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Welcome to the new blog in the “Gimme Some” family — Gimme Some Film!

As you can see in the links across the top, this site is all about celebrating the wonderful wide world of film. From dishing on the latest big blockbusters, to introducing you to obscure new indie flicks, to learning all about actors and directors, to sharing our Netflix queues, to learning about how films are made, and beyond — there is so much that we can’t wait to share!

And we promise – no film snobbery here. We have created this site in hopes of it being an inspiration for you to dive even deeper into the films and genres that you love. And then hopefully we can also introduce one another to some new films that you might not have known you would love! So get ready to fill up those Netflix queues. There are so many great movies ahead!

The amazing Sarah (learn more about her here!) will be the head writer for this site, and Ali (from Gimme Some Oven) will also be chiming in from time to time. So to stay updated, we would totally encourage you all to connect with:

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Cheers to lots of great film love to come!!!

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