DIY Sprinkles Ornaments

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

Hey everyone!  Ali here, today.  You all know that I love to do craft projects with sprinkles.  So I thought it would be fun to share with you a really fun project that I recently did on a craft-a-thon day with my mom — these DIY Sprinkles Ornaments!

I saw the idea for these from a photo once upon a time on Pinterest.  And as you can see, they are pretty much as cute as can be.  And it turns that they are also easy, relatively quick, and they are a perfect way to use up those leftover half containers of sprinkles!  (See my examples below.)  All you need to make them are some clear ornaments, varnish, sprinkles, and you’re good to go.

So check out this step-by-step photo tutorial below to learn how!

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

Alright, here goes…

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

First, gather up all of your supplies.  (I almost just said “ingredients” – can you tell I’m a food blogger?)  ;)

You need:

  • sprinkles (the more colorful, the better in my opinion!)
  • varnish (any kind will work, it just needs to be clear)
  • clear ornaments (I used glass, but the shatterproof might be a little safer – available at any craft store)
  • hanger (I found these little gold hangers at Target, but you can get them anywhere or use string)
  • optional: dixie cups (for draining the varnish) and ziplock bags or a funnel (for pouring the varnish and sprinkles)

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

A funnel might actually be easier for pouring the sprinkles and varnish, but I didn’t have one.  So I went the ziplock (piping) bag route.  Anything that you have on hand to help get the sprinkles and varnish inside the ornament opening will work!

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

Start by pouring a little bit of varnish into the ornament.  (As you can see, I set the ornament on the dixie cup for stability while pouring.)  You just need enough varnish to be able to coat the inside of the ornament, about 1 teaspoon or so.

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

Then take the ornament in your hand and slowly swirl the varnish around so that it covers the entire inside surface area of the ornament.

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

Then turn the ornament upside down and let it drain into the dixie cup for at least 30 minutes.  (This was the easiest way I found to drain the excess varnish.)


DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

Now resist the temptation to pour in the sprinkles any earlier than a half hour.  I got a little excited and started early when the varnish was still a little too wet, and some of the sprinkles bled just a bit.  Ideally, you want the varnish to be fairly dried and just a little bit sticky.

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

Once the ornaments are ready, use a funnel or your ziplock bags to pour the sprinkles into the ornament.  You want just enough sprinkles to be able to cover the inside of the ornament.  But if there are any extra sprinkles, you can just shake the excess into the opening of your next ornament.  (Just place the openings next to one another and shake!)

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

Once the sprinkles are in, gently swirl them around to coat the inside…

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

And then place the topper back on, with your desired hanger.  And voila!

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

I, of course, had to try these with all kinds of different sprinkles.

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

Every single one looked adorable!

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

The perfect “sweet” holiday decor.  Perfect for gifting or adorning your own tree.  Hope you enjoy!

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments | #christmas #diy #ornament #sprinkles

I can’t remember which photo originally caught my eye on Pinterest, but I just found this one which I used as inspiration for the tutorial.  It mostly focuses on paint-filled ornaments, which are also adorable.  Check it out!

DIY Sprinkles Art |

Feel free to also check out my tutorial for DIY Sprinkles Art.  Cheers to sprinkles!

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55 comments on “DIY Sprinkles Ornaments”

  1. MUST MAKE! Ali, these are adorable! Without a doubt, they’d be my favorite ornament on the tree!

  2. These are adorable! I love them all. I will be making these next year for sure! Pinned. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Oh my word this is ADORABLE!!! I want these. I have to have these! Its PERFECTION!!!

  4. SO FLIPPIN CUTE!!! I’m not sure if I’ll get to it this year but I will definitely do this. THANK YOU for sharing!

  5. So cute. Thank you for showing this. Next year I think I will be making some of these to give.

  6. Oh wow these look so cool, will have to give them a try next year! Thanks for sharing a great idea.

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  8. love this idea. know now what I’ll making as gifts and for myself also.

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  11. Too cute! Wish I hadn’t just tossed all the leftover sprinkles from my annual cookie decorating party. Next year :)

  12. So “sweet” and so easy!!! Thanks for this! Merry Christmas

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  14. This is so cool. Looks easy and fast. Those of us on a blimited budget this is a blessing

  15. I am loving this!  I turn my kitchen into a Cookie Baking Wonderland after Thanksgiving and can’t wait to add these to my decorations! Thanks for such a fun addition!

  16. Super cute! Heaven knows I have plenty of sprinkles I could use for this!

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  24. I bought some of these for coworkers and filled with red hots! They are always stealing mine at work! Really looked pretty in the ornament.

  25. Hi Ali I have been trying to make your sprinkle ornaments it is not working and I’m so frustrated. Do you have tips to help the sprinkles stick? I tried waiting 30 minutes and they wouldn’t stick so I tried adding more and waiting only 15 minutes and they still didn’t stick. In upset I really want this to work! Help!

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry that they’re not sticking. Hmmm, I don’t know why that would be — maybe different brands of varnish perform differently? Or maybe the sprinkles have some sort of coating on them? So sorry about that. Let me know how it turns out!

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  28. I couldn’t get mine to stick either. My polyurethane seems thinner than yours appears in pictures and by 30 min it was pretty much dry and nothing stuck. Even when I figured out the optimum time for the sprinkles to stick, the coating was still very patchy with big holes with no sprinkles. Guess I’ll have to try the same brand of varnish you used! Great tutorial, I just advice those who attempt it to not just try any old varnish.

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  32. I want to say thank you for another way to do the ornaments as the one I used called for the polyurethane in a tube and I have looked for months everywhere trying to find it and could not here in OK. I tried using Aleene’s clear tacky glue but you need to let it dry for at least an hour or the sprinkles bleed. I am going to get some varnish and see what happens.

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  45. Made these as a baby sprinkle favor for my daughter who is expecting a baby girl. The party is in December. I am not crafty but easy and adorable!!

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  47. will white glue do the same thing????

    • We haven’t tried that, so we’re really not sure. The sprinkles might still stick to it but you also might see some of the white glue.

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