Kitchen Remodel Furniture: Nebraska Furniture Mart & Broyhill

We’ve made it to the end! Today’s post marks the last in the story of my new white kitchen remodel, and I love that the grand finale literally hits “close to home” featuring one of my favorite Midwestern companies — Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Anyone living in the Midwest is undoubtedly familiar with this megastore that is pretty much everyone’s one-stop-shop for furniture, electronics, appliances, flooring, and about a zillion other things. Their store in Kansas City is absolutely enormous, so much so that it is simply known here as “Nebraska” since it’s — well — about the size of Nebraska. But it is really well designed and welcoming, and the second you walk in the door there are always plenty of salespeople on hand to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Kitchen Remodel: Part 3 (The REVEAL!)

For years, I have been known to tune into the last few minutes of home makeover shows just to catch “the reveal”. You know, that moment when these amazing people (usually with amazing stories) get to pull off the blindfold and see their new house unveiled for the first time? And you get to see that wonderful mixture of disbelief, wonder, thankfulness, and pure joy written all over their faces?

Well, each morning I wake up and walk into my new kitchen, I feel like it’s a new reveal day all over again. I still cannot believe that this is actually my new kitchen, and that I actually get to be the lucky one to live here, and cook meals here, and entertain here, and call this place my home. It all feels like the most incredible gift — which it absolutely is — and daily I find myself totally tearing up with gratitude. (Ok, and jumping up and down and having miniature dance parties to celebrate.) ;)

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Peanut Butter Rice Krispie “Turkey” Treats


Yes, you.

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Kohler Food & Wine Experience 2013

I have to say — I have learned more about Kohler this fall than ever before!

Ok, granted, I have known for years that Kohler is pretty much the standard for gorgeous design and high quality when it comes to beautiful kitchen and bathroom products. (Which is why I’m stoked that we are getting ready to install a new Kohler sink and touchless faucet in my new kitchen!)

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Kitchen Remodel : Part 2

“This is the kitchen remodel that never ends…yes it goes on and on my friends….”

Ok, it has been far too long since I have posted an update on my new kitchen remodel after my introductory post. But partly that’s because things have been moving far slower than expected. I know, I know, that’s probably more of the “norm” in home remodeling projects. But I am getting so impatient excited for the kitchen to be finished, so I’m crossing my fingers for no more delays!

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Harry & David Blogger Event 2013

Photo Credit: Sandy

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to travel to southern Oregon to visit the home of gift baskets, pears, and deliciousness galore — Harry & David.

15 amazing bloggers and I all flew out to Medford, the home of Harry & David, and the most charming town on fire with autumn colors. There, we spent a few days soaking up the H&D experience together, savoring epic meal after meal (sampling just a “few” juicy pears and Moose Munch throughout, of course), and enjoying it all in the company of good friends.

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Kitchen Remodel: Part 1

People. It’s actually happening.


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30 and Single

I don’t cross-promote posts from other Gimme Some channels on here very often. But for anyone who’s interested, thought I should share that I just launched a new series on Gimme Some Life called 30 and Single.

Because, as you might have guessed, I find myself…

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Del Monte Harvest Tour + $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

“Movin’ to the country…gonna eat a lot of peaches……”

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Favorite Small Kitchen Appliances

Today’s post is a little sneak peek into my kitchen and all of my recommendations on one of my favorite subjects — Small Kitchen Appliances!!!

Over the years, I have had readers and friends ask countless questions about small kitchen appliances — from which food processor I recommend, to whether a juicer is worth purchasing, to how many sizes of slow cookers you need, and on and on. And while I am definitely no expert, I definitely have tried a handful of different products throughout the years and have developed some opinions and recommendations that I would love to share with you.

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