jo totes giveaway!

December 3, 2012 by Liz

Jo Totes Giveaway! | #giveaway
photo courtesy of Jo Totes

I am so excited for today’s giveaway and I am sure you will be too!!

Jo Totes is a company that makes a way for women to safely carry their camera body and lenses, and even their own personal belongings anywhere they want to go–and they do it in style! Their bags are so cute and make you want to carry them with you everywhere you go. They come in a variety of styles and colors that will fit anyone’s fashion and camera bag needs!

I was first introduced to Jo Totes a few years ago and absolutely love their bags. They have so much space and even have adjustable inserts that you can move to accommodate your personal camera/purse needs. They are so cute and practical all at the same time.

jo totes giveaway! {gimme some style} #giveaway Jo Totes was so kind to send me a bag to review. I chose the Georgia Nautical and it was love at first sight! It has so many pockets and can fit everything I need it to. I love the adjustable dividers and that it can carry my personal belongings along with my camera and attachments.

jo totes giveaway! {gimme some style} #giveaway jo totes giveaway! {gimme some style} #giveaway

And here’s the best news:

 Jo Totes is giving away a bag of the winner’s choice!


So read below for details on how to enter this fabulous giveaway, and be sure to check back often this month for even more great “stylish” holiday giveaways to come on Gimme Some Style!

Jo Totes Giveaway! | #giveaway

photos courtesy of Jo Totes

How To Enter The Jo Totes Bag Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What Is Included In The Giveaway:

One winner will receive one Jo Totes bag of his/her choice.

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In Case You Missed It:

To enter the giveaway, follow the instructions in the Rafflcopter widget above just below the pagebreak.

This is a great month for giveaways with the Gimme Some blogs! Maybe you can win all your Christmas gifts this year? ;)

Disclaimer: This giveaway has been sponsored by Jo Totes. I was sent a product to review, but was in no way compensated to host this giveaway, and all opinions are my own as always.

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112 thoughts on “jo totes giveaway!

  1. I like the Alison bag. I’ve not seen your Pinterest, but I’ll check it out!

    - Rebecca

  2. Georgia Nautical is absolutely lovely.

    - Elodie

  3. They’re all cute, It would be hard to pick from them all!

    - Tracie Allen

  4. I love the Rose Sugarplum bag!

    - Carrie

  5. I love the rose in sugarplum

    - Donna O'Neil

  6. Gracie in mint

    - Athena R

  7. OH Goodness… I heart Miss Betsy in mustard with all my heart!!

    - Melanie

  8. I like the Gracie!

    - Sara

  9. I love the style of the Georgia Plaid. It reminds me of a great, classic preppy look. Also, I’m following you on Pinterest now and love all your boards but “Be Indulgent” and “Be A Nanny” are my favorites!

    - Julie

  10. love the rose tel

    - lala r

  11. I like the Gracie Mint!

    - Hillary S.

  12. Rose Teal or Rose Black… are probably the faves, but there are several cute ones. Hard to choose!

    - Lachelle

  13. Oh man, I would be so blessed to win this! I’ve had my eye on a camera bag from there for a year. They make such cool camera bags.

    - Jess W.Y.

  14. I love the Betsy in mustard

    - Theresa J

  15. I love the georgia plaid. I think i’ve seen your pinterest lately?

    - Meghan Finley

  16. I love them all, but I think the Rose Tel is my favorite

    - Jennie

  17. My favorite style is the brown Missy! And I just checked out your Pinterest!

    - Stefanie P.

  18. I love the Betsy bag. Cuteness.

    - AMY C

  19. I’m loving the Gracie Mint colored bag!

    - Alice Wu

  20. Love the Georgia Herringbone

    - Jenny L.

  21. I’m always split between georgia, millie, and betsy

    - Teresa

  22. i’m digging the mustard yellow bag. very cute!

    - Kerry Mees

  23. Georgia Nautical is so just like me. That’s my favourite. :)

    - Luca Gerda László

  24. My favorite is Georgia Nautical!

    - Rachel Budke

  25. Misty Mint

    - Ellen Casper

  26. Love the striped one! All so cute though!

    - Jenny

  27. I like the Gracie in mint.

    - Melissa McClintock

  28. Love the striped and yellow bags!

    - Jenni

  29. My favorite style is the Gracie.

    - Kristen M.

  30. Love the tan leather one above with the navy stripes. SO cute!

    - Kelly Miller

  31. How would I ever choose?! They are so cute! And yes, I love your pinterest boards. :)

    - Megan

  32. I like the Gracie style, it helps that it’s my niece’s name :)

    - Natalie G.

  33. I love the Gracie in Mustard :D

    - Carla @ Carlas Confections

  34. I absolutely adore the Georgia Nautical bag! Too cute<3

    - Rachel

  35. I just got a new camera and am in desperate need of a cute bag to carry it around in so that I can actually take it places. These are gorgeous!

    - Lauren @ Healthy Delicious

  36. Love the Gracie in Mint!

    - Lynda M.

  37. The Georgia Nautical would be my first choice as well. Love those lines!

    - Heather

  38. I love the Gracie in grey!

    - Katy

  39. I love the yellow bag and yep I saw all the bags on pinterest they are all awesome! It will be so difficult to buy one.

    - Charul @ Tadka Masala

  40. I think the mustard yellow one is super cute. I don’t do pintrest though.

    - Ellen

  41. I LOVE the pink one!!

    - Geri

  42. I want me allllllll!!!!! :))))

    - Trisha

  43. I think I’d be happy with ANY of these adorable bags because my current camera bag is HIDEOUS.

    - Tessa @ Handle the Heat

  44. I love these bags!! I have had my eye on one forever now!

    - Shanna@ pineapple and coconut

  45. I love the Betsy Chocolate style! But they are ALL so cute!

    - Kimiko

  46. Love the Georgia Plaid bag. It’s on my Christmas wish list!

    - Johnna

  47. I Love Love Love the Georgia Nautical bag! It is soooooo adorable!

    - Beth

  48. I think the Rose Coral camera bag is absolutely fantastic looking!

    - Corey

  49. I’ve been eyeing these for years. Should have put it on my Christmas list — either the Rose or Millie.

    - Katie

  50. Golly this is so great! I love the Georgia Nautical bag! I would love to wear this around and travel with this darling little thing! Thank you for the opportunity!

    - Lauren

  51. I fell in love with the “Rose-teal” bag a little over a year ago. Love Jo Totes and would love to win one!

    - Shalinn

  52. These bags are amazing and I am in desparate need of a camera bag! I love the Allison and Gracie bags!

    - Kelli @ The Corner Kitchen

  53. I’m SO excited by this. I really like the Allison and even got to see it this weekend!

    - Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

  54. Gorgeous bags! Even though it looks to be sold out, the Rose Coral bag is so adorable! I would so rock that purse! And Yes, I checked out your Pinterest and I’m a new follower!

    - Jessica

  55. What a wonderful giveaway! I am in desperate need of a camera bag! My favorite style has to be the missy mint – it’s super cute!

    - Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious

  56. I love the striped bag! So cute.

    - Rachel @ Bakerita

  57. Love the Gracie Mint!

    - Amy Tong

  58. Love the size and shape of the Missy. Wish it came in mustard. Like the mint, but practical me would choose black.

    - Tracy

  59. I love these bags! The yellow one might be my favorite…hard to say.

    - kayla

  60. The yellow bag is my favorite, but I love them all. Very classic looking bags

    - Karen

  61. I love that mustard yellow one, or the one with the stripes? There all pretty great.

    - Amy

  62. I love that Gracie tote- they’re all gorgeous though! Thanks for hosting this giveaway :)

    - Christy@SweetandSavoring

  63. I like the rose teal.

    - Tammy

  64. I LOVE the Georgia Nautical or the Georgia Herringbone. Nautical would be perfect spring/summer while the herringbone would be perfect for fall/winter. ahh! I’m in love- this would be perfect with my Christmas present (fingers crossed Santa brings a camera!!)

    - Jessica

  65. I soooo wanna win!!

    - carrian

  66. I LOVE the missy, gracie, and millie bags.

    - Jennica Bridgman

  67. i love all the bags! i really need something to carry my dslr in

    - audrey

  68. I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these camera bags for ladies. Now that we have 2 dslrs, I’d love to take on my own look. :)

    - Megan W.

  69. I love them all I think…but anything yellow is best!

    - Melissa Shipman

  70. I am partial to the stripped bag. Such a great fashionable way to carry a camera.

    - Amy

  71. I like the “Rose Coral” (sold out, though), so I’ll go with the “Gracie Magenta.”

    - Audrey

  72. I am just investing in a new camera and this would be perfect for it!

    - McKenzie

  73. That Georgia bag is gorgeous!!!

    - Brittany

  74. :) Love your blogs!

    - Leah

  75. Didn’t say which one… the Noir is my fave!

    - Kim - Liv Life

  76. LOVING the idea of a good camera bag that doesn’t have everyone saying, “Oh, she has a camera bag”… much nicer than my current version!

    - Kim - Liv Life

  77. I love the Betsy! These are such great bags. Thanks for offering the chance to win.

    - MaryB

  78. These are so lovely & would make a great gift for my daughter who loves to read!

    - SaraC

  79. They are all so cute! I love the striped one!

    - Meredith

  80. The bags are a hit!! I love them all! Hope to win one for our new camera :).

    - Becca

  81. I love the mustard colored one!

    - kalyn

  82. I love these bags! My mom is quite the photographer, and I’d love to give her one of these for Christmas or her birthday.

    - Janelle

  83. i love Jo Totes! this is an awesome giveaway :)

    - brandi

  84. I WANT THEM ALL!!!

    - Kayla Gail

  85. I like the Georgia plaid or the herringbone.

    - Maureen

  86. My favorite is the Millie Mint!!

    - Brittnee Waters

  87. Ca-ute bags!

    - Melody Harris

  88. i love the millie marigold!!!! so cute!

    - danielle

  89. I love the georgia tote bag in stripes! Such a cute bag!

    - stefanie phelps

  90. Love the tan and striped one!

    - Maux

  91. oooo . fingers are crossed for the georgia . :) thanks for the giveaway liz!

    - amy

  92. Such a great blog!! And an awesome giveaway!! I love them all, and I especially love the mustard color!!! :)

    - Kaela

  93. I am in love with the Betsy in aqua!

    - Mandy

  94. I love the Georia Herringbone!

    - Mireya

  95. The Georgia Neon, Rose Sugarplum, and Millie Sugarplum are all gorgeous! How could I decide?

    - Erin

  96. I’ve wanted one of these for a while now. I like the Georgia Herringbone, and the Betsy & Allison. Tough to choose!

    - bet

  97. I’ve got my eye on the Betsy!

    - Becca

  98. I love Gracie in the color teal!

    - Sarah Beth

  99. I love the rose bag! Ive had my eye on it forever &now its sold out!

    - Alaina @ Fabtastic Eats

  100. Blue stripes!!! Love

    - Kelly

  101. Loving the mustard yellow one and the messenger bag one!

    - Marnely Rodriguez-Murray

  102. I love the one in yellow! So stylish for a camera bag.

    - Becky B

  103. love the black one!

    - melissa@IWasBornToCook

  104. I love the Gracie Greige tote!

    - Bethany

  105. Love that hot pink bag.

    - Barbara S