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Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup | #crockpot

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup

Can I tell you one thing that makes me unreasonably happy on a day-to-day basis? Strangers smiling at me. Even better? Strangers waving, or nodding, or offering a pleasant hello, or even (my favorite) the ol’ one-finger-raise-on-the-steering wheel. For whatever reason, I always notice those little things and they...

Chicken Enchilada Casserole | #glutenfree

Chicken Enchilada Casserole (“Stacked” Chicken Enchiladas)

My favorite foodie week of the year has finally arrived. Yes, I’m well aware that most people I know get more excited about their annual Thanksgiving turkey-a-thon.  Or the arrival of summer grilling season out in the back deck.  But in my book, the best time of the year...

Mexican Macaroni and Cheese | #pasta

Mexican Macaroni and Cheese

¡Amigos! I’m finally doing it.  I’m cracking open the dictionaries and the textbooks and the verb charts and starting to work on mi español again. It’s been — ohh — about a decade. (Yeesh.) But tickets for a June trip to El Salvador are being booked, I’m feeling the language bug...

Skinny Taco Salad Recipe |

Skinny Taco Salad

Apparently I’ve had tacos on the brain lately. After making a batch of this Skinny Slow Cooker Taco Soup last weekend, I decided to use the leftover ingredients to make this Skinny Taco Salad.  Then on Monday, I had tacos for lunch from my favorite neighborhood burrito bar and...

5 Ingredient Black Bean Soup Recipe -- just five simple ingredients, and this delicious soup is ready to go in 20 minutes! |

5 Ingredient Black Bean Soup

Alright, friends.  I know that it’s the second week of November, so I should be posting Thanksgiving recipes galore.  But I’m not quite feeling the turkey and pumpkin pie cravings yet.  So I decided to dedicate an entire week to another highly-requested topic on the blog: 5-ingredient soup recipes!!!...

Chicken Enchilada Pasta Bake |

Chicken Enchilada Pasta Bake

Last night, I was having a conversation with all of you great folks on our Facebook page about comfort food. The responses were fantastic.  And promptly made me very hungry.  :) From pizzas, to salads, to pot roast, to cheesecake, to chocolate, and on and on, it sounds like...

Creamy Mexican Chicken Pasta Recipe |

Creamy Mexican Chicken Pasta

This Creamy Mexican Chicken Pasta recipe is a sponsored post from ALDI. One week from today, I will be in Chicago — the home of my little sis, BlogHer ’13, and ALDI HQ!  I can’t wait! My little sis is an art teacher and has the summer off, so...

Black Bean and Avocado Breakfast Burritos 1

Black Bean and Avocado Breakfast Burritos

‘I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do.’  ~Margaret Mead I have to admit to you that probably the thing I most...

Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas |

Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas

Confession time. For the first twenty years of my life, I was passionately anti-vegetable. Sure, like most kids, I would happily eat any kind of potatoes, carrots and celery on occasion.  But nearly everything else — tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, mushrooms, cauliflower, asparagus, or basically anything else that was actually good for...

Smoky Black Bean Chili |

Smoky Black Bean Chili

This week I finally spent some long overdue time reorganizing my kitchen cabinets.  As much as I love a beautifully organized pantry, the reality of my life is that: a) I am one of the least naturally organized people I know. b) I live in a loft and have...

Black Bean Chili with Chocolate and Coconut | Gimme Some Oven

Black Bean Chili With Chocolate & Coconut

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of judging my first chili cook-off with my friend Cassie (from Bake Your Day).  And while it was a blast, I have one piece of advice for anyone who ever judges: Take small bites! Oh my goodness. I don’t know if...

Chicken Enchilada Cornbread Pie {Gimme Some Oven}

Chicken Enchilada Cornbread Pie

You all know my obsession with chicken enchiladas. And from your emails, I know that many of you seem to have obsessions with cornbread. So for one of my recipes for Tablespoon this month, we decided to combine the two and create a new one-pan meal — Chicken Enchilada Cornbread Pie!...

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