ALDI 101: Why I Shop At Aldi

ALDI 101: A 3-Part Series On Shopping At Aldi |

Ok, I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled recipe programming to hop on a little soapbox and share a 3-part series with you about one of my favorite places as a foodie — ALDI!

Over the years, countless friends have been surprised and intrigued when I tell them that I do at least half of my grocery shopping at ALDI.  Yes, I also frequent Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s (did you know they are owned by the same company that owns ALDI?), and our local Kansas City grocery stores.  But about eight years ago, I set foot in my first ALDI and have been a happy and loyal customer ever since!

So for something different, I thought I would do a brief ALDI 101 series because:

  • as a foodie, I have grown to really love and appreciate the store for what it does (and does not) offer
  • as someone who loves business strategy, I have studied and come to really admire their business model
  • as a blogger, I’m all about sharing any great tips I know to make cooking (and shopping!) fun and affordable

That said, I do want to say right off that this is not a sponsored post, and has not been written in any sort of collaboration with ALDI.  I just thought it might be cool to offer a little behind-the-scenes glimpse of why this food blogger likes buying affordable groceries there.  And I am really hoping it might spark some discussion and that some of you might share your  tips about ALDI too!

So today I’m sharing “Why I Shop At ALDI”, and then the next two days will include How To Shop At ALDI and What To Buy At ALDI.  Thanks for indulging me, and I hope this might be fun and helpful!  :)

ALDI 101: A 3-Part Series on Shopping At Aldi |

How I Began Shopping At ALDI

I have to confess that my first impression of ALDI was not a positive one.  When I was in elementary school, I remember one of my best friends telling me about her mom took them to “the poor people’s grocery store”, where there were no name brands and the food was really bad.  Yes, ALDI.

Ok, I’m pretty sure we were both 5 at the time.  But for some reason, that description stuck in my mind for decades.  Our family never shopped there growing up, and it wasn’t until I moved to an apartment nextdoor to an ALDI in (a very nice suburb of) Kansas City right out of college that I decided to venture in and see what the tiny “poor” grocery store was all about.  I was out on my own for the first time, and low-priced anything sounded good!

What I found in my first ALDI experience completely surprised me!  The store was incredibly clean, the food looked great, it was all perfectly organized, and holy smokes — those cashiers moved at lightening speed!!!  But of course, I made plenty of first-time rookie mistakes.  From only bringing a credit card, to giving the cashier a blank look when she asked if I wanted to “buy a bag”, to asking if they carried tahini — I realized that there was a bit of a learning curve to the store.  And I realized there was also a ton to learn about the store’s business model once I learned they have 8,000+ stores worldwide!

But as I continued shopping there, I began to learn what ALDI is and what it is not.

ALDI 101: A 3-Part Series on Shopping At Aldi |

What ALDI Is:

Consistent Selection

In a nutshell, I believe that ALDI is an awesome place to buy low-priced basics.

Clearly, ALDI grocery stores are only a fraction of the size of traditional larger grocery stores.  On average, they are each only about 10,000 square feet of retail space.  So there’s no way they are going to be able to carry an enormous selection!  But the inventory they do carry of their basic grocery food and and non-food items is consistent, as are the low prices and the quality.

I will talk more about the specifics of the selection of groceries and non-food items that ALDI carries in my upcoming What To Buy At ALDI post.  But from pantry items, to frozen foods, to baked goods, to dairy, to produce, to meats, to beverages/wines, and everything in between, I think that their selection of the basics is fantastic.

They also have a sizeable non-food section, with everything from TP to dog food to cleaning supplies and makeup. But one of my favorites is the “Special Buys” section that adds in new fun and seasonal items each week, usually with a theme.  It can be anything from SuperBowl specials (footballs, to sporty paper plates, to green sprinkles, etc.) to summer camping gear (actual enormous tents, to sleeping bags, to tiny grills, etc.).  Then don’t forget to also check out their clearance section, where a lot of the special buys go on sale at even more ridiculously low prices!  I have bought so many random things there that I love!!

Consistently Low Prices

Most of the time, I find that ALDI’s prices beat even the sale prices of most larger grocery stores.  This is because they have fine-tuned a business model that eliminates the crazy overhead costs that come with large store buildings, large inventories, large staffs, and large advertising budgets.

Be sure to keep an eye out for their low-price signs too.  If something is clearance-d, or on sale that week, they put a special sign to mark down the prices.  Then you’re really in for a treat!

Consistent Quality

Contrary to the assumption I have heard people make about low prices equaling low quality, I have actually found the quality of ALDI’s products to be as good as the larger grocery stores I frequent.  I have read before about their rigorous test kitchens, and their high commitment to quality products, but I judge by what I buy.  And 95% of the time, with the occasional produce fluke or their version of Cheerio’s (I’m a name-brand girl there), it’s great.

Here’s the thing, though — you have to be smart about quality with what you buy.  Just like at the normal grocery store, if you notice that the lettuce is looking wilty, it’s probably not going to last you for more than a few days.  The same goes for ALDI.  Sometimes particular pieces of produce there may look a little past their prime, so just be wise about what you choose.  I happen to love their produce section, and buy most of my thick-skinned produce there all the time.  (I buy thin-skinned produce organic.)  But if it looks iffy, ask if they have more in the back or just wait a week until the next batch arrives.

The one thing I will say is that if you ever do get something home and it’s not up to par, ALDI has an amazing thing they call The Double Guarantee.  It reads that “if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any product, we will gladly replace the product AND refund your money.”  Um, I don’t know of any groceries stores that refund and replace.  I think that says something.  Way to go, ALDI.

Consistent Store Designs

One of the other things I love about ALDI stores is that they are all similarly designed!  So if you get to know your neighborhood ALDI layout, chances are it will be a breeze finding your way around a new one, which I LOVE.

The inventory is also similarly organized on simple pallets in the store, kind of like a Sams or Costco.  Most items are organized in cardboard boxes, which you can also take with you to help carry your groceries once the box is empty.  And each cardboard box is color coordinated to go with the item.

A Great Business Model

Ok, I know that I seem to keep coming back to this with every point.  But as someone who loves to study business development and entrepreneurship, I am SO impressed by how ALDI has developed and stuck to their business model.

The store was founded 100 years ago this year (in 1913!), and now has over 8,000 stores worldwide.  Crazy!  But across the years and across the countries, from what I can tell, they really have kept a consistent model as they have grown.  And clearly it has worked!  From the innovative cart check-out system, to minimal building size, staff, operating hours and inventory, to bring-your-own or pay-for-them grocery bags, to minimal advertising, and more — I think the model is smart and sensible.  I think of them as the IKEA or the Southwest Airlines of the grocery world.  ;)

A Great Employer

This final point is one that I have read and heard over the years, but can’t confirm with personal experience.  (So if any of you have worked at ALDI, I would love to have you weigh in!)  I have heard that ALDI takes good care of their employees.

If you have ever been to an ALDI, you know that they clearly only hire the super-speediest-of-speedy cashiers, who also do double-duty stocking and cleaning the store as well.  But they can hire the best of the best because they pay them 50% more than the standard rate for grocery cashiers.  And ALDI employees are also eligible for full benefits if they work 20+ hours/week.

So no minimum-wage workers at ALDI.  Their employees are well-paid for being the superheroes they are.

ALDI 101: A 3-Part Series on Shopping At Aldi |

What ALDI Is Not:

Your One-Stop Grocery Store

I think the #1 complaint I’ve heard over the years about ALDI is that people can’t find everything on their “list” there.  But I always tell them that’s kind of the point of the store — it is not meant to be your one-stop-shop!

As I said, I do about 50% of my grocery shopping at ALDI on average.  I stock up on the basics, and then catch the rest of my “specialty” items (organics, name brands, or anything that’s not a basic ingredient) at a larger grocery store.  On occasion, ALDI might be out of stock of a popular item, especially some of the hot produce buys that can fly off the shelves.  But on the other hand, often they surprise me by carrying a new specialty item I never knew they had (like I found natural almond milk this week!).

Still, they will never be your one-stop-shop, especially if you are cooking recipes from my site and might want some truffle oil.  ;)

So if you happen to be doing your grocery shopping all in one day at two different stores, I recommend going to ALDI first.  Then you can hit up the bigger grocery store to finish off your list afterwards.

You may ask — is it worth the time and two trips?  Well, that will depend on your budget.  But for someone like me who goes through tons of groceries in a week, I believe the considerable savings to hit up ALDI and an additional grocery store is always worth it!!

Always Speedy

As I said, ALDI’s cashiers are lightening-fast.  They hire the best of the best to be sure that they can run efficient stores and checkout lines.

But in order to keep overhead costs down, there are typically only 1-4 cashiers on staff at a time.  So if you happen to show up at a busy time, the lines can get lengthy and you may have to wait a little longer.

Most of the time, I zip in and out.  But it’s always wise to allot an extra 5-10 minutes for standing in line if you’re on the clock.

Open 24/7

Clearly, ALDI is also not open 24/7!  For years, I worked a job where I was off work at 8pm each night, and was always annoyed that I couldn’t swing by the store on my way home from work.

But currently, I believe that most ALDI stores in the US are open from 9am-8pm Mondays-Saturdays, and 10am-7pm on Sundays.  Those are peak shopping hours, so they are trying to keep overheads low by not staffing the store during low traffic hours.  But plan accordingly!

A Total Health Food & Organic Grocery

Finally, ALDI is not a Whole Foods or the health food section of your grocery store.  The majority of the items there are not organic or natural, or even all healthy, as is the case in a typical grocery store.  (Apparently Americans must buy a ton of potato chips, because they carry a zillion!)

But that said, they do have a large produce section, more and more organic and natural grocery items, and they also have a fantastic grocery brand called “Fit & Active” that displays the healthier nutrition facts on the front of the package.  That brand is all across the store from snacks to frozen goods to cheese and more, so be sure to check it out.

So the store is kind of as healthy as you make it.  You can buy the junk food, or you can buy the fresher healthier side.  But if you’re an all-organic-er, or are looking for specialty gluten-free or similar items, your selection will be very limited.

ALDI 101: A 3-Part Series on Shopping At Aldi |

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love ALDI:

Finally, because I’m a list-maker, I thought I would end with a few of my favorite reasons why I heart ALDI:

  • 10. ALDI was “green” before green was cool, with low energy costs and fewer shopping bags.
  • 9. You can shop at ALDI literally all around the world.
  • 8. ALDI cashiers are ninja-fast.
  • 7. ALDI carries my favorite razors that I used to buy at Target for half the price.
  • 6. I never have to ask for help finding an item, since they are always in the same spot.
  • 5. You have the chance to make someone’s day by being a “cart angel” and leaving a surprise quarter in there for them. (Try it!)
  • 4. ALDI’s low prices help me fit even more produce and juicing into my budget.
  • 3. ALDI’s incredible double guarantee.
  • 2. ALDI’s unapologetic low overhead business model.
  • 1. $0.99 pineapples!!!

(Ok ok, their pineapples are sometimes — gasp! — $1.99.  But either way, they are cheap and fabulous and often on sale.  I buy one every single time I go!!)

ALDI 101: A 3-Part Series On Shopping At Aldi |

Coming Next:

Be sure to check out the final two posts of this series coming next:

What is your favorite thing about ALDI?

Aldi 101: Why To Shop At Aldi |

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  2. Excellent trio of articles; I’m an Aldi fan as well. One correction, though, with regard to availability of specialty gluten-free products. I have Celiac disease & it’s medically necessary to be gluten-free. In the Northeast Ohio area, ALL the Aldi stores have an exceptional selection of GF items, clearly marked and at rock bottom prices. I have never had a reaction from any of their products (10+yrs) and do 90% of my grocery shopping there. Just wanted to clarify this for any who may read this that have never been to Aldi’s who might assume they won’t be able to find particular things they need/want and dismiss the idea of trying it. If you’ve never shopped there, check out what’s available in your region, you may be surprised, I was!

  3. You get the quarter back when you return it where you got it from. This is done to help costs low. They don’t have to hire a boy to round up the carts from the parking lot. The quarter is your incentive to do it yourself.

  4. Enjoyed your article! I also enjoy shopping at Aldi.Love threir layout,Produce section. Have been going there for 4+ years!

  5. Thanks! Really enjoyed finding this and reading about a favorite store of mine. And, I did find pineapples there this week for $.79!

  6. Hi, I’m from Germany (Aldi’s home country :) and right now writing a report for my MBA course on expansion plans of Lidl in the US. Lidl is in Europe the biggest competitor of Aldi and your article made me smile because everything you described as things you had to get used to is so totally normal over here :D I lived in the US for a while and visited last October. I made sure to shop at Aldi as over here I work for Lidl :)
    It’s like you say, the discount-principle surely but slowly is taking over. So if Lidl starts opening stores in the US you have to keep your eyes open because it might also be an alternative :)
    Thanks for the article though – gave me some important insights and also the comments are very helpful whether or not the plans of entering the US market are realistic.


  7. Lowes Foods also has the double guarantee, but they are mostly located in North Carolina. Also a great store…

    • I used to live in the Charlotte area, Lowes was my one stop shop in college. I LOVED them! My aunt would take me to the one in Winston and send me home with about 5times the groceries I could get at Harris Teeter.

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  9. I recently discovered Aldi. I LOVE Aldi and the 99cent pineapples!

  10. I recently did the 2 grocery store thing, I took my list to Aldi and then went across the street to Walmart. I put a good size cooler in the car and put all the cold Aldi stuff in it. Worked great!

  11. I have been shopping ALDI nearly 20 years. I always start my shopping there and finish off with sale items at Hy Vee and Price
    Chopper. I recommend ALDI to friends and family all the time.

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  13. Love Aldi! Been shopping there for several years now. Great items & great prices.

  14. My local Aldi has a great selection of organic produce and products. As a matter of fact, I buy most of these items at Aldi. So if you are looking to eat healthy, Aldi allows you to do so without hurting your pockets.

  15. We shop at Aldi and love it! It is quicker for us to go there and get in and out! Aldi has a selection of better quality ingredients (as well as the junk).And when you tell them you expect better quality…they listen. We even found wild caught flash frozen Salmon there!

  16. i found ALBI in Wales and loved it. so glad they are in Minnesota. great
    article and very appreciated!!!

  17. We used to live in OH and loved Aldiss now living in CO how do we get the word out we want an Aldiss here in Grand Junction!

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  19. I have to buy gluten free and I actually prefer shopping at Aldi for our basic needs because they clearly label their gluten free products on the back of the package as gluten free. With 3 little ones, that saves me tons of time over reading the ingredients lists!

  20. I live in Salt Lake City, UT. Where is the closest Aldi’s?

  21. There must be some significant differences among various Aldi locations across the country. In Cincinnati, where there does happen to be one Trader Joe’s in a high-end part of town, Aldi stores are a nightmare: prices equal to or higher than Kroger’s house brands, ancient-looking produce pre-wrapped & sitting out in a box at room temperature, no diet sodas, no fresh chicken or turkey (just beef & ham), overpriced dairy & frozen foods, and generally cluttered and disorganized. I bought 3 items and walked out in disgust. It was a truly an “urban food desert”, in the suburbs, for people who don’t know any better. However, it must be said Kroger is dominating their home area with enormous stores, and I guess Aldi can be a time saver, but it’s no money saver. And the selection everyone is talking about, I just didn’t see it. I can get a larger percentage of my grocery shopping done at Dollar General than at Aldi! And if you’re trying to eat healthy, forget it…it was a carb & sweet fest. Never going back.

  22. Thanks for sharing! I use your blog series to do my part to change the worlds opinion of Aldi.

  23. Loved your Aldi review. I was worried that my son and grandson were eating products that were
    Substandard. Love your article.

  24. Hey there,

    As a customer and an employee I can tell you that Aldi saved me from starvation. when I was in college my budget was limited and for 5 years I was a faithful Aldi’s customer (and I’m still a faithful customer). Then when I was in grad school I needed extra money to pay rent and utilities and I was fortunate to work in Aldi as a “casual cashier” (part-time). Aldi is a great place to work! We were like family. Aldi cares about their employees.
    FYI… You don’t pay $0.25 for a shopping cart or “buggy” because you GET BACK your $0.25 when you leave Aldi. The purpose behind is for you, as a customer, bring your shopping cart back to the place you got it, so that Aldi save you money from hiring a guy to bring your shopping cart from the driveway to the “shopping cart station”. Aldi always find ways to save YOU money!
    For those who are faithful to their favorite name-brands, now Aldi carries name-brand products like Cheerio’s, Coca Cola, Dove, etc.

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  26. Thanks for this series. Very helpful and,because of it, I will check out my not-very-local Aldi’s

  27. I have noticed a new line of many organic items at least in the Aldi stores I frequent (Arkansas and Florida). From produce to soups!

  28. I love Aldis! I’m not sure if you knew but they now have an organic brand they have recently launched and it’s amazing! THE ORGANIC BRAND IS “SIMPLY NATURE” They also offer organic produce and fresh meat every Wednesday.

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  30. I live in Oklahoma & have shopped at Aldis for a couple years now. Last week we got one in my city so I don’t have to shop in the next one. I love the fact that shopping carts are always returned for the quarter and not left loose to blow in the wind crashing into cars, a real problem in Oklahoma parking lots. And I am not worn out shopping because the store is small and very efficient, I know exactly where things are (no backtracking) and it doesn’t take as long to check out, plus no self-check which is mostly what Walmart Neighborhood Market Stores are offering. I save on average 40% over Walmarts prices plus I can find everything to bake with or make a meal. Specialty items might have to be purchased at ethnic or larger local markets though.

  31. I love Aldi!!
    Thanks for your article, I was starting to think I was crazy. They have an amazing selection of cookies that remind me so much of my country. I’m from Spain and been living in the states for 5 years. I love to cook but I also love to save some money. Aldi has the best of both worlds, a lot of international products at an affordable price.

  32. I love love love Aldi…at least I do now! LOL Back in the early 1990s I was a broke college student forced to shop there and HATED the nasty tasting slices of fake cheese (that’s all I remember..I’m sure other stuff was OK). Fast forward to 2011, hadn’t been near an Aldi in years (lived in Denver…I think there are some there, but…), but was visiting a friend in Minneapolis who could afford to shop ANYWHERE, but she bought tons of stuff from Aldi. hmmmmmm….. A month later I got married and moved East and checked out the Aldi just down the street. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! I have my list of things I prefer to purchase at Aldi, and other things we prefer from other stores. But they save me TONS of money on tortilla chips and produce and canned goods. My husband loves their “aged cheddar” blocks (I still haven’t tried sliced american cheese. LOL)

  33. We love Aldi! I started shopping there as a college student and have been a regular customer ever since. My Aldi faves: their produce, their special buys, their Fit and Active brand, their new organics, and the ease of shopping there. Their produce is fresher and much better priced than other stores where we live. It makes eating healthy much easier. Their workers are pleasant, friendly, helpful, and seem to like their jobs. Regarding their special buys. I have bought everything from gardening equipment to toys to healthcare equipment. Amazing variety! Very thankful for Aldi!

  34. i wanted to comment on this I LOVE ALDI’S the first time i steped into on of there stores i was hooked i worked in supermarkets for years in the deli dept and i had a manager who was my best friend he use to show me what products cost and what supermarkets make off them i will give you an example deli ham in the deli dept retail price 6.99 a lb average they buy it for 2.25 a lb……there name brand products are made from a company that does all the supermarkets in the USA like the pasta….let me stop ranting ….but i will say this i live with my sister and her 5 kids i do 75% of my shopping at Aldi’s and it saves me over 400 dollars a month from the reg. supermarkets…so if you looking for savings try Aldi’s you will be suprised how much you can really save like tuna 45 cents a can while store name brand is 99 cents a can i rather save the 55 cents its worth it

  35. I used to work at Aldi’s about 10 years ago. Sure, they paid a great hourly wage and great benefits, but they have no employee loyalty. Hours were inconsistent. There were weeks that I had 30 hours and weeks where I only had 15 hours. If you became old, hurt, pregnant, had a family emergency that would take you beyond the FMLA time-frame by even a week, couldn’t work another store in another city at the drop of a hat, used your allotted sick days, or became enrolled in school you were gotten rid of. Anything that put even a tiniest ripple in their operations would make you expendable. I saw it time and time again. Two years after my employment ended I ran into the store manager I had worked under and she told me that after working there for nine years and working her way up to store manager from cashier she was told with no warning that she was not Aldi’s material. So, sure you get paid well but job security is non-existent.

  36. I have an Aldi’s practically around the corner from me. I like to go there, because they have some frozen items you don’t see anywhere else. I did try their ground meat once, and didn’t care for it. I should try it again as it could have been that I picked one that was more than 85% lean and I like 80-85%. My big problem is that they don’t have enough open registers.Last week I went and there was only one open and there was a long line. If I am only getting a few things it can be frustrating. I drive by every day on my way home and would go 1-2 times a week,if not for that. They do go quickly though and the cashiers are friendly.

    • Try going at an off hour – Saturday at 3 or evenings after 6 except for Friday and the lines move much faster.

  37. I love Aldi too!!! Ours are small stores without as much selection as yours seems but first and foremost the food is excellent quality, the stores are clean (there are 3 within 16 miles of my home) and most important my grocery bill has dropped.

  38. I love Aldi’s! I, too, used to imagine Aldi’s was a depressing place meant for low-income types. I tried it a couple of years ago and found the foods were to my liking with some exotic specials and organic produce items offered as well. I’ve even met a chef who buys items there for his gourmet meals at home! I have bought stemmed wine goblets there that are good enough for company, gluten-free items, rustic and even sourdough bread, and cat litter as good as the pet store brand. The jumbo shrimp can’t be beat, and many other fresh and frozen items are as good or better than the same item found in overpriced supermarkets. Even Walmart can’t compete with you in many respects. Thank you, Aldi, for all you offer and all the savings you provide!!!!!

  39. I love Aldi ,but now no car ,and I buy a lot ,what happened to the beige canvas grocery bags ,I could buy I went to 2 Aldi’s one in Chicago Ridge IL 60415 and one in Alsip IL 60803 and neither store has them ,why ?? I need to buy at least 10bags for me and my friends,sincerely Mary Harding

  40. Aldi is great for price but I just find the range of products very limiting, I have to go to Asda to get what I want! Don’t mind shopping there for meat and a few key things though.

  41. Thanks! We sure try! Introducing…..GFree…previously a special buy item to our division (IL/IN) Gluten Free will now be a line item! Baking mixes, chewy bars, snacks! Cookies and hopefully noodles as well. As the products roll in, we are ordering and our warehouse is prorating to the stores as well. I am an Aldi store employee and the positive comments for the GFree line are what moved it into the stores, just like our Simply Organic line.

  42. Oh no, I said simply Organic when I meant simply Nature, which is organic.

  43. I LOVE Aldi and enjoyed reading your posts! I agreed with most you said….I also love the Baileys knockoff as well as most of the wines I have tried…..cheeses are excellent and you can do an awesome cheese tray cheap! Produce is top notch and sooooo much cheaper than Harris teeter, lowes and even wal mart! The “special items” Are great and I look forward to their ad each week to see what goodies they have! I have not bought much of the meat other than turkey’s and hams but will try more now! A couple of my fav items are…..baileys knock off, produce, pretzel buns (love but not always avail so I stock up in freezer), whole grain tortilla chips and the items that they have seasonally….special oils, potstickers (just as good as the ones my chef boyfriend spends hours making homemade) and if you are a fan of gyros….they have a kit in the freezer section with everything but tomatoes and lettuce that rival the local gyros shop in town……half the cost! Oh also can always get nice floral bouquet for under $5!!!! LOVE IT!!! One tip that saves time……I unload/bag groceries in the car……push out cart and bag in car…..saves time, I think!

  44. Thanks for the Aldi info Ali! I’ve been curious
    But hadn’t ventured in to a store due to mixed reviews from
    Friends and clients~ Now I know what to expect …
    And what not to!

    Thanks for the insider!
    :) Julie

  45. Thanks for this! I have been a loyal Aldi shopper for years. We shopped there when we were young because it was affordable. I did want to say that recently Aldi has incorporated a ton of GF items…so if you’re gluten free you can still get a great deal!

  46. I love shopping at ALDIS!!! I can buy over 80% of my groceries there and then get the rest at WalMart, CVs, or dollar general. Just have to drive to another town for aldis, but it is worth it. I too have left my buggy with a surprise quarter for the next person. Done this a few times. Aldis is my favorite store!!! I love your site too. Very helpful!!!

  47. My first time at Aldi’s I made all the rookie mistakes. Didn’t have a quarter for a cart, brought a check…back then it was cash only, didn’t bring any bags, had our two small children with me so bagging and leaving I was unprepared. Also those same amazing cashiers had to MEMORIZE the whole store prices 30 years ago!

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  49. My Aldi’s just started carrying a new brand of Glueten Free Products, I haven’t tried any of them, but I have friends who have tried them, and they love it!

  50. Aldi has really stepped up to the plate in the demand for gluten free products. My store now carries these items permanently and corporate says they will be rolling into all their other stores eventually also. I love the Rosemary and Olive Oil crackers. Delicious with hummus or cheese or just out of the bag. Their gf pizza crust, brownie mix, and especially the baking mix are fantastic tasting and only $2.99 each! The regular gallons of milk may not say “organic” but if you look on the label, no hormones or antibiotics. What I love best is EVERYTHING in a box, bag, carton, jar, or can is CLEARLY labeled. I love Aldi.