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{style snapshot} a pop of red

What are style snapshots? Every now and then I will post an outfit I put together, along with links for where to find the articles of clothing or something similar.

DIY Felt Flower Pin

Remember my felt flowers from this post?  They are back!  I was pulling out my old hats and scarves from seasons past and came across one of my old beanies.  It was cute and simple, but I hadn’t worn it in awhile and contemplated getting rid of it.  That’s...

A Christmas Shopping Guide for the 20-30 Year Old Male

A Christmas Shopping Guide for the 20-30 Year Old Male

If this is your first time here I have been doing a series of posts giving ideas of what to buy for Christmas for all types and ages of people.  You can refer to them here, with this post, and here. Christmas shopping for men seems to be the hardest...

the hobbit giveaway!

As many of you may know The Hobbit will be coming out this Friday!  Today I have some really great and unique Hobbit related giveaways for you!

A Christmas Shopping Guide for the 20-30 Something Woman

A Christmas Shopping Guide for the 20-30 Something Woman

As you saw in this post, due to requests, I have decided to do a Christmas gift round-up, for any of you who like me are still in the Christmas Shopping mode!  The first set of gifts are items that would market towards a 20-30 something female–basically just some...

{christmas shopping} what to buy?

Christmas shopping is always a challenge.  I know I am still only about half-way through my list of items I need to purchase!  I have had a few requests for some Christmas gift ideas so I thought I could spend some time rounding up a few different items that...

{my imaginary closet} purse round-up

{Don’t forget to enter to this week’s giveaway to win your very own Jo Tote Bag!!} Every season I feel like it is time to switch out my purse for a new one.  There just always seem to be so many great new styles each season!  Here are a few that...

Epsom Salt Detox Bath

As we get closer to Christmas I think it is easy to let ourselves treat our bodies badly.  I know for me I think, “Christmas is coming, I can always jump back on the health wagon in the New Year.”  The truth is though, it is so important to...

jo totes giveaway!

Jo Totes is a company that makes a way for women to safely carry their camera body and lenses, and even their own personal belongings anywhere they want to go–and they do it in style!  Their bags are so cute and make you want to carry them with you everywhere...

{my imaginary closet} baby it’s cold outside!

It’s beginning to look feel a lot like Christmas around here!  And when I am saying that I am meaning it is getting COLD in Kansas City.  I am about as anti-cold weather as a person can get… but on the positive side–outerwear is so cute!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for time to enjoy with my family and so thankful for my husband :)  He makes my days so much brighter!

{thankful week} what to wear-casual

I’m back for one more Thanksgiving outfit.  This one is more along the lines of what I will be wearing tomorrow.  It is much more casual and perfect for lounging around after eating way too much turkey!