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Cranberry Pistachio Energy Bites

The no-bake energy bite love continues!

After so many of you readers ate up (ha – literally!) the recipes for classic No Bake Energy Bites and Pumpkin No Bake Energy Bites, I thought it would be fun to make a red and green “holiday” edition of the favorite with these Cranberry Pistachio Energy Bites!

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Pineapple, Orange & Banana Smoothie

If you look on the top shelf of my fridge, there are three drinks you’re guaranteed to find: a pitcher of iced tea, milk…and pine-orange-banana juice. It’s been my favorite for about…oh…twenty years. :) (Gosh, I’m getting old!)

So when I realized this week that I coincidentally had real oranges, bananas, and a fresh pineapple in the house, thought I would kick it up another notch and make the real thing! And I’m happy to report it was, of course, absolutely fabulous. And super sweet — definitely no extra honey, vanilla, or other ingredients needed.

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