Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry and Quinoa Salad

Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry and Quinoa Salad | #vegan #glutenfree

Do you ever wonder what food trends will look like a generation from now?

Every now and then when I’m walking through the grocery store, my mind starts to wonder — what produce will be the hot new trend in 20 years?  What methods of cooking will be most popular?  What foods that we eat today will no longer be in the grocery store?  Heck — will there even be grocery stores, or will most of our groceries arrive on our doorstep via drone?!  (I’m guessing that day may be closer than we think!)

I guess I’m never surprised that artistic trends so often change, like in fashion and music and film.  But it’s so interesting to me that the food on our plates also so dramatically evolves from generation to generation — in part because of the artistic and creative side behind the culinary “arts”, but also because of the hundred or so other factors from sustainability to cultural influences to technological innovations and so much more.  Things are constantly changing, that’s for sure, but I kind of love that.  We could live in a world where our basic sustenance has been the exact same for thousands of year.  But instead, it’s something we’re still exploring and learning about and getting creative with day after day, year after year, decade after decade.  Pretty cool.

Anyway, no grand conclusions here.  But I was thinking about this the other day as I picked up a bag of brussels sprouts.  Yeah — remember when those were like The Most Dreaded Food Ever a generation ago?  And now they are oh-so-popular and everywhere?  I certainly never would have guessed 20 years ago that roasted brussels would turn into one of my favorite side dishes.  And seriously, I never would have even guessed 5 years ago that I would love eating them raw in a salad!

Times change.  And at least with this recipe, I’m so glad they have.

Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry and Quinoa Salad | #vegan #glutenfree


Have you tried shredded or “shaved” brussels sprouts in a salad yet?  I started buying them at Trader Joe’s a few years back and was instantly hooked when I found out that you could actually eat them without sauteing or roasting them.  They are so good!!  And they basically function just like cabbage in a slaw once they’re shredded.

So to get in the holiday spirit with reds and greens, I decided to whip up a brussels sprouts and cranberry salad for the holidays this year.  And then for a little extra protein, I also threw in some quinoa and pecans.

Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry and Quinoa Salad | #vegan #glutenfree

And then since oranges and cranberries are a match made in heaven in my mind (and also in this recipe and this recipe), I tossed the salad with a very light orange vinaigrette.

Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry and Quinoa Salad | #vegan #glutenfree

Then I tossed it all together…

Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry and Quinoa Salad | #vegan #glutenfree

And voila!  The most beautiful, light, holiday salad — which also happens to be vegan — was born.  And even with shredding my own brussels, it was ready to go in the amount of time it took to prepare the quinoa.

Easy peasy.  And SO good.

Long live the brussels sprouts trend!!

How To Cut Brussels Sprouts | 1-Minute Video

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Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry and Quinoa Salad

This Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry and Quinoa Salad is simple to make, naturally vegan and gluten-free, and wonderfully light and delicious!


Salad Ingredients:

  • 1 pound brussels sprouts, rinsed and ends trimmed, then halved lengthwise and thinly sliced crosswise
  • 2 cups cooked quinoa (here is a tutorial/recipe for how to cook quinoa)
  • 1 cup dried cranberries
  • 2/3 cup chopped pecans, toasted
  • orange vinaigrette (see below)

Orange Vinaigrette:

  • 1/4 cup freshly-squeezed orange juice
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • pinch of salt and pepper


To Make The Salad:

Toss all ingredients together until combined.

To Make The Orange Vinaigrette:

Whisk all ingredients together until combined.

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If you make this recipe, be sure to snap a photo and hashtag it #gimmesomeoven. I'd love to see what you cook!

Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry and Quinoa Salad | #vegan #glutenfree

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155 comments on “Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry and Quinoa Salad”

  1. I have seriously got to try this brussels sprouts salad. You have outdone yourself with this!

  2. This looks amazing, so bright and fresh!!!

  3. This looks delicious – all my favorite things!

  4. So true! Could have never imagined I would one day enjoy brussel sprouts! Although not boiling them till their mush helps….

  5. So true… I mean why Brussels and not, say, broccoli? They’re both equally nutritious. Why kale and not mustard greens? Deep thoughts, deep thoughts. ;-) xo 

  6. This looks like such a great salad – I love brussel sprouts but never ate them growing up cause my mm hated them…of course now I can’t get enough!

  7. Love all of the fresh flavors in this gorgeous salad! Pinned!

  8. You know, I’ve never really tried brussels sprouts, because I grew up with parents who HATED them, but they’re floating around the blogging world so much, that I just HAVE to try them :) This salad looks like a nice introduction :)

  9. I have those same food thoughts! Food trends are so crazy ;) This salad is beautiful!! 

  10. Looks like this needs to be one of the next combos I do for my mason jar lunches. So yummy sounding! 

    You read my mind on brussel sprouts…used to hate them but loved them roasted, sauteed, and shaved in salads!

  11. I love this
    What a great salad for fall/winter- so fresh and hearty!

  12. This quinoa salad looks beyond delicious.. and healthy too?! Definitely a recipe I need to make!

  13. This salad looks absolutely fantastic. I love EVERYTHING in it.

  14. Yes! Totally all about making fun salads for Thanksgiving. Love the addition of cranberries and quinoa in here. I’m already Brussels sprout obsessed, so I know I’d be all over this bowl.

  15. Does the quinoaneed to be warm? I am making this ahead of time today and was wondering if it blended slightly warm or if it can be mixed cold? 

  16. Thanks for the recipe! I also added fresh orange pieces to mine. Yum!

  17. Made this for Thanksgiving and it was perfect!  The potatoes were creamy and delicious and helped save space on the stove for my other sides.  And it was great being able to keep them warm as I was finishing everything else and carving the turkey.  They were so good, I had to share the recipe with multiple family members.

  18. This is very good. We added a little feta cheese and it made it even better. 

  19. Made this salad over the weekend and it was AMAZING. Mine isn’t nearly as beautiful but I loved the flavors! Definitely recommend it!

  20. LOVED this salad!  It was wonderful and had such an amazing flavor.. plus it was incredibly healthy!  SCORE :)   Thank you so much for this. 

  21. This looks so insanely delicious! I’ve heard of people loving brussel sprouts salads, but I’ve never tried one. I love them cooked, so I imagine they are just as good. The cranberries are making me swoon here!

  22. I tried this recipe last night and loved it! I sauteed the brussels sprouts just a bit and served it as a warm salad. It was so delicious. 

  23. I’ll be ok with whatever food trends come and go as long as chocolate, brussels sprouts, and chips stay! 

  24. This sounds delicious, but I had one question. Do you use raw brussel sprouts? They don’t need to be cooked, not even blanched? TIA

    • Hi Kate! Yes, I do use raw brussels sprouts for this, but I love raw brussels sprout salads! If you’re worried you won’t like them raw (they taste like green cabbage to me, and have a nice crunch), you could blanch them, or even roast them beforehand, for a warm salad! Totally depends on your preference. Either way, I hope you enjoy! : )

  25. Brussels, cranberries, and quinoa!? Sounds like the perfect combination to me. I love a healthy salad that keeps me full. This looks great. 

  26. I’m always looking for new ways to use Brussel Sprouts, and it looks like this may be the next way I give a go! 

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  27. Just made this and it was delish! Added a bit more fresh orange juice and finely sliced green onion. Will definitely make it again and thanks for sharing! #diaryofadietitian

  28. Perfect combination! I love quinoa everything and this one is the bomb!

  29. Great salad – keeps days too. Flavourful , healthy and crunchy . I added some sesame seeds too – 1-3 tablespoons 

    • Thanks Joan, so glad you like it! I bet the sesame seeds in it are a wonderful, crunchy addition, so I’ll definitely have to give that a try next time I make it!

  30. What a cheery looking salad. I like the textures in this salad and the variety of flavors. Lots of health in this salad, but it’s nicely hidden—Ha!Q

  31. I love your thoughts on how food trends change due to culinary creativity, technology, research in sustainability, etc. Sounds like an incredibly interesting discussion – can we have that sometime? :) Also, this salad looks superb. 

  32. This recipe was excellent!  Didn’t know how raw Brussels sprouts would be but I made it for a party and everyone loved it!

    • Thanks, Cheryl! I felt the same way the first time I ate them raw, and was so pleasantly surprised. Glad they were a hit! : )

  33. Ive just made this now.  So yummy!

  34. Was looking for an easy, healthy recipe to take to a potluck and BAM! this was on my Pinterest feed front and center.  Must have been a sign from up above.  Can’t wait to try it out for the party.  

  35. I can’t stand it when people write, ” Great recipe, but I changed it”. Well, great recipe, but I changed it. More like added to it.  lol.  I love brussel sprouts, but forgot to get them.  I used chopped broccoli. I added celery, yellow pepper (because it’s more pretty), and when I made the vinaigrette, I used more orange (about 1/2 cup…maybe three quarters) a tablespoon of sugar, and about two tablespoons of mayo.  OMG.  It was so good!!  Yup. I have become one of those annoying people…

    • Haha no worries Diane, we love hearing about other people’s approaches to things — yours sounds delicious! :)

  36. Hi! I saw this and it looks delicious, I’m thinking of making it for a Canadian Thanksgiving potluck this Monday! But I was wondering if the 2 cups of quinoa was cooked or before cooking? I know it makes a difference :)


    • Hi Adriana! Yep, the recipe calls for 2 cups of already-cooked quinoa. (Which will probably require a little under 1 cup of uncooked quinoa beforehand.) Hope that you enjoy the recipe!

  37. Made this tonight,, loved it ! It will also be my lunch this week . It makes alot

  38. Are the Brussels,sprouts raw?

  39. Would like vet to try this with lemon juice instead of orange.  Has anyone tried this and, if so, how much lemon juice did you use?

    • We think lemon juice would be delicious in this! We’d think 1/4 cup should still be a good amount, but you could always start with a little less and add more to taste. We hope you enjoy this!

  40. I made this tonight. First, I cut the recipe in half, because we are a family of 2. There was easily enough for 6 people as a side dish. Second, I made and used the full amount of the vinaigrette, but my husband still described it as “dry.” I found it lacking in something. I will not make it again. Disappointed, but that’s ok. I like experimenting.

    • We’re sorry to hear you didn’t care for this one Rita, hopefully you can find another recipe you and your family like better!

  41. HI! your recipe looks amazing. Sadly I don’t have access to apple cider vinegar where I am. Would balsamic work?Or some other replacement? Thank you!

    • Thanks Anna! And no worries, you could totally do balsamic, even better! We hope you enjoy this! :)

  42. This is really good!

  43. Can you use fresh cranberries?

    • We haven’t tried that Jenny – they might be a little too firm and tart though, unless you cooked/popped them and added some sweetener to them.

  44. looks delicious! Am going to make for Thanksgiving :) Question… Can it be made a day ahead, except for the dressing added, of course?

    • Thanks Mollie, we hope you enjoy this! And yes, you can definitely make this a day ahead. Have a great Thanksgiving! :)

  45. made it for Thanksgiving!  Love it!  Has anyone calculated the nutritional values.. looking for calories/carbs/protein/fat per serving

    • Yay, we’re happy to hear that Martha! We’re sorry but we’re actually not sure of the nutrition facts/amount of calories in this recipe. We currently are not publishing nutrition facts on the site, as the nutrition calculators available are not 100% accurate, and we never want to publish anything that might be misleading. However, a lot of our readers love the My Fitness Pal nutrition calculator, so feel free to try that for an estimate. We hope that helps!

  46. Oh YUM. I’ve made a lot of Brussels in the past five years but never this combo. Putting it on my list!

  47. Well I decided last minute I wanted to make this for a Function I was going to……….. I can hear you now, Oh no don’t take a new Recipie to a party It was Great…
    I was out of Orange Juice So I used Clementines in the blender, Chopped some cranberries and added it to the dressing.
    Yum Yum Yum!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing Victoria, we’re happy you enjoyed this! And good thinking on improvising on that oj! ;)

  48. This is one of mine and my families all time favorite salad.  Its so simple to make.  We skip the quinoa though and we add chicken to it for the added protein

  49. Just made this for a family dinner and added half a can of mandarin oranges – loved how easy this was to pull together!

  50. This salad is very blah.  Needs more flavor.  More than a pinch of salt and maybe some maple syrup.  Glad I tested it on my family before I made it for my bunco group.

    • Thanks for your honest feedback – definitely feel free to alter it to your taste (everyone’s palate is different)! :)