Easy Mini Pecan Tarts

Anyone planning to make pecan pies this Thanksgiving? Well if you’re looking to save a bit of time, and still make a total crowd-pleasing dessert, allow me to recommend these adorable little Easy Mini Pecan Tarts!

They are everything you love about pecan pie, but when made “bite-sized” with my favorite little phyllo cups, they can literally be made from start to finish in 20 minutes. Boom. And I’m pretty sure they will be the rockstar of your dessert table. There’s something about mini desserts that draws everyone in. And who can resist that classic sweet pecan filling paired with the crisp flaky brilliance of phyllo?! I’m pretty sure they were a match made in heaven.

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No Bake Caramel Apple Cheesecakes

Holiday baking season seems to have officially arrived. But for the days (or holidays) when you may not have time to bake the day away, I’m a big fan of no-bake cheesecakes. Especially these no-bake caramel apple cheesecakes!

These little guys are all of the goodness of caramel apples “no-baked” into fluffy, creamy individual cheesecakes that everyone will love! The crust is a buttery pecan mixture (or you can go nut-free with graham crackers). Then the filling is a smooth creamy cheesy mixture made with applesauce. And of course, I like to add a little extra whipped cream and caramel on top. So good! And much easier to eat than a caramel apple. ;)

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Pumpkin Pie Biscotti

My cabinets may or may not have an unusually plentiful supply of pumpkin this year…

Ha – I can’t seem to help myself! Ever since last year’s pumpkin shortage, an extra can always seems to make its way into my grocery bag whenever I pass by it in the store. Apparently my subconscious is worried I might have to go another (gasp!) two months without pumpkin this winter. Oh well, I guess my hoarding habits could be worse… :-)

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Apple Bacon Spinach Salad


Many of the recipes I post on here are creative and new to me. And many of them are tried and true favorites I’ve made for years. This one happens to be in the latter. :)

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(Healthier!) Apple Crumble Muffins


I don’t know about you, but often it seems that however I begin the day — with a healthy or not-so-healthy breakfast — can usually set the tone for how I continue eating the rest of the day. But since I’m not one to rise and shine any earlier than need be, and often end up having my hot tea and breakfast during my 25-minute commute to work, anything healthy in the “grab and go” category is always much appreciated!

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Easy Sticky Buns

To kick of a morning of meetings on Mardi Gras, I decided to bake up these delicious sticky buns for my coworkers! YUM!

I have actually had a lovely surplus of puff pastry sitting in my freezer this month, after stocking up from a $0.99 sale at Aldi (wahoo!). So was excited to put a box to use — especially on a Barefoot Contessa recipe! I’m telling you — the woman is brilliant. Still have yet to find a recipe of hers that I don’t immediately fall in love with.

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Pumpkin Cheesecake With Gingersnap Crust

Had a lovely time celebrating Thanksgiving with family this year, spending the day sharing stories, lots of laughs, and of course…lots of delicious food!

One of my three contributions ended up being this fabulous pumpkin cheesecake — the perfect finale to our meal! I was stoked. The crust came out beautifully. The cheesecake somehow miraculously had z-e-r-o cracks in it (wahoo!). And the rich, delicious flavor of the pumpkin combined with the spicy gingersnaps could not have been better. But alas, one small detail just had to pose a problem: the dallop.

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Pomegranate Salad With Honey-Cider Vinaigrette

Ok, so I wasn’t really planning to add this impromptu little salad to the blog. (And thus, my apologies for the lack of prep photos.) But holy cow — it was too delicious not to share!

So allow me to introduce to you my new favorite autumn salad. It’s simple, full of great texture and flavor, and super-quick to prepare (literally took me 5 minutes!). But the best part is that it features three of my absolute favorite fall ingredients — pomegranates, apple cider, and candied walnuts. YUM!!!

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