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{in my queue} The Cell

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DVD #129: The Cell

I put this visually imaginative thriller from 2000 into my queue after seeing director Tarsem Singh‘s The Fall. I was enamored with Singh’s surreal dreamscapes, saturated color and artfully composed shots. Along with these delicious visuals was a multi-layered story that had emotional heft.

I don’t know much about The Cell , but the movie stills suggest that the film similarly moves through competing realities and places a premium on eye-popping sets and costumes. I’m hoping for Out of Sight– level Lopez and a window into how Singh developed his signature style. (The Cell was Singh’s debut feature.)

Also in my queue? Singh’s take on Greek mythology, Immortals (2011), starring Superman,  and his quirky retelling of the Snow White fairytale, Mirror Mirror (2012), staring Julia Roberts as The (evil) Queen.

What’s in your queue?

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This post contains affiliate links.


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5 comments on “{in my queue} The Cell”

  1. May your openmindedness and bravery reward you. :) I saw The Cell when it came out and never gave him another chance, which, in retrospect, wasn’t very nice of me.

  2. I am not sure that The Cell was well-reviewed, but I loved it. It looked fantastic, and the story was just my kind of thing.

  3. I also chose to see this after watching The Fall. The Cell was just… eh. Not my thing. But The Fall?! Awesome! I can’t wait for the day that I get to see that on the big screen. It’d be amazing, wouldn’t it? :)