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Ali Ebright, blogger at Gimme Some Oven | gimmesomeoven.comHey!  My name is Ali, and I’m really happy that you’re here.

I’m the blogger behind Gimme Some Oven, and I’m all about creating recipes that are fresh, creative, quick, easy, and perfect for sharing with those you love.

I do all of the photo-taking, recipe-creating, food-styling, and lots of taste-testing around here.  And I also enjoy sprinkling in lots of stories about life in Kansas City, where I spend my days cooking, adventuring, book-clubbing, music-playing, pour-over-coffee-drinking, DIY-project-ing, and soaking up lots of time hanging with some great friends.  Oh, and hanging out with my #1 sidekick and crumb catcher — my sweet pup, Henry.  (Feel free to take a peek at life behind the scenes on my personal Instagram.)

So what’s the story behind this blog?

Well, one of my favorite things on earth is getting to spend time around the table with good people and good food.  All the better when that food is tasty and prepared homemade.  And, if you ask me, all the better when that food is quick and easy to prepare, so that you can spend more time hanging out and making memories with those you love, instead of getting stuck in the kitchen stressing over a soufflé.

So I started this blog as a hobby back in 2009, simply as a place where I could organize all of my favorite recipes so that I could return to them again and again.  And years later, I’m thrilled that it has grown into a place that many of you now return to as well.  Seriously, it makes my heart so dang happy whenever I see photos or read comments about you trying out these recipes, or reading any of the articles on here.  So thank you so much for being here — it really means a lot!

If this is your first time visiting the blog, I’d recommend starting out by browsing our mega recipe index of simple and amazing recipes, that also now includes options for various dietary needs.  Feel free to also explore our Life and DIY sections on the page, and come say hi on social media if you’re on InstagramPinterestFacebook or Twitter.  We respond to recipe questions in the comment sections at the bottom of each post, but if you want to touch base about anything else (including business partnerships), just drop us a note on our contact page.

Thanks again for stopping by, and I wish you many delicious days ahead!

♥ Ali

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271 comments on “About Ali”

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  1. Ali-Your site looks so amazing!  Great job!  I feel like I just gained weight just from looking at the front page.  Delish!

  2. Hi Ali!

    I write the Come Into My Kitchen column in the Kansas City Star.

    You have been nominated for inclusion – – would you send me your contact information, and we can discuss? Thanks!

    Alison (Ali) Ebright is a very personable young woman who has a great food blog, gimmesomeoven.com which features delicious recipes and mouth-watering photos. She lives in the Brookside/Waldo area. You can find her on Facebook, too.
    Beverly E Brejcha

  3. A cold day here in the city with snow forecasted that never materialized. Here at our firestation we were racking our brains what to cook. We ended up making the chicken enchiladas for lunch and the slow cooker chili for dinner. I’d put up a picture if there was a way. Thanks for the great ideas Ali. I think we we be perusing the site for recipes to cook here.

  4. Hi Ali, you site is awesome! I truly love what you said about the best things in life is to sit around the table with good people and good food; but don’t forget to add in the good wine and beer that goes along side these two components as well.

    Thanks for sharing your life and adventures with all of us!

  5. I need to proof read before I hit the submit button; I meant to say “Your Site is Awesome!” not You site, I’m a dork!

  6. First off, You are stunningly beautiful ! Hard to believe your single unless you want to be but your one fine catch in my book. I’m an aspiring traditional Italian Chef and I’m going to try your Alfredo tonight with home made shrimp filled raviolis and think the light Alfredo will work well with that. I’ll let you know how it turns out. got to go make some pasta dough right now. 

  7. Hi Ali!
    I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog today!! I also live in a loft in the KC River Market. I love your blog already and can’t wait to keep reading it. Thanks for sharing your life in Kansas City :)

  8. Hello Ali,
    I found your blog and I am in love! Crazy, beautiful photos! I haven’t been blogging very long, so I really appreciate when seasoned bloggers share their experiences and knowledge to help others. Thanks so very much!
    By the way, I read that you will be spending February in Austin,  I live in the Dallas area, welcome and happy cooking.

  9. I have a pup named Henry too! I want to see a picture of your Henry! : ) 

  10. Hi Ali ~ I stumbled upon your site and am loving the Single section. I’m a single 32 year old (I also have a dog!) and I have been nodding my head like a bobblehead doll, reading your posts. SPOT ON. Thank you for telling it like it is. :)

  11. Love the look.. catchy name.. well done!
    Keep it up.. I look forward making some good ole winter comfort food from your site.. Thanks!

  12. The website seems to have changed and I cannot locate “MY RECIPE BOX”. Can you assist me? Thank you

    • Sorry, Patricia. Ziplist (the program behind the Recipe Box feature) closed down this month. We are looking for a replacement and hope to find one soon!

  13. Hi Ali, 

    Well, I googled for 28 & single and stumbled upon your blog tonight. I love the look and feel of it and it makes me feel better about being single. 

    Keep up the good work pretty one! 

    Lots of love, all the way from Pakistan! 

    – Annie. 

  14. Hi Ali….

    Love… your site and recipes.
    About to try out some myself…
    like to know if your ok if I link some of the recipes to my blog in the future.

    Keep in touch .. sulani

  15. Love your recipe selections and photos, and always look forward to your smiling face! Have a safe trip to Mexico!

  16. Hi,
    My name is Christine – a big fan of yours in Sweden. I love your blog, your recipes and your photos. I have pinned so many of your delicious recipes and I admit to testing them, tweaking them for Swedish readers and using them on my blog. You’re a great inspiration and I just want to thank you for being out there and doing a great job.
    I juggle the blogging with a full-time job and a family, so unfortunately there is no possibly right now for me to make a living out of it, although that would be the dream. It’s a little discouraing living in Sweden in the winter time, trying to take foodie photos when there is complete darkness, as I cook and photograph everything in the evening I find it hard to get nice photos.
    I also feel overwhelmed by the recent technical issues on my site, but after reading your post about this blues all of us bloggers feel from time to time I feel better. 

    Just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy ending to this year!

    Kind Regards

  17. Hi Ali

    I am a Registered Dietitian who enjoys cooking, baking, and being active. I blog for a hobby but would really love to turn it into more! Could you share a bit about how you got your start and what it takes? Thanks!


  18. Hi Ali!
    I love your recipe for the enchilada sauce/enchiladas. I am wondering though if you’ll be posting the recipe for the two delicious looking soups on the site as well (the chicken enchilada soup and the cheesy chicken enchilada soup). They look wonderful and I would love to try and make them but the links underneath the pictures just lead to your site for the regular enchilada recipe! I hope to hear back from you!

  19. I was just wandering is your recipes also healthy?? Or if I can get the calorie intake??
    Many thanks xxx

  20. I literally stumbled across your site about 20 minutes ago thanks to one of your salads on Pinterest. I absolutely HATE to cook, but after reading a couple of your recipes, it looks so simple! I seriously can’t stop drooling. Anyway, I’m so glad I found you my new favorite blogger and I’m looking forward to trying some of these out in my kitchen! (Believe me, you have an awesome blog if it’s inspired ME to cook!) ;)

  21. Love your website- really appreciate the awesome enchilada recipe.  Big crew of folks coming for dinner Sunday looking forawdr to sharing this recipe with them. Ty”

  22. I wanted to send you a little note to let you know how appreciated you are. I used to love cooking a fabulous dinner. Now, two little boys later, it can be such a challenge. Your blog has helped me SO much on those nights when coming up with a dinner plan seems almost as bad as getting a root canal! This blog is my go to when my brain has turned off for the evening. Plus, mexican food is my absolute fav. You had me at enchilada sauce!
    Thanks again,

  23. I’m so glad I found your website!

  24. Good job Ali, happened upon one of your recipes and ended up on your site. I like your greeting and welcome. It has a great feel; friendly and inviting. Just wanting to let you know your doing something right!

  25. Great looking site! Co-worker just shared energy bites with me-love! I am going to make my own this weekend. Look forward to trying out more of your recipes.



  26. Wow…so random.  I pinned your smoothie recipe and went to your blog.  Saw that you live in KC and went to Southwestern.  I’m from Winfield, KS and live in KC.  Thanks for the recipe.

  27. Great to know you.

  28. Hi Ali,

    I found 2 of your salad recipes through Pinterest and I’m now bookmarking your site as one of my go-to recipe sites. I’m excited to try many more of your recipes. They look so good and healthy too.

  29. Just tried the Skinny Fettucine Alfredo recipe and it is truly fast and delicious! I’ve been looking for a good one for some time now, as yours is a winner. It is going in my recipe book – thank you!

  30. You are so pretty! It is so neat to read a food blog full of good recipes from a local girl! My Dax is 2 and has several food allergies/intolerances. I have been lost in your recipes. We have so many food limitations (I’m still nursing him so I follow his diet) that we get tired of the same old things. Thanks for sharing your recipes! 

  31. Damn, are you single?

  32. My husband found your chicken enchilada recipe by chance.  We made them for our kids, exchanging the flour for corn tortillas.  THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!!  I have shared the recipe with friends and can’t wait to try some of the other recipes on your site!  Thanks for sharing all the wonderful ideas!!

    Alicia Zuntag

  33. Ok, here goes, I’m not fat, I’m fluffy, and I’m loving smoothies, and I’ll try 
    this one (Chia seeds go to whole foods for them???), but especially interested
    in your site if you publish more smoothie to help make me less fluffy.
    Thank you and won’t sign up til  I receive an answer so hurry, I’m  aging!!

    • Haha, Leslie, I love smoothies, and I have quite a few in my recipe index, but I intend to keep them coming! And yes, you can find chia seeds at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and co-ops. Enjoy!

  34. I ran across your awesome recipes via Pintrest! I LOVE THEM!! all of your pictures are vibrant and look amazing! Keep up the good work, I’m a fan!!


  35. Have your enchilada soup in the crockpot as I send this message.  One suggestion, however, concerning raw chicken in the crockpot.  With salmonella so prevalent, it would be safer to either poach or bake the chicken ahead, shred, and add the last 30-45 minutes.  Better safe than sorry!

  36. I have a question about your mini pies that you made with the lattice. I wanted to know if these could be frozen after they were cooked and then reheated. My daughter is having a wedding in Oct. and she really wants mini pies. All the bakeries around here are expensive and if we could make these ahead of time it might be able to happen.
    If they could be frozen how do you think they would taste and how far ahead of the wedding could we make them?

  37. Oh WoW! you weren’t kidding. I just made these for a dinner party 2 days from now and I made an extra to taste now. YUM!
    I have  a question though. Can you make ahead of time? and refrigerate? I’m hoping so. I cooked as if eating now and I will put in fridge with foil on top for 2 days until our dinner party (that is how I see it noted on other recipes to do ahead of time). Just wondering if I should maybe have put in UNCOOKED though? Please advise.
    Thank you.

    • Hey Lynn, I’m actually not sure what you’re referring to. I think you meant to comment on a recipe, but accidentally commented in my “about me” section. Let me know which recipe you’re referring to, and I’ll try and answer your questions! : )

  38. Hi Ali! 

    I wanted to get in contact regarding a possible fit between our companies. What email address would be best to contact you or your team at? 



  39. alli all of your recipes gave me diabetes thanks!

  40. now my kids are getting diabetes thanks to you, you need more healty opsions cuz these suc:)

  41. I went on your website by chance and I am very happy because I did it
    . All you do is awesome.

  42. We came across your healthy blog and love it! We could post your article in our Foodie News?!  There are other possibilities too.  Please let me know – Thank You :)

  43. Love the recipe section! Making spinach lasagna (your recipe) because had so much left over spinach and marinara sauce. My go to shrimp dish for my fiancé is your skinny shrimp scampi! Never disappoints! I hope the lasagna is great also! Keep the great recipes coming! Your recipes have truly inspired me to cook!

  44. I cannot even handle how much I like this repost. Like every time I click “next” it’s another pair of amazing ideas!

  45. Omg just made the egg drop.wonderful thank you.had a heart attack back on Jan.5th so this is great for me I used eggs whites green onions and veggie Ritz crackers.One of my new go to comfort dishes thanks again.?

    • Jeff, we’re so sorry to hear you had a heart attack, but we’re glad to year you like the soup! We hope your health is better now!

  46. I always enjoy my visits to your wonderful blog. not sure why I haven’t commented here yet. Love getting to know you a bit more Hugs!

  47. Hey there Ali! I spend tons of time on pintrest looking for new recipes. It took me awhile but I finally realized 90% of  the recipes I try are yours! Just wanted to say thank you! My husband and I are really enjoying dinner again. Obviously,  I finally visited your site. I will definitely be back! Keep up the good work.

    • Cynthia, that’s so sweet, we thank you and your husband for giving so many of our recipes a try! Cheers! :D

  48. Ali…you are adorable!!! I just pinned your chicken breast recipe and as soon as I type this I’m off to BRINE!!! :) I’ll let you know how it goes!!!
    I got so excited when I saw you are from KC!  My daughter moved there two years ago as a newly wed and her husband is actually taking the bar today!!! 
    I was in KC last week actually to go to a meeting that you might’ve been interested in!
    Have you ever head of the THRIVE Experience by Le-Vel?  It is crazy amazing and why I just retired from a 35 year profession in healthcare!!!  I would love to send you a “mini” sample of the THRIVE Experience!!! 

  49. Thank you for a useable mobile website! I tried to find an idea for tonight’s dinner, and it took me a long time to find a site without popups over popups, 3x more ads than content each page, and tiny bits of content paginated accross 20 “next” clicks. After closing numerous sites in disgust, I found your site far more useable, I’ll be back!