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Kitchen Renovation Part Four-Tile!

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Kitchen Renovation Part Four-Tile! |

The kitchen renovation is so close I can almost taste it! (Or see it?)  Tanner and I finally got a few minutes yesterday to get some more details put together, so cross your fingers but I think the next time I talk about the kitchen it may actually be finished! Today though, let’s talk tile.

This was the first time Tanner or I had worked with tile before. Growing up my dad tiled all the time. And when I say all the time I mean it! (We moved 5 times while I was in junior high/ high school and I am pretty sure he tiled at every house!) I had watched him a million times, but never actually done it myself. So of course, we called my dad. :)  And he happily came over and helped Tanner learn to tile. I was there too–for moral support of course.

Kitchen Renovation Part Four-Tile! |

So we left off here–cabinets in, bar and counter in place, and awkward purply-brown paint ready to get-outta-here. We chose a nice shiny white subway tile for the backsplash. A few months back we were at a local yelp event at one of my favorite event spaces in Kansas City called The Guild. They have these huge walls covered in white subway tile and accented with black grout. I fell in love. I took a photo of it and vowed it to be my backsplash from that day on.

Kitchen Renovation Part 4-Tile! |

(Photo taken with my Iphone at The Guild December 2012)

The tiling went pretty smoothly and they finished it in an afternoon. My nephew was very helpful throughout the process–he’s a tiling pro.

Kitchen Renovation Part 4-Tile! |  Kitchen Renovation Part 4-Tile! | www.gimmesometyleblog.comKitchen Renovation Part 4-Tile! | www.gimmesometyleblog.comKitchen Renovation Part 4-Tile! |

Obviously Veda wanted to help too.

Kitchen Renovation Part 4-Tile! |

Tanner spent the next day grouting. He later told me he never wanted to grout again. Apparently grouting is no fun!

Kitchen Renovation Part 4-Tile! | www.gimmesometyleblog.comKitchen Renovation Part 4-Tile! |

What a mess! After we wiped off all the excess grout and got it cleaned up nice and shiny we then caulked it all up. It is beautiful and I love it. Here is a not so great photo of the finished look. I will definitely get more up with the finished product when we reveal the kitchen in all it’s finished glory :)

Kitchen Renovation Part 4-Tile! |

Has anyone else tackled a tiling project? Would you agree that grouting is the worst part?

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3 comments on “Kitchen Renovation Part Four-Tile!”

  1. That looks so good! Great work Tanner!

  2. loooooove it!! now come do my house :)

  3. I love this!! Tiling is just my favorite — I think doing a wall is WAY worse than doing floors — so props on that! :)