{giveaway} Two 6-month Netflix Streaming Subscriptions Up for Grabs!

January 11, 2013 by sarah

In celebration of the Oscar nominations coming out yesterday, Gimme Some Film is giving away two six-month Netflix Streaming Subscriptions. Yes, you could watch an unlimited amount of movies and TV shows for six whole months for free. You’re welcome.

Things you should know: These subscriptions are for readers in the U.S. only. Sorry, the very small percentage of readers from elsewhere…I’ll try to rustle up a prize for you soon. You’ll also need to give Netflix a credit card number to activate your account, but you can cancel your subscription after six months, if you want. I’m guessing you’ll want to sign on at the (unbelievably low) price of $7.99 per month because Netflix is glorious.

For example, did you know you can watch two of the Oscar-nominated documentaries right now on Netflix Streaming? You can cross An Invisible War and How to Survive a Plague off your Oscar watch list…as soon as you win one of these subscriptions. I’ll be awarding two lucky readers these six-month subscriptions on February 1, giving them 24 whole days to do their streaming Oscar research before the big show. We’ll spend the next couple weeks building to-watch study lists around the Oscar nominees, starting with the best picture category tomorrow. You’re going to have the most solidly researched Oscar ballot EVER. Get ready. And follow Netflix on Twitter  to stay up to date on all their aforementioned gloriousness.

How to win six months of unlimited streaming from Netflix:

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Sarah Magill has a full-time movie habit made possible by a day-time greeting card writing gig. She blogs at Gimme Some Film and is learning to write scripts and direct. She tries to balance her screen obsession with trail running, jazz singing, book clubbing, and hanging out with The Best Golden Retriever Ever, Copa.

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0 thoughts on “{giveaway} Two 6-month Netflix Streaming Subscriptions Up for Grabs!

  1. I really like Emily Owens MD and need to get caught up on The Office

    - Bree Courtney

  2. Hart of Dixie

    - Melanie o.

  3. I’m looking forward to catching up to movies I missed in theaters over the summer! :)

    - Dee

  4. So many movies, so little time.

    - Seana C

  5. I would love to watch all the new movies that have come out, like Perks of Being a Wallflower.

    - Aqua

  6. I haven’t watched Downton Abby and really want to!

    - Misty

  7. My son got me hooked on “Damages”–what a series.

    - MomQueenBee

  8. Vampire diaries!!

    - Stefanie Walker

  9. Catching up on Downton Abbey Season 2. I’m loving the beautiful architecture and set designs!

    - Kim @ design + life + kids

    • Yes! Gorgeous…just watched the season 3 opener the other day and it made me want to go back and rewatch the first two seasons.

      - sarah

  10. Would love to give Netflix a try for 6 months!!!

    - Sara Snaza

  11. I’m looking forward to watching some cheesy b-movies. 2 Headed Shark Attack coming up!

    - Josie

  12. I had to give up Netflix streaming a while ago and so wish we could do it again, this would be perfect!

    - Renee Carnes

  13. A six month Netflix subscription would be nice to have.

    - Craig