black beans

Minestrone Soup

When I was a kid, our extended family used to love meeting up for big dinners regularly at our neighborhood Italian restaurant, DeFazio’s. Everyone would order these huge steaming plates of delicious pastas, salads, sides and more. And Yours Truly would order…”plain spaghetti”. Oh yes. I was the token picky eater in the family. And no thank you, I did not want to “just try it”. ;)

Luckily, though, everyone at DeFazio’s always received a steaming bowl of minestrone soup as an appetizer. And over the years, I began to grow more and more fond of this yummy pasta soup, even though I would have had a small heart attack at age 10 if anyone had told me that there was zucchini snuck in there!

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Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

WOW – fall is flying by! Now that we’ve about reached the halfway point for our fall season at work, it was time this weekend for our quarterly social. And since Yours Truly was in charge this time, we of course had ourselves a delightful little potluck – yeah!! :) I mean, seriously, who would want to order in pizza or sandwiches, when you could have a smorgasbord of all your volunteers’ favorite dishes to sample??

Being that it has turned ridiculously cold ridiculously soon this year, I made it a soup-themed potluck. I’d baked a nice little dessert to bring, but then realized the night beforehand that the organizer (um… me) somehow missed noticing that we were way short on the main dish – soups! Yikes! So to even things out, I turned to the recipe that I’ve often turned to in a bind m-a-n-y times over the years – this fantastic slow-cooker chicken tortilla soup!

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Pumpkin & Black Bean Soup

So…right in the middle of “Ode To Pumpkin Week”, I found out today that the U.S. is in the middle of a massive pumpkin shortage! Yikes! Apparently pumpkin crops were seriously down this year, so the stores are having a difficult time bringing in canned pumpkin right now. I had to drive to three grocery stores today to find what few cans they had left — tragic!

Still, for those that already had a few cans, or who can find some, (or who are reading this recipe months later when hopefully the supply is restored!) — today is pumpkin soup day! But rather than do just a simple bisque, decided to raid my pantry and toss in some black beans that I’d been needing to use. Yay for fiber. :)

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