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$50 homegoods giftcard giveaway

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Ho, ho, ho! Time for a little Christmas season giveaway from one of my all-time favorite stores — HomeGoods!

For any of you who aren’t familiar with this store, it’s basically a Marshalls or TJMaxx store’s home section (including gourmet foods!)….on steroids. Aisles upon aisles of awesomeness for your home. My friends and family will tell you I’m a huge fan. Whenever people come to my house and ask about cute dishes, or decor, or my collection of funky pastas…more often than not, you can guess my answer. Love it!

It is also one of my favorite places to buy really great quality gifts at stellar prices. So when HomeGoods and BlogHer asked me to spend my own $50 giftcard on Christmas gifts to show, I jumped at the chance! Without a doubt, wanted to spend it on my newlywed sister and brother-in-law (who is also my rockin’ web designer for the site). They’re both major foodies, so I had a blast shopping for some fun (and very affordable!) new finds for their kitchen!

Read on to see what I found, and scroll to the bottom of the page to enter the $50 HomeGoods giftcard giveaway. Best of luck!

***This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Jeanette for winning! (See below.)***

A little snapshot of the newlyweds

So, I called my sister to check in, thinking I might have to come up with some ideas for them. I should have known better…

Sarah: Hi!

Me: Hey, guess what? I just got a giftcard from HomeGoods in the mail, and they’d like me to buy some fun affordable Christmas presents for someone special.

Sarah: I’m special!

Me: I agree. So what would you like? I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but they have all sorts of great decor, or stuff for your bathroom. Or there’s tons of stuff for your kitchen — you know, serving dishes, little kitchen gadgets, cool gourmet foods, teas, coff—–

Sarah: [without missing a beat]—–Um, I can tell you exactly what we’d want.

Me: Ok…?

Sarah: Some cute ramekins (something more fun than the plain white from our wedding registry), a tart pan, and a cookie scoop.

Me: Wow, you were ready for that.

Sarah: Mmmmm, yep. Do you think they’d have those.

Me: Definitely.

Sarah: Sweet. Thanks!

The briliant thing is that even after finding each of these items, I still had plenty left on the giftcard! So decided to get them one little surprise they didn’t ask for — one of my favorite cookbooks from Martha. They’re big cookie bakers, so I figured it could go along well with the scoop. :)  All in all, the totals came up to: set of ramekins ($9.99), cookie scoop ($8.99), tart pan ($6.99) and cookbook ($15.99). Can’t beat that.

Now it’s a lucky reader’s time to go shopping! Here’s the giveaway info:

$50 Home Goods Giftcard Giveaway

Entry Requirements:

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

  • Leave a comment about what you would love to use the giftcard to buy at Home Goods
  • Tweet about this post ( and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post
  • Blog about this post ( and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post
  • Read the official rules for alternate forms of entry
  • Giveaway contest ends at 5 PM PST on December 29, 2010

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected. The Official Rules are available here.

Also check out other BlogHer bloggers’ posts about their great HomeGoods finds here!

Disclosure: I have been compensated by BlogHer to review HomeGoods.

***Congrats to Jeanette who is the winner of this giveaway!***

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185 comments on “$50 homegoods giftcard giveaway”

  1. I LOVE Home Goods! I’d stock up on some loaf pans- I really want to start baking bread, but it’s difficult when I don’t have anything to bake the bread in! I’d also get some holiday decorations, a cupcake stand or storage container, and some other fun kitchen gadgets…

  2. My newly married brother and sister-in-law have just moved into their new place and they are in desperate need of getting all their kitchen supplies! I would love to give them the gift card!

  3. I’d like to buy gifts for everyone in my office (The office is small–thats 4 people besides myself)

  4. I’d love to get the jewelry organizer – the one with a blank body canvas type thing – I don’t know what it’s called – but it looks fancy and pretty. I’d also stock up on some Red platter ware from there. I love how they section everything into colors…everything red (plates, bowls, knicknacks) I would set my eyes on!!

  5. Can’t say I have been to one, but would stock up on kitchen items I am sure.

  6. I love kitchen “stuff”. Use it too. Never heard of this store, but it sounds like a place I’d be willing to drive a little ways to visit. Take several cloth shopping bags with me too.

  7. I would totally buy a couple new white serving dishes. I’ve been using the same huge square one to take pictures on forever! I would also get some spices and oils!

  8. Homegoods is my favorite place! I love the selection of dishes and seasonal items!

  9. I would definately use this to buy my mom some new kitchen utensils. She needs them bad!

  10. Stuff for the nursery that I’m going to have to decorate soon!

  11. I would probably go straight to the kitchen section. My favorite place to be!

  12. i would love to buy some new cookware!!

  13. Also, on a non giveaway note… I know you are super busy, but we are doing a holiday blogging event and would love if you could join! let me know if you are interested… i will be doing a post with more details this week.

  14. I love Home Goods! There is this white vase with quatrefoil cutouts that I want so bad! Everytime I go there I eye it up… hoping it will still be there, but knowing I don’t need it.

  15. I wrote what I would use it for on my blog:
    Thank you :)

  16. twitter@violarulz, I have NO idea what the URL is, how do you find it?

  17. This is my favorite store for shopping! I’d use it to buy a couple donut pans- I’ve been DYING to start making donuts and this seems like the perfect opportunity! My family would be overjoyed!

  18. non-melted spatulas and stuff! also, knives that aren’t dull and from a shared college kitchen

  19. Definitely a candy thermometer and a pie dish!

  20. I would love to get more kitchen stuff!

  21. I would use the gift card to get a copy of the Martha Stewart Cookie book for myself and with whatever was left give more copies of the book to my baking friends! I got the book from the library a couple days ago and I’m addicted to it now! :)

  22. We just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. We could use many new things for our home :)

  23. Home goods is one of my favorite stores ever! Not only can I find products that are fantastic as well as unique, I can also always get a great deal. I would use the gift card for buying my mother some new pots and pans for her kitchen. She’s been using the same old things since before I was even born! And though old can be good, I think she definitely deserves some nice new things this year.

  24. I love all types of serving dishes! What a great store!!!!!! And a fun giveaway!!!

  25. I would love to buy new cooking things for my kitchen. I’m in my second year of college and love to cook, so I need ramekins and bake-ware and cookware and basically everything.

  26. I would LOVE to use this certificate to give to my mother-in-law who loves everything that has to do with the “home.” Great idea for a giveaway!

  27. I dont know how to get the url for my tweet..but i follow you on twitter and tagged you in the post!!/LongSamantha

  28. We are moving into a new house next week – I would buy all sorts of new decor!

  29. I would love to buy new glass jars for my kitchen and maybe a nice lamp too. I feel like I’m always needing more jars and lamps in life.

  30. I love Home Goods! I would definately use this gift card for a cupcake stand or holiday decorations.

  31. I need a new good set of pots and pans! So I would put the $50 towards that, but goodness knows i’d probably come out with hundreds of dollars worth of goodies!

  32. Whenever I go into Home Goods with my mom, I always end up wanting to buy everything in the store! We joke about how if we ever win the lottery, that’ll be one of our first stops. Obviously $50 isn’t going to get me one of everything, but I’d love to use it to buy some small casserole dishes, various tart and baking pans, and a nice tea pot.

  33. We are buyinga new house so there are any number of items that I would purchase. The $50 gift card would make a nice dent in the inevitably large grand total. :)

  34. I also love home goods. I would buy a rug, lamp, or picture frames.

  35. I like to get pots and pans.


  36. Your sister had some great ideas! I’ve been wanting a tart pan as well, along with a springform pan. I can’t make all these glorious cheesecakes i’ve been seeing without it!

  37. I tweeted!

  38. Awesome! I’d definitely purchase a baking stone and a candy thermometer! And an ice cream/cookie scoop!!

  39. I would get some serving dishes for the holidays

  40. I tweeted about giveaway!/Terri6580/status/9772171521949697

  41. I’d get new linens or dishes for entertaining!

  42. I’d use the gift card to buy some new bedding for my guest rooms.


  44. I’d love to buy some new pans!

  45. There are so many things that I could use in my house…I am not a gifted decorator! Not to mention fun kitchen stuff!

  46. I don’t tweet or blog, so I just read the rules for another entry!

  47. new sheets!

  48. Wow! Apparently, there is a HomeGoods store 3 miles away and I never knew – must check it out!

  49. I would love to spend it on some of the random gadgets for the kitchen that you need but don’t always want to spend money on.