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{random film-ness} The Golden Globes: Live Blogging!

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9:59: Tina and Amy say goodbye and that they are going home with Jodie Foster. I am going home to create my own awards show ; ) Thanks for watch-blogging with me!

9:58: To no avail. Argo wins the Best Picture Golden Globe. It is a fine, solid political/adventure thriller. But it wasn’t innovative, gutsy and culturally necessary like Zero Dark Thirty.

9:57: Sending good thoughts to Zero Dark Thirty.

9:50:55: But it, of course, goes to Daniel Day Lewis for being Lincoln. And he thanks writer Tony Kushner (beautifully) and Spielberg.

9:50: Rooting for John Hawkes.

9:48: Jessica Chastain wins for her performance in Zero Dark Thirty. So deserved. She thanks Boal for writing a strong woman and Kathryn Bigelow for making a powerful film that lets her main character disobey the gender roles in modern movies and doing more for women in cinema than she knows. (I’m paraphrasing, but it was awesome.)

9:47: Tina and Amy pronounce that the so-good-looking middle-aged George Clooney makes young George Clooney look like garbage. Agreed.

9:40: We complain about the also awkward pairing of comedies and musicals in one category before Les Miserables wins. Ali predicts that it won’t do as well at the Oscars. It’s not fair (not having seen it), but I’m hoping as much.

9:39: Beth pronounces Jeremy Renner’s mustache “awkward.” (The Hurt Locker star was introducing Zero Dark Thirty.)

9:30: Jennifer Garner thanks a couple people for her husband Ben Affleck before introducing the best actor nominees for comedy/musical. (Argo’s producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov.) Then Maureen gets her head bitten off for asking who Jennifer Garner is. Sidney Bristow! Oh, and Hugh Jackman won for his role in Les Miserables. 

9:30: This is what’s fueling us through tonight.

9:22: Girls wins best comedy show, too! Another nice, funny speech from Lena Dunham. “I promised someone long ago that if I was ever in this situation that I would thank Chad Lowe…I’m sorry, but I did.”

9:17: Really wanted Bigelow to walk away with this directing globe…but she didn’t. Happy for Affleck. He thanks his screenwriter and a whole lotta other people in his speech, so that’s charming. So many thank you’s in that speech! But STILL. Shoulda been Bigelow.

9:14: Maureen calls for a moratorium on the phrase “some things are worth fighting for” in movie trailers.

9:02: Jodie Foster’s Cecil B. DeMille award reminds me that I should really rewatch Contact. “47 years in the film business is a very long time,” she says. And then talked about our current culture’s lack of respect for privacy, and thanked a lot of people, talked about having a different voice in the future and other things…we’re a little confused about some of it…but there were a lot of teary eyes in the audience, so maybe you had to be an actress to “get it.” Still, big fan of Jodie Foster’s work.

8:58: Tina and Amy get “drunk,” after losing to Lena Dunham, and tell Taylor Swift to stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son and that she needs some “me time” on her own to learn about herself.

8:51: Lena Dunham! Smart girl and a class-act speech. Only seen the first three episodes of Girls, but they were fresh, funny and brave. I enjoyed what I saw of the show, even if I don’t have much in common with the (mostly) privileged girls it’s about.

8:47: Brave wins for best animated film. Which reminds me I should have seen it a long, long time ago. Ashamed it slipped through the cracks. Anybody want to guest-post about it?

8:37: If you’re not watching nominee Connie Britton in Nashville, you’re missing out. I feel like I’m telling somebody about this show every day. It’s written by Callie Khouri, the writer behind Thelma & Louise, with music supervised by her husband, T Bone Burnett…it’s soapy and well-written. The women are strong, and the music is stellar. (Claire Danes won for her Homeland role.)

8:35: Haneke wins best foreign film for Amour…expect a lot of chatter tomorrow about whether that ups his Best Picture Oscar odds.

8:23:55: YES!! Tarantino wins, and thanks his friends who hear early drafts of his work. Awwwww. Beth and I (who were just talking about starting to trade pages regularly) grin.

8:23: Rooting for Tarantino in the screenplay category. Django!

8:15: I was rooting for Helen Hunt, but you won this round, Anne Hathaway. (Best Supporting Actress)

8:13: Jamie! That is all.

8:12: Schmidt! That is all.

8:06: Haven’t made my mind up about Silver Linings Playbook, but never had doubts about Jennifer Lawrence. “I beat Meryl!,” “J-Law” says, before thanking her brothers for being mean to her.

8:03: “Judi Dench…where did she come from?” – Will Ferrell

8:01: “That was Hillary Clinton’s husband!” — Amy Poehler

7:58: Bill Clinton, what?!? Immediate standing ovation gets the classic thumbs up from the Pres. (He introduces Lincoln.)

7:55: Helping the redhead as she tried to discern if Benedict Cumberbatch brought a date or not.

7:48:57: First correct Golden Globe call of the night! Go, Adele! Love the frock, too. And the self-deprecating-ness.

7:48: Bets on Adele for original song, right?

7:45: More crowded room now! (Photo by Ali.)

7:43: So, the Hollywood sign in the Golden Globes Argo trailer was pristine, unlike the broken-down one in the film… #continuityproblem

7:38: Did everybody just see Robert Downey, Jr. attacking Mel Gibson with Very Enthusiastic cheek kisses just then?

7:37: I love that the Golden Globes lets EVERYONE involved up on the stage. And then they have to pan the camera back and forth. It’s charming, somehow.

7:36: Gimme Some Oven is here, too!

7:32: Vocal cheering for Damien Lewis, thanks to nostalgia for Life. “He’s so handsome,” says the redhead in the room.

7:27: Gimme Some Reads is in the house!

7:23: I missed the red carpet…can someone comment to confirm that plunging (or non-existant) necklines were a thing?

7:20: Adding Game Change to my Netflix queue…right…now.

7:16: Current watching environment.

7:12: I love seeing entire casts sitting together (lookin’ at you, Modern Family). I like to pretend that they all live together off set, too. My mom is a kindergarten teacher, and her students similarly think she lives at school 24/7. She once had to comfort a little girl who started crying when they were leaving for Christmas break because she felt so sorry for my mom that she had to stay at the school while everybody else got to have holiday parties.

7:09:49: Waltz, 1. DiCaprio-Magill, 0.

7:09: Going on record that I’m rooting for DiCaprio in the first category of the night—Best Supporting Actor. Even over Waltz.

7:06: Tina and Amy starting off strong. “Young Daniel Day Lewis was E.T. Do the finger.” Good sport, Day Lewis.

7:04: It took me four minutes to find the right channel. That’s what I get for living without live TV (and watching everything online) for years. Golden Globes fail.

This post contains affiliate links. 


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