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facebook giveaway: “misto gourmet olive oil sprayer”

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Head on over to the Gimme Some Oven Facebook Page to enter this week’s giveaway for a “Misto Gourmet Stainless Steel Olive Oil Sprayer”!

As I just mentioned in yesterday’s How To Make Homemade Croutons post, this little sprayer is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. It’s super easy to use, and allows you to use olive oil as a cooking spray, without any extra propellants or chemicals. I also love it because it spreads much more evenly than drizzling olive oil — often allowing me to use less oil in my cooking.

So head on over to Facebook, and leave a comment on the Misto post to be entered in this week’s giveaway!

(This giveaway is not sponsored by Misto. Its just a product I love, and wanted to share with you!)

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2 comments on “facebook giveaway: “misto gourmet olive oil sprayer””

  1. This looks just like what I need. I seem to always use too much olive oil in the pan when just wanting to get a nice even thin coating. This would make it so much easier!

  2. I’ve seen similar gadgets before. Really like the esthetics of this one. Just goes to show that form does follow function.