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DIY Terrarium Mobile

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DIY Terrarium Mobile | #diy

Goodness this summer is flying by. I can’t believe it is already August! Surprisingly for the Midwest, we really haven’t had a terribly hot summer. Because of that,  I think it is causing this season to go by faster than normal. Or maybe it is just because I am so busy. ;)

But in an effort to keep the summer vibes going, I felt inspired to create something green. I absolutely love the look that live plants bring to a home. They give color and life unlike any other decoration. Unfortunately, though, I have learned in the past few years that I cannot for the life of me keep indoor plants alive!

Granted, there was one season in my life where I decided to give it a go and buy a small succulent garden. I thought they were doing great, but not even three months down the road they were all dead. Story of my plant-growing life. Luckily for me, though, faux succulent plants are deceitfully realistic looking!

So because I cannot master the art of indoor plants, I give you…a Faux Succulent Terrarium. And it is just as cute as the real thing, with 0% chance of it dying on me within days! Check out the tutorial below to learn how to make one for yourself.DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

What you’ll need:

  • bakers twine or string of your choice
  • plastic ornaments (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby — because they are crazy enough to already have Christmas decor out!)
  • scissors
  • embroidery hoop
  • black wax crystals (also Hobby Lobby)
  • faux succulents of your choice (just be sure they are small enough to fit into your ornament!)
  • wire cutters

What you’ll do:

Cut two pieces of your bakers twine into 54″  These two pieces of string will be what the terrarium hangs from.

Take your embroidery hoop apart and wrap your first string around the outside piece of the hoop twice and knot it to secure it. (The knot will be hidden by the center piece of the embroidery hoop.)

DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

Take the end of that first string and attach it the same way directly across from your first knot. That will create a loop to hang it from.

Taking your second string, attach it the same as the first string to create an “X” shape and give support from each side of the hoop.

Once your hanger has been completed you can begin on the terrariums!

Open up your plastic ornament and fill one side a little over half-way to the top of the ornament with your wax crystals

DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

Place your succulent carefully on top of the crystals

DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

Close the ornament with the other plastic side. Gently shake the ornament to settle the crystals into the center of the ornament.

DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

Repeat this process with all four of the ornaments.

DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

Once your mini terrariums are completed, cut four pieces of baker’s twine to your desired hanging length. (I chose to stagger my terrariums, but you can hang them however you like!)

Wrap the bakers twine around the same hoop as the first string was hung. You will wrap each piece from the same point as the hanger strings are.

DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

Once all four pieces of string are hung, attach the terrariums with a secure double knot.

DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

Cut excess string off if needed and replace your interior embroidery hoop piece securely.

Hang your mobile!

DIY Terrarium Mobile | Gimme Some Oven

terrarium mobile

***If you are planning on hanging this mobile outside I would definitely recommend using something other than the black wax crystals as your “dirt”. My mobile is hung inside the house, but even in the few minutes I had it outside for these photos it was already beginning to melt! Try small pebbles or sand as an alternative! :)

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14 comments on “DIY Terrarium Mobile”

  1. Love this! Looks like I need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby!

  2. Adorable! I love it and pinned it to make with my kids before summer is done. Thanks for sharing!

  3. SO cute… but I would worry about the wax crystals melting… maybe better to use some black sand or another substance that doesn’t melt.

  4. Ooooohhhh! Something I can make that I won’t kill & it will look lik a plant! What if the sand is infused with dark green food coloring? Actually plain old sand is good enough.

    Love your blog! Thanks, thanks…. MB

  5. This is beautiful, such a clever idea! :)

  6. ilikeitgoingtomakeitcute

  7. I don’t like fake plants, but the only way to have this terrarium mobile is with fake plants. It will look good in my living room :)

  8. Those terrariums will be the greatest present for my best friend. I’ll try to make then give her. Thank you so much for such an useful post!

    • We’re so glad to hear that — we hope you have fun making this! :)

  9. OMG! I can’t say anything but wonderful! I’m a fan of mini terrariums. Your DIY really touch my heart! ohhhhhh!

  10. Well if only it wasn’t fake plants, but it’s OK. This kind of stuff looks like a wind bell, right? Lovely and gorgeous!!! I love it. I definitely try to make one, hand it in front of my house :)) I put water into these crystal balls and make it colorful. Can’t wait to try this. Your idea is very amazingly creative and wonderful!

    • Thanks for your sweet comment James — we hope you can give this a try! :)

  11. My son likes to grow cactus, and I think this is an excellent idea for my son and me to do this weekend. Thank you for sharing tips.