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November 15, 2012 by Ali

Time for some new specs!

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a young pup, and every year my vision continues to get a little bit worse. (Bummer.) But every year or two, that also gives a good excuse for some new glasses. (Yay!)

So this round, I’m finally trying the fun Warby Parker¬†”home try-on” option! So many of my friends look awesome in their WP glasses, so I couldn’t wait to give it a go. You simply visit their great site, pick out 5 glasses you might like, and they mail them to you at no cost to try on (prescription-free) and see what you think. Pretty brilliant, WP.

The only bummer was that half of the actual colors that I wanted to try were not available this week for home trying on (too many other people had requested them), so you might notice that all of these look a LOT alike. And that I start to look a little dazed and confused after awkwardly staring into my camera for Take 5 after a long day at work. :)

But I’m excited to hear which ones you like best! So check out my 5 options below, and lemme know!

(*Imagine #1 in “violet magnolia” (tortoise with a little purple)

(*Imagine #2 in “hazelwood” – a lighter tortoise)

(Imagine #4 in “cobalt¬†blue“.)

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32 thoughts on “help me choose!

  1. I’m an eye doctor in a private practice in Kansas City, and it’s disappointing to see people shopping online for glasses (and contacts for that matter). Studies show that nearly 50% of glasses bought online are delivered to the patient with errors. That being said I really like your website, especially the recipes.

    - Julie

  2. less frame ~ these are all overpowering your features. or try a different colour.

    - acuna

  3. In order of favorite-ness…4, 1, 2. But you look super cute in all of them, really! :)

    - Sara

  4. I like #s 1 and 4 too. This is a great idea – I always struggle to choose new glasses!

    - Dawn

  5. #4 gets my vote. And oh my gosh, I’ve never heard of this site but I’m totally going to check it out. How fun!

    - Kristen

  6. Shape-wise, I’d go with #1 or #4.

    - Karen G

  7. I dig #1 as well – looks like you have two clear faves to pick from! ;)

    - E

  8. 1.

    - Eric Wimmer

  9. Pick #1 is my favorite. I like the shape the best. But you do tend to change your hair color which may change my opinion too!

    - Laura F

  10. I like the tortoise shell color. The fatter, blacker ones are a little overwhelming. I’d vote #1 first, then #4, then #5. That’s my two cents.

    - Julie

  11. Number 4. I repeat, Number 4…

    - Mr. Brock

  12. The problem is you pull every one of those off really well! You would look great in whatever you choose… My first thought was #1 but I am even kind of leaning towards #5!

    - LIz Stevens

  13. #4–sets off your eyes the best. (Of course, take that with a grain of salt, because I’m mildly colorblind!)

    - Darrell H

  14. #1 is super cute!

    - Maria

  15. You’re beautiful in anything, Ali, but I vote #1 for shape, and #4 for color! Be sure to post a pic of you in your new glasses!

    - Beverly

  16. #1! That particular color looks really good with your skintone.

    - Heather

  17. I like #1 the best. That shape seems to suit your face the best of all of these options.

    - Andrea

  18. number 1 is my fave ! :)

    - natalie@thesweetslife

  19. I like 4 and 1.

    - Stephanie H

  20. Definitely #1- color and all:)

    - Melissa

  21. I like 1 & 4 too but I think 1 is my absolute fave.

    - Kathryn

  22. 4 and 2. so excited for you. i’ve had mine for over a year now, (maybe almost two!) and i still love them.

    - bet

  23. 1 and 4 as well, but really 4 the most.

    - DTS

  24. I’m with Brandi… 1 & 4 (I think #1 is my favorite though…) – I totally JUST ordered my 5 frames!!! :)

    - Tina | My Life as a Mrs

  25. I like 1 and 2. I think 2 would be great in hazelwood.

    - Jake

  26. I like #4 in cobalt blue best on you! #1 is a close runner up too!

    - Alicia

  27. I have to say I like #1 the best! #4 would be my 2nd choice!

    - McKenzie

  28. 1, and then 4.

    - Michelle

  29. I like 1 and 4 the best! cute :)

    - brandi