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{diy} felt grapevine wreath

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{DIY} Felt Grapevine Wreath |

I may be a little late on the fall decor seeing as though Thanksgiving is only a week away and I am just now putting up a fall wreath on my door. Better late than never though! ;)

I have seen many variations of the felt flower wreaths and thought I would give a shot at making my own version. It was easy, inexpensive and relatively fast to make so it is definitely something that anyone could do to squeeze some holiday decor in before next week!

{DIY} Felt Grapevine Wreath |

Materials Needed:

  • Go ahead and cut your felt pieces into curvy edged circles. Typically I got about 2 large circles out of one 8 1/2 x 11 piece of felt and 3-4 small circles. Try to get a few different sized circles out of each color of felt to help create some variety.

{DIY} Felt Grapevine Wreath |

  • I then cut my circles into a long spiraled strip by starting at the outside edge of the circle and curling around all the way to the center. Follow the curve as you cut to create a wave effect in the strip. (You can see in the photo below that the strip is not the same width throughout.)

{DIY} Felt Grapevine Wreath |

  • Take the strip and starting at the end begin wrapping the piece of felt like you would roll a cinnamon roll. Once you roll the entire strip around itself it should look like a flower. Just hot glue the end to the rest of the flower and set it aside.

{DIY} Felt Grapevine Wreath |

  • I decided to add lace to a few of my flowers. I just wrapped the lace around my felt flower and hot glued it in random spots making sure it was secure.

{DIY} Felt Grapevine Wreath |

{DIY} Felt Grapevine Wreath |

  • I chose to add pinecones as well. I wanted them to have a better hold since they had more weight to them so I secured them with some wire. Just wrap the wire around the pinecone and then around the wreath.

{DIY} Felt Grapevine Wreath |

  • Once all my flowers were finished and ready to go I laid them out along the wreath to figure out which placement I liked best and began to glue away!

{DIY} Felt Grapevine Wreath |

{DIY} Felt Grapevine Wreath |

I love the look that the lace adds and the warmth of the pinecones. It was such an easy project and cost me almost nothing!

Budget Breakdown:

  • Wreath: Hobby Lobby-50% off during sale-brought it to only $3.00!
  • Felt: Hobby Lobby- 4 pieces for $1.00 ( you can also use a 40% off coupon making it even less
  • Pinecones: Free (Picked them off the road)
  • Lace: Thrifted-I think I got it for .25 cents at a garage sale
Grand Total: $4.25
I already had the other supplies around in my craft stash but even with buying any of the other supplies this is still an extremely inexpensive decoration and it really is a lot of fun to make!
We live in a loft in Kansas City so this was a fun was to brighten up the hallway! It would be so cute though on a bright cheery front door!

{DIY} Felt Grapevine Wreath |

Has anyone else given a try at their own felt wreath? Does anybody make their husband stop the car anytime they see pinecones on the side of the road? I bet next time you will!




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15 comments on “{diy} felt grapevine wreath”

  1. Ooooh – I love this! We should have a Christmas-wreath-making afternoon soon. I love homemade wreaths!! :)

  2. This is so cute and sooooo cheap! You’re making me wish I were crafty, and that is saying something : ) I’m loving your felt instructional arrows and + and =s. Cool!

  3. Cute!!! Definitely might need to make this tomorrow :)

  4. I’m love LOVE loving the new STYLE section on the blog! I’ve followed Ali for years and was SO excited to see the site expand. I can’t wait to try some of your DIY’s at home!

    • Thank you so much! Let me know if there is anything specific you are wanting to learn about. I’m open for ideas! Just checked out your site as well and I am afraid I’m going to spend way too much time eating now! :)

  5. i love this! I have been wanting to make a fall wreath and just haven’t been brave enough to try it yet. now i just want to copy yours exactly. : )

  6. Love it!! It turned out so great!

  7. I appreciated your mention of cinnamon rolls! Sounds yummy. The rest of the article was a bit over my head!

    • I’m just surprised you read that far down! I thought once you saw it was just a DIY project about wreaths you would be out of here! Love you Dad! :)

  8. Can you please make me one miss liz?? :)

  9. I LOVE the style of these flowers! I am totally going to make some into magnets right NOW! Thanks for your lovely blog!