Easy Pizza Cups

You all know I couldn’t go too long without posting another recipe with wonton wrappers. (For you newbies, they happen to be one of my favorite ingredients!)

In honor of football season and fun gametime apps, I decided to turn everyone’s favorite pizza ingredients into cute little “Easy Pizza Cups”! These couldn’t be more simple. Bake up some wonton shells, fill them with your favorite pizza toppings, pop them back in the oven for a bit to melt the cheese, and voila! These adorable little pizza cups are yours to enjoy. And let me tell ya – they will easily disappear before halftime if you’re watching the game!!

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Mushroom Risotto

I am beyond excited to share a recipe today from one of my favorite food bloggers, Jenna Weber. But the even more exciting news is that this recipe is actually from her brand new book that was released this week — White Jacket Required.

I have long adored Jenna’s beautiful site, Eat Live Run, and the charming, honest, faithful, stylish, and inspiring life she leads. So it was wonderful to follow along in this “culinary coming-of-age story” to hear even more of the journey behind the scenes that has led her to today. From the entertaining and brave stories of venturing through culinary school, to finding and losing love, to pressing on in some of life’s darkest moments, and to finding hope and new adventures again, Jenna invites us along on the amazing journey that it has been. And of course, the charming conversational style of writing we all know and love from her blog carries you through, making this a page-turner I happily flew through.

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Peach & Chicken Kabobs

I cannot believe that summer is nearly over! I’m seriously pinching myself that we’re already into September and that sweater-football-and-nights-by-the-fireplace season is just around the corner.

However, as always seems to be the case with our crazy midwest weather, today was nearly 100 degrees again. So to celebrate some of the few crazy-hot days remaining, I decided to grill up these peach and chicken kabobs tonight for a dinner with friends. They were super simple and easy to make on the grill pan (in my little loft), although I’m sure they would be even better cooked up outside on a grill. I loaded mine up with some farmers market veggies and some ripe local peaches, and then chose to go with a very light marinade to let the flavors shine through.

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Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Somehow PF Changs came up in conversation yesterday when I was talking on the phone with my Mom. And ever since, you can guess what two words have been on my mind….lettuce wraps. :-) YUM. Ironically, I happen to live right by a PF Changs, but have probably eaten there more in other cities than here at home. Go figure… But whenever I do, their classic lettuce wraps are always at the top of my list.

I’ve experimented with a few recipes of my own over the years — some great, some not-so-much — but have settled upon this one as a favorite (with a few modifications!). Great flavor, fresh and healthy ingredients, and best of all…the recipe makes a delicious “pouring” sauce to finish them off! As noted in the recipe, you can experiment with adding the Chinese mustard and/or Sriracha to kick up the heat. Or, feel free to keep it “mild and mellow” as well. :)

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