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house tour: a view from above

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House Tour: A View From Above |

Every so often I will be doing a house tour where I crash other people’s homes to share some great ideas and offer inspiration to others. To kick that off I thought I would go ahead and use my own home. My husband and I live in a loft in Kansas City. It is always funny when people come over and ask for a tour because really we have only one large room to show! We moved to the city in April of last year, going from a 3 story townhome to a studio loft! It was an adjustment to figure out where to shove all of our belongings, but we have LOVED living here. There is still a lot more to be done, but here it is! House Tour: A View From Above |

The wood door in the photo is our front door. You walk immediately into the entryway and kitchen and then off to the side is our “bedroom.” We have curtained that room off for some privacy, but there are no doors or walls on the bedroom. House Tour: A View From Above |

Here’s a view of the bedroom (our lazy dog photo-bombing). I still have a lot I would like to do in here, but for now this works. :)

House Tour: A View From Above |

The most glamourous room in the house–the bathroom. (And dog’s bedroom)  Pretty self explanatory. Pretty small.

House Tour: A View From Above |

The living room–my personal favorite in the house. We spend basically all of our time in this room. It is surprisingly functional being used as our family/tv room, office, craft room, and even dining room.

House Tour: A View From Above |

and the view from the other side :)

It’s a work in progress, but there it is. I’m sure there will be many upcoming posts with details of my favorite personal touches in our house!

Anyone else living the lofty lifestyle? Have any questions about living in a loft or similar small space? I’d love to help!

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5 comments on “house tour: a view from above”

  1. I love that big brick wall! One secret I’ve found to successful loft living: regular sort/toss/donate days. There’s just not enough space to have a lot of stuff…about to do a big clean-out on my place to prep for moving next year!

    • I know what you mean! I am definitely much more prone to giving things away now that my space is so limited! :)

  2. These pictures are amazing!!! I love how they capture the homey feel you’ve created in your loft! So beautiful! :)

  3. Love the lazy dog photo bomb.

    I adore your loft!!! (And hoping I get an extra-close view of your NEXT one too!) ;)