Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Nuggets

I have fallen back in love with chicken nuggets.

Not the questionable, fried, and frozen nuggets that seem synonymous with the name. But the homemade, healthier, and delicious nuggets that you can make with endless variations at home! Such a fun way to serve chicken, and of course, always a favorite with kiddos!

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Sweet Potato & Zucchini Hash

I recently saw a recipe for potato and zucchini hash and loved the idea! (But wasn’t all that crazy about cooking up two russett potatoes.) So I tried mixing it up by adding some sweet potatoes (way healthier, plus I love the sweet/salty combo!), a little bit of onion, and zucchini and yellow squash (yay, color!)….and voila! This is definitely one of my new favorite breakfasts!

The ingredient combo ended up being completely delicious! And totally simple – the “hardest” part was just cutting up the veggies. Which, I should point out that I somehow defaulted to habit and only halved instead of quartered the veggies — oops! So my “hash” looked more like half-medallions. :) But of course, they tasted the same. And even just being seasoned with salt, pepper, and cooked in some olive oil — this was completely yummy and flavorful! All the better when paired with an egg, cooked however you’d like.

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Butterfinger Ice Cream


The name says it all. :)

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Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet

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‘Tis the season to break out the best invention of the 21st century — my ice cream maker!!

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Berry & Ricotta Danishes

For one morning — one splendid morning — I felt like a pastry chef. :-)

But I admit, thanks to the brilliance of puff pastry, this recipe was actually ridiculously simple. The most time-consuming part was just cutting out the little frames of the pastry dough. But other than that, easy peasy. :) Just whip up the ricotta mixture, an optional glaze if you’d like, warm up the berries…and voila. A dozen absolutely charming, delicious, and I daresay professional looking little fruit danishes are yours to be had!

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Homemade Egg Noodles

A few winters ago, I had a craving for Panera’s chicken noodle soup. I remember the day — it had just practically blizzarded (is that a word?) in KC, everyone was home from work and school, and my car was frozen shut with a few inches of snow and ice. It clearly was not going to be my day to drive over to Panera…

However, realized that I actually had all of the ingredients for the classic soup at home. But somehow, those flimsy, thin little egg noodles in the pantry just didn’t seem like they would cut it. So I took advantage of the extra time indoors and tried my first batch of homemade noodles. For some reason, the idea had always totally intimidated me. (Visions of professional pasta chefs in Italy seemed to dance through my head…)

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