Valentine’s Day

Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread

I finally made you a pumpkin recipe.

I don’t know if any of you noticed, but I have admittedly been holding out on the pumpkin baking this year until now. I think it stems back to the day I started seeing pumpkin recipes popping up on the blogosphere in early August, which gave me a similar feeling to how I felt at Target yesterday when I saw the employees unloading the Christmas decor. Too soon, Santa Clause.

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Sseko Designs GIVEAWAY!

You see that gorgeous scarf, cute clutch set, and sweet booties up there?

Those weren’t just made by anyone.

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Baked Samosas (2 Ways!)

Look out, world. I finally learned how to make samosas. Actually, I learned how to make real-deal traditional vegetarian samosas, but then had the idea to also try converting them into a (considerably) quick-and-easier version in mini phyllo cups. So today I’m sharing two samosa recipes below, which happen to be naturally vegan as well. More on those in a minute…

First, I want to tell you a story.

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15 Amazing Autumn Salad Recipes

I eat a lot of salads during the summer. So many salads, that when fall rolls around, I feel like I can scale back — take a little salad vacation if you will. Those leafy greens can wait, I’ve got pot roast and stews to consume.

But these salads are an exception.

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Fuji Apple Chicken Salad (Panera Bread Copycat)

I’m bringing this one back up from the archives to share with you today. Because I’m pretty sure we all need more of this salad in our lives.

I only have a handful of restaurant copycat recipes here on the blog. But after having ordered the Fuji apple chicken salad at Panera for nearly a decade, I decided a few years ago that it was high time to learn how to make it for myself. Because clearly, it must be a keeper if I’m still not tired of it after so many years. (The same goes for their French onion soup, which I’m convinced is made with some magical secret ingredient that makes it better than all French onion soups. I digress…)

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Candied Pecans

I’ve heard it said that most of the enjoyment of a glass of wine comes from the smell.

But I’m pretty sure the same goes for candied nuts.

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Chicken Parmesan Baked Ziti

Do you ever look at your life and wonder just how you came to be where you are today?

I had one of those moments in the kitchen this past week when I was making this chicken parmesan baked ziti.

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2-Ingredient Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

Holy cannoli! For those of you who missed it, I posted a roundup of Slow Cooker Dinner Recipes yesterday on the blog, and it absolutely crazy on Pinterest last night. I guess you all love your slow cookers!

I’m definitely a slow cooker fangirl too. In fact, the weather has cooled down and it’s now perfectly appropriate to cook dinner in the oven. But lately, I’ve still been letting my slow cooker do all of the work. It is just way too easy! And when it comes to 2-ingredients like this BBQ shredded chicken, it is even easier than easy. Yet the result is a big batch of shredded chicken that is still so flavorful, so moist, and so good. And it can be used in sandwiches, salads, soups, tacos, or whatever sounds good.

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15 Slow Cooker Dinner Recipes

It’s that time of year again. The time when we sadly bid all those lovely summer tomatoes adieu, and turn on the slow cooker. As summer fades into fall and the nights grow cooler, there isn’t much more comforting than coming home after a long day’s work to a house permeated with the smell of dinner simmering away.

These one-pot dishes are perfect week night go-to’s because they practically make themselves. I like to call recipes like these “hibernation food.” They’re warm, filling, and satisfying, and the best part is you can do just about all your prep in the morning or the night before, so you barely have anything to mess with later.

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Pico Nacho Bites

Ok, I was totally playing with my food and came up with this super fun new snack, but I could not for the life of me figure out what to name it.

Mexican bruschetta? Salsa bites?

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