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Ali Martin from Gimme Some Oven

Hey! I’m Ali, and I am so happy that you found your way here to Gimme Some Oven.

I created this little corner of the internet to celebrate life around the table and the good food that bring us all together. Here in our house, we gravitate towards recipes that are quick, easy, seasonal, (mostly) healthy, and big on flavor. So whether that’s whipping up a quick stir-fry or batch of cozy wild rice soup in the wintertime, blending up some refreshing gazpacho with sangria in the summertime, making our millionth batch of tacos and margs on Tuesdays, or baking up a warm batch of cinnamon rolls and eggs benny for sunny weekend brunches — my heart is never more happy than when my table is filled with good food and good people gathered ’round.

If that sounds like your style too, you’ve got a kindred spirit right here. ♡

A bit about me.

When I began this blog back in 2009, I was working as a full-time musician by day and cooking up a storm by night. Now, I have the privilege of doing all of the recipe-developing and writing for this site as my full-time job. And more than a decade into blogging, I can honestly say that I still absolutely love it. Seeing the recipes that I create here in my tiny kitchen show up on your tables around the world makes my heart deeply so happy, and I work hard to be sure that this site continues to be a trustworthy resource for you to turn to.

Beyond the blog, I’m a born-and-raised Kansas girl who’s currently living the expat life for awhile in Barcelona, Spain. We try to make the most of those crazy-cheap RyanAir tickets and travel on the weekends around Europe as much as possible. But when we’re home, you can find us soaking up sunny terraces with friends, taking the pups for long walks along the shore, enjoying endless tapas and glasses of vermut, and just enjoying our cozy little apartment here in the city center.

To follow more along with life and reflections behind-the scenes, feel free to follow my personal Instagram account. And for anyone interested, I also share there about our infertility and IVF journey too.

A bit about my food philosophy.

So what kinds of recipes will you see here on Gimme Some Oven?

Short answer: a little bit of everything.

The food that I share on the blog is the food that we eat here in our home. And as an omnivore married to a vegetarian, the majority of the meals in our house are now plant-based. (So some of you long-time readers may notice that meat dishes have become less common on here.)  One of the things I also love about living in Barcelona is that the markets here are strictly seasonal — as in, you couldn’t find fresh watermelon or tomatillos here in December if you tried — which has been great extra motivation to cook with seasonal produce as much as possible.

The majority of our meals during the weekdays fall in the 30-minutes-or-less category. But I also love cozying up with a hot cup of coffee or a glass of wine on the weekends and diving into recipes that require a bit more time, like our favorite Swedish cinnamon buns or Spanish paellas or DIY maki rolls for “Sushi Sundays.” You may notice that we also have a major weakness for Mexican food, noodles of all kinds, soups and various kinds of cookies around here. And while most of my recipes are on the healthier side, I definitely also enjoy indulging in some indulgent sweets and comfort foods on occasion.

So as always, please always feel free to take whatever recipes you love on here and leave the rest. And if you ever have specific recipe requests, don’t hesitate to let me know because I love to cook what you’re craving!

Thank you.

More than anything, I just want to say thank you so much for being here, and I hope that this site can play some small part in making your days a little brighter and tastier. Cheers, everyone. ♡


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657 comments on “About Ali”

  1. I have a question on your baked chicken. Do you cook it until the thermometer reaches 165 or take it out at 160 and let it rest to 165? Love your website!!

  2. I just write to say, thank you. My family out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean loves your focaccia recipe, as well as your beef jerky, which we are making constantly with our new dehydrator. Will now expand to your other suggestions. You’re a hit in the 808! Aloha, Ken

  3. Your potato soup is to DIE FOR!!!

  4. going to try your pickled red onions, sounds delish. If I may ask how is it living aboard. I just retired and I would love to take my hard working bride of 36 years and live aboard. maybe some tips and advice, but thank you and keep the blog going

  5. I’m so glad I found you. I made your brined chicken last night. My family loved it. I’m making more tonight. I am not a cook, but a baker. My family is on the no carb meal plan.
    We also have 2 little Havapoos. I love that you are living in Spain.
    Cheers! Stay safe and healthy!!

  6. Hi,

    Do you have a cookbook? I love all your stuff it has helped me learn how to cook!

  7. I’m going to make your chicken enchilada casserole. My friend makes it and highly recommends it.
    I enjoyed reading about you. You have an upbeat, happy attitude.
    How did you get your pups from the US to Barcelona? Did they have to be quarantined?
    And how do you stay thin?
    I hope you, your husband and your pups have a lot of happiness in your lives.
    G-d bless,

  8. Ali,

    I’d like the capability to thumbs up/down comments made by others.


  9. I really like your food blog, Ali.

  10. I have just made your enchiladas, chicken for the boys and cauliflower for me and of course your chili sauche and what a great success! Thank you and I will follow your blog.

  11. 1 wanted to save the chicken fried rice recipe but couldn’t find anywhere how to do it. What am I missing?

  12. Have been searching for a delicious pimento cheese recipe. Pretty sure yours is it! I too am a vegetarian and always happy to find more delicious revipes.Visited Barsolona a few years ago. Love Spain! If younger would would love to live there for awhile. Since lucky to have found you looking so much to more of your recipes.Leep them coming! God bless you both.
    A high fan
    Mary Lee Blakely???

  13. I made the baked chicken breast in a convection oven recipe that you posted. It was the best chicken I have ever tasted. I used mrs.dash and olive oil to flavor it. Thank you so much! I needed that!

  14. You know…i always go to google when I’m looking for a recipe. I always end up at your sight and every time I have made one of your recipes I have loved it and it became my go-to recipe for whatever it was. Thanks for being a great cook!

  15. Dear Ali; I just discovered you! I am a huge falafel lover and yet, despite trying to make it a handful of times, they have been awful. I tried your recipe yesterday, bloody game changer! Thank you. I will be making more tomorrow, because my husband only got one, I ate the rest. I am from the US and living in the UK for the past few years. Also an expat! So how I found you, is absolute kismet! Thank you for sharing you. I am thoroughly enjoying your website, blog and recipes. Thanks and good luck with the baby xx (buena suerte-my spanish is lousy)

  16. Love your recipes and glimpses of life in Barcelona. I am going to try the cheesecake recipe. My daughter studied abroad in Madrid in 2019 and my husband and I were lucky enough to go visit her while she was there. I have Spanish roots on my father’s side ( his ancestors were from the Andalucia region) and I was born in Chile. We loved Spain and realized how lucky we all were to have been able to travel and study before Covid hit. My daughter just found out she got admitted to grad school for the Fall and I wanted to try making the cheesecake to celebrate her achievment. Wish me luck. Thank you.

  17. Ali,
    You probably get way too many emails to respond to, but I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your recipes. I made your baked feta pasta and gave some to my supervisor today for her lunch. To say her eyes rolled to the back of her head in happiness would not be an exaggeration (not to mention she’s new so brownie points were definitely scored!).
    I had a 32 year fantasy trip planned to Italy last year, and then the pandemic hit :(, so cooking Italian food makes me feel a bit better. Your blog on homemade pasta was so simply layed out, and I am going to overcome my fear and try this weekend.
    Best to you, hubby and those precious doggies!
    Ciao from Folsom CA,
    Debbie Van Blaricom

  18. I recently found your website and saw a recipe for Chicken Pot Pie Soup, which sounds sooo good! I am a Celiac and I’m wondering if using Gluten free flour would make the recipe the same or not. Any ideas?

    Thank you!!
    Wendy B.

  19. Love your story Ali, and you husband and dogs are handsome too. I have visited your site several times to research recipes and my conclusion is that you are always “spot on”.
    I’ve never supported a blogger before (not even my brother who does a pretty good job), but I’m willing to offer a gratuity to help you maintain this journey and share you with my friends. I know how to do the later of these, but not the former. So please, let me know.
    In the meantime, I’ll keep cooking up your fabulous fare!!
    Best Regards,
    Charleston, SC USA

  20. I love your dogs they are so cute.

  21. Hi there
    Just landed in your blog seeking Pho soup info and found loads of interesting things. I´ll be around.
    I love cooking and love food from all around the world. I love to try everything. Now I´m into Pho and Ramen.
    Greetings from Madrid

  22. Hi AlI! Do you have a cookbook? Hoping you make one if you don’t already have one!

  23. I love your website and your attitude. Thank you! I’m sharing some of your recipes on Noom — hope you don’t mind. Your substitute mayo is so good!

    My husband and I love to travel, too, and are thinking of living in Malta. A question. How did you get your dogs to Barcelona? With the current flight restrictions on weight, I wonder how your larger dog travelled with you. We have a 75-pound boxer and could not leave her behind!

    Thanks and very best,

  24. Hi Ali,

    I do all the cooking in my house. I have baked Turkeys but never chicken breasts. I used your recipe on 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts yesterday, substituting your seasoning for my own and it was great. I baked it at 450 and used your brine recommendations. Wonderful tasty chicken breasts came out in 15 minutes. I have always broiled my chicken in the pasts, this is a great quick and even easier way to prepare tender moist chicken. Thank you

  25. Ali;
    Hi I am making your homemade apple cider now and I have one large pot on the stove and one medium pot mixed with the ingredients cooking on the stove.One with with brown sugar and the other pot with maple syrup in it and both pots are now on low.
    I hope and pray that they turn out to be really good apple cider to share with our neighbour and my brother’s wife.My mom and I are going to have a cup of each when it is dome cooking.
    Have a nice evening Ali and your husband and your beautiful dogs as well.
    Kim in alberta canada

  26. I just made your BAKED EGGPLANT PARMESAN. It’s cooling on the stove and will be consumed shortly!
    However, you did not post a cooking temperature or time to cook in the oven. Just an oversight but others may not be brave enough to attempt it. Winged it, since I’ve been cooking meals for a long time.

  27. Love your column and try many of your recipes
    I am curious what does your husband do ?
    Cool lifestyle !

  28. I needed this today….. thank you. It sounds like you’re on a wonderful journey. First time I’ve ever seen your blog. I’m excited to try your enchilada sauce tonight.

  29. Best wishes to mommy and daddy to be. Congratulations and love.

  30. I am going to make your flourless chocolate cake but could only find a 9 inch springform. Should I cook for less time and or different temperature?

  31. Hi Ali

    Just cane across your blog and its very good, I recently bought a dehydrator 32 trays for commercial purposes, need to get in touch with you via mail to discuss a number of issues



  32. Hi Ali,
    On this one year anniversary of COVID, just a quick note of thanks as your recipes have helped me get through the Pandemic with two vegetarians, two pescatarians and one omnivore to feed many, many meals over the past year. Your recipes are packed with nutrition and flavor! Thanks so much!

  33. I have made your slow cooker chicken enchilada soup about a dozen times and it never fails to be the best bowl of deliciousness. Thinking about it, maybe two dozen! It’s the thing I make to feed a crowd, the soup I drop off to my family and friends in need, the thing I make when I feel frazzled and need nourishment. Finding a batch in the freezer puts an end to any “what’s for dinner?” anxieties. I’ve made a triple batch many times. Thank you for your wonderful site.

  34. Trying to make eggplant parm. Please make recipes in future can be understood, read in say… 10 seconds… am going back to Good Housekeeping or such if I can find it, otherwise just make up as I don’t have time for this.

  35. Hi Ali. Gonna try your dinner rolls tonight. Got my first stand mixer today and itching to use it. Good luck on your IVF Journey. You’ll make an awesome mom!

  36. Ali–Pleased to meet you. I envy your being in Barcelona. I am a little confused about the topping for “tomato bread.” I had thought there was an actual tomato sauce involved, but from what you say, it’s really only the raw ingredients. I saw a recipe (Leite’s) for sofregid that calls for a can of “tomato sauce.” I will appreciate any pointers you can give me.
    Wm. Nelson
    Belfast, ME

  37. My wife doesn’t like chicken thighs, so I bake chicken breasts often, but they usually disappoint. They usually turn out dry and tasteless. But, your 450 degree recipe is the very best. The chicken breast turns out so tasty and moist. I hope your husband knows you’re a genius.

  38. Just cooked my first whole chicken in a new air fryer. Now for all the enchiladas I can make.

  39. Ali, I have been getting your recipes for a while now and have enjoyed making many of them. Tonight, while looking through your 100+ easy pantry recipes I discovered you are from Wichita originally…so am I. I am glad your journey has enabled you to see the world and get to experience the world’s foods and then share them with us! I haven’t read about your infertility issues yet, but I will, as I had them also. I am praying for you that God would grant your desire for a family. Pardon me if I am not up to date on your information. I am looking forward to trying more and more of your recipes. Thank you again.

  40. Hi Ali,
    The cinnamon roll recipe is amazing. Thank you
    Can the roll be prepared the night before , refrigerated and then baked in the morning?

  41. Whenever I search for a recipe and your site comes up as an option, I always go here first. Thank you for creating top-notch, easy-to-follow recipes that are a breeze to follow whether it’s a weeknight or a leisurely weekend.

  42. Egg Drop Soup: The printed ingredients says “3 eggs” but the video shows 2 eggs plus the whites of 2 more eggs. Which is correct?


  43. I just wanted to tell you what a HIT your 1-hr rolls are with my family. I cant eat them, I’m gluten and dairy free. If you ever come across a way to make yummy rolls gluten/dairy free, please let me know. But I have had the privilege of introducing a number of my FB friends to your site. And I LOVE Europe, especially Italy … have fun over there!

  44. Hi, I just discovered your recipes and am excited to try them. I do not see any nutrition information though. Have I missed it?

  45. Ali….without question the best hot and sour soup recipe I’ve ever used. I like mine sour so I add extra rice wine vinegar. And I substitute shredded wood ears instead of shitake mushrooms. ….they are so al dente. And I like the bean sprouts and add water chestnuts. Finally, you have got to use white pepper! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe!

  46. How many calories is the bread

  47. Hi Ali,
    Pleased to meet you. I love the Title Gimme Some Oven. Right away I read more. I am a full time musician myself and started to do a lot of cooking and baking during the pandemic. I’m hooked now. Today I’m trying your potato salad and can’t wait…..Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  48. Dear Ali,

    This site -Gimme Some Oven – happens to be one of the very best sites for recipes across the internet universe. Why? I’ll answer as both a psychologist and a wife, mother, cook, bottles washer. First as a psychologist: the narrative around food is direct, helpful, intimate and personal without being too chatty. After all, there is a job that needs to get done! In addition, the website is so visually pleasing and somehow calming. Now as a woman: the attention to creating an index that can be parsed in many ways makes Gimme Some Oven the most useful site for busy people.
    Sometimes I want to focus on recipes that are gluten free,other times on recipes that will use up the zucchini and at others still, recipes that are quick. So to you I say: Thanks and congrats on a creative site well done!

  49. Ali .
    I tried the Biscuit recipe and my wife and I love it. I made 9 biscuit and all gone in one sitting so I baked some more the next day. I thought I lost your website but discovered on page 5 or 6 of google.

  50. Hello Ali
    I don’t use social media, but just wanted to say ‘thank you’.
    I was encouraged to test for the metabolic diet – eat according to individual metabolic type – which has meant adding some chicken and finding out how to bake and season chicken on your site is inspiring. I haven’t cooked the chicken yet, but now I have the know how and options of interesting seasonings, I just know they’ll taste great.
    Good luck with all you ventures x