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kitchen renovation part one aka disaster zone

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Kitchen Renovation-Part 1 |

So I know I have posted multiple times about our kitchen remodel, but this is the first time I have photo proof that it is actually happening! Today I am just going to post some before photos along with some disastrous demolition photos…keep in mind most of our work is being done at night so bear with me on a few of these pictures! :)

Here are the before photos of the kitchen…Let’s just say this place is in need of a major update!

Kitchen Renovation part one | www.gimmesomestyleblog.comKitchen renovation part 1 | www.gimmesomestyleblog.comKitchen renovation part 1 |

Kitchen renovation part 1 |

Night one consisted of Tanner putting together our beautiful new cabinets and me clearing out the current cabinets…and trying to figure out where to put all of our stuff! It was a mess, to say the least!

Kitchen renovation part 1 |

Our old 9 cube organizer was definitely a life saver for this portion of the renovation. It stored all the dishes, while our card table camped out in the office holding misc. small appliances and pots and pans.

Kitchen renovation part 1 | www.gimmesomestyleblog.comKitchen renovation part 1 |

Madness I tell you… it’s a wonder we ever got this stuff into a temporary location.

Somehow in all the crazy I didn’t think to take any photos of my handyman himself… the only photo I have is this one from my instagram account–it will have to do!

Kitchen renovation part 1 |

Way too good-looking for his own good. :)

So that’s night one of our major kitchen renovation–stay tuned for more in the next few days.. we definitely have been keeping busy!

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3 comments on “kitchen renovation part one aka disaster zone”

  1. Can’t wait to see your progress!

  2. I’m so glad you’re documenting this!!!

  3. So ready to see the finished product! I love what I have seen so far. Its all coming together ; )