The Best Apple Pie

I am beyond excited that we are kicking off a giveaway today for a gorgeous Magimix 14-cup food processor. (It is valued at over $500, so be sure to enter the giveaway here!)

So to put my own new Magimix to use, I decided to make a classic apple pie from scratch, using the food processor forĀ every step. Now granted, people have been making apple pies since before the time of electricity. (Which – sidenote – it turns out that apple pie was actually the favorite dessert of Abraham Lincoln, who we’re talking about today on our Reads and Film sites in honor of the release of the film “Lincoln”!) But I have to tell you, even in the twenty-first century, having a great food processor sure makes cooking much quicker and easier. Oy.

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Creamy Caramel Apple Dippers

‘Tis the season for babies, apparently! I have so many friends right now who are expecting little ones, and spent the evening last night with a close friend who just delivered two days ago. So fun!

Today I’m excited to also be celebrating one of my blogging friends who is expecting — Jen from My Kitchen Addiction! Jen’s site was actually one of the first food blogs that I began reading years ago, and it has been amazing to follow along as she has built her beautiful blog (also including her awesome Kitchen Bootcamp series) and shared her life with us along the way. Jen is also one of those bloggers who is a tremendous encourager, and her kind words have meant a lot over the years.

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Easy Apple Tart

I tend to think that a meal’s not a meal without dessert. :)

But often, after already spending time in the kitchen making dinner, the last thing I want to do is spend a ton more time on another course. So I’m always stoked to find a new desserts that can be pulled together in a snap!

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Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese with Apples and Bacon

For some random reason, I realized a few weeks back that I’ve literally never made a grilled cheese sandwich before. It’s true! I grew up eating them, and I actually order them fairly often at the happy hour of a favorite restaurant in town. But somehow I couldn’t recall ever buttering up the bread, layering on the cheese, and cooking one up in the skillet myself! So of course, needed to remedy that. Especially when I had a serious grilled cheese craving after making this yummy tomato soup…

While I was initially bound and determined to make a sandwich with just the classic slices of American cheese, I was sidetracked (as often happens) in the produce department while en route to the bread section at the store. And couldn’t help but pick up a few slices of my favorite cheese at the deli. And then…a delicious, crisp Fuji apple. And then…some turkey bacon (which I’m convinced makes everything better). And thus…my simple grilled cheese turned into this little sandwich experiment. :)

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