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Introducing The Gimme Some Oven SHOP! (Plus A $100 Giveaway!)

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Welcome To The Gimme Some Oven Shop |

Hi friends! I’ve been working on a fun little project behind the scenes for a few months that I’m excited to (finally) share with you today.

We now have a Gimme Some Oven SHOP!!!

Well, it’s nothing super-fancy, but it is a collection all of the favorite products that I use and love that are finally all in one place. So for the dozens of you who have emailed asking about where to find my matte white Dutch oven? Or those who have been curious what slow cookers I recommend? Or where to find that magical smoked sea salt online? Or where I buy most of my wardrobe staples and my new favorite shoes? The answer will now oh-so-casually be, “Sure thing, just look in the shop.” :)

It includes categories like:

And then, I also have one more very important category (because ’tis the season) — GIFT GUIDES. As someone who’s not naturally a big shopper myself, I absolutely love getting recommendations from fun gift guides. So I cobbled together a few of my favorites to get things started. (But if you have other gift guide requests, I’d love to hear ’em!)  So far, we have:

This thing is definitely a work in progress, and I’m looking forward to continuing to update the shop with new items and gift guides as I find them. But if you have any other suggestions or questions about items/guides that you would like to see on the shop, shoot me an email or mention it in a comment below! Because my hope is to have this be a helpful resource of trusted recommendations that you can rely on. :)

Anyway, instead of going into mega detail about each page of the shop, I’ll keep this short and would rather just have you check it out for yourself and see what you think.

And bonus — if you leave a comment below including either (a) your favorite item in the shop OR (b) a gift guide topic that you would like to see, you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa giftcard GIVEAWAY that you use to go shopping in the shop. I will close the giveaway and choose a winner at midnight on December 6, 2015. And of course, be sure to leave your email address in the comment field (it will ask you) so that I can contact the winner.

Thanks so much for checking out this new part of the site, and happy shopping! ♥

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202 comments on “Introducing The Gimme Some Oven SHOP! (Plus A $100 Giveaway!)”

  1. Nothing replaces a good spatula!

  2. I’m reading Bread & Wine right now and I love it!!

  3. The Ikea utility cart is my favorite!  We are moving soon, and I’m looking to buy a couple for our new house!

  4. We BBQ year round and I could use the mesh basket with the removeable handle

  5. The gift guide is great; I’m loving the DIY kits! 

  6. Love: Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset Black Tea

  7. divided airtight containers

  8. The Grill Pan! I’ve been wanting one for such a long time! 

  9. First, fist pump on the utility cart! I have that same one and basically cannot function in my kitchen without it. But an item that caught my eye immediately was the dinosaur planter. First, it’s white which I love in a home and also, dinosaurs are making a come back. I visited Sur la Table the other day and purchased all these dinosaur cookie cutouts, it was amazing. 

  10. Wow!  I got lost in your shop and didn’t come up for air for a WHILE. Love it!  You have great picks. My favorite item is probably the small colored dip bowls…. or maybe the wine glass writer, that’s brilliant for hosting! Do they work on water glasses, too, or does the condensation make them streak? Anyway, love seeing the items you use, you are an expert at hosting…. and cooking!

  11. What a great selection.

  12. I’d be interested to see a guide for the man who grills/cooks!

  13. I am intrigued by these slippers you have in your shop! You should totally do a Favorite Splurges gift guide! :)

  14. Just came here to see the recipe for the Easy Cheesey Breakfast Bake and snooped around a bit. Thanks for the giveaway :) I would love to see wooden measuring cups and measuring spoons in your shop collection.

  15. Love the glass bottles with wood stoppers.  I truly enjoy your blog!

    Happy Holidays,

  16. I like the campaign desk. Right now my desk is piece of thin particle board on top of a clothes drying rack so I’m yearning for something a little more sturdy (and attractive).

  17. Can’t live without my cast iron skillet!

  18. Loving the Mid-Century Cocktail Shaker. Gorgeous item!

  19. The Coffee Bean Necklace is so unique. That would have to be one of my favs.

  20. i love the cocoa dinnerware set!

  21. I just ordered the smoked sea salt! And the whiskey wedge is going in my hubby’s stocking!

  22. I would love to see a gluten free gift guide.  I LOVE your site and enjoy making lots of your recipes.  I know you have friends that are gluten free, and I’d love to either have a gift list of favorite items they cook with (gf flour, pasta, etc) or favorite recipes that they use. 
    Thanks for all you do!

  23. I have that same ice cream maker, and I love it! 

    But as far as what products I would want – I definitely need a cookbook stand/tablet stand. Cause my eyes aren’t what they used to be. 

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  24. I absolutely LOVE that these products are here because they’re recommended by someone that uses them. I’ve been trying to decide on a food processor, and hand/immersion blender. With the help of real user opinion, I might even find more great things! Thank you-your site is bookmarked!

  25. Super grateful for the Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill recommendation!!! I’ve been wanting to get a Burr grinder and just COULDN’T pull the trigger on the expensive ones, but I was afraid the cheap ones would give out on me in a matter of months!! So good to know you like the Mr. Coffee one :) 

  26. I love the utility cart! I have one in my dorm room and it’s incredibly useful. 

  27. The Craft Your Own Bitters Kit looks like fun!

  28. I love those spice jars! I’ve been buying most of my spices in bulk and my cupboard is slowly getting taken over by plastic baggies. lol

  29. I really love the Sseko sandals- such a neat company and neat style.

  30. I would like to see a category for fitness/workout gifts.

  31. Definitely the 6-qt Kitchen Aid stand mixer!  It has been on my wish list for a while ?

  32. How fun!  I’m all about everything being white, white, white, but that Cocoa Dinnerware is gorgeous.  Thanks, Ali!

  33. I love the blue utility cart! 

  34. Oh I love those smoky stone earrings from World Market – I haven’t ever even looked at their jewelry! I’ll have to check it out.

  35. I’m interested in the slippers

  36. I love everything in the shop. I’m from Australia and find it hard to find ingredients and cookware that you use so being able to find it easily is awesome!! thanks so much!! xoxo

  37. My favorite item is the Zwilling knife set, my kitchen knives are in desperate need of an update!

  38. My favorite item in the shop is definitely the marble utensil holder – so ridiculously cute and classy!

  39. I think your guides are spot-on – love the DIY guides!

  40. Love the bakeware! My fiance and I recently moved into our first apartment and are working on stocking the kitchen! :D

  41. Love, love the reclaimed wooden trays and the rolling cart from Ikea. Like a lot more ☺ Maybe those will be my next year gifts to myself! Love your site and the happy mood you project with your life ~ Thanks!

  42. Well everyone could find a use for the Ikea cart. Those things are awesome and so versatile. But I think the dinosaur planter is adorable. You should come down to Family Tree Nursery to get more of the air plants to go in it!

  43. What a great idea! So often I see items that I want to know where to get! I had no idea that cart is only $30 from Ikea. And I love all the candles you have, those are some of my favorites :)

  44. Love to see a gift guide for home bakers!

  45. I really enjoy reading your guides! Would love the bakeware and Idea cart!

  46. The wooden cookbook stand! What a great shop. It was hard to pick just one item.

  47. Oh my goodness, that wine refrigerator would be PERFECT for our apartment! We have some excellent ones brought home from Napa and South Africa… Seems great for wine lovers like me and my boyfriend!

  48. I love a whole bunch of things from your shop!  The mason jar shaker, textured bowls, and the honeycomb necklace are my favs… Plus I need a copy of the New Americas Test Kitchen cookbook. :)

  49. Love the shop! A gift guide for coworkers or a gift guide with ideas for significant others (early in relationships) would be great to add! 

  50. I want one of those literary scarves! The wine refrigerator comes in at a close second!