Peppered Bacon Bloody Mary

June 24, 2014 by Ali

You say tomato, I say…


Yes, after nearly 5 years of blogging, it is about darn time I post a Bloody Mary recipe on this blog. Especially when tomato season is kicking into high gear. And temperatures are soaring. And cool, refreshing, and arguably somewhat good for you (right?) drinks are in high demand.

But we’re all in luck! Because this Peppered Bacon Bloody Mary cocktail is the fourth and final recipe that I am sharing this month in a partnership with Better Homes and Gardens. They asked me to create a Month of Drinks to share on their Delish Dish blog. And after sharing recipes for a Green Pina Colada Smoothie, Strawberry Sangria, and a Ginger Tom Collins, we thought the only appropriate grand finale for summer would be a classic Bloody Mary kicked up with the addition of some peppered bacon.

And grand it is.

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Samoa Cheesecake

June 23, 2014 by Ali

Samoa vs. Caramel DeLites.

Tagalongs vs. Peanut Butter Patties.

Trefoils vs. Shortbread.

Girl Scouts of America, why do you need to make the names of your cookies so confusing?? Yes, I know it’s all about the different bakeries that bake for different regions of the country. But I feel like life (and food blogging) would be much simpler if we could all unite around a common cookie name.

Case in point:

I served this fabulous cheesecake a few weeks ago to my parents and a bunch of friends. But when I told them it was a Samoa cheesecake, every single one of them looked at me blankly. Granted, that didn’t stop them from diving in with a fork stat. But once I told them it was a Caramel DeLite cheesecake, the lightbulb suddenly went off. And then the stories began to flow as we all swapped stories about knocking on doors and using our best 7-year-old sales strategies to try and sell All Of The Cookies. And then now, of course, we happily support those little 7-year-olds selling boxes by eating All Of The Cookies.

Anyway, whatever you call this cheesecake, my friends said to pass on word to the blogosphere that it definitely earned a badge of approval. ;)

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Introducing CliqueMe + A $1500 Visa Gift Card and Disney Park Hopper Tickets GIVEAWAY!

June 22, 2014 by Ali

Hi friends!

I’m hereby interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to point out a sweet new feature here on Gimme Some Oven. I’ve been quietly testing it out here on the blog these past few weeks, but hundreds of you have already caught on and have been using it regularly. This feature is called CliqueMe, and it’s basically like Instagram within a blog. And I’m loving it.

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Ginger Beer Mojito

June 21, 2014 by Ali

Before I moved into my loft, I owned a cute little bungalow for four years. It was located in a cute little neighborhood, had a cute little front porch, a cute back deck, a cute (and tiny) little kitchen, and a not-so-cute garden.

By about this time each summer in mid-June, it had usually turned into a jungle. I was NOT a good gardener.

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Grilled Sweet Potato Fries

June 20, 2014 by Ali

Things That I Do Not Dunk: Basketballs.

I dated basketball players in high school and college. ;) And stood on the sidelines and rocked it out on dance team and cheered them on. But I was never coordinated enough to shoot a free throw to save my life. Me and any sport that includes balls flying through the air do not mix.

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Easy Italian Chicken Skillet

June 18, 2014 by Ali

Whenever I used to go grocery shopping with my mom as a kid, I always wanted to spend my extra allowance money on candy. Candy, candy, candy.

In college, it was ice cream, ice cream, ice cream.

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Ginger Tom Collins

June 17, 2014 by Ali

The summer heat and humidity have finally arrived in Kansas City, and it is downright sizzlin’. So, in perfectly logical form, I’m skipping town and hopping on a plane today to fly…someplace even hotter. I’m headed to Austin!

I know, perhaps a little crazy right in the middle of June. But I was actually there last June for the BlogHer Food conference and absolutely fell in love with the city, even despite the heat. So I’m totally stoked to be heading back to enjoy some time with good blogging friends, start the day with some migas, drink some Jo’s Coffee, maybe down a margarita or two, and eat as many tacos as humanly reasonably possible.

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Cold Brew Coffee

June 16, 2014 by Ali

It’s no secret that my home away from home is my beloved coffee shop next door. My friends and I joke that it’s kind of like our own little “Central Perk” from Friends. Anytime I walk in the door, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll see at least a few friendly faces I know, often many of those fellow entrepreneurs in the neighborhood who hang out there at the same time each day to be pretend “co-workers” and keep each other company and bounce small business ideas off one another while we work. Which I love. I also love the fact that anytime the guys behind the counter see me, they know — whether it’s the hottest day in the middle of July, or if we’re in the midst of a December blizzard — that my “regular” drink order will be the same:

Iced Coffee.

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