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Easy Chicken Posole Verde

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Easy Chicken Posole Verde -- this delicious and simple soup is ready to go in just 20 minutes! |

I feel like posole fever seems to be sweeping the restaurant world lately.

And I must admit, this makes me very happy.

Like, if I were writing this post over text, it would include all of the hand-clapping, heart-eyed, confetti-popping emojis possible. Because I’m a mega fan of this classic Mexican hominy stew. And while I have nothing against a good chicken tortilla soup, it’s about dang time that posole was given its time in the spotlight on too. Because if you’re looking for something to warm you up on a chilly winter day, it doesn’t get more comforting than this.

And if you’re looking for a quick 20-minute dinner recipe to make on the stove (or let it simmer away all day in the slow cooker), it also doesn’t get much easier than this.

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite recipe for Easy Chicken Posole Verde.

Easy Chicken Posole Verde -- this delicious and simple soup is ready to go in just 20 minutes! |

First, a fun fact. Do you know where posole (also sometimes spelled pozole) gets its name?!

Easy Chicken Posole Verde -- this delicious and simple soup is ready to go in just 20 minutes! |

Well from pozole, of course. The word “pozole” in Spanish actually means hominy, which is the rockstar ingredient of this soup. (And if you’re also new to hominy, it’s basically maize/corn that you can find in the canned goods section of your grocery store.)

Easy Chicken Posole Verde -- this delicious and simple soup is ready to go in just 20 minutes! |

While the hominy is a must in traditional posole, just about everything else can be varied. You can make posole rojo (red) or posole verde (green). You can make it with pork (traditional) or chicken (easiest) or turkey or vegetarian. You can make it super spicy or mild. Basically, you can make it however you’d like. :)

Easy Chicken Posole Verde -- this delicious and simple soup is ready to go in just 20 minutes! |

My favorite version is this 20-minute recipe. It’s goes the “verde” route, using lots of Old El Paso diced green chiles and a traditional poblano pepper. It’s made with shredded chicken (rotisserie for the win!), or I’ll occasionally use some of my leftover slow cooker shredded chicken or slow cooker crispy carnitas. And I like to garnish the heck out of it with avocado, radishes, cilantro and some lime wedges.

I made this version fairly mild, since I was serving it to friends with varied preferences on spice. But if you’d like to kick it up a notch, just add in some diced jalapeno or serrano peppers along with the mild poblano.
Easy Chicken Posole Verde -- this delicious and simple soup is ready to go in just 20 minutes! |

The best part?? It can be ready to go on the stove in about 20 minutes, more or less. Or, you can toss all of the ingredients in your slow cooker and let it do all of the cooking while you’re at work during the day.

Easy peasy.

And ridiculously good.

[Insert all of the happy smiling emojis.]

Easy Chicken Posole Verde -- this delicious and simple soup is ready to go in just 20 minutes! |

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Easy Chicken Posole Verde

  • Prep Time: 8 minutes
  • Cook Time: 12 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 6 -8 servings 1x


This Easy Chicken Posole Verde recipe is ready to go in just 20 minutes on the stove, or you can let it simmer in the slow cooker all day. It’s flavorful, naturally gluten-free, and SO comforting and delish!


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 small yellow onion, peeled and diced
  • 1 large poblano pepper, cored and diced
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3 (4-ounce) cans Old El Paso diced green chiles
  • 6 cups chicken stock
  • 2 (14-ounce) cans white hominy, drained and rinsed
  • 3 cups cooked shredded chicken
  • 2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon salt, or more/less to taste
  • garnishes: diced avocado, chopped fresh cilantro, crumbled cotija cheese, thinly-sliced or julienned radishes, lime wedges


  1. Heat oil in a large stockpot over medium-high heat.  Add onion and poblano and saute for 5 minutes, or until the onion is soft and translucent, stirring occasionally.  Add the garlic and saute for an additional minute, stirring occasionally.  Add the diced green chiles, chicken stock, hominy, chicken, cumin and salt, and stir to combine.  Continue heating until the soup reaches a simmer.  Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for at least 5 minutes.  Taste, and season with extra salt and pepper if needed.
  2. Serve warm, topped with your desired garnishes.


This soup can also be made easily in the slow cooker.  Just add all of your ingredients (minus the garnishes) to your slow cooker, and cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 3-4 hours until the onions are cooked through and soft.  Serve warm, topped with your desired garnishes.

Easy Chicken Posole Verde -- this delicious and simple soup is ready to go in just 20 minutes! |

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Old El Paso. I am partnering with them this year to bring you all sorts of fresh new Mexican recipes, and all opinions are my own as always. Thanks for supporting the brands that help make this site possible.

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63 comments on “Easy Chicken Posole Verde”

  1. 20 minutes to dinner?  That’s my kind of recipe!

  2. Haha, I had to laugh at the use of all the emoticons. I would definitely be using them to describe this recipe too!! I’ve never had posole…but it sounds like I have been missing out on ALL things life! Pinned!

  3. Such a classic Mexican dish.  Are you still enjoying your time in Austin? I wonder if all their great Mexican food had you inspired :). I love the idea that this recipe can be converted into a slow cooker meal. I’m always on the look out for recipes that can do that! What a great quick and easy meal! 

  4. I’ve never had posole verde before?!! I definitely need to try this easy version!

  5. This soups looks like just the thing that I need to give me the energy to dig myself out of the 3-4 feet of snow I’ve got right now. Gorgeous photos, Ali!

  6. I’ve never had posole verde before. It looks delicious, though. I need to try it asap!

  7. I’m literally stopping at the store on my way home for ingredients to make this tonight for the parents. It looks SO good. My Mom is obsessed with hominy so thanks for making me daughter-of-the-year tonight! 

  8. This dish looks incredible! I haven’t tried posole yet… what a tasty bowl of yummmm!

  9. Do you know what the nutritional value for this is?

  10. You are right Posole is everywhere. This looks like a wonderful version of it.
    Good Job!

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  15. I love posole and love even more that this can be on the table in under half an hour. Gorgeous photos and recipe, Ali! xo

  16. Your photos are just stunning! You have totally sold me on posole, which for some reason I’ve never tried!

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  18. I have been looking for a posole recipe to try out and this is the one! I can’t wait to make it.  I love that it can be ready in a jiffy or in the slow cooker.   I think I’ll give it a try in the slow cooker first! Thanks for another great recipe!

  19. I made this two weeks ago, it was so very good, it lasts a week in the fridge.
    My 20 year old son requested it again tonight .

    Comfort food and staying warm from our Toronto frigid winter.

  20. This is now a staple soup in our household.  I like to make this on Sundays in the slowcooker (with extra spice of jalepenos) and it’s absolutely delicious.  My husband has coined it his ‘new feel good, chicken noodle like soup.”  The only problem: people protest when I want to make any other soup than this one!!!

  21. I made this today! Not only is it sinfully delicious but overall very healthy. Everyone thinks I slaved all day making this–but it’s so easy. It’s all gone :) 

  22. made this tonight and it was amazing.  Thanks for posting!

  23. Ummm… Pozole Verde is made from tomatillos, green tomatoes you find in Mexican stores. 

  24. Just made this….so easy and absolutely delicious!  Along with the garnishes you suggested, we also had sliced green onions and crushed tortilla chips for a little crunch (freshly fried strips would have been even better!). 

  25. I really enjoyed this!  Had my firsts posole last week at a restaurant.  It was made with pork.  Saw your recipe and had to try it.  It is a keeper.   I did not use the Poblano pepper as my husband is very sensitive to spice.  Thanks so much

  26. I tried the chicken parole verde this weekend and it was ahh maze ing!! I have never eaten hominy before and I was delightfully surprised. 

    Thank you for the recipe.


    • Mary, we’re so happy to hear you loved it — thanks for giving the recipe a try!

  27. I definitely want to try this! If I try this in a slow cooker do you put the chicken in uncooked or can it still go in cooked?  

    • Hi Marie, we haven’t tried this in a slow cooker, but if you do (we think it should work), yes, you can put the chicken in uncooked. We hope you enjoy! :)

  28. Hi! Can this recipe be made vegetarian if you substitute veggie broth for chicken broth and pinto beans for chicken? Just curious to see if you or anyone has tried it. Thanks!

    • Hi Karen! We haven’t tried that but it should work great, and we think it would be yummy! :)

    • Yes, I have made this before this recipe with Green verde enchilada sauce and salsa verde with smalll white beans 1and chili lime sauce with an orange added. Not realizing it was closer to pozole verde than carne asadae soup?BOTH are very good! Family really likes the hominy and spicy flavor!

  29. Tasty, and perfect use of some leftover chicken.

  30. I have made this so many times and its always a huge hit! Also, I just shared this in a post of my favorite soup recipes! Check it out:

  31. I had to read the revipe to see how this green pozole was made. Quite amused reading the ingredients, and although im sure its a tasty soup, by no means is this a green pozole. Aside from raddish garnish none of this is traditional or original. I would call this a soup with mexican ingredients.

  32. I did this recipe as is for Cinco De Mayo and LOVED it. This will be my version of chicken soup going forward! I did use the radishes, lime and cilantro and it really brightens it up.

  33. This was so good, I made it exactly as you suggested, I never really do that, actually I added more garlic, but it was so yummy!

  34. Everything sounds good except for the fact that it’s called POZOLE not POSOLE

  35. Good soup for me

  36. So… Am I the only one that doesn’t have cooked pulled chicken handy? Doesn’t that just about double the time to make this?

    I’m newish at cooking, so I’m not trying to slam the recipe, just wondering how to get this going on a weeknight. The husbeast is opposed to the crock pot working white we’re not home since he’s trapped in the 1980s.

    • Hello Jenn! We love just picking up a roast chicken for this (if you don’t want to roast or poach one yourself). You can shred the chicken pretty quickly before making this, or you can shred it a day or two in advance. Either way, we hope you enjoy the recipe and we hope the crock pot still works well! :)

  37. This is so good!! Super easy. Thank you! I will definitely make this again.

  38. I have had the soup and it had s absolutely delicious!

  39. Hello! If the slow cooker is used, do you still have to use pre cooked chicken or can you throw in uncooked chicken breasts?

  40. Loved it !!!! Made a few changes. Cooked in the slow cooker left out the large poblano pepper and one can of the Old El Paso diced green chiles. What was left was just enough spice for my husband and myself. We also omitted the garnishments. This will stay in our dinner rotation. So good.

  41. I made this today and it is delicious. Easy to put together and will add that diced jalapeno next time.

  42. Ali, I have been following you and your recipes for a long time now. Today I finally read your full story and realized that I am doing you an injustice by not posting how spectacular EVERY thing I have made tastes! My mother was a great cook and I grew up cooking with her. I am also a great cook (or at least my family and friends tell me I am, lol), so I am a tough critic! Today I made this recipe. I live in the United States in the STATE of New Mexico (not part of Mexico as many people call us) but we ARE the Green Chile Capital of the World! It is absolutely delicious, as I knew it would be. I have learned to trust your recipes. Look for many more posts!

  43. Added spinach and replace Davis hominy white 1 lb of navy beans

  44. So sorry if I’m missing it, but do you provide nutritional info? Thanks!

  45. This is a great recipe and so easy with rotisserie chicken! Loved the flavor!

  46. Hi – if this is made in the slow cooker, can the chicken be put in raw or should it be cooked first and then placed in the slow cooker? Thanks!

  47. Easy and delicious. Served it to a group of volunteers at church. They loved it!

  48. Just wanted to thank you for this great recipe! It’s my favorite soup to make this past Winter.
    It’s perfect, it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients and it’s fast.

    I just add everything to the instant pot and push the soup/stew button and it’s done in no time.
    Look forward to trying more of your recipes.

  49. Do I need to roast and skin the poblano before using in this recipe. Not really used that pepper before.

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