Steak, Poblano and Mushroom Tacos

It’s Taco Tuesday! It’s Taco Tuesday!

Actually, if it were up to me, every day of the week would be an excuse to eat Mexican food galore.

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Beef Stroganoff

Man, I must be in a nostalgic food mood lately, because all I seem to be craving are classic comfort food dishes from my childhood. I’ll get back to coming up with more creative recipes soon, I promise. But for today, it’s beef and noodles, baby.

Beef stroganoff was a definitely a staple in our house when I was a kid, which I loved partly because I am hopelessly huge fan of anything involving steak. (I know, it seems like everyone around me is going vegan, but I still get giddy over a good sirloin.) I think I have always secretly loved this dish, though, because the name reminds me of one of my favorite books as a kid — Strega Nona.

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Ginger Beef, Mushroom & Kale Stir-Fry

Alright folks! This recipe marks my second round of McCormick’s Go 4 Gourmet challenge, in which McCormick presents you with 4 ingredients and challenges you to see what deliciousness can result. As I mentioned with my chorizo and brussels sprouts soup recipe last month, it’s all very “Chopped”-esque, which I love.

I also happened to love this month’s 4 ingredients — ground ginger, veggie broth, shiitake mushrooms and fresh kale.

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Vietnamese Pho Soup

One of the items on my cooking bucket list for years has been to learn how to make pho soup. A big bowl of comforting, warm, aromatic, fresh, piled-high-with-garnishes, awkward-to-pronounce-but-awesome-to-taste Vietnamese pho.

Pho is one of my most comforting of comfort foods. I love it on snowy winter days and in the blazing heat of summer. I love it at my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Kansas City, and I love finding new Vietnamese restaurants when I travel. I love it when I’m feeling great, and it is definitely my preferred noodle soup of choice (sayonarra, chicken noodle!) when I’m sick. Totally not kidding — when I caught a cold in Barcelona this past winter, I skipped tapas for a night and tracked down the one Vietnamese restaurant in the neighborhood for a steaming hot bowl of pho. It hit the spot — as did the glass of sangria that came with it. When in Spain… :)

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Guinness Beef Stew

Ever since I had stew at my friend Sara’s wedding this past December, I have been craving it like crazy.

Wait – what’s this, you say? Stew at a wedding??

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Easy Meatballs

Whenever I have a party, the first appetizers that always disappear are the meat dishes…especially when meatballs are involved. I don’t know what it is, but people seem to go nuts over a good meatball!

Of all the popular appetizer options out there, I definitely appreciate how quick, versatile and easy meatballs are to make. And I’m all for any recipe that my friends will enjoy!

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Reuben Breakfast Sandwich On Pumpernickel English Muffins

Our guest posting this week continues with the lovely Megan from Country Cleaver! I had the pleasure of finally meeting Megan recently at a blogging conference, where we did Dirty Dancing impersonations and created a fondant cake that Duff Goldman actually complimented!! I completely adore her and regularly find myself booking lots and lots of her recipes, so I know that you’ll enjoy this one!

Hi everyone, it’s so nice to join you all today! For those who probably don’t know me, I’m Megan of Country Cleaver, a wheat-field-ophile, country loving, city dwelling chick with a June Cleaver complex. Since Ali is galavanting all over Europe and having a smashingly good time, according to her intstagrams, I’m here today to fill your eyes and hopefully tummy with my favorite recipe of 2012 - The Reuben Breakfast Sandwich on Pumpernickel English Muffins.

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Steak & Artichoke Salad With Blue Cheese Dressing

Last week I met up with a friend for dinner at Ingredient, one of our favorite local restaurants. While they are known for some of their amazing salad options, we both had random cravings so decided to create our own.

Mine, of course, was this amazing steak salad that I realized I must immediately figure out how to recreate and share with you all! Nowadays it seems like I only eat meat one or two days a week, but that night I was craving some well-seasoned steak. So decided to pair it with some artichokes, roasted red peppers, candied walnuts and bacon. And then I decided to just go for it and layer on a blue cheese dressing. Pretty sure I ate every bite. The ingredient combination was perfect — so delicious!!!

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Corned Beef Hash

Of course after a rockin’ meal of corned beef, roasted cabbage, soda bread, and three Bailey’s desserts, we of course had a fewwwww leftovers. :)

This was good news, though, because I was super stoked to make some corned beef hash! Yep. It’s not rocket science. Just leftover corned beef, hashbrowns, onions, and a few fun seasonings to make it super-spectacular.

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Glazed Corned Beef

Since I have an exciting wedding to attend on St. Patrick’s Day this year, I actually decided to throw an Irish feast a little early this year!

And of course, the centerpiece of the meal was this delicious classic corned beef and cabbage. I have to admit that this year was actually my first time making corned beef! Somehow I have always had other talented friends who have done the cooking in the past. But since I didn’t plan quite far enough ahead to brine my own beef, I took a shortcut and brought home a pre-corned beef from the store. And then slow-cooked it to perfection while whipping up some yummy desserts, roasted cabbage, soda bread, and some herbed potatoes as well.

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