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Introducing The Gimme Some Oven SHOP! (Plus A $100 Giveaway!)

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Welcome To The Gimme Some Oven Shop |

Hi friends! I’ve been working on a fun little project behind the scenes for a few months that I’m excited to (finally) share with you today.

We now have a Gimme Some Oven SHOP!!!

Well, it’s nothing super-fancy, but it is a collection all of the favorite products that I use and love that are finally all in one place. So for the dozens of you who have emailed asking about where to find my matte white Dutch oven? Or those who have been curious what slow cookers I recommend? Or where to find that magical smoked sea salt online? Or where I buy most of my wardrobe staples and my new favorite shoes? The answer will now oh-so-casually be, “Sure thing, just look in the shop.” :)

It includes categories like:

And then, I also have one more very important category (because ’tis the season) — GIFT GUIDES. As someone who’s not naturally a big shopper myself, I absolutely love getting recommendations from fun gift guides. So I cobbled together a few of my favorites to get things started. (But if you have other gift guide requests, I’d love to hear ’em!)  So far, we have:

This thing is definitely a work in progress, and I’m looking forward to continuing to update the shop with new items and gift guides as I find them. But if you have any other suggestions or questions about items/guides that you would like to see on the shop, shoot me an email or mention it in a comment below! Because my hope is to have this be a helpful resource of trusted recommendations that you can rely on. :)

Anyway, instead of going into mega detail about each page of the shop, I’ll keep this short and would rather just have you check it out for yourself and see what you think.

And bonus — if you leave a comment below including either (a) your favorite item in the shop OR (b) a gift guide topic that you would like to see, you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa giftcard GIVEAWAY that you use to go shopping in the shop. I will close the giveaway and choose a winner at midnight on December 6, 2015. And of course, be sure to leave your email address in the comment field (it will ask you) so that I can contact the winner.

Thanks so much for checking out this new part of the site, and happy shopping! ♥

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202 comments on “Introducing The Gimme Some Oven SHOP! (Plus A $100 Giveaway!)”

  1. I love the divided airtight containers!!!!

  2. Gold utensils awesome

  3. The Le Creuset dutch oven!

  4. My favourite item is the divided airtight container! I pack my lunch everyday so it would be super helpful!

  5. Would love to see a gift guide for the person that has everything!! 

  6. I love that navy matte le cruset!!  Gorgeous!

  7. How exciting!  I’d love to see a “Best Local Gifts” Guide – your favorite KC items, shops, food, fun, etc!

  8. I love waffles so my favorite item is definitely the waffle machine. Always hoped to get one one of these days~

  9. I love the hot cinnamon tea! So perfect for these  blustery winter days! 

  10. I love the Magimix food processor. I need a new one really bad!

  11. would love to see a ‘dessert lover’ or baking category

  12. I love the hot cinnamon tea! That sounds delish!

  13. I LOVE the Ikea Utility Cart! I’ve been eyeing it for awhile, but I only want it not need it, so I’ve been good :)
    I also love that your items go beyond cooking! We trust you with recipes, so now we can trust you with gifts and other fun things.
    Congrats on the site!

  14. Loving the conversion dishtowel!!

  15. I would love to see a list for gifts for the minimalist- they are sooo hard to buy for!

  16. It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite in the shop, but I would have to go with the french press. Everything begins after coffee, right!? Honestly, there was not one item I looked at in the shop that I did not like. The entire shop is basically my wish list!

  17. Okay, this shop is seriously so fun!  I just spent a few minutes drooling over everything, haha.  My favorite new thing that I saw was the glass locking-lid storage set – I love that!

  18. I would love to see a “gifts that give back” guide. I know it’s something you’re passionate about, and I love buying gifts that spread the cheer to a good cause!

  19. What an excellent addition to your site:) I’d love to see “Ali’s Beauty Favorites”!

  20. Oh how fun- I love knowing items are “tried and true”!  I think a kids cooking gift guide would be fun (so I know what things are worth it and actually work!) and maybe even one for newlyweds or those with a first home.  Thanks!!

  21. My favorite item in your shop is the wooden cookbook stand! Need to get one to put my tablet on.

  22. I love so much bu mostly the beer making kits ;) The IPA one looks awesome!!

  23. LOVE the utility cart!!! We are just finalizing the plans to remodel our kitchen and I have been searching for a good utility cart!

  24. I would like to see a Gift Guide for a Newbie Chef!

  25. Like the silk tank dress!

  26. My favorite items in the shop are the glass bottles with the round wooden stoppers. They look so classy and unique!

  27. My favorite thing in the gift shop is the KitchenAid stand mixer!

  28. Okay…probably don’t get credit for two entry chances, but thought I’d answer (a) and (b) for you. Which item do I LOVE…hands down, the kitchenaid mixer…especially love the bowl lift version! As for gift list ideas…how about hitting the whole “maker” or “local” trend. Those would be great for trying to find something truly unique and ‘not-found-everywhere’. 

  29. I would have to say the blue Utility Cart.

  30. Love the Zwilling Knife set – I am in desperate need of new knives!

  31. The Restoration Hardware slippers!  They are AMAZING.

  32. The macaroni necklaces! They made me giggle they’re so cute! Like a grown-up version of the craft projects we made for our moms. 

  33. I am I excited about your store! I love your come in and cozy up mat!

  34. my favorite is the cookbook stand!

  35. How about a gift guide for newlyweds, even though I’ve been married 17 years!   Love your shop.

  36. Yay for you!! How exciting. 

    I would love to see fun or unique things for a tiny kitchen [we live in an RV so we have limited space]. 

  37. A new Crockpot! I am finally starting to use the one I have and I actually need another!

  38. A gift guide topic – for the baker that has everything!!

  39. I like the Glass Storage Container Set.

  40. I’m loving the salt tower!

  41. I would love to see a gift guide – “for the lazy cook”!

  42. The item from your shop that I like the most and really want to own is the pizza baking steel!

  43. I would love to see a gift guide for travelers/ people who love global flavors!

  44. Wow, there’s no way I can pick a favorite item! The Hammered Metal Serveware caught my eye though! 

  45. I think a useful gift guide would be cookware (including gadgets) oriented towards college students. In other words, things that aren’t too expensive and can serve multiple purposes for a variety of recipes. Although, sometimes it’s not even about the cost but simply about the lack of room. If you know of any good tools that already serve multiple purposes, it’d be nice to have them all in one place. 

  46. Love the glass container set….we are slowly getting away from plastic and going back to glass…goes from frig to freezer to microwave well… good gift….

  47. I love the coffee bean necklace :)

  48. I would love to see a “For the Savory Chef” gift guide! I enjoy sweets but I’ll take a savory food first over any sweets, would love to see a guide for the savory lovers!

  49. Those fuzzy slippers look ridiculously comfy. Love this shop idea!

  50. The IKEA utility cart is the perfect shade of blue for my guest bath. Love it. Love your shop.