Slow Cooker Root Vegetable Stew

Last week when I asked ourĀ GSO Facebook followers what recipes you all would like to see on the blog this fall, two top requests quickly emerged: vegetarian recipes and slow cooker recipes.

So your wish is my command — I made you some Slow Cooker Root Vegetable Stew!

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Roasted Butternut, Sausage & Fennel Stuffing

(Before I begin, would love to invite you to head over to the Holiday Recipe Exchange to vote for my vanilla chai cupcakes! It only takes about 5 seconds to vote — just scroll down, and I’m #9. Would love to win the vanilla gift basket and have more yummy vanilla recipes to share with you! Thank you so much!!)

Allow me to introduce to you…the best stuffing recipe ever!!! Well, at least it’s the best stuffing recipe I’ve had in all my 27 years of life. :)

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Roasted Butternut & Bacon Pasta

‘Tis the season once again to make the transition from the yellow and zucchini squash of summer….to the rich, sweet squash of fall. Of course, my favorite of those is the beautiful butternut. They were in abundance this week at our market (see the photo below!), so I happily brought a few home. They look so cute sitting on the counter…and even more delicious cooked up!

Some of you may remember me posting (and raving) about my take on Whole Food’s “butternut crab bisque” last season. But instead of beginning the season with another soup, decided that my first butternut recipe this season would a recipe I had bookmarked to try — “roasted butternut and bacon pasta”. I mean, really, with a title like that — who can resist? Throw in some sage, pine nuts, fresh parmesan, and a little extra butter, and OH MY WORD.

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Butternut Squash and Crab Bisque

I still remember being introduced to this amazing soup a few years ago, and I had my first taste of the brilliant sweet butternut squash and salty crab combination. It’s without a doubt my kind of comfort food. Absolutely delicious!

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