Literary Tea Giveaway |

Literary Tea Giveaway

I don’t know about you, but nothing says cozy quite so well as a warm cup of tea and a good book. And plenty of authors throughout history have said as much, too. One of my favourite literary tea quotes is from C.S. Lewis: You can’t get a cup of...

#12: I

Discover: First Lines #12

A few firsts this week, in the {First Lines} series: There are two books, which were written within the past twenty years — shocking, eh? And, two books secured my favourite first lines vote.

Three Autumn Poems |

Three Autumn Poems

Of the four seasons, spring and autumn seem to inspire the most poetry. And, though I love spring, there’s something about the melancholy blazing glorious “end” of autumn that has long made it my favourite season. Whether you resonate with Gerard Manley Hopkins‘s Hurrahing in Harvest, saying with him: “I...

#11: J

Discover: First Lines #11

This week we’ve got two Johns, a Jane, and a journey — and all their first lines come bound in lovely covers.

#10: K

Discover: First Lines #10

I wasn’t expecting to have trouble finding book titles beginning with K, but I had to hunt through my shelves to come up with these four — the only four I own. And yes, I do realize that technically, To Kill a Mockingbird would usually be considered a T-titled book. But,...

Literary Sights & Smells Giveaway | #Paddywax #DesignDifferent

Literary Sights and Smells Giveaway

I love bookish gifts — the kind that make you smile as you imagine someone brainstorming the idea. Today’s literary giveaway offers two such products, and they tap in to two different senses: seeing and smelling. Thanks to PADDYWAX and DesignDifferent one of you can win a bundle of bookish gifts that’s...

Everyone matters | #quote #MI5

Twelve Years a Slave Quotes

“Everyone matters or no one matters,” Adam Carter declares during an episode of the BBC show, MI-5, which I happened to rewatch in the midst of reading Twelve Years a Slave. I remember being struck by the line when I saw the episode the first time, but in the light of...

Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup | © 1996 Louisiana State University Press

Twelve Years a Slave

I first heard of Solomon Northup earlier this year when my friend, Amanda, suggested our book club read his memoir, Twelve Years a Slave. We added it to our to-read list, and the conversation moved on. But when we found out it was going to be released as a film...

#9: L

Discover: First Lines #9

This week definitely boasts the oldest (all published over 99 years ago!) and prettiest set of four books in the {Discover: First Lines} series. And yes, there is indeed another two-copy title. When I come across a good book cover, I can’t help myself.

Discover: First Lines #8

Discover: First Lines #8

We are officially halfway through the alphabet! And, in case you missed it, you can win a sweet First Lines mug as part of A Literary Education Giveaway. This week I pulled four M books from my shelves. As I’ve only read one of the four, I was especially curious which...

Learn to read #FrederickDouglass #quote |

A Literary Education Giveaway

As Frederick Douglass so beautifully pointed out, reading broadens our horizons. And, as this marks the 100th Gimme Some Reads post, we’re celebrating with an enlightening literary giveaway! Thanks to ECHO-LIT and The Unemployed Philosophers Guild one of you can win an educational giveaway bundle that’s enlightening, useful, and fun....

#8: M

Discover: First Lines #7

This week we’ve got two classic fiction novels and two nonfiction books. And, three of the four have been made into movies; and, two of those three have been made into multiple movies. Plus, I’ve actually read all four of these (the two classics several times). Whew. I feel...