Egg Drop Soup

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This restaurant-style Egg Drop Soup recipe only takes about 15 minutes to make and tastes even better than the restaurant version!

Egg Drop Soup

Growing up, my family had a tradition of eating lunch at our local little Chinese restaurant every single Saturday. And every single Saturday — like, we’re talking nearly two decades of Saturdays here — I would order “the usual.”

Egg drop soup.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I absolutely adore a good bowl of egg drop soup. It was my favorite food in the whole entire world as a kid. And today, it’s still one of the most comforting, nostalgic, delicious soups I know.

It’s also one of the easiest soups I know. All you need to make this egg drop soup recipe is about 15 minutes (tops) in the kitchen, a handful of easy ingredients, and a quick tip for how to drizzle those beautiful egg ribbons. Then a delicious batch of egg drop soup can simmering on the stove and ready to be served in no time.

Let’s make some soup!

Egg Drop Soup Recipe | 1-Minute Video

So What Is Egg Drop Soup?

In case this recipe is new to you, egg drop soup is a staple at Chinese restaurants across the United States. It’s typically made with lightly-seasoned chicken or veggie broth, and filled with delicious egg “ribbons”, which are created by whisking raw eggs into the simmering broth.

Brown Eggs

Egg Drop Soup Ingredients:

To make this homemade egg drop soup recipe, you will need:

  • Good-quality chicken or vegetable stock: Either will do.
  • Cornstarch: To thicken the broth a bit.
  • Seasonings: Just a pinch of ground ginger, garlic powder, salt and black pepper.
  • Eggs: Which we will whisk and then drizzle into the soup.
  • Sesame oil: Absolutely essential in this recipe, and also one of my favorite ingredients!
  • Green onions: Thinly sliced, to mix into the soup and also use as a garnish.
  • Whole-kernel corn: Totally optional, but I love the extra flavor and texture it adds.

How To Make Egg Drop Soup

How To Make Egg Drop Soup:

To make egg drop soup, simply:

  1. Prepare your stock: Whisk the stock, cornstarch, ginger and garlic powder together until combined before turning on the heat.  It’s essential that the broth is room temperature or cooler, otherwise the cornstarch will clump up and not dissolve.
  2. Bring the stock to a simmer: Stirring occasionally. While this is heating, go ahead and whisk together your eggs in a separate measuring cup or bowl.
  3. Slowly stir in the eggs: Once your stock has come to a simmer, use a whisk or a fork to begin stirring the stock round and round to create a slow “whirlpool”. Then gradually drizzle in the eggs as you continue to stir the stock, and they will turn into those magical little ribbons. Remove pan from heat.
  4. Add remaining ingredients. Stir in the sesame oil, green onions and corn (if using) until combined. Taste and season with salt and pepper as needed.
  5. Serve warm. Garnished with extra green onions, if you’d like.

Homemade Egg Drop Soup

What To Serve With Egg Drop Soup:

This soup would be delicious when served with:

Egg Drop Soup Recipe

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Egg Drop Soup

Egg Drop Soup

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 6 cups of soup 1x


This restaurant-style Egg Drop Soup recipe only takes about 15 minutes to make and it’s my absolute fave.


  • 4 cups good-quality chicken or vegetable stock
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
  • 3 green onions, thinly sliced, plus extra for garnish
  • (optional) 1/4 cup whole-kernel corn or creamed corn
  • fine sea salt and freshly-cracked black pepper, to taste


  1. Whisk together stock (chilled or room-temperature), cornstarch, ginger and garlic powder in a medium sauce pan until smooth. Heat over high heat until the stock comes to a simmer, stirring occasionally.
  2. Meanwhile, whisk together the eggs and egg whites in a small measuring cup or bowl. (I find the measuring cup easier for pouring.)
  3. Once the broth reaches a simmer, use a fork or a whisk to stir the broth in a circular motion, creating a “whirlpool.” Then slowly pour the whisked eggs into the soup as you continue stirring, in order to create long egg ribbons.
  4. Remove pan from heat.  Stir in the sesame oil, green onions and corn (optional) until combined.  Season with salt and pepper to taste, also adding a dash or two of more sesame oil if needed.
  5. Serve immediately, sprinkled with additional green onions.


*My old recipe called for 2 eggs and 2 egg whites, which you’re welcome to use.  But nowadays, I’ve switched to just using 3 eggs, which is a bit easier. ;)

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637 comments on “Egg Drop Soup”

  1. wonderful soup, we enjoyed it and I loved it with the corn and scallions. DELICIOUS!

  2. Dear Ali, I LOVE egg drop soup !!!! But really never knew how to make it. I tried all kinds of crazy stuff. I have just read your recipe and need to go to the store and buy my “stock”. Please share more of your recipes with me. It is cold and raining right now. And it is a good day for soup. As soon as the rain stops I am going to the store. I can not wait to try your recipe. Thank you for posting it on facebook. I look forward to seeing more of you……….thank you, Mary Parsons

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  4. This is always a must have when we get Chinese. Now you are saying I can make it at home. What What?!?!

  5. I just made this and it’s the best egg drop soup I have ever had. I’m more of a sweet and sour soup gal but I needed a chicken based soup ( my boyfriend is sickly) that was quick and easy and this turned out AMAZING. I will cut the ginger in half next time but I’m very pleased. Thank you.

  6. We MAKE Greek avgolemono soup using egg and the broth should cool down then pour broth into a bowl with the eggs and not the other way round, Then the soup does not clot. Also whisk vigorously and continuously. When I was in Portugal I tasted a fantastic soup with an egg sitting on top. I recently found it in a book so I will try it.

  7. As a vegetarian could you use vegetable stock instead? Has anyone tried that?

  8. I like Egg Drop Soup too, maybe not quite as much as you do, but I have had some issues with Chinese food over the years but have always liked and done well with Egg Drop Soup. One time I was looking to make it more healthy and asked the restaurant to add some of their sauteed veggies to it, ie., broccoli, onions, peppers, etc. and it was wonderful with the added veggies. Try it sometime if you’re not an “Egg Drop Soup” purist…LOL

  9. WOW! Finally, a recipe for egg drop soup that tastes like my favorite Chinese take out. Love that I can whip this up in about 20 minutes on a cold winter day. Thank you so much… this goes into the books as my new go-to favorite!

  10. Just wonderful!

    Thank you for posting this! I have made it several times now, and I am getting better and better at making the ribbons! I currently use cornstarch, but I am going to try something in the future that has less carbs, although this dish is already low carb and so delicious! I am currently doing Atkins and still coming up with alternatives to my carb addiction.

  11. I am excited to make this! Do you have a recipe for sweet n sour by any chance? We moved recently and have no decent restaurants near us!

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  13. I am so excited I came across this recipe!!! My husband loves egg drop soup and we just happen to have all of these ingredients. I am so making this next week for an easy dinner. I frequently make avgolemono soup (which is a Greek chicken soup with egg and lemon), and I love eggs in soup because it makes it super hearty. Thanks!

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  15. I am going to try this recipe. I am also going to add some minced steamed chicken and minced water chestnuts.

  16. Just made this soup it tastes exactly like the one I’m used to eating at a local Chinese restaurant. I put less than 1/4 tsp ginger, no pepper, onions, or corn. Perfectly delicious! The only problem I had was creating the ribbons of egg. The eggs look like they dissolved too much into the soup. But the taste is perfect!

  17. So good! Just finished making this on a snowy day in OK and it hit the spot.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  20. Just made this and WOW! So delicious!! My kids are picky eaters too and loved it! The corn and green onions add just the right amount of subtle sweetness and flavor to make this dish perfect!! So glad you recommended them because they made it complete (in my opinion). Thank you :)

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  24. This is also one of my favorite soups.Can you tell me how many carbs. and calories are in this recipe? Thank You

  25. I just made this, but my soup looks more white than yellow? I used the right amount of stock and cornstarch that the recipe called for, so maybe it was the heat or cooking process? :( My soup doesn’t look very pretty or appetizing, but it does taste nice.

    (I also used carrots instead of corn – yummy!)

    • Hi Mahlon,

      The color of the soup will depend on your stock. The brand I use is made with lots of carrots, so it’s extra yellow. But some brands are definitely lighter in color (although still tasty!).


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  27. LOVE this recipe! I was apprehensive at first, but this recipe is fantastic. I haven’t tried it with the corn yet- I’ve never had egg drop soup with corn before.

    I highly recommend this recipe to anyone looking for some yummy soup!

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  29. This recipe is wonderful but has it been changed in the last few months? I swear I’ve been using ur recipe on this site and it called for garlic clove and soy sauce …

    • Hi Michelle,

      Ah yes! Mentioned in the post when I reshot the photos that I tweaked the recipe just a tad. I simplified it to exclude those ingredients, but you can still use a pinch/dash of each in the recipe!


  30. Can’t find cornstarch in my Mexican town. Any alternatives?

    • Hmmm, I haven’t tried it but believe you could make a roux with equal parts flour/butter. (I would probably try 1 tablespoon of each.) Stir that together for a few minutes in a saucepan over medium-high heat, then whisk in the chicken broth and remaining ingredients and cook as directed.

  31. Do you know the nutrition information for this soup?

  32. I haven’t tried this yet, but I love to get it at restaurants when I’m sick. BEST SOUP EVER!!! Imma gonna try it :)

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  36. This IS the egg drop soup I’ve been looking for! Like you, I have loved egg drop soup from childhood. Your recipe looks and sounds superb. I like your addition of the corn. Thanks for sharing.

  37. I love Egg Drop Soup and I definitely will be making it today.

  38. I’m making this today!

  39. OMG, omg, omg!!!! Hello from down under (Australia) have just made your soup and ammmmm soooo in loveeee with it….
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this recipe with us….
    cannot wait for more inspiring recipes to come our way :)
    Trudy :)

  40. I made this last night for my husband and I to go along with our Asian-inspired dinner.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t really like this at all. I followed the recipe to the T, leaving out the corn (we don’t like it in our soup) and the green onions (because I didn’t have any). I don’t know if it was because of using ground ginger and ground garlic but I definitely think using fresh would make the soup taste better. Perhaps not to n starch either because the soup gets thick with the eggs anyways.

    Regardless, your pics look beautiful but sadly this was a miss for my husband and me.

  41. Hi good folks i make this soup quite frequently and a few hours before i do,i fry some one quarter inch strips of egg roll raps til light golden color drain on paper towel.then when my soup is made i will have crispy noodles to put in my soup and indulge.I hope everyone will try this it’s as easy to make as the soup.everyone have a blessed day!

  42. I just made this tonight! Very yummy & filling. Will make this again, thanks for the recipe.

  43. Thanks so much for pinning this! Eggdrop Soup is my family’s go-to whenever anyone is sick! We do natural whole foods, so I am delighted to be able to do this at home with ingredients that I always have on hand.

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  46. Mahalo plenty!!!  Luv this soup & now I can make my own….I’m soooo happy

  47. Cornstarch in Spanish is maizena 

  48. While Hot and Sour will always be my favorite, I do love Egg Drop as well. It’s my boyfriend’s favorite soup (and probably one of the few he’ll eat). I’ll definitely have to give this a try as the addition of the corn and green onions sounds amazing!! It’s the perfect time for soup now that the nights are getting cold…brrrr!

  49. I just want to tell you something about this soup i got sick 20 years ago with lupus already had diabetes, and in so much pain, one day son and his finace went to get lunch she ask if i had eaten egg drop soup i said now didnt think soup good but she brought back chinese dinner and two egg drop soup I was sick that day and didnt eat all my dinner but i eat both soups, i took my time but found out it was lucious and smooth to my tummy, but hours later i really felt better and some how the soup and helped alot well now when my bad bad flare-ups come  round i have order of my egg drop soup for the day and it still works i feel so much better not sure what does it but not giving up on it, my favorite soup is vegetable soup but its lost out. thank you for you recipe for egg drop soup but mine might not taste like the chinese place but its a good fixer upper for my illness, thank you for the recipe, and keep up the wonderful food you make so great . thank you, mamamojoe

  50. So excited to try this! Can I ask what kind of chicken broth you use or recommend? I’d really like to get it perfectly right! :) thank you.