10 Things I’ve Learned: Maux

Hey everyone!  I promise I didn’t forget about our 10 Things I’ve Learned series here on the blog.  (And apparently, neither did you — thank you so much to all of you who sent kind emails asking about it.)  Things have been a little crazy here behind the scenes...


What’s Your Favorite Thing About Autumn?

Happy first day of autumn, friends! I have to admit that this day always feels a little bittersweet for this summer-loving girl.  While everyone else has been breaking out the pumpkin and chunky sweaters this month, I have been making coconut margaritas and playing Death Cab and freezing my...


Things I’m Afraid To Tell You

This weekend, I spent some time poking around the archives of a few of my favorite design bloggers, and happened to come across this wave of posts that hit the blogosphere two years ago called “Things I’m Afraid To Tell You”.  It turns out that one of my favorite...

September In Movies |

September In Movies

How many of you went to see a movie on Labor Day?  See anything good??  Well if you’re looking for more good films to see as the weather cools down this month, our film contributor Sarah is sharing some great recommendations today. Other countries. Other conflicts. Other characters. Other...

August In Photos |

August In Photos

There’s an epic thunderstorm and lightening show happening outside my window right now, which couldn’t make me happier.  Storms in the Midwest are the best, and this one seems like a fitting end to an August that has been swirling with goodness. The best part of August?  I was home all month, and...

10 Things I've Learned About Being Single |

10 Things I’ve Learned About Being Single (That I Didn’t Know 10 Years Ago)

Thought I’d do a little #TBT post today back to 2004.  The year I turned 21. To set the stage… I was living in Winfield, Kansas, getting ready to graduate early with a music degree from my little Midwestern college, while working as an accompanist to help pay for...

Miracles |

This Wild and Crazy Miracle We Call…Blogging

Lately, I’ve been talking with quite a few bloggers who just feel ________ about their blogs right now. Overwhelmed.  Discouraged.  Frustrated.  Burnt-Out.  You fill in the blank. Basically, not so good. And my heart goes out to them, because I’ve been there.  Frankly, I’m probably “there” at least once...

How To Make An Animated GIF -- a step-by-step tutorial for Photoshop | #tutorial

How To Make An Animated GIF

As some of you may have noticed, this seems to have become The Year Of The Animated GIF on my blog.  I’m slightly obsessed! Yes, I know that I’m a few years late to the “graphical interchange format” party.  But now that I’ve figured out how to animate these...

August In Movies

August in Movies

For a nice palette cleanser between action flicks, here are four iconoclastic sleeper hits not to miss in the glare of the blockbuster season.

July In Photos

July In Photos

So long, farewell, auf widersehn, adieu, July! I would say that you flew by, but actually I was the one doing the flying this month.  As you may have noticed on Instagram, I spent most of July across the pond in Europe!!  We had a fabulous time visiting Austria (picture perfect), Germany...

10 Safety Tips For Traveling Solo |

10 Safety Tips For Traveling Solo

Greetings from Florence!  I have a few extra minutes between stops around town this morning, so I thought I’d pop in with a little post today about…yes…traveling!  Specifically, tips on traveling alone.   This is especially dedicated to all of you single people out there, whom I highly encourage to get...

Judy Garland / The Wizard Of Oz / (c) 1939 Warner Home Video

What Movies Shaped Your Childhood?

I have several movies that looped in the background of my childhood, creating a mesh of memories and meaning that influenced my life and worldviews in surprisingly profound ways. I'll tell you about three from my very early days (3 to 5 years)...if you tell me some of yours!