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El Born Barcelona

Ever since we moved to Barcelona, we continue to receive many requests for travel recommendations around the city for those of you and your friends who are planning a visit. So today, I’m happy to finally present to you our official Gimme Some Oven Travel Guide!

Barclay and I have done our best to compile a list of our favorite places to eat, visit and stay in the city. And we’ve especially worked hard on the restaurant recs, because with so much amazing food in this city, I firmly believe you should never have a bad meal here! (Always such a tragedy on vacation.) We’ve also created a list of Barcelona-specific pro travel tips for how to navigate the city like a local. And we have created a Google Map so that you can download to have easy access to all of our recommendations while you’re out and about.

We’ll try to keep updating this guide as often as possible as we continue to discover more great places around the city. But please, if you have your own Barcelona travel recommendations, be sure to share any of your favorites in the comment section below too. And if you use this guide in any way, would you mind leaving a comment below just to let us know what you enjoyed? We’ve received hundreds of emails and DMs from readers over the years who have used and loved this guide, but very few people leave comments here and I’d love for you to be able to read one another’s feedback and share recommendations too.

For more travel guides and general travel tips, feel free to also check out the archives in our Travel section on the blog. And if you would like to follow along with our adventures behind the scenes living in Barcelona, you’re always welcome to check out my personal Instagram. Alright, without any further ado, here are our favorite Barcelona travel recommendations including:

  • Our Barcelona Travel Tips
  • Our Barcelona Travel Map
  • Where To Eat
  • What To Do
  • Where To Stay

La Colmena Panellets in Barcelona Spain

We would really encourage you to download our (free!) Gimme Some Barcelona Google Map, which includes all of the recommended places listed in this guide. It’s a great way to navigate around the city and can also give you the option to make an impromptu stop somewhere nearby if a place on the list catches your eye. Be sure to also click through to read the notes for each restaurant pin, where we have included our recommendations for what to order.

Best Paella In Barcelona at Barraca | Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide

Our favorite paella in Barcelona — the “bomba” paella at Barraca.

Naturally, my favorite subject. ♡  And also the #1 question we’ve received from friends, family and all of you readers coming to Barcelona — where to eat!

There are literally thousands upon thousands of places to eat here in Barcelona, with new great spots popping up literally every week. And as someone who tends to plan my vacations — and, let’s be real, everyday life — around food, it’s critically important to me that each of your meals here be home runs. So here is our current list of places we love and recommend. There should hopefully be something for everyone here!



  • Baluard (Croissants, bread, and more / Multiple locations)
  • Brunells (Croissants and pastries) / El Born
  • Chök (Cronuts, donuts, chocolate / Gothic)
  • Demasié (Cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, desserts / El Born)
  • Eric & Benjamin (French breads and pastries / Eixample)
  • Hofmann Pastelería (Croissants and pastries / El Born)
  • Origo (Breads and pastries / Gràcia)
  • Turris (Breads, pastries and more / Multiple locations)


Paella & Fideuà

Vegetarian & Healthy Food

Pizza & Italian Food

Mexican Food

Middle Eastern Food

Southeast Asian Food

Desserts / Sweets



Sagrada Familia | Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide

In a city that offers so many great things to do, choosing places to visit isn’t always an easy decision! But whether you like to see a place through its sights, sounds or flavors, we’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to experience Barcelona. Two things that we would say that you can’t miss here — visiting La Sagrada Familia (trust us, it’s not like any cathedral you’ve ever seen) and taking a food tour (always our favorite way to get to know a new city).

Museums / Cathedrals / Top Sights

Our Favorite Parks

Live Music Venues

More Fun Stuff To Do

Day Trips

Recommended Guides / Tours

A Few Of Ali’s Favorite Local Places To Shop

  • Be (fun gift shop, multiple locations)
  • Biscuit (favorite boutique)
  • Charly Therapy (cute sunglasses)
  • La Nostra Ciutat (art, apparel, gifts, all made in Barcelona)
  • Natura (apparel, home goods, gifts)
  • Oysho (yoga apparel, leisureware and more)
  • Boutique-ing around El Born or Gràcia in general. There are so many great local shops in these neighborhoods!

Alma Hotel Barcelona Spain

We still have yet to do much research on where to stay in Barcelona, but we promise to report back with some updates on great places to stay soon! A few great places we have stayed and loved so far include:

Also, for more boutique/luxury hotels, we recommend looking here. For discount hotels, check out this list. For hostels, we recommend looking here.

Cocktails In Barcelona at Dr Stravinsky

Questions? Requests? Recommendations to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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83 comments on “Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide”

  1. Hi Ali! I’ve enjoyed your recipes for years, but recently stumbled upon your Barcelona Travel info just days before our family trip there in March. It was THE BEST INFO! We were in Barcelona for nearly two weeks as my son was invited to a youth Barcelona FC futbol camp. We stayed at an AirBNB right near Syra coffee between Gothic district and El Born, so the restaurants you recommended were almost all within walking distance. I cannot thank you enough for all the great recommendations. It truly transformed our trip. My kids (10 & 12) are adventurous eaters and had a fabulous time exploring new foods and experiences. The Secret Garden Paella class and DeVour market and food tour through AirBNB experiences were highlights of our trip. Even on a rainy day it was FABULOUS. We got to meet folks from all over the globe in our paella class. Thanks again! We even have a few restaurants for you to check out. I’ll try and find the names.

    • Hi! Can I ask about the air bnb you found? Being unfamiliar it is a bit scary to book when traveling with children. We want a private space rather than a hostel and it sounds like you have a great time.

  2. What fabulous, fabulous suggestions! Ooooeee!

  3. Hi Ali! Do you have trips for visiting With young children? Last time we went it was just us. We’re not sure whether places are kid friendly or if there is anything we should know…thank you

  4. Good morning from Kansas City.
    Love your website. Very informative. We are taking the devour food tour. Can’t wait.
    We’re in Barcelona for only 4 nights before we leave to Porto for a river cruise. We’d very much like to see flamingo entertainment while in Barcelona. Prefer a more locals venue. Any suggestions.
    Thanks so much.

  5. We were in Barcelona back in June and used your dining recommendations almost exclusively. I kept saying, “Ali says we should go to xxx for gelato, (or coffee, or tapas, etc.)” Each recommendation was wonderful. Thank you for this list of amazing recommendations!

  6. My husband and I are just wrapping up a stay in Barcelona, and your suggestions have certainly enhanced our time here. We are headed next to Madrid and Lisbon, where my husband will invariably ask, “does your friend have any ideas for lunch/tapas/dinner/dessert”? Thank you for sharing the delights of your current hometown!

  7. We will be in Spain Oct. 11-22, 2022 – Barcelona, San Sabastian, then Mallorca. What clothing do you recommend packing? Temperatures look good but lots of rain. We are planning to only bring one carry-on each. We’ve been told that Spanish residence dress nicer than Americans on a daily basis???

  8. Hey Ali!
    We are headed to Barcelona in a few weeks and I’m looking forward to trying a lot of the places on your guide. Now that you’ve got a toddler, are there any restaurants you would recommend that are particularly kid-friendly? Or any tips on what we should expect when eating out with littles? I’ve got a 3-year-old and a 9-month-old, so we need all the advice we can get!

  9. Looking for somewhere to stay for a family of five (3 children under 10 years) in Barcelona. Preferably close to the locations you have listed as must see and the stay accommodations you listed (we just didn’t see any large enough for 5 which I know is common). Do you have any suggestions? I will definitely be using the food, cafe and tour suggestions as we are regular recipe testers of yours : ) Thank you so much!

  10. Hello Ali — I am enjoying your Barcelona guide in advance of a visit in October 2023. My sister has found a great direct flight from Dallas to Madrid to start our trip. There doesn’t seem to be any direct flight option for a return flight from Barcelona to the midwest. When you visit Kansas City/Wichita, what is your best travel route, conserving stops, tempers and energy? I’m a fellow Kansas Citian!

  11. Hi, we are staying in the Gothic Quarter I believe at the Melia Barcelona Sarria. Can you recommend the sights, restaurants and coffee shops that are in our area? I have looked at your list of recommendations on all these am am confused on what is within walking distance of our hotel. We have an afternoon, a whole day, and then a morning before we have to get our cruise. So I was trying to plan out that time while we are in Barcelona. Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it!! It’s our first time traveling to this area :-)

  12. Thank you for this, extremely helpful and some great recommendations!

  13. Hey there! I just finished reading your Barcelona travel guide on “Gimme Some Oven,” and I couldn’t resist leaving a comment. Firstly, let me say how impressed I am with the wealth of information you’ve provided. Your guide is a true treasure trove for anyone planning a trip to Barcelona.

    Your guide covers all aspects of a Barcelona journey, from must-visit attractions and local cuisine to practical tips and recommendations. I appreciate the way you’ve organized the information, making it easy to navigate and find exactly what one is looking for.

    I particularly enjoyed your suggestions for delicious food and drink in Barcelona. Your descriptions of the mouthwatering tapas, paella, and churros are making me crave a visit to the city even more. The inclusion of personal anecdotes and insights adds a special touch to your recommendations, making them feel genuine and trustworthy.

    Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive and well-researched Barcelona travel guide. It’s evident that you have a deep love for the city and a passion for sharing your knowledge with fellow travelers. Your engaging writing style and attention to detail make your guide a pleasure to read. Keep up the great work, and I’ll definitely be referring back to your guide when I plan my own Barcelona adventure!

  14. My husband and I are planning a trip to Spain in 2024 (end of Sept to mid Oct) for approx 14 days. The information that you have provided regarding Barcelona will be extremely helpful in planning our trip. Our plan is to stay 3 -4 nights in Barcelona and then rent a car to drive to Valencia and then onto southern Spain Malaga, Seville etc….Do you have any recommendations for our road trip?

  15. Hello, I love your recipes! They are many of my “go-to” dishes.

    My daughter will be arriving in Barcelona for a study abroad semester and I’m having her read all your tips and suggestions. Would you have a recommendation for a bank that would be good for a non-resident? She’ll need to open an account to pay for her housing.

    Thank you!

  16. In Barcelona now and just enjoyed the huevos cabreaos amongst other delights at Ciutat Comtal. Ty so much for the recommendation amongst many others I’ll try on the coming days!

  17. That was the best travel information I have ever seen. A lot of work! I would follow everything you wrote. Nice job!

  18. My husband, 2 year-old daughter, and my 20 weeks pregnant self will be visiting Barcelona in May and I’m pretty sure I will have clicked on every link and read every word of these posts by the time we land 😂 thank you for such a thorough guide!
    Is there a neighborhood you’d recommend for a family with a toddler? We’ll mostly be walking to get around and are coming for Gaudi, food, and Catholic churches :)

  19. We recently visited Barcelona and had a phenomenal dinner at Can Sole. Not cheap but the food and the service was wonderful.

  20. So crazy – I was looking for a recipe and then clicked travel guide thinking – let’s just see… my son just decided to study in Spain with FSU his freshmen year in Valencia but we are going to fly in and out of Barcelona to take him. What a great guide! You better believe I bookmarked this!!