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$50 homegoods giftcard giveaway

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Ho, ho, ho! Time for a little Christmas season giveaway from one of my all-time favorite stores — HomeGoods!

For any of you who aren’t familiar with this store, it’s basically a Marshalls or TJMaxx store’s home section (including gourmet foods!)….on steroids. Aisles upon aisles of awesomeness for your home. My friends and family will tell you I’m a huge fan. Whenever people come to my house and ask about cute dishes, or decor, or my collection of funky pastas…more often than not, you can guess my answer. Love it!

It is also one of my favorite places to buy really great quality gifts at stellar prices. So when HomeGoods and BlogHer asked me to spend my own $50 giftcard on Christmas gifts to show, I jumped at the chance! Without a doubt, wanted to spend it on my newlywed sister and brother-in-law (who is also my rockin’ web designer for the site). They’re both major foodies, so I had a blast shopping for some fun (and very affordable!) new finds for their kitchen!

Read on to see what I found, and scroll to the bottom of the page to enter the $50 HomeGoods giftcard giveaway. Best of luck!

***This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Jeanette for winning! (See below.)***

A little snapshot of the newlyweds

So, I called my sister to check in, thinking I might have to come up with some ideas for them. I should have known better…

Sarah: Hi!

Me: Hey, guess what? I just got a giftcard from HomeGoods in the mail, and they’d like me to buy some fun affordable Christmas presents for someone special.

Sarah: I’m special!

Me: I agree. So what would you like? I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but they have all sorts of great decor, or stuff for your bathroom. Or there’s tons of stuff for your kitchen — you know, serving dishes, little kitchen gadgets, cool gourmet foods, teas, coff—–

Sarah: [without missing a beat]—–Um, I can tell you exactly what we’d want.

Me: Ok…?

Sarah: Some cute ramekins (something more fun than the plain white from our wedding registry), a tart pan, and a cookie scoop.

Me: Wow, you were ready for that.

Sarah: Mmmmm, yep. Do you think they’d have those.

Me: Definitely.

Sarah: Sweet. Thanks!

The briliant thing is that even after finding each of these items, I still had plenty left on the giftcard! So decided to get them one little surprise they didn’t ask for — one of my favorite cookbooks from Martha. They’re big cookie bakers, so I figured it could go along well with the scoop. :)  All in all, the totals came up to: set of ramekins ($9.99), cookie scoop ($8.99), tart pan ($6.99) and cookbook ($15.99). Can’t beat that.

Now it’s a lucky reader’s time to go shopping! Here’s the giveaway info:

$50 Home Goods Giftcard Giveaway

Entry Requirements:

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

  • Leave a comment about what you would love to use the giftcard to buy at Home Goods
  • Tweet about this post ( and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post
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  • Read the official rules for alternate forms of entry
  • Giveaway contest ends at 5 PM PST on December 29, 2010

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected. The Official Rules are available here.

Also check out other BlogHer bloggers’ posts about their great HomeGoods finds here!

Disclosure: I have been compensated by BlogHer to review HomeGoods.

***Congrats to Jeanette who is the winner of this giveaway!***

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185 comments on “$50 homegoods giftcard giveaway”

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  1. I would get some new glam holiday pillows for the living room!

  2. I’d love buy a couple of accessories for my new living/dining room to go with the cute new lamps I purchased from Homegoods last week :D


    *crossing my fingers*!!

  4. I would use it to build up my growing kitchen tool selection (i’m still in college, but its starting) with a tart pan and some other cool gadgets

  5. I blogged about your giveaway at:

  6. I’ve only been in my first apt about 6 months and almost all of my kitchen stuff is from Home Goods! Love it there! I’d love some new kitchen gadgets or decor :)

  7. Hmmm…I would love to get some loaf pans and cake pans for my new kitchen…I’ve been itching to make some poppyseed bread to give away fro Christmas goodies at the office! :) Or that wine rack I saw there the other day….it is a bad ting to have a Homegoods store a mile down the road…just sayin :)

  8. Ohhh…my baby sister is pregnant with her first baby – her and her Navy husband need all things baby! This would be the perfect opportunity to buy them a few items!

  9. I would so love to get a real glamed out cupcake tower I saw there with Crystals hanging off of it. It would so complete my holiday party!

  10. I would use it for some muffin pans and cookie sheets.

  11. Oo! I love those ramekins! But I have also been really wanted some fun colorful bowls!

  12. I would get a new casserole dish because our old one broke :(

  13. everything…. If I have to pick one… I need serving utensils

  14. I would look for a tagine and a Moroccan cookbook!

  15. I just cleaned my oven for the first time in nine years and am ready to start baking—but I need to buy all the necessary equipment first!

  16. I would buy a gift for my mom & dad – a frame for a photo taken by my mom of our new dog :)

  17. I`m not sure! Either something new for the kitchen or bedding!

  18. Some cute dessert plates.

  19. fun kitchen gadgets!

  20. I would love to get some things to spruce up the guest bathroom. It’s plain and lame! It needs some sparkle.

  21. I would use this to buy a cake stand and a trifle dish, and probably many other things because $50 does go a LONG way at homegoods!!

  22. Ooh ooh! So much to choose from. I have to say I’d start with the ramekins too – already on my Christmas list!

  23. I could really use a big casserole dish, some serving spoons (where do they keep disappearing to???), and some nice fluffy bath towels!

  24. Being a money-crunching college student, I absolutely love HomeGoods! I would use the gift certificate to buy home decor and a doughnut pan if I can find one!

  25. we just remodeled our bathroom and have been looking for things to decorate it with. I LOVE THAT STORE!

  26. As much as I want to scream serveware, I really need a kitchen table. We just bought a new home and we’re still eating on the coffee table!

  27. I have been wanting a new curtain for my craft room closet door to add some color to the room.

  28. I’ve never been to a HomeGoods! I need a tart pan, springform pan, ramekins with torch, and good tongs for my kitchen!

  29. Would love to get some new drinking/juice glasses and some of the terrific gourmet food items for the holidays!

  30. I totally need some living room decor…or maybe some kitchen utensils…or a waffle maker…or a scale…yeah, I have no idea how I’d spend it, but it’ll get spent!

  31. I would get a ton of kitchen tools!

  32. I would definitely get some baking pans/sheets. I’ve been wanting a loaf pan for awhile now.

  33. A new cutting board or maybe even to help pay for a cutlery set

  34. I would give the giftcard to my sister. She is in the process of buying a house and she would love it! :)

  35. I LOVE HomeGoods (and so does my husband)! We just got married too and we are desperate for some fun stuff to hang on our very bare walls of our new house!

  36. I would love to buy some cute accessories for my guest room!

  37. I would love this, because we’re moving into our first house next month and need TONS of decorations, and, being a huge foodie, I’m always looking for fun kitchen stuff.

  38. I’d buy pillow cases, candles, kitchen towels, and maybe a cake plate.

  39. I could so use some new sheets and some lighting in the master bedroom.

  40. I could use a new pillow for my bed and some lamps in the main room

  41. Ohh there’s too many things to think about buying….but I would like some new lamps!!

  42. I thought you got hitched when I saw the picture! Congrats to your sister.

    I would buy some food items, like olives and Himalayan sea salt, as well as Christmasy kitchen towels, a German wooden ornament that they have every year, and maybe some new Cuisinart knives.

  43. Oh man, the choices. I think I would use it towards funky gourmet food or towards a dutch oven!

  44. Just Tweeted about this great give-away!!/dianna_kay

  45. I’m obsessed with anything baking. I think I would stock up on cute dishes, little pans, cupcake tins, sprinkles….you get the idea. :-)

  46. I would definitely get a new cookie sheet and I could use a cookie scoop as well…oh and probably a lot of impulse purchases while I am there ;)

  47. I would love to get some nice lamps! HomeGoods has the most amazing lamps :) What a great giveaway!

  48. Your sister got it right! I’d love to get some ramekins @ Home Goods!

  49. I need a mirror for my entryway!

  50. Love Home Goods! Definitely some new throw pillows and probably some glass mixing/serving bowls. Or glass food storage containers.