chicken broth

Egg Drop Soup

Guesswhatguesswhat? Today we are revisiting my favorite recipe for my favorite soup of all time — egg drop soup!

Yes, we are “revisiting” the recipe because I decided it was time to give it a little photo makeover. As often tends to be the case with food bloggers, I posted some of my longtime favorite recipes in the first year that I started blogging. And while the food was delicious, the photos were often a little less than “appetizing”. And the dark and orange-looking egg drop soup photo happened to fall into that category. I was reminded of this when I made a batch of egg drop soup this weekend and popped it on Instagram, and then had to look up the recipe when people started asking for the link (and kind of didn’t want to send it out). So I took it as an excuse to make a second batch of egg drop soup to enjoy in one weekend and do a quick photo shoot with the second batch. We call that win-win, folks.

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(Skinny!) Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

I always seem to catch colds at the most inconvenient times.

I know — getting sick is never really convenient.

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Carnitas Caldo (Carnitas Soup)

I mentioned on Instagram recently that my family is unashamedly obsessed with Mexican food. We love it local, we love it authentic, we love it good, and we love it OFTEN. So of course, even while we were in Chicago celebrating Thanksgiving for a few days, we had to get our Mexi fix. So we ended up trying XOCO, one of Rick Bayless‘ restaurants. The line on Black Friday was practically out the door, but we were freezing and once I saw the long menu of caldos (soups), I was hooked. I had a minor crisis trying to decide what to order (they literally ALL looked amazing!), but I read that the XOCO carnitas caldo was the most popular soup. So I had to try it. Let’s just say that my family was a little stunned when I finished the entire bowl. It was massive. But holy cow – I had to. This soup was insane. Based on the most yummy spicy broth, this soup had everything from tender carnitas, to yummy avocado, these amazing little potato-masa dumplings, amassive bunch of fresh cilantro and arugula on top, and all garnished with lots of lime. Without a doubt, one of the best soups I’ve had in my life. (And I don’t say that lightly.) So of course, I had to come home and try to recreate it. I would never presume to top (or match) a Rick Bayless recipe, since the guy is a Mexican food genius. But I have to say that this recipe turned out pretty awesome. I even succeeded with the little potato-masa dumplings! (Although you could easily just use diced potatoes.) ;) It definitely took a bit of time to prep when making the carnitas from scratch. But let me tell you, the final product is completely worth it. And it’s also one of those soups that tastes better and better each time you warm it up for leftovers.

What are some of your favorite Mexican soups? Has anyone been to XOCO?

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Roasted Butternut, Sausage & Fennel Stuffing

(Before I begin, would love to invite you to head over to the Holiday Recipe Exchange to vote for my vanilla chai cupcakes! It only takes about 5 seconds to vote — just scroll down, and I’m #9. Would love to win the vanilla gift basket and have more yummy vanilla recipes to share with you! Thank you so much!!)

Allow me to introduce to you…the best stuffing recipe ever!!! Well, at least it’s the best stuffing recipe I’ve had in all my 27 years of life. :)

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Roasted Garlic & Brie Soup

When I asked my 7-yr-old piano student yesterday to tell me what was new in his world, he rolled his eyes and matter-of-factly informed me that “Um….it’s cold outside again”. So true, so true. After a month of gorgeous spring weather, the temperatures in Kansas Cty have randomly decided to dip over the last week, forcing everyone to pull out long-sleeved shirts, turn on their car heaters, and switch back to hot instead of iced coffee. Boo.

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Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

WOW – fall is flying by! Now that we’ve about reached the halfway point for our fall season at work, it was time this weekend for our quarterly social. And since Yours Truly was in charge this time, we of course had ourselves a delightful little potluck – yeah!! :) I mean, seriously, who would want to order in pizza or sandwiches, when you could have a smorgasbord of all your volunteers’ favorite dishes to sample??

Being that it has turned ridiculously cold ridiculously soon this year, I made it a soup-themed potluck. I’d baked a nice little dessert to bring, but then realized the night beforehand that the organizer (um… me) somehow missed noticing that we were way short on the main dish – soups! Yikes! So to even things out, I turned to the recipe that I’ve often turned to in a bind m-a-n-y times over the years – this fantastic slow-cooker chicken tortilla soup!

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