their powdered (dry) milk–for fortifying my homemade yogurt
    9)Dried fruits, raisins, prunes
    10)Special purchase items
    12)Mayo is great. I think it’s Hellmann’s. I’m a big Hellmann’s fan, and I can’t tell the difference, really!
    14)Oh, their old fashioned oats are great!
    15)All their cheese are wonderful. We buy them whole and shred our own to save money as we eat lots of cheese!
    16)I forgot to mention that we love their corn tortilla chips.
    17) Hubby loves their groovy potato chips.
    18I always, always buy their ultra bleach and 1000-sheet 4-roll TP. Lasts long and kids don’t use too much, it doesn’t smell perfumy. It used to be labeled as recycled and enviro-friendly, but that labeling has changed.
    19) Always buy their hummus and guac if I don’t make it myself. Best next to homemade!
    20) Their avocados are same as other store, but much cheaper and delish. We eat 4-6 /week!
    21) Love their refrigerated salsa, in the medium (read: hotter) variety
    22)How could I forget their pineapples? I buy them almost weekly. Great!
    23)I actually like their green-er bananas
    24)Their wild-caught salmon is fantastic! I love it when they get the whole filets, too. Most of their fish I have found is farmed, and we don’t buy it unless it’s wild. I occasionally buy their raw, you-cook shrimp. It’s quite good. Other shrimp has been just okay, and we’ve had it lots over the years as it’s way cheaper than the other major store brands.
    25)Their plain cream cheesecake for $10 is better than Cheesecake Factory. Come to think of it, their $2.99 tiny whole cheesecakes they sometimes sell aren’t bad, either
    26)All ice cream products are quite good
    27)Always buy frozen green beans here, sometimes their asparagus.
    28)They have GREAT seedless watermelons right now
    29)We gave up propane grilling for charcoal grilling, and they are selling great bags of charcoal right now for only $3 for a 16 pound bag or hardwoods-based charcoal. Probably just as good as Kingsford!
    30)Their breads are great, but since I’m gluten-free I don’t eat them anymore. My family loves all their bread, including their butter croissants. My daughter said their “everything” bagels aren’t as good as the “everything” bagels sold in, say, Kroger. But all else has been wonderful, and I loved their english muffins and whole grain bread when I could eat it.

    Love their gourmet offerings in the cold case. Love how friendly the cashiers are–they know us by name. Where else will a grocery store greet you by name and open another checkout line just for you?

    My kids love shopping their , too! We make it a three-time weekly event!

    Give it a try–some things like I said you just won’t want to buy but everyone has differing opinions. So try it all and see what you like, don’t like & LOVE!


    - Missy

    • What I wouldn’t give for some of your ENERGY!!! Supermom and Wonderwoman all in one. You are a BLESSED lady!

      - Carolyn Megginson

  211. I love the butter and sour cream from Aldi. We save a lot of money, and a lot of the foods that cycle through are interesting to try.

    - Chasity

  212. I love Aldi’s but the quality of their products can be a disappointment. Their macaroni&cheese sucks. Their oranges spoiled in 2 weeks(mold) which isn’t typical for oranges. Apple sauce tasted spoiled.

    - YCG

  213. The Gyro kit!!! If you see it, grab it, and some cheap but delicious feta cheese. Winking owl wines are great.

    - Dee

  214. I really enjoyed the series, even if I’m late to the game. Pinning it, and thank you!

    - Lindsey, the Redhead Baby Mama

  215. Can wait to give Aldi a try. There has been one in a town about 20 minutes from me for about 1 1/2 years now. I had no idea all the treasures and bargins that it held inside. I have had the opportunity to shop at Trader Joes when I was in the Atlanta area and so I am eager to make Aldi’s my 1st stop on my next shopping day. Thanks so much for your very helpful post and to all your other readers who offered their input.

    - Lyn

  216. I have never been to Aldi’s because I also thought it was a dirty “poor people’s” store and how dare they charge me for a cart?! I cannot tell you how excited I am to go now. I don’t know how anyone who has read your last 3 post’s on Aldi’s will be able to stay away. I wanted to run out the door and go shopping after I read the first one!

    - karen downes

    • Glad that you realize that there is Nothing wrong with Aldis. Most of the food products are runovers or actual products made at the majors food company but repackaged and distributed via aldis. Letting you know that they could lower the prices in major grocery stores. But I do have one question, what is a dirty poor peoples store? I am just asking>>

      - Freddie

    • Have you gone yet? It’s annoying they charge for the cart, but you get the quarter back! (If you remember to take it, anyway.) Bring your own bags! :)

      - brittany

  217. Love this post. I have to admit I am an avid Aldi shopper and have been for many years. Admittedly I am not all that particular about what brands or whether or not something is organic so I buy most of my food from Aldi. I have never been disappointed in the freshness or taste of their products and I like the fact that they are now carrying a larger variety of ethnic and organic foods. Besides all that, the prices are WAY better than any other store in my area, even the other so called cheaper stores like Alps or Sav-a-lot. The only thing I do hate about Aldi is putting the little quarter in the cart…only because I seem to never have a quarter handy when I need one. LOL

    - Sheila

  218. Their make- up is actually really good! I won’t use concealer from anywhere else! Their own brand Lacura do great concealer, eyeshadow and caffeine roll on under- eye treatment, though I find the cleansing wipes are dry and sting my skin. They also tend to come out top on blind testing products that are done here in Britain. Just shows that you don’t always get what you pay for!

    - Chloe

  219. I’m from Germany,and love Aldi,welcome to Lawton Ok!

    - Angela Woods

  220. I love shopping at Aldi. Never knew they were in the states until last year. Unfortunately, the nearest one to me is 5 hour drive away ! Started shopping at Aldi in Denmark, my in-laws live there. It is a great place to find unexpected items and always reasonable prices, even in Europe.

    - Rochelle

  221. I love their canned chunky soups and their frozen ravioli. Really, I haven’t tried much there that I haven’t enjoyed, quality-wise. From sandwich meat to bread to pastas and snacks, I love their selection! I would warn that the frozen chicken nuggets are definitely lower-quality than other grocery stores, but their frozen breaded chicken patties are great.

    - Brenda

  222. Ali,
    I have been shopping at Aldi for ten years. I have found many of the same products you have mentioned and love the great prices. I must add the cut flowers by the check-out. I buy them and give them to someone feeling down or just for ME. Very cheap and brighten up your day. Ps. they don’t last long but who cares on a snowy day..

    - kelly

  223. Oh, I forgot to mention – their take-and-bake pizzas! My cousin has a blended family, and on occasion comes over with her 2 children and his 5! With my two kids, and the neighbor’s kid that is always here (he’s a good kid, we love him like another one of our own) that can get pricey if we order delivery. I run down to Aldis and bought 5 HUGE pizzas and only paid $25. Everyone had more than enough to eat (I bought stuff to make salads there too) and the total bill ended up being about $35. Not bad considering we fed 4 adults and 8 children (two of them teens).

    - Megan

  224. Some awesome things I’ve bought that are pretty much the same or better:
    Frozen veggies – can’t tell the difference. At our house, we prefer frozen to canned,and I find these comparable to the regular store brand that we buy.

    French bread pizza – My husband SWEARS by these on the nights he’s on his own. He says these beat Stouffer’s hands down. More toppings, better sauce.

    Popsicles, fudgesicles, sugar-free of the same: My dad is a diabetic, and he loves the SF versions. It’s nice to have the same treat for him and my kids (they don’t eat artificial sugar).

    Frozen breakfast sandwiches – again, my husband loves these. I’m not a fan of breakfast, so I’ll take his word for it.

    I find the block cheeses are the same quality as the “regular” grocery store.

    String cheese – my kids love it.

    Produce – the only problem I usually have is the onions. I buy a bag there and they inevitably sprout in the next day or two. But the blueberries and avocados are AWESOME. And I get four cucumbers for the price of one regular store one.

    You didn’t mention the fabulous bread! They have amazing multi-grain bread as well.

    And as far as drinks – man I wish our store was allowed to sell wine! The root beer is fantastic – it’s called “Sudz.” The cola we found to have a strange aftertaste of…potpourri. Seriously. Orange and lemon-lime were also merely ok.

    - Megan

  225. I love Aldis soooo much! I am living in Switzerland and there is even one here! I havent been yet but I want to check it out. Back in the states I loved their Frozen Turkey Corn Dogs. Soooo yummy! Also the lactose free milk was very good. :)

    - Melinda

  226. I’ve lived in Indianapolis my entire life (well, and a 4 year stint in Terre Haute, IN for school) and my family has been shopping at Aldi’s my whole life. My father hardly goes elsewhere for his groceries. He relies heavily on their pre-made or quick make items as he is a senior living alone.

    You were absolutely correct that most aldi’s are set up the same. My biggest complain sometimes is that if you forget something at the beginning of the store, it can be hard to get back to it without going against the “traffic” of other shoppers.

    When I was living with my father, I had experience with nearly everything the store had to offer…the chips, candies, baking items, cereals, dairy, canned goods, soups, produce, fresh meat, frozen foods, paper products, shampoos, toothpastes, and dog and cat food.

    I saw someone comment that the sliced american cheese wasn’t good…they probably got the cheapest version…if you get the “middle of the road” american they offer, it’s awesome.

    Last year, the aldi’s near me (I have 3 to choose from within 10 miles of my place) had an amazing deal on milk for about 6 months. I could get a gallon of milk for $1.69. And my husband and I go through a TON of milk (I’m talking 6 gallons for two people A WEEK) it was a GREAT deal that we’ve sorely missed.

    Cottage cheese is great…yogurt, sour cream, half and half, eggs. I don’t care for their version of “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter” I prefer Blue Bonnet.

    Most spices are just fine, ketchup, mustard, steak sauce is the same. I don’t care for the mayo, I’m brand loyal to Hellman’s Mayo.

    Last year, they had a good price on Arnold Palmer’s half tea half lemonade cans that were great in lunches. We bought those every week. Their lunch meat (ham, turkey, chicken) are comparable to any other pre-bagged lunch meat.

    My dad swears by their instant coffee. Drinks it all day, every day. He also swears by their instant iced tea mix, too.

    I LOVE their condensed chicken noodle soup. I always have it in the cabinet for sick days. I also really like their mac n cheese, shells n cheese and potatoes au gratin. Their pasta sauces are good and their salsa is great.

    We have bought dog and cat food there because we couldn’t get to walmart or sams club, but it isn’t the greatest quality. I only buy my dog rawhide chews made in America, as other countries process the beef hide with formaldehyde! So I steer clear of the dog treats.

    Paper plates are inexpensive as are paper towels. Spring for the thicker toilet paper…it’s exactly the same as the wal-mart brand TP.

    Produce is usually really great at my stores. Great fruits and veggies and potatoes and onions are a great buy (if you can use them all before they go bad) that’s sometimes hard to do in a household of two.

    Love the great prices on bread and buns!

    Fresh meat can be hit or miss on prices compared to other store sales. But their pork chops are great.

    I LOVE their spiral sliced hams!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After the big holidays they usually go on sale and you can get a 10lb ham for $7…after thanksgiving last year, my husband and I bought 7 hams (some spiral, some not) and spent $40…we had over 60lb of ham! We froze them and pull them as wanted. Thaw over night and bake off…perfectly delicious! :)

    Their frozen prepared meals are pretty far from HEALTHY….lots of calories and processed “junk” that a lot of people don’t like. Their 4 ounce chicken cordon bleu’s have nearly 500 calories!!! The frozen burritos aren’t much better…tasty, but not exactly healthy. The frozen pizzas compare to the cheap frozen pizzas other places. The ice cream is just as good, too.

    As far as cleaning products, can’t beat the price on sponges or the cleaning wipes. Sandwich bags, foil and plastic wrap are just as good and work just as well as any other brand, in my opinion.

    Aldi’s is a great place to save some money and I feel the brand has made great strides in the past 10 years, especially, to change its “poor man’s grocery store” image it had. The newly opened stores are bigger, airier, well lit and I feel the staff makes themselves available if needed.

    there’s always going to be items that you prefer the taste of or performance of over the aldi brands, but for the price, it’s worth trying to see if you like it…

    - Raised on Aldi's

  227. oh and their light and fit chocolate weight shakes are AMAZING and cheaper tahn anywhere else in price AND has way more nutrience than anywhere else. I had these all the time was i was pregnant and always neasia or couldnt eat. must try also great to supplement your diet because of all the nutrience

    - Katerina Walker

  228. I am a HUGE fan of Aldi and do tons of my shopping there. I craved green bean casseroles every day and I mean EVERY day. their knock of french fried onions taste exactly the same and are half the price. ive searched all over for knock offs and these are the only ones that are good. their cream of mushroom soup is about 60% cheaper than anywhere else and is good. there are 2 things I would NOT buy 1-frozen green beans (sometimes thick and hard stringy not always but somtimes) and 2-their knock of Flaming hot cheetos=horrible. everything else i love there

    - Katerina Walker

  229. Great article! I love shopping at Aldi, but one warning — never, EVER buy their individually wrapped cheese slices. I don’t have a clue what is in those suckers, but they DO. NOT. MELT. It’s the grossest thing I’ve ever tried.

    My favorite products are their Light and Fit hamburger (excellent flavor), fresh country pork ribs, Light and Fit weightloss shakes (in a can) that I sometimes have for breakfast when I’m in a rush (flavor is SO much better than Slim Fast), multi-grain tortilla chips, chocolate hazelnut bars, and marinara sauce.

    Also, it’s just plain fun to go see what they have during different seasons/holidays. During Octoberfest they were carrying these frozen Weinerschnitzel patties that were just awesome in flavor and jars of purple cabbage.

    - Triskele

  230. Love, love, love Aldi! I was previously one of those coupon ladies with two separate binders full of coupons. Three years ago, I discovered Aldi and shop there for everything! I only go to the another grocery store for Heinz and Helmann’s. We like everything there but their mayo!

    - Sarah

  231. Great article! I buy their frozen meals for nights when I get home late and don’t feel like cooking from scratch. The Fusia Asian meals are pretty good. Their ham is to die for as well! I shy away from the red meat except for ground beef. I do buy fresh chicken, pork, and pork tenderloin there. They have some great marinaded tenderloin. I also get Parmesan cheese there because it’s a staple in my house along with pasta and sauce. They sometimes have delicious kiwi-mango or strawberry-banana juice in the fridge section for $1. Awesome store for newly weds and new grads (I am both!)

    - Rachel

  232. I love their shrimp Lo mein in the frozen section!!! I’ve eaten this for years!! Great proportion, flavor, and price. Christmas I always get a cheese ball or two and thanksgiving I love their sweet potato casserole (It goes quick so stock up! And it’s not as good as our family recipe but its great for week day meals) thanks for the advice on the refrigerated section! I usually shy away from there.

    - Katie K

  233. Great post! I love Aldi. I do want to point out, as a fellow coffee snob, that their coffee is actually very decent! It’s shocking, since it comes pre-ground, but it actually has a good flavor for everyday coffee. If you’re looking to save money and also try to get in all your errands in one stop (aka mothers of toddlers), it is a good buy. Of course, I would definitely splurge for the good stuff every now and then, but I gotta say, Aldi’s coffee actually does the trick!

    - Becca

  234. I love Aldi too. One simple reason is because I can get in and out fast. Although I don’t shop there on a regular basis,I do have some favorites. I am completely addicted to their Choceur dark chocolate bars. Out of this world. I also buy canned refried beans the weeks I don’t have a stash of homemade. They have some coffee beans lately too that are really good, I”m thinking they are the same brand as the donut shop ground coffee they have. I like their sweet potato chips and sometimes they have these peanut puffs that are really good. I just love walking around and seeing what they have – this week I stopped in and they had cheese from Ireland so I got some for my husband and he said it was wonderful.

    - Joya

  235. I mainly shop at Aldis, have for at least 30 yrs. They have gluten free rice chex type cereal that I buy for my husband, he is a cereal freak, and I use it for making rice crispy treats, with a recipe that does not use marshmellos or cornsyrup. I think the choices they have are really great and I usually spend about $75-$120 a week depending upon what I need. They other day they had packs of green onions and cilantro, I use those a lot. I was very happy to get them there. It is the best place if you are on a budget or just want to save money.

    - Carol

  236. I’m going to be the first to say this but I do not like the produce at Aldi. A couple of weeks ago we bought a bag of Cuties that were so sour we couldn’t eat them. I was going to return them but they rotted, seemingly overnight, and started attracting bugs. I pitched them. Potatoes sprout and get mushy quickly. Fresh berries don’t last longer than 48 hours.

    I do like staples like butter, milk, eggs, baking supplies. Their 12 grain bread is better than Brownberry. I also go there for bagged lettuce, sliced cheese, canned veggies, tortillas, Light & Fit drink mix, plastic garbage bags, zippy bags, specialty cheeses, and the frozen chicken pot pies.

    I really like the specialty items they have at Christmas: stollen, baklava, gingerbread cookies. As someone already stated, these are German and EU products and it’s fun to try new and “exotic” things.

    I am a crazy couponer and can often find name brands cheaper, but when it comes to basics, Aldi is my go-to grocery!

    - Savings Sorceress

  237. In the refrigerated items, my family will NOT eat their hot dogs OR bologna. We do however, LOVE their crescent rolls, and buy them weekly.

    - Kim

  238. Friend who works for Fresh Express said that the Aldi ready to eat salads are the exact same thing just in a different bag.

    - Sol

  239. I had never heard of Aldi before we moved to Missouri 2 1/2 years ago. Several people told me about it, and since I love a good deal, I tried it out. I don’t love it as much as some people, but there are certainly things I appreciate about the store.

    The produce prices are at the top of the list of things I appreciate. Mostly I buy the produce that is on sale there (and the produce sales are awesome)! They always have the sale produce in stock and I love that! I almost always buy canned mandarin oranges there as they are cheaper there than anywhere else and not an item that frequently goes on sale.

    I like that they sell a wide variety of products, but that there is little variety of each item. It makes it easy to tell which is the best deal at their store. :)

    Aldi is also very convenient for us-about 5 minutes away. The quality of their products is very good. Many of their items are comparable to the name brands. The one thing we do not like from there is the macaroni and cheese. For months now, our 4-year old has not eaten any macaroni and cheese because he was so turned off by the Aldi brand.

    Aldi is not a “stock-up” store for me. Only about 1/3 of the items I regularly buy are cheapest at Aldi when you compare regular prices. I can often get most items cheaper on sale elsewhere. So I stock up at other stores when they have a sale and buy things at Aldi when I run out and need to buy at regular price. Combine the sale prices elsewhere with the 1-2% cash back I get with a credit card and Aldi is not often the best deal.

    Our Aldi is always busy and the aisles are narrow. Around the produce gets especially congested. It makes shopping there less than fun, especially since I almost always have kids in tow.

    Finally, while the cashiers at Aldi are super fast, I find their customer service overall to be mediocre. They often have the next person’s items mostly rung up before I’m even done paying. Even Costco cashiers take more time to acknowledge your presence and I always thought they were bad. I rarely see employees working in the store so if I have a question while I’m shopping there is no one to ask. By the time I get to the register, it’s not worth it to ask the question and then go back into the store for whatever I need.

    I do really like Aldi and I shop there frequently (once every 1-2 weeks). I enjoyed reading your series about it. There were a few things I wasn’t aware of about the store that you brought up. Sounds like I really need to keep an eye out for awesome clearance deals!

    - Amanda

    • Our two area Aldi’s recently went through a redesign and now the aisles are bigger, but I hear you about the produce congestion. We have that as well.

      We started shopping at Aldi and our monthly bill dropped by $100. I love the goat cheese, the cheap chips, and the milk prices.

      One thing I don’t buy at Aldi is paper towels. The exception is their Boulder ELITE brand. It is Viva paper towels, which is what I use exclusively.

      I noticed they started carrying Coke products but not Coke Zero, which is all my husband drinks. So I still have to go to Wal-Mart to buy the Coke Zeros. And Cilantro. But I just bought a Cilantro plant, we will see if it lives.

      - Alli

  240. Here via Pinterest and I too am an ALDI lover. My parents also do at least half of their weekly shopping at ALDI so I grew up eating a lot of their products. I wish there was one closer to me, but I may have to start making special trips there since my boyfriend is on a quest to eat me out of house and home, lol. Great review!

    - Ally

  241. I bought some of the Makeup and face cleanser, and wish I had my money back. My husband and I actually love the coffe, we buy the big can for like $6. We buy the dog chews but I wouldnt buy the dog food, cause the dog has no way to tell us anything, unless he has a reaction. Just some thoughts on some of the things you hadnt tried. Most everything else I agree with you on, I do buy the meats and havent had any complaints.

    - Kristin

    • If the cleanser was an Aldi store brand, you can request a refund. All of their store brands have a money-back guarantee. You can bring it to the store, or sent them an email via their website.

      - Alisa

    • I have bought Aldis dry dog food to stretch the more expensive dry dog food that I get. My dogs don’t seem to mind seeing as the ratio is almost 3 to 1 the name brand.
      I do most of my shopping at Aldis. One of the biggest things I like about shopping there is that it is a small store and I know exactly where everything that I need/like is. I can get my shopping done in no time at all.
      The only food item that i will not buy there is the hard cheeses. I haven’t tried the soft cheeses yet.
      A couple of times I have returned an item and it was either replaced or refunded no questions asked.

      - pat

  242. In my experience, the produce at Aldi is not high-quality. Bananas especially are always green. Also, household items like toilet paper and facial tissue are actually cheaper at Walmart.
    Being something of a peanut-butter snob, I also disagree with your endorsement of Aldi’s natural peanut butter. The label says, “Compare to JIF,” and that is what it tastes like. As I said, I’m a pb snob, and I don’t like JIF natural peanut butter. (But that’s just me.)
    I would add that their bottled water is a good buy. And their coffee IS better than any other inexpensive coffee I’ve ever had.
    These are helpful tips; thanks for taking the time to share these!

    - Hannah

  243. I LOVE Aldi! I have always shopped there as an adult. Before being diagnosed with celiac disease, my absolute favorite thing to buy there is the oat bread. It is a great way to get extra nutrients without tasting like cardboard. It’s a great price, too! I also loved to buy the Fit N Active pastas. Now that I have been diagnosed with celiac, it’s still very easy to shop at Aldi. They do a great job labeling their products. As gluten free is becoming more popular, they are carrying more GF items. The sweet italian turkey sausage and pepper trio are my new faves. I can’t beat Aldi’s prices anywhere!

    - Kristy

  244. Another Aldi lover here! I had seen them around, but figured it was just another grocery store until an elderly gentleman I knew was raving about how good it is. I had to check it out–that was 15 years ago and I still do the majority of my grocery shopping there. Hubby doesn’t like the cereal, not so much because of taste issues, but because there is significantly less in the box. Not the big savings you might think it is. Other than that, can’t think of any real clunkers. Years ago they made two spaghetti sauces, one was way cheaper than the other and out of curiosity we decided to try it. It was terrible! Turns out it was flavored with beet juice–and needless to say they don’t carry it anymore ;)

    - Flo

  245. I haven’t seen this mentioned yet- the Fit & Active Peppercorn Ranch dressing is amazing and under $2. I buy it just for dipping carrots and celery for lunches or snacks, and its the only kind I buy now. It doesn’t have HFCS, either.

    Other Aldi’s products I love are their cheeses (esp. love to try out the imported varieties when they are available), milk, eggs, butter, sour cream (tastes just like Breakstone’s, my fave name-brand), chocolate (all, but we especially love the Mint Melt-aways), fresh boneless chicken fillets, pasta sauce, the veggie chips (best I have tasted from anywhere), and heavy-duty paper plates (exactly like Dixie brand for nearly half the price).

    I also try to buy as much of my produce there as possible. Obviously there are some produce items they never carry that are staples for us(kale, green onions), so I try to stock up on those when I go to Target for our toiletry items. As far as the quality of Aldi’s produce, the only issue I have (with my particular Aldi’s store) is with the bananas- for whatever reason they always seem to be a bit overripe for my taste, which is strange because almost all the other fruits and veggies look and taste very fresh. Broccoli, romaine lettuce, carrot sticks, onions, potatoes, grapes, and lemons are some I buy regularly at Aldi’s, and I have always been happy with the quality and amazed at the prices!

    - Katie

  246. I have to disagree about the avocados. Most of the time they are hard, BUT if you know that and expect it, you can buy them ahead of time for later in the week. The quality of the avocados is the best out of any other store in town (except maybe Whole Foods or Trader Joes). Just keep them on your counter until they are ripe (feel like the tip of your nose if you press it).

    Other favorite buys…

    Whole wheat bread (no HCFS, whole wheat is first ingredient)
    Sponges with scrubby part on one side ($0.99 for a pack of 3!)
    apples (if you’re willing to buy non-organic)
    string cheese sticks
    sour cream
    fritos & tostitos (generic store brand)
    spice blends in grinders (love their pizza & pasta one, but they didn’t have it last time I looked for it)
    chewy granola bars
    onions when they’re on sale
    alfredo sauce


    - Betsy

  247. I am a new ALDI shopper and have fallen in love with this store. Fiest of all, My 4 year old loves the face that we put a quarter in the cart and if she is good in the store, when i take the cart back she gets the quarter. I have found many products that are well worth the savings and that are just as good (if not better) than name brand products. My kids love the fruit snacks and cereal. I loved the Nutella and pita chips with red perrer hummus. Milk is an amazing buy and im excited to try the butter. I love ALDI!!!!

    - Allison

  248. While I do a bit of shopping at Aldi and love their sale prices on produce, I find that a lot of other things I can buy cheaper elsewhere. I can say this with confidence as I have price-compared 190 food items that I buy on a regular/semi-regular basis at 6 stores. Aldi only has the lowest regular prices on about 1/3 of the items. A lot of those items I find cheaper at other stores on sale. Also, I don’t like having to use my debit card there. We use our credit card for almost everything and pay off the full balance every month. We rack up cash-back, and though it’s usually only 1-2%, it all adds up. Overall, I like Aldi as a store, but to me it’s only as good as any other store. Plain and simply, I buy things where I can get them the cheapest and that’s not always Aldi.

    - Mandi G.

  249. I used to work for Aldi and I loved a lot of their products. Their milk isn’t organic, but it is hormone free. Eggs are another great deal.

    Also Hamburger & Hot Dog buns are good.

    Every morning they hand sort through their produce and put out fresh.

    Also not everything is available all the time. If the sign is in black it is a regular item that is carried year round. If it is in black & has written @ the top SEASONAL ITEM it will only be there for a season. If the sign is printed in red that means it is a special purchase, and will be there until supplies run out. They get a new shipment of special purchase every week. I like a lot of their special purchase items that are not food.

    Hope this helps and draws in more Aldi customers. It is a great store with great deals.

    - ad63401

  250. Aldi’s has the best frozen pierogies I’ve ever tasted, and that includes ones from high end stores.

    - Raewyn

  251. I’ve tried the makeup. For me, it was hit an miss. The mascara was goopy and never really dried properly. The face power is adequate, but comes in very limited colors. The Day/Night creams are hydrating, but break me out. :/

    There are some reviews of the Lacura brand on YouTube, if that interests you.

    - Rey

  252. LOVE Aldi frozen Lemonade. Seasonal so buy when you can!

    - Jackie

  253. Aldis owns Trader Joes so their milk is from the same company.

    - Brandi

  254. WAIT a minute! I live in KC, too! Where are you finding the edamame?!? I love ALDI and am there almost every week, but haven’t seen edamame, yet! Please share! I like on the KS side.

    - Sandy

    • It is not a regularly carried item,,It is a special buy item. Therefore it is only brought in every so often.

      - Trisha

    • I saw the frozen edamame at Aldi for the 1st time last week. I’m not really sure how to prepare the frozen whole beans or how long to cook them.

      - Dianne

      • Steam them until tender and scrape the beans out of the pods with your teeth or steam, peel open and remove. To me, they already taste buttery enough where I don’t need to add anything but the possibilities are endless! :D
        I’m so excited that Aldi has edamaaaaaame!!!

        - MamaCin

  255. I do love Aldi’s and am so glad they moved to town. I shop there first and then fill in the rest of my shopping at Publix or Walmart. I will say there are just a couple of things I won’t buy there – their refried beans (blah, yuck, gross), their frozen hamburger (its knuckly), their cheapest bacon (for the same reasons stated in your article), and their cheapest american plastic wrapped cheese (the next price up is fine; tastes like Kraft). Oh – and I am very selective with their produce. I will get my root veggies there (potatoes, onions, carrots), and if the produce is in season, it usually is pretty good. I just recently purchased cuties mandarin oranges there and I could have eaten the entire bag!! I did want to say that their block cheeses are very good – especially their Wisconsin sharp cheddar and their Monterrey Jack, and their canned coffee is just as good as Folgers for a way, way cheaper price. Glad to read someone’s post that their laundry detergent is just as good as Tide; I’ll give that a try next!!!

    - OcalaMom

  256. OMG I miss Aldi!!! I had one within a couple miles of my home when I lived in SC. Now, I live in SA, TX and there’s not an Aldi in sight!

    - Sabrina

  257. I love shopping at Aldi!! My favorite item would have to be their cake mix, it’s 99cents and I’ve never had a miss with anything I’ve made with it!
    The only bad item I’ve gotten there was Mayo, I don’t know what it was but it had a very off putting taste to it

    - Jordan

  258. I am a loyal Aldi’s shopper. I do the bulk of my shopping there, the rest is done pricematching at Wal Mart and then a few here and there stops for meat and specialty items. I buy all of my baking supplies at Aldi, the price for vanilla can’t be beat. During the holidays the price of chocolate chips drop to 1.29, stock up! These are great baking chips. I love their tortilla shells, they are one of my favorite items from there! Please try their diapers!!! I think they are the best out there and they are 4.99, at least $1 cheaper than any other generic counterparts. Love their wipes, I did notice that they have made the .99 package smaller as of this last shopping trip, but it is still a good value.
    Now for my two ultimate favorite products ever! From anywhere! lol
    1. Pumpkin cream cheese is a seasonal item that is just beyond words. I eat 5 pieces of toast a day when I have it. Soooooo Good!
    2. Their version of nutella is great! It isn’t quite as creamy, don’t expect the exact same. However the price for it is 1.99 as opposed to 3.49 for the same size Nutella. Well worth the savings!

    I also will have to disagree with your statement about the cheese. I am not a big cheese fan at all, but I think their block sharp cheddar cheese is great! I also enjoy the slices.
    Don’t be afraid to try anything! They have a double guarentee!

    - Ericka

  259. You are definitely wrong about the wines! Winking owl-their under $3 bottle of wine and their 2 buck chuck equivalent-consistently scores high on professional, independent rankings as well as personal word of mouth. Google the brand and you’ll see how much people like it! I can attest personally I love it and every one I have ever served it too comments that it’s a nice wine.

    Also, the chili powder is great! You’re easily spending 4x the amount you would by buying name brand. Give it a try! Cooking is my hobby and it’s the only chili powder I’d use. And yes, I have bought bad $1 spices before-just from other stores, not Aldi.

    - April

  260. Check the country of origin. Last time garlic was from China. In regular stores I cannot find mandarins oranges from China no matter what brand.

    - Donna

  261. I LOVE Aldi! I don’t get there as often as I’d like being there are 3 food stores closer to me, but when I do , I love their cake mixes (always get compliments how moist and good the cake is), their frozen cheescake slices (2 per pack ) for 1.99 AWESOME!!! they sometimes carry wholly guacamole at a fraction of what it cost elsewhere..and they have some really fantastic chocolates too…I could go on and on…I think I will be doing my grocery shopping this week at aldi’s! thanks for a great blog!!

    - adrienne

  262. I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said here! I will add their laundry detergent in the red bottle. Its exactly like Tide and works and smells AWESOME.

    - Mikaelah

  263. Thanks so much for sharing your tips! Despite being raised shopping at ALDI, I learned some new things! Where my husband and I now live, ALDI is a bit further than our local Meijer, so I do my weekly shopping at Meijer, and visit ALDI about once a month. I, too, always stock up on butter and chocolate chips! Something else you might want to try is their version of Simply Lemonade and Limeade. They are almost as good as the original, and WAY cheaper.

    Last year, I did a price comparison with ALDI vs. Meijer. I took a blank chart to ALDI and wrote down the price and size of everything we might buy there, then took it home and typed it up in my computer. I printed that out and took it to Meijer to compare. Of course most things were way cheaper at ALDI, but I was surprised by a few items that Meijer sale prices beat (like pretzels). It took forever, but was so worth it, especially because I now have the prices in my computer, and I can just double-check a sale price against the ALDI price to see if it’s worth it.

    - Leah C

  264. Thanks for posting on Aldi. I’ve been a shopper for awhile now and totally love it! I go there every other week and stock. My usual trip is to the Aunt Millies Thrift store for my bread products (if you spend $5 you can get their bagels, cinnamon swirl bread, hawaian bread, or english muffins for 49 cents!) I then stop at Aldi and then on to Meijer for anything I need that’s name brand.

    My Aldi deals that can’t be beat (I’m not an organic mom):

    -paper towels (3 rolls for $1.89!!!)
    -bottled water- purified tastes better than the spring- 24 pack for $2.29!!
    -Deli meat pack- makes 6-10 sub sandwiches at 80 calories a sandwich $4.99!!
    -I love their coffee! I’ve read the negative posts but I like it!
    -creamer- they have pumpkin spice in the fall and now they have italian cream!! Love it!!
    -of course and you said it REAL BUTTER for (somtimes)$1.99!! It varies but still cheaper than bigger grocery stores.
    -The cheeses, the cheese cakes, the cream puffs!! All perfect for showers and parties.
    -Frozen pizza! $3.99 and very good! (I have teenagers)
    -the produce!! strawberries for 99 cents sometimes!!

    and someone mentioned it but their home store is awesome and around the Christmas season TOYS!!! at good prices! Crock pots, pots and pans, bathroom accents, rugs, workout equipment, in the summertime patio sets, garden supplies, etc. etc. etc. at the best prices!! and if you wait and keep an eye out their prices go down and down on these items!

    Thanks again for the post! I knew I wasn’t crazy when I got addicted to Aldi’s!!
    Love this store!!! Can you tell I love it by all the !!!!!!

    - Miller Mom

  265. Wow, you didn’t even talk much about the great non-grocery special buys they have there! I have bought so many things for my kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garden – you really never know what you’re going to find. They plan the items seasonally, so for example in January there are alot of health related items like workout gear, then in spring lots of gardening stuff (can’t wait for that!).

    My favorite things to buy there:
    Whole Wheat Bread
    Cheddar Cheese Rice Cakes – my 4 year old loves them!
    Greek Yogurt – Peach and Pineapple are my fave
    AA and AAA batteries – 1.99 for 8 and they last a long time!
    Pasta Sauces – They have a ton of variety now
    Bananas – 10-15 cents cheaper/lb than Price Chopper!
    Bagged Lettuce
    Cheese – Again, it’s 50-75 cents cheaper there and taste is same or better than Kraft or Best Choice

    I could go on all day about Aldi!!! Love them! Thanks for the series!

    One of my other favorite things to do there is to let someone have my cart and tell them to keep the quarter. It’s a tiny Random Act of Kindness :-)

    - Jenny

  266. I must warn everyone… Do NOT buy their dishwasher detergent, it doesn’t work!! I love Aldi’s for produce and pantry items. Their Kitchen Living items are wonderful! I just wish there was a store closer to me, I drive 30 minutes to the nearest store.

    - AJ

    • AMEN to that!! That is the only product of theirs that has not been a winner.
      You didn’t mention the Animal Crackers. OH MY GOSH they are a wonderful shortbread with just a hint of lemon. Also their chex style mix called Party Mix-better than the name brand!

      - Heather P.

  267. I can shop for my family of 5 for $300.00 including meat/dairy/snacks for kids! I love Aldi’s!

    - Shawn

  268. We
    shop at Aldi’s frequently as well and we love absolutely LOVE their sirloin steak but it is one of those things you have to get there early for. I love all of their meat they carry there it was always tender and delicious

    - Hayley

  269. We all love their Savoritz “cheeze-its”. My kiddos prefer them over the name brand, we love their 12 grain bread and cinnamon raisin bread too :)

    - Tara

  270. My choices in SWMO are Wal-Mart or Aldi. I choose Aldi, and exclusively and it’s working well.


    Hummus trio (cilantro…yum)
    Jarred jalapenos
    Winking Owl wines
    Moser toffee milk chocolate, orange dark, or chili dark
    Parmesan pita chips
    Cranberry orange oatmeal packets (seasonal)
    Vanilla almond milk
    Romaine lettuce trio
    Tzatziki sauce (can’t get this anywhere in this region)
    Pepper trio (red, yellow, green)
    Baby portabello mushrooms
    Frozen breast meat chicken nuggets
    Bratwurst and smoked sausage
    Jarred marinara sauces
    Fresh salsas

    If I need to bring something to a party, and I don’t have time to make one of Ali’s recipes ;) I go straight to the deli section and grab cheeses, meats, dips, etc. Perfection.

    - Josie Mai

  271. I Just found this post and I told my hubby I will start shopping at Aldi’s again. We have one in the next town over(it’s about a 10 minute drive). I used to shop there when we had our first apartment, but haven’t done much shopping there since. I always liked their take and bake pizzas, we like to get those or parties and cut them into the smaller square pieces. So yummy! I also really enjoy their veggie chips! They taste just like the ones you could pick up at Festival(I believe it is a midwestern/Wisconsin thing)in the organic/natural foods section for almost double the price.

    There are a few things I wouldn’t buy there. Like milk for example, I am extremely picky about milk. I will only buy it from few places. (And now I may start buying it organic because they are petitioning to add aspartame to milk as a hidden ingrediant and I am allergic). The other thing I wouldn’t buy is the frozen dinner type meals and the meat. A few weeks back a read an article about how their frozen lasagna and a few other frozen dinner type meals tested positive as horse meat. I’m good. I like my meat to moo, not nay. ;)

    We also like to buy food for our son, who has severe heart defects, as organic a possible, so I usually purchase his frozen foods from our other local grocery. He loves chicken nuggets.

    But all in all, I am all for saving some money, so I am excited for my grocery tip next week! And I love your post! Especially hearing that they are bringing in more and more organic products. I can’t wait to check that out! <3

    - Cass

    • I’d just like to point out that I live here in the UK, and it was only our Aldi’s that were affected with horsemeat. They’re not shipping that stuff internationally from Germany to the States, so you have nothing to worry about (and it was just the pre-packaged frozen lasagna and spaghetti bolognese).

      - creativkook

  272. I would just like to say that Aldi Baby Nappies (Diapers,I live in England)are the best, far better than named brands and half the price, In England we pay £5 for a pack of 48 Aldi nappies, amazing price. I remembered reading somwhere that Aldi had won awards for them and when my Grandaughter gave birth to her little girl she decided to try them and I can honestly say that the nappies are wonderful,no leaking during he night so far and Lola is 9 now months old,I also have a 18 month old Grandaughter and I buy them for her and my daughter in law prefers them to Pampers, so we stock up well!! Also the make-up, face cream and body lotions are fantastic such good value, There are 3 generations of females in our family and we wouldn’t use anything else

    - Barbara

  273. Just browsing food blogs and came across yours. A bit excited,not gonna lie.. I often wonder why my Nana enjoys Aldi, now I have some idea. Will definitely be checking it out now! Thanks for all of your information.. really enjoyed reading this :)

    - Starla

  274. Thanks for these helpful suggestions — now I’ve got a few new things to look for.

    One of the things I like about Aldi is that, because it’s a German company, they tend to have imported foods from the EU. E.g., in December, they have German stollen. (However, not everything in Aldi is from the US or the EU, so you still need to read the “Made in…” labels, if origin is important to you.)

    One of the things I dislike about Aldi is that you can’t always count on finding the same items each week. Seasonal items, I understand. But my favorite salsa? I use the artichoke heart “salsa” as a bruschetta topping … or rather, I used to.

    BTW, I live in a small town in SE Kansas. I usually drive to Pittsburg to go to Aldi’s. We do most of our grocery shopping in KC –Costco, Whole Foods, Hen House, Trader Joe’s, McGongle’s, Cosentino’s, and for splurges Better Cheddar or Dean & Deluca– but for some reason Aldi’s isn’t part of our regular KC circuit. Is there one store in KC that you prefer over others, or are they all about the same?

    - KansasKate

  275. We got to know Aldi in Belgium and we were so glad when they came to the Washington DC area. We buy the bulk of our groceries at Aldi so our kids grew up on Aldi cereals and some of the kids actually prefer them to name brands. When you are going to feed a crowd, Aldi is a great resource. I like the olives and pickles and the canned tomato products. The olive oil is okay for cooking; look elsewhere for the higher quality for salad dressing. The canned evaporated milk, flour, brown sugar, and white sugar are all good buys. Right now our Aldi has Kefir so we are buying boatloads. And my husband buys me a bouquet of fresh flowers from Aldi two – three times a month!

    - Lydia Cade

  276. I am so glad that someone else loves Aldi as much as I do! I’d like to add that we have tried the whole frozen duck and it was great. It was the exact same brand that our “for everything else” grocery store, but seriously $7.00 less. I can also attest to the jarred roasted red pepper and the jarred artichokes. They don’t always have them, so I stock up when they do. And I live on their greek yogurt, the peach is a favor of both mine and my four year old. Highly recommend it!

    - Brianne

  277. OH My!! How I LOVE Aldi’s!! We almost exclusively shop only at our local Aldi’s store!! Here are a few of my fav’s. Wine – We are so amazed at Aldi’s Landshut Riesling – AMAZING!! So good in fact we served it our Rehearsal Dinner and everyone loved it!! And at $4.99 a bottle it was a steal!!! Their Brie is fantastic!! I make Brie en Croute with it and you would never know we only paid $2.99 a wheel. I Love their produce – all of it is wonderful good quality!! I have to admit I have tried a few of the frozen items – their broccoli stuffed chicken breast may not be the healthiest option, but I have fixed them for my husband and myself ocassionlly and very much like them and only $1 each. Also, not homemade but a cheap,,quick, and decent meal is the lasagna – really good. Some of the Asia dishes for stir fries are good as well. Also, have purchased shrimp, salmon, tilopia all good quality. Their Kitchen Living items are Great!! I have purchased several of the coated cast iron cook ware costing no more than $30 each and they perform as well as the Le Creuset’s costing much more. I also purchased a mandoline and it slices time and time again perfectly. Hoping this helps!!
    Thank you so much for making others aware of them gem we have in Aldi’s!!!

    - Michelle

  278. I grew up on Aldi between my mom and the home daycare we went to. I love their produce and most of the time I can get away without having too much since its just me. I love their breakfast sandwiches, especially the Fit&Active. I love their canned soup, I will only eat their clam chowder. Fit&Active cheese sticks are a mainstay in my lunchbox for work. Their boxed baking mixes are police and fireman approved…I use them when I do my monthly gift to my hometown stations. I get almost everything there and what I don’t get their I can get monthly at Aldi’s sister store when I’m in the city on an off day.

    - Ashley

  279. The spiral sliced ham is perhaps the best deal ever at Aldi. I believe $2.78 a pound regular price, but at certain times drops to under $2 a pound. Other than Honey Baked is my favorite ham around and price factored in can’t be beat.

    - Mike

  280. Hi Ali, I was so happy to read your 3-part series on Aldi. A few weeks ago, I discovered that there is an Aldi under construction just 15 minutes from my house. I had only just recently heard about it but did not know much about it, so your posts were very helpful. I am definitely going to check them out for certain grocery items once they open. Groceries have gotten so expensive and although I try to be careful, I could stand to reduce our grocery bill. I’ll be saving your posts for reference for when our new location opens here in Katy, Texas. Thanks!

    - Flavia

  281. Don’t get jealous guys-I have an Aldi underneath my building where I live! I don’t even have to step outside, I take the shortcut through the garage! It’s awesome!

    I was practically raised by Aldi and my parents always bought us snacks from there, we played outside a lot and burned it off and we turned out fine :-) Their canned tomato sauce is great for cooking. I agree with the items mentioned.

    During Christmas at mine they bring in toys for the kids, my husband bought my 9 month old some V-Tech baby toys for fraction of the cost!

    - D

  282. Aldi is my favorite grocery store. I shop there every week. I find they have really good yogurt (Light & Fit) as well as the bagged salads. You can’t beat their prices and the quality of their food is comparable to any grocery story.

    - Genie

  283. #1 THEIR BRAND of ham, everyone including the one that HATES ham loves this ham at the family meals.
    #2 BUTTER
    #3 baking supplies
    #4 produce
    #4 thin bagels…they just started carrying this locally…

    - Juls Owings

  284. First off, I love Aldi, too! You are absolutely right about their produce, I buy berries and pineapple and most of my salad makings there. The ground beef is great, especially the higher (85% or 90%) percentages. I found the cubed steaks and stew meat to be gristly. The cheap wines are positively wonderful for cooking! My son loves to cook with wine and we keep a red and a white on hand for that. Before Christmas last year, they had a chicken salad with walnuts and cranberries in the deli section that was positively to die for! I miss it. Thanks for this series, I’m going to link to it on fb so my friends can see it!

    - Linda Vetterli

  285. I completely agree with your selections!!! I would add the lunchbox cheese snack sticks, both mozzarella and cheddar/mozzarella blends, I also use the canned soups (especially tomato, cream of chicken/mushroom to use in recipies.) The cranberry juice blends are fine too. I have recently tried their “silver” vitamins for those over 50…identical to the name brand. The bagged oranges last for weeks and are incredibly reasonable. I LOVE ALDI!

    - Karen Mc

  286. I’ve been trying to post a comment since your first aldi post. I’ve never tried it, always been a bit leery and now I CANNOT WAIT TO GO!!! Thank you SO MUCH for putting this all together!!!!

    - April

  287. So my hubs and I tried Aldi yesterday and I think I’m in love! We had a cartful and I was getting worried about how much the total would be and was then SHOCKED that it was only $45! I about fell over. We were able to get everything on our list too except for 2 things (air freshener and C batteries). Thanks for all the tips – they came in handy and we will definitely be going back!

    - Sarah T.

  288. Well done, Ali! My daughter sent me your link to read. I will now enjoy your blog as well. I just wanted to add that I feel Aldi’s has really stepped up their product lines and offer so much more than years ago. It really just used to be the basics, but now they even carry real maple syrup and steel cut oats. A friend brought over a jar of name brand Tostitos salsa recently and the Aldi’s brand I had were in identical jars and the look and taste were the same as well. Also their specialty aisle has some amazing products with their ceramic cookware in blue and red for under $30 they feature in the fall a steal!

    - Becky

    • I just said the same thing. Growing up I was always told not to buy meat at Aldi’s but over the past few years I have noticed their meat selections have gotten so much better. We actually bought all of our employees hams and Butterballs Turkeys at our Aldi’s for their Xmas “gifts”. I think that Aldi’s has definitely stepped up their game.

      - Nicole Ellis

  289. Aaah! How funny. Before I left Texas, we didn’t have Aldi there. Then I came here and was introduced to it (it’s a German company). At first I was very much, “Eeeeh? What?! No! I’m not shopping there! There’s a normal grocery store across the street!” but then I got it. And my what to buy list is pretty much the same as yours. The only thing I won’t buy at Aldi is their meat. It’s just not comparable to what I can get at a normal grocery store.

    - Erin @ Texanerin Baking

  290. I’m not sure if anyone commented on this, but in my area (southern Indiana) Aldi is the only store that has normal carts with TWO child seats side by side! At every other store you have to get the big ‘ol semi-carts to get an extra seat or two. So I think that’s awesome!

    - Shelly

    • YES! Great thinking Aldi! Multiple points on the double seats from this mom! :)

      - Kelly

    • Yes, ours has these too! It threw me off the first time I went because I kept trying to put my baby in the middle but couldn’t buckle it right. Then I figured it out and thought it was so neat you could fit two kids in there!

      - cat

  291. My friend and I bought the cheap-o ground coffee to be thrifty and we regretted every cup. I’m not a coffee snob by any means, but it was not good. I think after a couple pots we threw it out and stuck to just cheap brands from other stores.

    - Brooke

    • Don’t throw anything from Aldi away. You can bring it back to the store with your receipt and they will refund your money! It makes all their products worth trying. If you just got a bad batch of something, you can get a new item AND your money back, if you so choose. I personally didn’t like their dishwasher liquid so I returned it and just got my money back. No need to get another one since I knew that bottle wouldn’t have been any better. You get what I mean.

      - Stephanie

      • if you don’t want it replaced, they will double the money they give you back… you can choose between money back and a replacement, or double money back! we have only done this once, but i was super impressed with their satisfaction guarantee policy.

        - katie

  292. After reading all of your tips, my husband and I decided to try out Aldi today. It was the first time I’ve been there in my adult life and I must say, I was pretty impressed!! The store was bright, clean, organized and the staff was crazy efficient! Since i was a child, Ive always viewed this store in a negative light… it was far different than i remember ( in a really good way).We were actually able to find organic milk and the avocados were a third of the price we pay at out local grocery store. I really had no idea you could buy so many staples and fresh items at Aldi!!Thanks so much for this series, it really opened my eyes!!

    - Carrie

  293. I drive around my local area a lot for work and always made it a point to stop when I was near an Aldi (it was about 45 minutes away!) I was super happy when they opened one only about 20 minutes away and typically along my work route – as a result I stop by now once or twice a pay period.
    I typically shop at Aldi for meats, canned goods, chocolate treats (soo good!), milk, eggs, and of course PRODUCE!
    The chicken breast (when on sale, frequently I may add) is 30 cents cheaper a pound than the cheapest name brand store sale price. I buy several packages, rebag into smaller containers and freeze. I also pick up the manager’s specials on meats or anything else that is appealing – got corned beef for St. Patricks day for $7 and that was regular price.
    Products I absolutely love:
    The shampoo and condition – it is knock off of matrix biolage and smells just like it. I also realized that my wavy hair is less frizzy.
    Cocoa Rice cereal – I have always preferred the off brand of this type of cereal. No idea why :)
    Coffee House coffee – it tastes great. The ground type has an uneven grind (and I recently read a story about many companies mixing in cheaper ingredients to ground coffee to offset price so I may invest in a coffee grinder and buy the whole bean). Back on topic, the taste is great even if the ground is not very consistent.
    (Brown Bag) Tortilla chips – we eat lots of tortilla chips (and pretzels) and my husband commented on how tasty they were. I don’t like them as much as they are more like a homemade type as they are thicker but that is a personal preference.
    And of course the produce and fresh meats. The take and bake pizzas look great but I haven’t tried them yet.

    - Misty

  294. I get the refrigerated biscuit dough, frozen italian meatballs, lobster tails, triscuit-like crackers, chili con queso cheese, cajun rice mixes, pasta side dishes, small salad bags, German beer, Riesling wine, O’Donnell’s Irish Cream, Lambrusco wine, and butterball turkeys. One time I was there and they were selling gallons of whole milk for a quarter!

    - Scott

  295. I never comment (just found you via Pinterest) but I’ve got some Aldi tips as well. I loved it, stopped going for a couple years, and I’m back now that I’m a better label-reader.

    Don’ts (in my opinion): Soda (brand used to be called GT Cola – or as we dubbed it “Gross Tasting” Cola!), Aldi Oreos (ew – get the original!)

    Loves: fresh mozzerella, shredded cheese, cream cheese, butter, pasta, mushrooms, frozen tilapia, bags of baby spinach

    They used to have yummy frozen crab cakes (2 for $3.99, I believe) which were great for work lunches, but I haven’t seen them in awhile.

    - Erica

  296. Just wanted to chime in on the pet product section. I’ve tried their cat litter and it has been hit or miss for me. The first time I bought it I really liked it and it was such a great deal! The next time I bought it I found it to be really dusty. Haven’t bought it in a while so might have to try it out again soon. Other than that I have really liked most things I’ve bought there! Thanks so much for your recommendations…looking forward to trying some new things out! Oh and my boyfriend really likes their brand of “Honey Smacks”, even says he likes it better than Kellogg’s.

    - Anne

  297. I really love that Aldi labels its food so well since my son has Celiac disease and I need to shop gluten-free. I don’t have to worry at Aldi–things are almost always labeled gluten-free if they are and it is easy to find it on the packaging. My kids are huge fans of the Fit and Active Fruit Strips. Really I just love Aldi though. I have gotten to the point where I too buy probably 50% of our groceries there. My weekly routine involves buying milk, eggs, produce, chips, fruit strips and whatever else I need for that week. I did not care for the flour tortillas at our store. I noticed they carried different ones in FL (versus OH where we live). We love the generic Chex from there, and it is gluten-free. I have the same issue at my store where the bananas are always in bags. Sometimes they are okay and sometimes they are not.

    - Emily

  298. I am fairly new to Aldi and like all stores and brands, you have to try it to see what you like and what you don’t. I definitely stock up on staples, cereal, eggs..etc… at Aldi. We like their juice, milk, most cereals, yogurt covered raisins…and I stocked up on canned pumpkin during the holidays!!! The only things I have had that I did not care for were the frozen tilapia and frozen salmon. And the bananas are always in the bags at my store so the inside ripens quicker than the outside so I have bought green bananas hoping to let them ripen at home only to find the inside had already ripened. But everything else I have tried has been great! Just a tip…I rarely have cash/change so I keep a quarter in my cup holder in the car and it is my “Aldi Quarter.”

    - Janna

  299. Aldi is a weekly stop for me. I buy my monthly shopping elsewhere, but my weekly milk-eggs-bread shopping is at Aldi. Where else can I buy honey crisp apples for $1 a pound?! I haven’t been very adventurous with their prepared items, but I haven’t had anything bad in the dairy, produce, or meat departments. One item that I haven’t seen mentioned is the Southern Style Chicken Breast in the frozen foods. For $5, you get 9 large servings of seasoned, breaded chicken breasts. It is delicous and easy to prepare. Also, I buy whole frozen chickens there for less than $5. Score!

    - Emily

    • We LOVE the Southern Style Chicken Breasts! I get those and we have chicken sandwiches on the weekends for lunch or for a quick dinner during the week. They are really tasty! I used to buy the Tyson breaded chicken patties – not anymore!

      - Lyndsey

  300. I love Aldi. I have been excited to see a number of organics the last few times I have been to our store. Apples, lettuce, potatoes, and raw cheese were among the organics I found. They save me so much money, and the quality of most of their items is great.

    - Deb

  301. I don’t shop there a lot but like their frozen cordon bleu chicken breasts ($1 each!) which my kids & husband like (def not organic, but easy & cheap for weeknight dinner!) Also like their chocolates, frozen berries & fresh strawberries when on sale. The hummus is very good. They unfortunately seem to never have romaine lettuce or green onions. I tried a frozen lasagna from there and we threw it out it was so bad. So definitely hit & miss. Was not impressed with the fresh meats.

    - Molly

  302. some of the items I have loved from Aldi’s –
    1. Small dark chocolate bars in a 5pk I think.
    2. Some kind of creamy coconut ice cream bar in a blue box. Think it’s different that your pina colada.
    3. Spaetzle
    4. seasonal- jarred saurkraut
    5. Seasonal – beer bread mix
    6.Have tried their ground coffee that’s in a bag like Dunkin Donuts – very good
    7. red pepper hummus -I agree
    8. Weekly specials in the center,esp. kitchen deals – good buys
    9. All the baking supplies and nuts

    - Cynthia

    • I agree with Cynthia! I love their bagged coffee. I use the ground coffee with the blue or red on the label. (opened my last package so I don’t know the name!) My daughter uses the donut shop coffee exclusively. They’re great and I’m a coffee snob! Plus the one pound package is $4.99.

      - Bobbi

  303. So enjoyed reading this mini-series! I’m a huge fan of Aldi and have shopped there for years, but this post encouraged me to try a few things I’ve shied away from before– and I didn’t know about their app! That’s going to be super-helpful. :) One of my family’s favorites is Aldi’s spaghetti sauce– it’s SO cheap and tastes infinitely better than the expensive brand-name sauces I grew up with. Thanks again for the great series.

    - Laura

  304. Thanks Ali for this 3 part series! I am an Aldi regular, but must admit haven’t tried their pineapple. Shame. I also love their sangria. I did not know they were owned by the same people that own TJ’s. Now I love them even more. :)

    - Racheal @ Running with Racheal

  305. I have just loved this series! It just affirms my love of Aldi even more :) Mine and my husband’s favorite buys are: eggs, parmesan cheese, greek yogurt (when I don’t make my own), edamame, sweet potato chips, frozen berries, avocados, and pickles! We just love Aldi and do most of our shopping there. I can say that every time I get pistachios they just don’t taste that great to us, but I also used to live in California so might be spoiled by the fresh nuts I got right on the side of the road from farms :)

    - Kara

  306. While their milk is not organic, it is hormone free. I get it all the time, and use their whole milk and their plain yogurt with cultures to make homemade crockpot yogurt. I use their simply fruit spread to sweeten and flavor the yogurt. As cheap as Aldi’s little tubs of yogurt are, the homemade is even cheaper!

    I find their coffee comparable to Folgers or Maxwell House in taste, but not in price. The BIG can is only $5.49!!! No amount of couponing or shopping at a warehouse club store will get it that cheap. If you want fancier coffee, they do have their brand of that as well, but I’ve never tried them.

    - Sharon

  307. I’m relatively new to the Aldi scene, but was immediately hooked after my first trip last fall. I was convinced to go by a coworker who was a former regional manager for Aldi. She shared stories of traveling to produce packing houses and seeing identical produce being packaged for Aldi, Kroger, etc, with a different price point placed on each item depending on its destination store! My family became hooked on the Choceur brand Belgiun Chocolate Truffles that were in stock over the holidays. They sold for $2.49 per box and truly rivaled Godiva! My brother-in-law, not knowing where they came from, said they were the best truffles he ever tasted. I ended up buying MANY of them for holiday entertaining and to use for teacher gifts. A pretty ribbon and a label further dressed up the packaging for gift giving. They were a hit! I can’t wait to try the Sangria.

    - Tara

  308. I’ve been an Aldi shopper for several years but just recently discovered how inexpensive their baby wipes are. They beat just about any sale at 72 wipes for $0.99, which works out to 1.4 cents per wipe!

    - Karissa

  309. I bought my husband their generic ground coffee and he didn’t like it at all. To the point that he threw it out, rather than drinking it. We figured it was worth a try though.

    - British American

  310. The gallons of regular milk is a fantastic deal. I’ve rarely seen them priced over $3 a gallon lately. Insider tip: it is Prairie Farms milk! I don’t know how to explain it, but a local dairy farmer friend who sells to Prairie Farms explained the coding to me. It’s got a different label, but it’s the real deal for half the price!

    - Dana

  311. I just went today for the first time in over a decade thanks to your lovely reporting :) I couldn’t believe how much I was able to get for the money and was impressed especially by the meat section, which I had assumed would not be that good. I know that I easily saved $20 at least from what I would’ve paid at HyVee for the same items, and although I certainly can’t by everything there, I can at least spend a lot less time and money at the bigger grocery stores now. Love the Fit&Active brand too. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    - Shalinn

  312. This is soooo great! I am making my first trip this weekend and I am so excited about being super prepared and saving some $! Thanks for sharing!

    - Adri {Food-N-Thought}

  313. Love this series on Aldi’s!
    My top ten must buy things at Aldi are-
    Fresh veggies
    Fresh fruits
    Deli sliced swiss cheese
    Dry Pinto beans
    Half & half
    Fish oil/ vitamins
    Salt & vinegar kettle chips

    Anett- I can remember when our Aldi cashiers had to memorize the codes for all the items in the store too.

    - to1drland

  314. Thanks so much for this series. I just moved to Missouri and we have an Aldi here. I had never heard of the store. I went once and it was a disaster because I didn’t know I needed a quarter for my cart, or that I needed my own bags, etc. But after reading all your articles I am definitely going to give Aldi another chance. Thanks!!!

    - Jessica

  315. I buy the dog products including dry and canned food and my dogs love! And WAY cheaper!!! This has become my new favorite place!!!

    - Amanda

  316. My son loves the Light and Fit Brand (I think that is what it is) of cereal with red berries (it’s like the Special K with red berries). We buy it by the case. It is actually cruncher and has more flavor and berries.

    - jennifer ross

  317. I’m kind of obsessed with aldi! My usual aldi buys are… Sweet potato chips, dark chocolate, cashews, pistachios, tortilla chips, dried cranberries, dried apricots, natural PB, milk, eggs, cheese, spinach, avocados (even if they are rock solid. I put them in a paper bag above the fridge a few days to ripen. Bonus is that they won’t be bruised) onions, celery, cabbage, oranges, baby carrots, frozen veggie pizza…. Then I zip across the street for fresh tortillas, cilantro, and garbanzo beans. Aldi takes some trial and error but once you know what you like there, it’s easy to save time and money by relying less on the big stores. Great series Ali :)

    - Erica

  318. I’ve only been to Adli once, but we’ve been talking about switching over recently to save money, and now we definitely will – thank you very much for sharing your advice in this series, I’ll let you know how the switch goes!

    - Molly

  319. My husband and I love to shop at Aldi! We usually do most of our grocery shopping here. He loves the tortilla chips, better than name brand chips. The kosher dill pickles in the refrigerated section are the best pickles I ever tasted! We also buy the almond milk, butter and the blue, Gorgonzola and Parmesan cheeses here. Very delicious, especially on the salads made with their romaine lettuce in the same section. I can go on and on but I will add one final item, their chocolate is the bomb! And they have an awesome nut selection :) (ok, two final things)

    - crharri

  320. This is my favorite post of the series yet, because this is always what I think about when trying out a new grocery store – what is worth buying, what is not. Even when something’s cheap, it’s the WORST when you try it and it’s just plain bad. This series has been SO helpful to me, and I’ve already got my first Aldi trip planned for this weekend – so pumped! Now on to making my list… :)

    - little kitchie

  321. I love it! I think I might make a trip there today for some of this sangria you talk so highly of. We might need a little on Saturday :-)

    - Cassie | Bake Your Day

  322. I’ve shopped at Aldi on and off for awhile – it’s a great store! Thanks for reminding me of so many awesome reasons why I need to make it a priority to shop there all the time for the basics. Great series, Ali!

    - Becca @ Crumbs and Chaos

  323. I really loved to read your articles about shopping at Aldi. I live in Germany (so please excuse any mistakes in this post :-)) and we have an Aldi in nearly every city. I want to tell you a few funny stories about Aldi here in Germany.

    For a long time Aldi was „the poor man store“ in Germany too. People came with their Mercedes, shopped and packed their goods in bags with a logo from a shop with a better reputation. Today nearly everybody shops at Aldi.

    A few years ago, shopping at Aldi was very trendy. There were several Cooking Books published all focused on things you only could buy at Aldi, they were called „Aldidente“: or

    The cashiers are really fast. In Germany Aldi refused to install scanner checkouts for a long time because it would have slow down the checkout-process. The cashiers had to tip a three-digit number for every item in the store, and they had to learn them before they were allowed to work at the checkout.

    Please forgive me but I had to laugh a little bit about your „how to“, bringing your own shopping bags, the cart-debit system, not accepting credit cards and bagging your items by your own is normal for every store in Germany not only Aldi. I think, if I will come to the USA, I will really really need some advice for shopping at another store than Aldi.

    - Anett

  324. Fit and Active Carmel Rice Cakes are fabulous!
    Fresh Sweet Onion Salsa is the best ever!

    - Deb

  325. You are spot on, Ali! I am a nut for their steam in bag edamame in a pod. I buy their chunk light tuna (because there is VISIBLE tuna fillet in the cans for $0.69/can) and their butter like I’m doomsday prepping. I love their tortilla chips and while their orange juice concentrate isn’t great for drinking, it’s FAB for cooking with- I like a dollop or two in the slow cooker with a pork shoulder. I’m not super huge on their fresh meats, but adore their frozen salmon and tilapia! ALDI is an important tool in feeding a family of 7!

    - Rebecca {Foodie with Family}

  326. Thanks so much for this series! I too love Aldi. We are coffee snobs as well, but i can vouch for their whole-bean coffee in bags. I wouldn’t use it for pour-over coffee, but it is a decent substitute for high-end drip coffee every once in a while.

    - Sarah G.

  327. Thanks so much for this series. Im going to check out aldi this weekend for the first time!

    - lisa

  328. I stock up on a lot of pantry items there, and I’m always amazed at how cheap their eggs are! Plus, I really like their seasonal section. They always have something interesting I want to try. I was giddy for days when I saw they had knock-off Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies there for a couple of weeks. I won’t tell you how many boxes I bought ;-)

    - Trish

  329. I LOVE Aldi and am a huge fan of their Fit and Active line of products. However, I will never, ever again buy diet soda there. I know I should not drink diet soda at all…. but since I do, the Aldi brand just does not cut it. Thanks for highlighting such a wonderful grocery store! I don’t understand the stigma against it — it has saved us lots of money of the years.

    - Shannon A