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Hulu Plus Giftcards Giveaway

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Thanks to the generous folks at Hulu Plus, two Gimme Some Film readers have got a chance to win a film-tastic holiday gift. We are giving away one 3-month subscription to Hulu Plus (a $23.97 value) and one 6-month subscription ($47.94). You can stuff your prize in the stocking of your favorite movie lover or keep it for yourself. I think you’re going to want to keep it for yourself, and I’ll tell you why. (Entry details below.)

My name is Sarah, and I am a Hulu Plus addict. As proof, here are the TV shows that I watch regularly on Hulu Plus: SupernaturalCastle, Fringe, Modern Family, Parenthood, Portlandia, Parks & Recreation, Rookie Blue, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Nashville, Haven, The Daily Showand The Colbert Report. With Hulu Plus there are no long waits for new episodes, and you can go back and watch old seasons of your favorite TV shows as well.

Hulu Plus totally enables my watching obsessions by its availability across platforms. I watch my shows while I’m working out on the treadmill or elliptical with my iPhone. You can use a huge variety of devices to access Hulu Plus, from your laptop to your Xbox. Kindle Fires, Nooks, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and more are all Hulu Plus ready.

Hulu Plus has an overwhelming library of cool content for all kinds of viewers.

So go ahead and enter, why dontcha? The more you spread the Gimme Some love, the more entries you get! And don’t forget to show Hulu Plus some love, too. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with all their great content!

How To Enter The Hulu Plus Giftcards Giveaway:

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What Is Included In The Giveaway:

  • 1 winner will win one 3-month subscription to Hulu Plus (a $23.97 value)
  • A different winner will win one 6-month subscription to Hulu Plus (a $47.94 value)

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This giveaway has been sponsored by Hulu Plus. I was in no way compensated to host this giveaway, and all opinions are my own as always.
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Sarah Magill

Sarah Magill has a full-time movie habit made possible by a day-time greeting card writing gig. She blogs at Gimme Some Film and is learning to write scripts and direct. She tries to balance her screen obsession with trail running, jazz singing, book clubbing, and hanging out with The Best Golden Retriever Ever, Copa.

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81 comments on “Hulu Plus Giftcards Giveaway”

  1. Yay for Hulu Plus!!! I’m a big fan of Parenthood, Mindy Project, Colbert and Project Runway on Hulu Plus.

    • We should have a Film/Oven Parenthood live-blogging spectacular sometime. There would be much crying and much eating of comfort food.

  2. Having recently received a Roku player I would love to try Hulu Plus.

    • How’s your experience with Roku? I use Hulu Plus on my desktop (HDMI-cabled up to a Vizio TV), laptop and iPhone. Curious about devices like Roku!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Parenthood!

  4. Hulu Plus would be great, I need to catch up on my Supernatural addiction!!

    • Great to see a fellow hunter on the site ; ) Been loving this season; they are pros at the long story arc!

  5. I love Parenthood and GoOn!

  6. I haven’t yet bit the bullet on going Plus – though I do watch regular Hulu a lot. :)

    • HuluPlus changed my life. Well, at least my working-out life. It’s all-Hulu all-the-time on the treadmill. Multi-task!

  7. I would love to catch up on The Walking Dead and Justified!

  8. Downton Abbey!

  9. Thanks for having this giveaway. Awesome prize.

  10. I would watch Castle

  11. Do you know how awesome it would be for me to watch the shows I miss?!

  12. Really awesome. Great giveaway idea.

  13. We don’t have a TV in our bedroom, but whenever my husband is out of town for work, I like to snuggle down in bed and watch something on my computer. Hulu Plus would be awesome for this!

  14. We are about to get rid of cable so i would love to make sure I don’t miss my favorite shows by watching Hulu!

  15. My teenage son will join you at Hulo-anon!! I think he did the Breaking Bad series, I didn’t join him in that one…

  16. I am loving the new blogs :)

  17. Once Upon a Time and Downton Abbey

  18. We don’t have cable, so this would be the perfect alternate for our family.

  19. Anything that’s not on Netflix! :)

  20. We don’t have cable so anything!

  21. Ahh!! I’d love to win this!! my hubby don’t have cable (boo!!) and netflix just isn’t cutting it! I’m not sure what I’d watch first- there are so many times when I’m trying to find a way to stream something and think “Ah! If only I had hulu!”

  22. My son would force me to watch family guy and other nonsense. LOL

  23. We don’t have cable, and we’re broke newlyweds ;). Love this giveaway!

  24. I’d use it to get caught up on Downton Abbey :)

  25. i would love to watch glee without having to wait a week!

  26. Parenthood, Chicage Fire. Hulu Plus is great for the Treadmill!

  27. I have a 2 year old, so I never get to sit and watch tv…ever. And when I do watch tv only shows I don’t care to watch are on, so this could revolutionize those 30 minutes of R&R I find sometimes.

  28. Oh I love TV so much but am never home to watch shows when they are on, so huluplus would be awesome. One show I want to start watching is New Girl

  29. I love shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

  30. We recently got rid of our cable, but have an Apple TV. We have Netflix, but I so want Hulu so I can watch the latest episodes of Parenthood! I miss watching that show!

  31. I’m moving back to the U.S. after living overseas for the last 2 years. I’m excited to watch a million shows! In particular, it will be nice to watch How I Met Your Mother and Glee without having to buy them on iTunes, but I have a lot of Castle and Parenthood to watch for the first time :)

    • You can definitely watch Glee, Castle and Parenthood. All favorites of mine! HIMYM isn’t up on Hulu yet, though.

  32. Christmas break would be a great time to have Hulu Plus available!

  33. I’m looking forward to watching Modern Family. I love that show!

  34. This looks epic!!!

  35. Is Big Bang Theory on Hulu? If so, that. If not, really anything — we don’t have cable!

  36. I shall watch all of The Daily Show that there ever has been with the gift card and it shall be awesome.

  37. The last few years of the Simpsons, I just haven’t been able to watch!

  38. I look forward to watching Revenge on HuluPlus!

  39. I want to start watching *Girls*. I have missed the whole first season!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  40. I could catch up on all my favorite shows! Yay!

  41. I’d love to watch lots of the tv show psych. It’s my fav!

  42. Hmmm, I need to catch up on all the new movies, and also finish watching White Collar :)

  43. How I Met Your Mother!

  44. I’d catch up on how i met your mother

  45. My guilty pleasure is Gossip Girl. I know, I’m too old to watch it…and it really is a terrible show…but I love to watch it on Hulu Plus.

  46. I would catch up on Glee and Modern Family!!

  47. I am looking forward to catching up on Revenge and Nashville!

  48. This would be aweseome! I want to catch up on some of my TV shows! :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. probably dexter! :)