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15 Sparkly New Year's Cocktails | gimmesomeoven.com

15 Sparkly New Year’s Eve Cocktails

Every New Year’s, I’m always scouting for a new cocktail to try.  I love my standby gin and tonic, and New York sour, but there are so many other creative concoctions out there, that I just can’t resist venturing into new territory.  And since New Year’s Eve is fast...

Pomegranate Green Apple Sangria | gimmesomeoven.com

Pomegranate Green Apple Sangria

I’m in the market for a new electric guitar right now.  But as much as I’m in it to find a guitar with that perfectly sweet, mellow, beautiful tone — let’s be real — I’m also shopping for a totally cute guitar.  I love me a gorgeous guitar. Same apparently...

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate 2

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

Baby, it’s freaking freezing outside! Seriously.  Once again, I am in the midst of my Very Serious Annual Introspection asking why on earth I still choose to live in a place where my hands go numb literally just walking next door to the coffee shop.  As The Weepies would say, I’m convinced “I...

Slow Cooker Apple Cider -- made easy from scratch! | gimmesomeoven.com #crockpot #slowcooker

Slow Cooker Apple Cider

Sometimes I wonder if I get a little too excited about recipes I love on the blog. Reason tells me that I should tamp down my enthusiasm, that I can become the “girl who cried delicious” if I sing the praises of too many recipes, and that people will start...

French Press Coffee -- learn how to make perfect French press coffee with this step-by-step tutorial | gimmesomeoven.com #howto

French Press Coffee

Hey coffee lovers!  I thought it would be lovely to round out my coffee tutorials today with my first love.  The place where my coffee-making journey began.  The method I still use at least once a week, especially when pressed (get it?) for time. Oui. I’m talking about French...

Coconut Margarita | gimmesomeoven.com #drink #cocktail

Coconut Margarita

Oh my goodness…I actually did it. You know, that token thing I added to my 31 Things life list (remember me talking about this last week?) to make me sound all adventurous and fearless…even though the adult in me was pretty certain that it could end with a not-so-classy...

Coconut Water Iced Coffee -- delicious cold brew coffee is naturally sweetened with the delicious taste and hydrating benefits of coconut water | gimmesomeoven.com #vegan #glutenfree

Coconut Water Iced Coffee

Tomorrow marks my 31 1/3 birthday.  Par-tay!!! (What?  You don’t celebrate 1/3 birthdays?  You must.) Ok ok, I usually don’t either.  But I was checking in the other day with the list I made of 31 Things I want to do at age 31, and realized that I’m already...

Fresh Peach Margaritas | gimmesomeoven.com #cocktail

Fresh Peach Margarita

I had every intention of turning these peaches into a fresh white sangria. But then chips and salsa snacking happened during happy hour.  (What’s new?) And you know what I like to drink with my chips and salsa.  (What else?) So yeah, rain check on the sangria.  (Delicious decision.)

Peppered Bacon Bloody Mary | gimmesomeoven.com #cocktail #drink

Peppered Bacon Bloody Mary

You say tomato, I say… …cheers. Yes, after nearly 5 years of blogging, it is about darn time I post a Bloody Mary recipe on this blog.  Especially when tomato season is kicking into high gear.  And temperatures are soaring.  And cool, refreshing, and arguably somewhat good for you...

Ginger Beer Mojito -- All you need are 4 ingredients and 1 minute to make this fresh and tasty drink! | gimmesomeoven.com #cocktail #mocktail #recipe

Ginger Beer Mojito

Before I moved into my loft, I owned a cute little bungalow for four years.  It was located in a cute little neighborhood, had a cute little front porch, a cute back deck, a cute (and tiny) little kitchen, and a not-so-cute garden. By about this time each summer...

Ginger Tom Collins -- this spiked lemonade is made with a hint of ginger, and is so simple and refreshing! gimmesomeoven.com

Ginger Tom Collins

The summer heat and humidity have finally arrived in Kansas City, and it is downright sizzlin’.  So, in perfectly logical form, I’m skipping town and hopping on a plane today to fly…someplace even hotter.  I’m headed to Austin! I know, perhaps a little crazy right in the middle of...

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee: a step-by-step photo tutorial and recipe | gimmesomeoven.com #diy

Cold Brew Coffee

It’s no secret that my home away from home is my beloved coffee shop next door.  My friends and I joke that it’s kind of like our own little “Central Perk” from Friends.  Anytime I walk in the door, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll see at least a few...