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Training for the 3-Day (60 mile) Walk for Breast Cancer!

That’s right! I’m excited to announce that this first giveaway of the year is actually sponsored by Reebok, who has actually just released a sweet new line of EasyTone shoes and apparel (check it here), and are encouraging everyone to share their own ideas for making ’11 a healthier new year. I admit that I’ve never been great with New Year’s resolutions (case in point — hoped last year to learn to crochet/knit, but all I have to show for it is half of a potholder!! :S), but I do have a few hopes of my own for this year…

My main goal is to get a little more disciplined with strength training. As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of walking (partly because of the health benefits, partly because I find it a natural and therapeutic form of exercise, and partly because I’ve now recruited a bunch of friends to be walking buddies) — usually log at least 3-4 miles/day.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty inconsistent with anything beyond that. But I know that strength training is the key to just about everything, and my personal trainer friends tell me that even 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference. So, ahem – hear me now. My hope for the year is 5 minutes less a day staring at a computer, and at least 5 simple minutes getting stronger. Whoo! :)

What about you? What area of health and wellness is your focus area for this year? Is it some sort of physical exercise? Healthier eating habits? Seeking a little less stress and mental wellness?

Share your thoughts below and enter to win this giveaway!

$100 Visa Giftcard Giveaway

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  1. We are tracking our food at work and trying to provide healthier options for our weekly potluck.

  2. I’m jumping on the fitness bandwagon, and eating healthier and exercising more. My goal is to lose 50 pounds because my husband promised me a new wardrobe if I do it!!!

  3. I keep telling myself I’m going to start running again. Here’s hoping I actually do!

  4. I plan to start jogging! I don’t do nearly enough physical work and my body is starting to get too tired too easily.

  5. One of my friends and I just started meeting with a personal trainer once a week. Had our first workout last nigh and I am SORE today!

  6. I am going to try and eat more whole, unprocessed foods as well as try new fitness activities such as Core Fusion and yoga at a real studio.

  7. Getting outside with my friends and family is going to lead to a lot more exercise without even realizing it!

  8. Also tweeted about the contest!/StuffedWitFluff/status/22408205061591040


  9. My goals for the 2011 are to CONTINUE to challenge myself in my workouts and find fun new ways to get fit! I try to work out in the early morning so that I cannot come up with excuses at the end of the day in order to skip exericse! I cut out fast food/quick restaurants (anything and EVERYTHING but Subway) last July and I hope to keep that up this year as I have never felt better :)

  10. I want to try walking more, eating healthy and drinking lots of water.

  11. My theme for 2011 is Try It! I plan on trying new things in the gym, kitchen and city I live in. First up for the gym is zumba – I hear people love it, but I’m a little nervous!

  12. I plan to play more, I mean exercise more in the new year.

  13. Well, I have big goals! I am gonna be healthier by losing that last 20 pounds,running every day and eating much healthier foods! I also plan on trying to get into yoga which I struggle with,it kind of bores me.I really want to like it and use it to manage stress.


  15. I want to cultivate an attitude of gratitude for the new year. 2010 was a difficult year and I know 2011 can be better if I focus on what is right instead of what is wrong.

  16. I have become really committed to my health and fitness in the last couple of months. One of my resolutions for this year is to cut out as much processed food as possible. But this giveaway would certainly help me with my bootcamp in the mornings!

  17. I am a runner but also weak on the strength training front. I plan to incorporate daily exercises but most importantly, I have committed to walk or run 2 miles every day for 365 days! So far I have done it 4 days in a row.

  18. I’m going to try and cut out excess carbs!

  19. I’m going to work out 3x/wk, run a 1/2 marathon, meal plan every month, eat no meat in restaurants, avoid HFCS, and go meatless 1 day per week at home!

  20. My plans for a healthier 2011 center around less. A little less sugar. A little less wine. A little less sitting on my backside blogging. I think it’ll work. But killer shoes would help!

  21. I’m having surgery in a couple of days, and my “resolution” is to follow the directions of my physical therapist. Hopefully, it won’t be long before I can walk through the neighborhood. Reebok and I go WAY back on this; it’s my favorite way to exercise, because it doesn’t feel like work. Post-surgery, I’ll have to watch what I eat more than ever: All that inactivity means I won’t be able to eat as much as usual.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  22. Tweeted you!

  23. My focus for the new year is to not only work out at least three to four times a week but to eat healthier. I’m guilty of loving junk food a little too much and am ready to turn over a new healthier leaf! :)

  24. lose weight and eat healthy!

  25. I plan to make 2011 healthier by losing 30 lbs and staying active at my gym. I started this goal last year and I hope to meet it this year! I lost 14 lbs last year.

  26. I already am a exercise addict :P but I really want to work on controlling my portions, drinking more water and eating more fruits!!!

  27. tweeted!!/jamnsfld76/status/22439913328746497

  28. Resolutions:

    To have a little more patience, and to stop stressing about things I cannot control.

    To figure out priorities and set goals and then take the steps to accomplish those goals . . . working on setting up that habit right now :)

    Oh – I ran my first 10K last year, and I want to do it again and improve my time :)

    Lots of resolutions for this year!

  29. My husband and I are committed to finishing P90X! We’ve started and stopped several times but we are going to give it a good go. Day 7 and going strong!

  30. Sooo….. To make this year a healthier year? I think mostly to walk more place. I live in the cutest little historic downtown district that has EVERYTHING within walking distance and yet I still find myself driving. So my goal at this point is to walk everywhere unless it’s raining.

  31. I have alot of plans to get my act together for 2011! lol

    I have lost 70 lbs and have kept almost all of it off:) BUT I still wanna lose about 20 more!! I do drink alot of water and walk ALOT but I do slip up and eat sweets too much(my weakness)

    I want to workout more and also get the people that are stressing me out of my life!

    thank you for the chance to win!!


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  33. After moving from Berlin, where I walked all of the time, I realize that now that I am back in the States I need to try to move more.

  34. Organization of my time! Oh hoe easy things could be!

  35. My Health Resolution won’t kick in until mid-March (I’m having a baby in early February), but my plans include trying out a fitness boot camp!

  36. I am tracking what I eat and hoping to add more fruits and vegetables into my diet. As well as starting a walking schedule.


    To make my year healthier, I’m taking pole dancing classes, yoga, and cutting soda completely out of my diet. My goal is to drop two dress sizes by July.

  38. I plan to spend less and save more to buy a house!

  39. I walk my dogs a few times a week for exercise. I’m also giving up pop and limiting my sugar intake.


  41. We got the new Wii Active 2 for Christmas and although it is kicking my butt, I am loving the work outs. I used to log in about 3 miles of walks a day (I am not fairing as well in the colder temps), so I totally agree that they are one of the best ways to get active. I need strength training too, let me know if you have any tips. Strength training has always been my work out nemesis. :)

  42. Ali, I am going to start training for another tri with some friends – specifically increasing my miles run each week – and eat more fresh veggies!

  43. less dessert, more veggies. that’s where i need to begin!

  44. My focus area this year will be TONING! I recently had a baby (2 months ago), I lost most of my baby weight, but I am SO flabby now! I need to get my abs, butt, legs & arms back in shape, not only for me, but for my husband too. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer, so that I can go for walks/jogs with the baby. Here’s to a TONED UP 2011!

  45. My goal for the year 2011 is to eat healthier and lighter versions of all the foods I love. I want to be more concious of what is going into my mouth and not just eating because of emotions. Also, I want to go to the gym 4 times a week! Wish me luck!

  46. I have lost 100lbs and kept it off through diet and exercise for the past 3 years! I plan to finish start running this year and complete the P90X program!

  47. I plan on making 2011 a healthier year by staying away from fast food and exercising more often

  48. I’m going to eat more vegetables!

  49. This year I want to focus on toning my body. I’m going to start doing yoga and pilates and try to eat healthier foods.

  50. I tweeted: