help me choose!

Time for some new specs!

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a young pup, and every year my vision continues to get a little bit worse.  (Bummer.)  But every year or two, that also gives a good excuse for some new glasses.  (Yay!)

So this round, I’m finally trying the fun Warby Parker “home try-on” option!  So many of my friends look awesome in their WP glasses, so I couldn’t wait to give it a go.  You simply visit their great site, pick out 5 glasses you might like, and they mail them to you at no cost to try on (prescription-free) and see what you think.  Pretty  brilliant, WP.

The only bummer was that half of the actual colors that I wanted to try were not available this week for home trying on (too many other people had requested them), so you might notice that all of these look a LOT alike.  And that I start to look a little dazed and confused after awkwardly staring into my camera for Take 5 after a long day at work.  :)

But I’m excited to hear which ones you like best!  So check out my 5 options below, and lemme know!

(*Imagine #1 in “violet magnolia” (tortoise with a little purple)

(*Imagine #2 in “hazelwood” – a lighter tortoise)

(Imagine #4 in “cobalt blue“.)