Bodega 1900


Bodega 1900

What It Is: 

Classic tapas with a modern flair, from the gastronomic imagination of Albert Adrià.

Where It’s Located:

Sant Antoni | Google Map

Why We Love It: 

The Adrià brothers are legends of Catalan cuisine. Their work has reached nearly every corner of the gourmet food world. Bodega 1900 is a more casual take on their approach to tapas.

Menu Recommendations:

  • The “olives” are a feat of molecular gastronomy, and one of the most famous innovations from the Adrià brothers.
  • This bar takes its vermouth seriously. Take the opportunity to sample their version of one of Spain’s most cherished drinks.

Other Tips:

Our server offered to arrange a tasting menu with some of the kitchen’s favorite offerings. It was a beautiful variety of high-quality tapas. It adds up quickly, so be sure you know how much you’d like to spend before starting the tasting menu. Our server was knowledgeable and helpful in making our meal there a great one.


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