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Ali Ebright, blogger at Gimme Some Oven | gimmesomeoven.comHey!  My name is Ali, and I’m really happy that you’re here.

I’m the blogger behind Gimme Some Oven, and I’m all about creating recipes that are fresh, creative, quick, easy, and perfect for sharing with those you love.

I do all of the photo-taking, recipe-creating, food-styling, and lots of taste-testing around here.  And I also enjoy sprinkling in lots of stories about life in Kansas City, where I spend my days cooking, adventuring, book-clubbing, music-playing, pour-over-coffee-drinking, DIY-project-ing, and soaking up lots of time hanging with some great friends.  Oh, and hanging out with my #1 sidekick and crumb catcher — my sweet pup, Henry.  (Feel free to take a peek at life behind the scenes on my personal Instagram.)

So what’s the story behind this blog?

Well, one of my favorite things on earth is getting to spend time around the table with good people and good food.  All the better when that food is tasty and prepared homemade.  And, if you ask me, all the better when that food is quick and easy to prepare, so that you can spend more time hanging out and making memories with those you love, instead of getting stuck in the kitchen stressing over a soufflé.

So I started this blog as a hobby back in 2009, simply as a place where I could organize all of my favorite recipes so that I could return to them again and again.  And years later, I’m thrilled that it has grown into a place that many of you now return to as well.  Seriously, it makes my heart so dang happy whenever I see photos or read comments about you trying out these recipes, or reading any of the articles on here.  So thank you so much for being here — it really means a lot!

If this is your first time visiting the blog, I’d recommend starting out by browsing our mega recipe index of simple and amazing recipes, that also now includes options for various dietary needs.  Feel free to also explore our Life and DIY sections on the page, and come say hi on social media if you’re on InstagramPinterestFacebook or Twitter.  We respond to recipe questions in the comment sections at the bottom of each post, but if you want to touch base about anything else (including business partnerships), just drop us a note on our contact page.

Thanks again for stopping by, and I wish you many delicious days ahead!

♥ Ali

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271 comments on “About Ali”

  1. Okay, it’s official, you are my favorite go-to site for recipes! (It pains me to tell Ina that she’s now #2). I can’t tell you how many of your recipes I’ve made and I’ve never had one I didn’t like! I just made your slow cooker black bean soup and dinner rolls as part of my dinner, very good! I hate conventional salads and you have so many really, really good ones! (Sorry, my extended family now calls asks me to make MY Ramen noodle salad!) I have referred quite a few friends to your site for great, fresh recipes. So keep doing what you’re doing, it makes the rest of us look good!

    Thank you,

    Debbie Hannigan

  2. Hello, I just tried you “best ever” enchiladas and made your enchilada sauce from scratch as well..OMG you were not kidding, I don’t think I have had better at an actual Mexican restaurant..So impressed. I never have liked the store bought enchilada sauce but this one was amazing…I look forward to trying more of your recipes for sure !!

    • Thanks for sharing, Margie — we’re so happy you enjoyed both the recipes! :D

  3. Thank you for sharing how your man makes every occasion is a date. I lost my husband 3 years ago this coming April 2nd, we had date night every week, I think about it now when I am sitting alone, how I miss those dates after 43 1/2 years of marriage. I really appreciate your sharing of this information, it made Friday night a little more bearable knowing you were having a date today or tomorrow.

  4. Thank you so much Ali for your beautiful and captivating website. The pictures are so startling that I read recipes that I normally would not even look at, such as “Instant Pot Crispy Carnitas”. I was lured onto your website by a picture of you Overnight Cinnamon Rolls recipe and I am hooked. The beautiful vibrant colors have made me make a pledge to myself. I am making a list of vegetables I want to start using again and I PROMISED myself that on my next shopping trip I am going to shop first for veggies and then add in healthy meats. I will also add some new spices and herbs. My husband Chris and I had been eating much more healthy lately until we had a recent setback. Chris fell on December 22 and broke his ankle horribly and lay in the flour for 4 hours until I returned home. He had mistakenly left his phone in his jacket pocket hanging on the back of a chair in our kitchen and he could not reach it. Long story short, there have been multiple hospital stays, surgery redone, wound therapy, numerous doctor visits that have brought our lives to a halt since his fall. We are now still facing 2 more months of hopefully improved healing. Friends and family have been providing meals but,the great part is both our appetites are picking back up and your beautiful website has made me long to “cook with thought again”. I promise my next email will not be so long, but if I may I would like to let you know how it goes when I try some of your recipes. The first will be your “Chicken Bacon and Avocado Salad”. I am saving the Cinnamon Rolls for a Thank you brunch I plan to have for friends at a later date. THANKS FOR YOUR INSPIRATION! Belinda

  5. I just made your 30 minute beef stroganoff. It was wonderful! Thank you!

  6. Hello Ali

    I am a mother of four older children. Only 2 teenager boys at home now. My New Year’s resolution was to start making at least one new recipe a month. I found your web site and it has been amazing!
    I snap chat with my kids. One morning before going to work I snapped the story preparing your slow cooker chicken enchilada soup. It was easy to make and made a fun snap story. My boys LOVED it!!!
    My daughter in college called and said, mom I need that recipe. I want to have friends over and it looked easy to do. She made it and her friends loved it so much they made it again the next day.
    Keep up the good recipes! Mary from Bismarck ND

  7. Wow, my class thinks your recipes are the bomb! Thanks Alli!

  8. This is my first time pay a visit at here and i am actually pleassant to read all at alone

  9. Looking forward to exploring this gorgeous site. Great design. If the food is as good as it looks….yum!

    • Thanks for your sweet words, Randy, we hope you can try some of the recipes soon! :)

  10. Hi Ali,
    I’d like to try the non-bake energy bites but I need more protein in them.
    I think people often add protein powder, usually vanilla; can you suggest how much protein powder should be added, please?

    • Hi Tim! You could add some protein powder to these, and we would just suggest one scoop. You may need to add a bit more liquid to the mixture though (a little more peanut butter and/or water, just to achieve the right consistency). We hope this helps and that you enjoy them!

  11. Congratulations! I recognize the Union Station in your photo! Mary in Kansas City

  12. Hi, Ali,
    Congrats on the recent nuptials! As a fellow (and now former) Kansas City girl, I’m really enjoying your references to all that KC has to offer (and recognize all most of all of them). I’m back on the East coast now, but sure do miss KC. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and all your recipes. Your my “go to” website that I visit on most days, especially when I’m needing a new idea for dinner!
    Thanks again, Ali! Enjoy the belated honeymoon!

  13. I have lived in Kansas City my whole life. Go Chiefs and Royals. Love your recipes!

  14. Thank-you Ali for great recipes and helpful tips.
    Congratulations to both on your wedding.
    God Bless

  15. I’ve made tons of your recipes for several years and just realized you’re also in KC! I knew there was a reason I kept coming back to your site! Ha!

    • Thank you for your sweet words, Daphne! We’re so glad you enjoy the blog! :)

  16. Have made this dish twice and absolutely love it….have never brined b/4 but will do so from now on…thanks for great easy fun recipes…always enjoy getting e-mail from your site

    • Thank you for sharing, Pauline — we’re so glad you enjoyed the chicken!

  17. I love your recipes! I have severe food allergies, which makes it difficult to find recipes that are gluten free, soy free and vegan. Is there a way to be able to add a “Allergy friendly” category to your search options?
    Or, do you have any recommendations for me?

  18. Ali, as a lover of Tequila and especially Margaritas, I cannot believe my luck in finding your site.

    You have some amazing recipes and I will try and then tweak them to perfection.

    Fortunately I live in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada and blessed with access to fresh-off-the-tree fruit all summer long



  19. Wow your cauliflower soup is the best Ive ever had!! Im making a double match today because the last batch went too fast!!

  20. Ali! Love the blog. Can’t wait to cook together in Barcelona! Danny’s NY Mama! BJ Adler

  21. Just discovered this site. Tried the Slow Cooker Potato Soup and it was awesome. My husband gave
    it a 10 which is the highest rating. I’ll be frequenting this often.

  22. Omg! I just stumbled upon this beautifully constructed site! So much inspiration. Beautiful!!!!

  23. Wow, sounds incredible Ali. I am a single female discovering how important healthy and FUN eating is! I am not a techie at all (don’t even own a Smart phone; no T.V. for over 10 years through choice – I can download anything on my laptop, right?!!), but really enjoy reading about interesting topics online, and love your great recipes! I am leery of subscribing to most things online as I really guard my privacy, loathe fake people and excessive promoting, have a limited income and actually often times prefer to read real BOOKS!. But you strike me as a real person, who truly walks your talk so I shall subscribe! Eek! thanks for your great blog:)

  24. Hey Ali!
    My name is Cyndi and I’m a native Arizonan. I guess they call us Zoni’s? :) Anyway, my wonderful husband and I live in Fountain Hills and I’ve been using your recipes for about 2 years now so I figured it was high time I introduce myself.
    I love everything about you and your life and your new husband and your dogs! We have 2 dogs…Annie (our golden retriever) and Drama, yes you heard right…Drama (our female rescue border collie mix). Trust me, the name fits the dog, ha! And I LOVE that you guys took a leap of faith and moved to Barcelona.
    I’m half Spanish, half English. My mom’s family came from Madrid, Spain and my dad’s from Cornwall, England. Nice mix.
    Anyway, you are simply ADORABLE & BEAUTIFUL and I always look forward to your recipes.

  25. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes! They look great!!!

  26. Mmm! Recipes look fantastic!

  27. Thank you for providing this blog. It is my first time visiting and the recipe you provided for baked chicken was great. Although I am over 50, after many years of eating out or fast food, I want to learn to be a good cook. This was a very nice place to start.

  28. Hello! I have followed your site for a while and made several of your yummy recipes. I recently signed up for your newsletter and loved seeing the highlights of your trip to Madrid and that you’re living now in Barcelona. I am an American living in nearby Luxembourg with my family, going on 2 years now. I LOVE living in Europe, but definitely agree, there is a lot to learn and understand – culturally, politically and bureacratically. :)

    I’m a dietitian and mom, and love cooking. Keep those amazing recipes coming. And if you ever want to visit Luxembourg, let me know. I’d be happy to show you around!