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Chocolate Pretzel Nachos

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Chocolate Pretzel Nachos |


Ok, I’m a little excited about these. For those of you out there who like chocolate-covered pretzels, or who (like me) find anything salty and sweet absolutely irresistible, OR for those of you who just like any excuse to eat nachos — I have a new creation for you to try.

Chocolate Pretzel Nachos!!!

I have been craving chocolate-covered pretzels for a week, ever since I made two enormous (and might I say, perfectly-drizzled) batches for work that were for photographing only, not eating. But when I was thinking about trying to dip my beloved Pretzel Crisps in chocolate, I had the idea to instead turn them into some sweet chocolate nachos for snacking! And they turned out to be fantastic!!

I just piled up a bunch of pretzels, marshmallows and chocolate chips, and then drizzled them with warm hot fudge sauce and butterscotch sauce (although you could also use caramel). And then I couldn’t resist throwing on a few sprinkles. ;)

Super easy, SUPER fast, and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. They would even be extra awesome when served alongside ice cream for dipping.

Fair warning that there may be some more pretzel nachos recipes coming soon. These are too fun!!!

Chocolate Pretzel Nachos |


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Chocolate Pretzel Nachos

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  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: Depends on portion size


Pretzel Crisps are drizzled with chocolate and butterscotch sauce to create this sweet treat!


  • Pretzel Crisps (I used the original flavor)
  • semisweet chocolate chips
  • mini marshmallows
  • chocolate fudge sauce, warmed
  • butterscotch or caramel sauce, warmed
  • (optional) sprinkles


  1. Toss together your desired amount of Pretzel Crisps, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in a large bowl. Turn them out onto your serving dish. Then drizzle with warmed fudge and butterscotch (or caramel) sauce. Top immediately with sprinkles.
  2. Serve chocolate pretzel nachos on their own, or with a side of ice cream.

Chocolate Pretzel Nachos |

Chocolate Pretzel Nachos |

Chocolate Pretzel Nachos |

Chocolate Pretzel Nachos |

Chocolate Pretzel Nachos |

Chocolate Pretzel Nachos |

Chocolate Pretzel Nachos |


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61 comments on “Chocolate Pretzel Nachos”

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  2. Girl… You are a big time trouble maker. Diet-shiet!

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  4. These are so fun & creative!!

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  6. Clearly I need to try pretzel crisps asap. This is the second time someone has mentioned them this week. Looks like a fun treat!

  7. OMG did you just fashion nachos out of chocolate covered pretzels?!?!? I can’t even handle how awesome these look. Holy cow I need a bowl of these ASAP.

  8. Ha! I love that you went there. Chocolate and pretzels are so fetch! I’m going to need to action these ASAP!

  9. Is it wrong to want this for breakfast? YUM!

  10. Hee, I love this! So freakin’ creative – and the sprinkles are the perfect finishing touch. I love these for a kid’s birthday party. Or Cinco de Mayo. Or breakfast right now.

  11. STOP IT. OK don’t. Keep the pretzel nacho recipes coming!!!!

  12. Oh my word, this is genius Ali!! I can barely handle all of the salty-sweet goodness in that bowl :) I need to get my hands on some pretzel crisps asap!

  13. You are brilliant! Can’t wait to see what other pretzel nacho varieties you come up with!

  14. So bright and colorful and FUN!! And I’m sure super delish!

  15. Wahou that looks so bad for my diet. I’ve seen a food truck in NYC that was doing the same thing.
    xx Le Grumeau

  16. Oh I love the pretzel/chocolate combo, so digging these! Great idea for entertaining :)

  17. You are killing me! Flipping genius!

  18. UM best idea ever??? I think YES.

  19. Oh, girls, these sounds fantastic. Dripping with goodness (my favorite ingredients). !!

  20. Not only do these look amazing, like I want to jump through the screen and catch the falling drips of chocolate, but the photography is amazing!

  21. OMG, you think you are excited about it? You can’t see me right now. This chocolate pretzel nachos are all I want right now. And your pictures make it even more delicious (if possible ;)

  22. *Swoon* That is all.

  23. This is such a great idea – and dangerous since I always have all of the ingredients on hand!!

  24. Oh my goodness – best nachos ever! Who needs savory nachos anyway when you can gorge on this?!!

  25. I love these, Ali! So fun!

  26. WHAT? What? Holy deliciousness. I drooled.

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  28. My pants are already tight from my vacation last weekend, but man oh man… I might need to make these!!

  29. Holy amazing Ali!!!!!! These were meant for me.

  30. Oh my word. This is ridiculous. SO fun looking! I’d love to make this for a party but I think people here are… not so open. I need some new friends. ;)

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