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Weekly Wear: Hooray For Boots!

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For the whole fall and winter season I have been on the hunt for some brown boots. It would seem like this would be an easy thing to find since they are pretty much at every store you go to, but I had just really had no luck finding the exact look I was going for. I found a pair by Steve Madden but they were over $100.00 and I just couldn’t stand to pay that this year. Finally I came across the perfect pair!

{In My Closet} New Boots! | #boots

I was a little more picky this year because I knew that with brown boots being so popular I wanted something that stood out a bit. Here were a few things I was looking for.

My Boot Preferences:

  • Under $50.00 dollars
  • Zipped up the back
  • leather or imitation leather (obviously at $50.00 I most likely would not get a quality leather)
  • Dark Brown
  • Tall

{In My Closet} New Boots! | #boots

I love the detail that the zipper on the back gives to these boots.

The best part about these boots are that they fit perfectly in my budget. Only $36.75! Prices do vary by color and size but range from $29.95-65.25–still extremely reasonable!

Weekly Wear: Get them for yourself here!

{In my Closet} New Boots! | #boots

Breckelle’s OUTLAW-81 Classic Buckle Riding Boot | $29.95-65.25

Did anyone else find an item they have been searching for lately?


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5 comments on “Weekly Wear: Hooray For Boots!”

  1. I was just admiring your boots today! Can’t believe the price — they look amazing!!

  2. How did these boots fit? Do they run small in your opinion? Ive seen a couple of reviews that said go up 1/2 size.

    • I bought my normal size and they fit great.. I don’t think mine feel small at all. I wear them all the time and still love them! For the price I don’t think I could find anything better!

  3. i’ve been admiring someone else’s boots like this and remember them standing out b/c of the red zipper! cute! will definitely have to check out getting a pair… would love in black. :)