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Papillionaire Bicycle Giveaway!

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Papillionaire Bicycle Giveaway! | #giveaway

Happy first day of spring! I’m kicking off spring with such a great giveaway from Papillionaire bikes! This company makes some of the cutest bikes I have ever seen. They are based out of Australia, but just opened a store in the United States. They have found a way to combine the vintage look of a Dutch city bike with the convenience of a light frame and modern equipment. They helped sponsor the cost for me to buy a bicycle of my own to try, and I absolutely love it! So now I am so excited that one of YOU will get to have your own Papillionaire bicycle too! Read below for details to enter!

How to enter the Papillionaire Bicycle Giveaway: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What is included in the giveaway:

One lucky winner will receive their very own BICYCLE. Yes you heard right, the good people at Papillionaire are giving away a vintage-inspired beautiful bike–valued at over $500!

Papillionaire Bicycle Giveaway! | #giveaway Papillionaire Bicycle Giveaway! | #giveaway Papillionaire Bicycle Giveaway! | #giveaway

I love the attention to detail that they gave to each and every part of the bike. Papillionaire Bicycle Giveaway! | #giveaway Papillionaire Bicycle Giveaway! | #giveaway Papillionaire Bicycle Giveaway! | #giveaway Papillionaire Bicycle Giveaway! | #giveaway

Papillionaire Bicycle Giveaway! | #giveaway

Veda approves too:)

In case you missed it:

To enter the giveaway, follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget above just below the pagebreak. Enjoy!

And don’t forget to check out Papillionaire on Instagram as well! Follow them at @papillionaire

Papillionaire bicycle giveaway! | #bike #giveaway

*This is a USA giveaway only!

Disclaimer: This giveaway has been sponsored by Papillionaire. I was sent a product to review by them, but was in no way compensated to host this giveaway, and all opinions are my own as always.


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166 comments on “Papillionaire Bicycle Giveaway!”

  1. Okay now I really like the cream!! They are all so great how do you choose!

  2. This bike is TOO cute! I love the cream color. Just perfect.

  3. I love the Maya (blue) “colour”… these bikes are adorable!

  4. That bike is AWESOME!! I also love Veda’s scarf! You both are styin!

  5. What a great mother’s day present this would be. I think my mom would like red :)

  6. I would like a white one.

  7. Beautiful bike. Red is always a classic color. The cream is pretty too!

  8. I want the cream one!!!

  9. Love that cream color! Gorgeous!!

  10. I’d love to have a nice bike to ride around with my kids. :)

  11. Such a cute bike! I love all things vintage!

  12. So cute! Now if only spring would arrive and it would be great for riding!

  13. I would definitely choose a minty green or icy blue color!

  14. I would love the red one!

  15. Beautiful bike! My husband and I were just talking about how we would love to get a pair to cruise around our new town when we move next week.

  16. The red just POPS!

  17. Would love the icy blue

  18. That bike is so great and cute. However, I’m thinking I hope my bike that I’m going to win is a little bigger. My knees would definitely be in my chest if I rode that specific bike. That would be a definitely upgrade from my ghetto $10 auction bike that I currently ride around.

  19. I would choose the black

  20. I would live the cream color. I think it looks so pretty with the brown leather accents :)

  21. Would LOVE a new bike for some spring cruising!

  22. Love the red – classic bike color!

  23. I like the Maya

  24. The white definitely. Such a classic!

  25. AMAZING! Been in love with these bikes forever!

  26. Black for that classic Dutch look!

  27. I love the Sea color!

  28. I would choose the cream!!!

  29. I like the blue!

  30. I love the sweet robin’s egg blue color! I rode a bike like this once through the city of Amsterdam and surrounding areas and it was so great. It was like the Mercedes of bikes.

  31. I agree with Ellen, I’d love a robin egg blue color as well.

  32. I love the red!

  33. Beautiful! I’d choose the black.


  34. This bike would be grest for my mother’s birthday. Her favorite color is green.

  35. I would choose Navy!

  36. like the white one!

  37. Love the creme color!

  38. I’m always online remixing and dreaming about what Papillionaire bike I want. One day…le cries! These are beauties.

  39. i would choose the blue or black

  40. Love that bike! I’ve been looking into new bikes and Papillionaire has great style!

  41. The red one! Gorgeous.

  42. I would go for BLUE! A classic robin’s egg hue is perfect for spring riding in Brooklyn. I’m in love.

  43. The white one. Beautiful bicycles!

  44. Red or blue? Both are so beautiful!

  45. Love this bike in sea color!!

  46. Mmm, I’m thinking green with a wicker basket.

  47. love the white, so classic!