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Hangin’ Around-Displaying Mugs

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Hang your favorite souvenir mug on display |

Ever since I was a kid I have always loved souvenirs. When I go on a trip I of course take many, many photos, but I also like to come home with something from that place. Someday I would love to have stuff from all over the world.

Something that Tanner and I have recently started collecting are diner mugs. It started with getting a couple from our coffee shop and then we just kept collecting them. A couple months ago we took a trip to Ikea and purchased a rail and hook system. Well, actually we bought 3. We planned to use two of them over the counters in our kitchen, but had no plan for the third. Tanner then got the idea to hang the mugs on them. I think it turned out pretty great! We may have to slow down a bit on buying the mugs though…Hang your favorite souvenir mug on display | Hang your favorite souvenir mug on display | Hang your favorite souvenir mug on display |

What do you collect?

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6 comments on “Hangin’ Around-Displaying Mugs”

  1. yes! I love the hanging mugs! you got that from Ikea right!? So excited!! PS: your house is adorable!

  2. Hi Liz,

    This is a great idea and would work perfectly for what I’m trying to do in my tiny house. Do you know what IKEA called this product? I’m not finding it on their website.

    Also, Do the hooks remain on the rod pretty well? I’d be using it to hang mugs being used daily so I’d want to make sure they don’t fall off easily when reaching for the adjacent mug.

    Thank you,